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‘The Great Wall of Fuss’ Apparently Solves Newborns’ Dreaded Witching Hours

Every parent remembers this time, and how unfun it is. Here’s how these parents combatted it.

One of those things that new parents aren't warned nearly enough about are the witching hours. At some point, just about every single newborn will go through a phase where they refuse to sleep or do anything but scream — and there's almost nothing that will settle them. This goes on for weeks, without rhyme or reason, until suddenly, one day, it stops. 

It's stressful and exhausting for everyone in the house, but one parent may have actually managed to find a way to put an end to the witching hours for good. A mom on TikTok has introduced us to "The Great Wall of Fuss" and it looks like it actually works... for her babies, at least.


Mom set her twin babies up between two couch cushions, and the fit is tight enough that the baby stands up on their own between them... and that, combined with a swaddle blanket and a pacifier, is enough to keep them happy, even during the crankiest time of the day. 

"They love it. (and they are very much supervised during their visits at the Great Wall of Fuss)," Mom wrote in her caption.

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We can't speak to the true safety of "The Great Wall of Fuss," but it definitely seemed to work for this little one. Hopefully Mom and Dad were able to finally get some peace! 

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