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Husband ‘Pranks’ Wife By Telling Her His Family Is Visiting, But He Has a Bigger Surprise In Store

This was well worth the lie.

Family reunions are always so sweet, especially when it’s with people we haven’t seen in a long time. Waiting to see them and counting down the days is part of the fun and the anticipation of it all, but there’s something about a surprise visit that really makes it extra special, too — especially if you were expecting something totally different to be happening that week!

One thoughtful husband on TikTok set his wife up with what might be the nicest “prank” ever. He told her that his parents were coming to visit, so she rushed around getting things ready for their visit. And while they were expecting visitors, it wasn’t her in-laws who showed up at her door. 


“What she didn’t know was it was really her family that she hasn’t seen in a very long time that was our guest,” the caption on the video said.

Seeing the look on his wife’s face when she walked outside to find her mom and brother (who both flew in from a different state) waiting there to see her is priceless. She looks totally taken aback, and it instantly becomes an emotional moment for everyone involved (even those of us watching at home!).

“For months she was telling me how much she misses them so this was well worth all the planning,” her husband explained.

That moment they finally got to hug? So beautiful. This is one “prank” this family will never forget.