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Twins Have Huge Size Difference at Birth and It Has Kept Up Well Into Toddlerhood

They are both growing at their own speed.

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On the most basic level, having twins is raising two babies who are the same age at once... but in some areas of parenthood, it goes a bit deeper than that. It's hard to deny the crazy connection that many twins have with each other that sometimes lasts their entire lives. And as they grow up, some unexpected things can happen, too. 

Some twins are born on totally different days, depending on what time their mom happens to give birth, and yes, some can even be dramatically different sizes. One twin mom on TikTok shared how big the size difference was between her fraternal boy/girl twins was at birth — and how it hasn't changed at all now that they're toddlers.

Sharing a clip of her babies the day they were born, she admitted that the doctors said they had the biggest size difference between twins that they'd ever seen. Her daughter, June, was born at 4 pounds, 11 ounces, while her son, Walker, was 7 pounds, 3 oz — that is a huge difference. 

But since then, they've both continued growing at their own pace, and she shared footage of them now, at 18 months old, and June is still tinier than Walker! Today, June weighs 21 pounds while Walker weighs 24... a three pound difference, just like at birth!

That might sound rare to you, but in the comments, fellow twins (and people who have given birth to or know twins) shared similar stories. 

"I'm a woman and 5’11 and my twin sister is 5’1," one commenter wrote. "Love to see other twins like us." 

Twins might be twins, but they're still their own people growing at their own pace, and this video is a perfect reminder of that. 

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