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Mom Gets Brutal Greeting From Twins Every Morning

They have a clear favorite.

Many parents are willing to admit that they aren't always their child's favorite. It happens — babies and toddlers especially go through different phases when all they want is one parent, and the parent in question isn't always mommy. It can be a tough pill to swallow when it's the other parent's turn to be the favorite... but still, isn't it kind of a relief when they aren't clinging to you 24/7?

One mom knows the feeling of not being the favorite all too well, as she's shared on TikTok. She recorded a video of what happens when her 9-month-old twins wake up in the morning and immediately make it clear that Mom was not who they were hoping to see first thing.


Both of her baby girls are up and ready to go when their mom walks into the room, turns off the sound machine, and gets ready to greet them, only for them to start saying "dada," even though he was at work and they were stuck with Mama for the day.

"I was sick for 9 months just for them to wake up every day like this..." Mom wrote.

Yeah, we feel her on that one, and so do many fellow parents who commented on the video.

"Ahhh yes I have one of these humans too, until dad's gone working for weeks — now it's ALL Mama! (Dada needs to hurry home LOL)," one mom wrote.

The good thing about phases at this age is that babies always come back around. Give it time, Mama — you'll be the favorite again any day now!