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Family "Reunites" Twins at Bedtime With Adorable Big Girl Bed Set-Up

You can’t separate these two...

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Of course, all babies are different, but after spending a full nine months in the womb together, it's not surprising that so many twins are still inseparable even after they're born. For so long, they only knew each other, and as many twin moms will tell you, many end up with a bond no one else can understand. Sometimes, that bond lasts for life.

So it makes total sense that these twin toddlers on TikTok didn't want to be separated, even when It was time for them to make the switch to big girl beds. Sure, the idea of having plenty of space to spread out sounds appealing... but these two weren't having it!

As Mom explained in her video, she thought that separate toddler beds would be no big deal, since, in the interest of safe sleep, her girls had always slept in separate cribs. But even though having their own sleep space was all they'd ever known, when they had the freedom to get out of bed... it's not what they picked.

They started out in their own beds, but when their mom went to check on them, she discovered that they were cuddled up together in one bed, resulting in the most adorable footage ever. 

This was happening so often that they ultimately bought one big, house-shaped bed surrounded by a mini white picket fence for the girls to share so they could cuddle comfortably. Aww.

"You can't separate what's meant to be together," Mom wrote over a clip of the twins sound asleep in their big bed together. 

Good for Mom for finding a creative solution that worked for her kiddos. Here's hoping this strong bond will last forever.