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Mom Captures Twins’ Hysterical Reaction to Dad ‘Dropping’ Something In a Store

What’s better than a good dad joke?

A child’s first comedian is without a doubt the parents. And the truth is, when they are really little, it doesn’t take much. The world is a new and exciting place, which means comedic gold awaits around every corner. Kids will often find the most mundane and random things hysterical, and while mom and dad can’t explain it, they are still thrilled to make it happen. 

TikTok mom Chloe caught such a magical moment when she was out shopping with her partner and twins. 


The twins sitting in their double stroller practically fall out with laughter when dad pretends to drop a trashcan on a shelf in the aisle of a store. The loud crash sends them both into a laughing frenzy so much so dad can barely keep it together himself. 

“Obviously, you should consider a career in comedy,” advised on TikTok user. “You killed.”

Some adults admitted that they genuinely found this to be comedy gold.

“I’ve gotta get up and get motivated yet I’m just here watching this on repeat,” confessed another user.

All in all there is nothing more magical than the sound of a giggling baby. We hope both dad and mom get to enjoy many more years of that infectious laughter!