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This Mom's Hack For Stopping a Tantrum In Its Tracks Is Genius

We don't know any kid who would say no to this.

If you're a parent to a toddler, tantrums are a fact of life, and all parents handle them differently. Some prefer to ignore the meltdown and hope that makes it go away, others try putting their kids in time out, some hope that plenty of hugs and kisses will make it go away — it just depends on the situation, really. 

But now, thanks to TikTok, we know about one mom who is living in the future with the way she's got her tantrum technique figured out. And it's actually so simple that we're a little surprised that we didn't come up with it first! 


Many parents are familiar with the sound of a kid crying, so the beginning of this video won't surprise anyone. A little girl is standing outside the door, deep in the throes of her own tantrum, when her parent reaches out to squirt some whipped cream into her mouth from a can. Immediately, the crying stops. Genius! 

Really, what kid wouldn't love a surprise treat like that? But most of all, we have a feeling this works because it's a totally unpredictable distraction that kiddo did not see coming.

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In the comments, plenty of parents seemed to be down with this idea. "It works on adults as well, I just checked," one person joked. 

We're just going to make sure we have a can of whipped cream in our fridge at all times. You know, just in case of emergencies.

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