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Artist Makes Trans Woman's Girly Childhood Face Painting Dreams Come True

She's not asking for a superhero look this time!

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Most of us can remember getting our face painted as kids and all the joy that came with it. Whether we were at the fair or a birthday party or a theme park, we put a lot of time into picking exactly the right design and seeing the reveal at the end was just as wonderful and dramatic as the ones we see on any makeover TV show. It was the best! 

But unfortunately, a lot of people don't have happy memories like this, including those who are trans but weren't out as kids, so they didn't feel free to be their true selves at times when they were making those kinds of memories. However, one trans woman decided to get the face paint of her dreams on TikTok, and this video has us in tears in the best way.


An artist shared the video on her account, where a woman named Dylan shared that though she'd gone for a Spider-Man themed look as a child, today, she'd be going for something that was practically the total opposite: "The girliest girl face paint you've ever done." 

It's worth watching the video to see the final product, as well as Dylan's reaction (If you're feeling emotional, you're not the only one!). 

There's glitter, there's a rainbow, there's plenty of pink... it's everything she asked for and more.

It's never too late to heal your inner child — and seeing the look on Dylan's face, a little face paint is definitely worth a giant smile like that in the end.