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Uncle’s Excitement Over Meeting Nephew For the First Time Is the Cutest Thing to Witness

It looks like he experienced every emotion possible.

Even though nothing is quite as life changing as becoming a parent, becoming an uncle or aunt is a pretty big deal, too — especially if this is the birth of your first niece or nephew we're talking about. There's something really cool about watching a sibling become a parent... and loving their baby just as much as they do.

And in the case of one brand new uncle on TikTok, the countdown to meeting his nephew couldn't have ended any sooner. His wife (the aunt-to-be) filmed him as he waited for his brother to arrive with the baby, and he was so excited that he was giddy. The happy energy in this room must have been unreal! 


This new uncle is yelling, pacing the house, and even jumping in the air while he waits for the baby to arrive at his house. At one point, he even proclaims, "I'm gonna be the coolest uncle!" 

When his brother and the baby's arrival gets closer, he even goes outside to watch for the car to pull into their driveway. This man was born for this moment!

Finally, the baby arrives, and he runs to wash his hands so he can hold him — if only all relatives had that kind of energy when it comes to loving on the newest baby in the family! And seeing what happens when that baby is in his arms for the first time? A memory he'll have forever.

Baby Ezra is so lucky to have an uncle like this. He'll always be so loved!