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Mom Makes Strong Case For Having Two Under 2

They are the best of buds.

Considering the fact that having just one baby can be extremely challenging in itself, having two is a totally different level of hard. But lately, it seems like smaller age gaps between children is becoming more common, and more and more parents are experiencing what it's like to have two kids under the age of two. And whether it was intentional or planned to be that way, essentially parenting two very dependent, very young kids at the same time can be a bit of a struggle. 

But there are serious upsides to this age gap, too, as one parent is now pointing out on TikTok. If you're living that two under two life or plan to be in the future, this is a video you're definitely going to want to see.


In the video, the mom shares footage of her two little ones who are close in age, snuggling up together for a nap. They look sweet enough at that age, but then, she shares clips of the sisters together when they're older, wearing matching outfits and playing so sweetly together. 

"They try to match outfits every day," she wrote. "Best friends for life. Someone to play with every day." 

Of course, having a toddler and a newborn at the same time certainly sounds intimidating, but seeing the sweet relationship they were able to form because they're close in age is so special. There's no guarantee that all children born into a two under two situation are going to be close like this, but seeing it work out is so cute.

All parents hope that their children will be best friends, even as adults. So far, it looks like these sisters are on the right track.