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Pregnant Mom Gets Sweetest Reminder of Her Late Dad In Special Ultrasound Shot

Some things are just genetic

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When you're pregnant, sometimes it seems like all kinds of little signs from beyond manifest themselves. Sure, maybe you're overly emotional and suggestible, but somehow it seems like a really big deal that you can't stop craving the special meal your grandma used to make when you were sick or that you keep seeing bluejays, your grandpa's favorite bird, everywhere you go. 

That's kind of what @rach.conellyy is going through. Her late dad, she explains, always did the same little hand gesture to mean "I love you," and it just became something the whole family did. Well, she just went for her 20 week ultrasound, and, guess what that little baby did for the camera?

So cute! "He was either saying 'i love you' or 'rock on,'" wrote the mom, though there seems to be no reason why he couldn't have been saying both. It's amazing how much meaning we can find in the smallest things when we're looking for them, which just shows how truly meaningful everything is. 

Commenters fully believed this little one was sending his mom a sign...
"I'd rather go through life finding meaning in the small things than miss the meaning in anything,"
"I'm a Perinatal Sonographer and he absolutely did that mama!"
"girlllll that's your daddy's soul in there"
"I love God Winks! A total God Wink."

That's an adorable way to put it: "God winks." Sometimes these "God winks" make for some of the most beautiful moments!

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