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Twins Find Out after 28 Years if They're Fraternal or Identical

The result had them in tears.

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The experience of being a twin is a unique one, to say the least. It's hard to even imagine what it's like for those of who don't have a twin: The connection, the shared experiences, what it's like to be perceived as half of a whole...only twins know what that's really like. 

Like, only twins would know the true meaning of the difference between being a fraternal and an identical twin. The twins in this video from @_finallylosingweight are about to look at the results of a DNA test which will tell them if they're identical of fraternal twins...after 28 years of being told they were fraternal. 

The looks on their faces when they read the results together are priceless. 

So beautiful to see their reaction! Clearly, this meant so much to them. It's unbelievable to think that you could live for so long believing one thing about yourself and then find out the truth is something else entirely. As they said, no matter what the results were, that wouldn't change the fact that they were twins and sisters, but of course you'd want to know the life-changing specifics. 

A discussion ensued in the comments about how it doesn't matter to some twins if they're fraternal or identical while to others, the distinction is a really big deal. As the creator put it, "everyone processes things differently." One thing's for sure: After watching the sisters read the news together, viewers weren't surprised that these two turned out to be identical twin sisters!

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