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Mom Captures a ‘Magical’ Twin Telepathy Moment

These two are too dang cute.

Those of us who aren't twins may never understand the special relationship they share — after all, they've been together since they were in the womb! And as one mom found out firsthand, her twins are already looking out for each other, even though they're both toddlers. 

Because as it turns out, there's no specific age where twins start having each other's backs. And if anyone ever needed proof that this special bond actually does exist, this video is definitely it — their mother even described it in her caption as "one of my proudest mom moments." 


"When I was pregnant with twins, I remember reading a story in one of the twin books," the mom wrote. "It was from a teacher and they mentioned when there were twins in the class and it was someone's birthday the twins in the class would always grab two cupcakes, 'one for me, one for their twin.'" 

This mom didn't think this would actually happen in real life until she watched how her daughter behaved at a neighborhood block party when she went to get a drink. She made sure her sister was taken care of, and it's so sweet to see.

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According to the comments, this continues to happen in perpetuity. Someone who is a twin herself wrote, "We’re turning 23 and I have to talk myself out of grabbing a little something for my sister everywhere I go." 

Hopefully, these girls keep looking out for each other for years to come.

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