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Here's What Happens When Only One Twin Is A Daddy's Girl

No offense, dad.

Usually, little kids go through phases where they prefer one parent to the other. It's perfectly normal and natural, and they oftentimes go back and forth, but it can be tough for one parent if the other one is the current fave. 

With twins, though, in theory there's always one kid per parent, so hopefully any popularity contests cancel each other out. In this video from @double_blessed_, a pair of twin girls are standing side by side when daddy comes into the room. One girl goes running right into his arms. The other? Well...


See ya later, dad! I'm going places. They're both so adorable, I'm sure dad would have happily scooped both of them into his arms at once. But he'll most likely get a chance with the other twin later, when she decides she wants daddy and the other one wants mommy. Or at least it seems like that's the way it would go with twins. 

Commenters were totally amused by Little Miss Can't Be Bothered With Daddy, and couldn't stop making jokes.
"She was like “yeahhh no thanks""
"she was like 'if y'all don't come on, you already got me late'"
"I’m an identical twin and I was the daddy’s girl, my twin sister was mommy’s girl!"
"Adorable and so independent"
“Yeahhh idk not really seeing the hype about dad”

As the mom explained in the comments, they actually did end up late for church...and it's true that her girls prefer different parents depending on their mood. Looks like there's plenty of love to go around in this family, no matter who's giving it and getting it at any specific moment.