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Mom Arranges Tear-Jerking Surprise for Bride

We’re not crying, you are!

Weddings are already pretty emotional on their own. Committing your life to someone else because of how much you love them — or watching someone you love make that commitment — is a big deal, so it's hard to blame anyone who would shed a tear over that experience. It's so sweet!

But one mom found a way to surprise her daughter on her wedding day, bringing out the waterworks like she never expected. Sure, buying a gift off of the wedding registry is nice, but this gift is totally unique and from the heart: Her first kiss with her new husband, painted on canvas.


An artist shared a video on TikTok from the back of the church on the bride's wedding day, writing that the bride's mom had hired her as a surprise. The artist shared what she has of the painting so far, and it's seriously beautiful — once she puts on the finishing touches, the canvas will be sent out to the lucky bride. 

Our one regret about this video is that the bride's reaction to finding out what her surprise gift was wasn't captured, but there's no doubt it was a sweet moment between her and her mom. 

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The bride did comment on the video, though, writing, "We love what we have seen of it so far!!!!"

What a beautiful way for them to remember such a special moment forever... and a gift idea we'll be keeping in the back of our minds next time we need one! 

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