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Uncle Gets ‘Trapped’ By Napping Infant and His Face Is Priceless

Hang in there bud...

Getting "nap trapped" is something that just about every parent knows about. Whether your child is a baby or an older kid, most of us can totally understand how hard those naps are to come by sometimes, especially when we're talking about infants. Hey, the advice "never wake a sleeping child" is so popular for a reason! 

That's why, when a baby falls asleep on you, you simply don't move — even when you're not a parent! And as one uncle found out, that can mean being stuck in the same place (and the same position, even if it's a weird one) for a very long time.


"That time my baby fell asleep on my brother-in-law & got stuck like this," one mom on TikTok wrote, sharing a video of her child straight up snoozing face up on top of their uncle... who happened to be awake and attempting not to make a single move.

Does he look horrified? Yes. Is he doing his duty? Also yes.

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Noticing that he looked bored, one commenter wrote, "Someone at least give the poor man a phone for something to do." Others were busy asking if he was single, and truly, we can't blame them — who doesn't need a man like this in their lives?

We have to give this uncle major props. It couldn't have been fun (or very comfortable) to be a human nap mat for this baby, but it almost certainly made the day go more smoothly for everyone involved.

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