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UK Mom Who Moved to America Is Floored At How Much We Have to Pay for Childcare

It’s definitely not like this in the UK.

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If you're a parent in America, you probably already know that the way we do childcare here in the United States leaves a lot to be desired. Daycare ain't cheap, after all — and the government doesn't do much to help working parents ease that financial burden. That's not the way it is in a lot of other countries, though, leaving some people shocked when they find out exactly what American parents go through.

For example, this mom from the UK who took to TikTok to share her shock. She's now living in the US herself with her two children, and said that she's "unlocking all these cultural differences" between the two countries, and not all of them are great.


After starting a business, this mom realized she needed to put her kids in part-time childcare... and then, she discovered what the price tag for such a service would be and had to think again.

"$2,200 for my son, $1,800 for my daughter," she said, totally taken aback. "No wonder so many women are stay at home moms in America." 

She admitted she didn't realize why so many women chose not to work in the US, but now, it's all become very clear to her. According to her, parents are offered free or reduced cost daycare in the UK, which means fewer moms are in the predicament she finds herself in now. Welcome to America! 

It's so true that American moms deserve better than this — all moms everywhere do, so good for this one for pointing it out.

Maybe we should all pack up and move to the UK? Somebody call the Queen and make arrangements.