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Mom Shares Hysterical Difference Between Her Twin Girls

Same face, way different people.

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Sometimes, people who don't know any twins personally assume that twins must automatically be similar in some ways. They look so much alike, how could their personalities be that different? Certainly those genes must have influenced the way they think and act, not just the way they look...right? 

As we learn in this hilarious video from @happilyeverafteralbertson, it's actually completely possible to have twins who totally look alike with drastically different personalities. Where one is serious, the other is silly. Where one is fancy, the other is funny. You've got to see the video to truly appreciate these distinct personalities.

So hilarious! One toddler is spinning around in her fancy dress, the other is dancing on the table in her Superman pajamas. One is showing off her coordinated outfit, the other is bopping around in a pizza costume. These girls have some strong personalities, and they are very separate indeed. 

Commenters were highly amused by both of these girls...
"The strainer on the head had me cackling"
"The first twin is who I think I am and the second is actually me"
"Okay, but sitting on top of the fridge with snacks is just a mood"
"You got the best of both worldssss"
"Chaos and balance right there"

There's surely never a dull moment with these two around! Wonder if they're both consistent with their personalities, or if they sometimes try on the other's traits for a day. Twins are known for being full of surprises!

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