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Twins Have Very Different Experiences Pouring Water

One of these things is not like the other.

All toddlers develop motor skills at their own rate, even identical twins. Little ones are always learning new tricks. Sometimes they're easy to master, other times it's a bit more of a bumpy ride. Not everything is easy to get. And there's an element of luck involved, too. 

Take this video from @thewellstwinz in which a pair of identical twins try their hands at the "kids pouring water" trend. As the mom wrote, "LOL we had to hop on the trend. Miss Wynter poured hers perfectly, Arya not so much." As you'll see, things went very differently for these very similar little girls. But neither one seemed all that bothered by how the experiment went.

See! They both seemed pretty pleased with themselves, if mildly confused about what they were doing. And seriously, Twin #1 has some serious pouring skills. (Don't worry, Twin #2. You'll get there.) It just goes to show how two babies of the same age being raised exactly the same way can do things completely differently.

Commenters were totally entertained by the whole thing.
"I know they twins but the left child is a Capricorn"
"The twin on the right facial expression was like “ When you learn that”
"the baby girl on the right looked at the camera before she started pouring we go"
"First twin was so proud of herself when she poured it all in there lol"
"It’s the “I don’t know how to help you sis.” for me"
"in her defense, she was stressed and concerned before she started!"

Having twins must be so much fun. (And so incredibly challenging, yes.) But you get to try fun experiments like this one!