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MIL Has the Best Way to Clean Up Rambunctious Triplets

She gets extra points for this one.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a solid relationship with their in-laws, but those who do know that their mother-in-law can certainly be heaven sent... especially when she uses her years of parenting expertise to make our lives easier! 

Case in point: This mother-in-law, who came up with a creative way to get triplets clean all at the same time. Taking care of that many babies at one time is never an easy task, but in this TikTok video, we can see that Grandma figured out how to make bath time fun and get it over with all at once.


She's lined all three babies up in their high chairs and is literally hosing them off — and they seem to be loving it! This is a genius parenting hack if we've ever seen one.

"When your MIL both understands the importance of efficiency with triplets & also grew up on a farm," Mom wrote in the video. 

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Best of all, Grandma seems to be having a good time too — look at that smile! And if it's hot outside, this is definitely something anyone can try with their babies, whether they have multiples or not. 

"We don't need fancy toys and stacks of tech, kids just want you to be present and to interact with them. It's not rocket science," one commenter wrote.

These are three very lucky (and clean) babies. This is the MIL we should all have! 

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