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Mom Claims Unplugging Her WiFi Router Helped Son Sleep Through the Night

This is not a screen-time rant...

If your baby is having trouble sleeping, then you're having trouble sleeping, and all you can think about are ways to help your baby sleep better. People have so much advice and so many different kinds of tips; some more mainstream, like using a white noise machine, some are more holistic or new age like putting certain crystals near the crib, and some are things you probably never ever thought of. In this video from @bodylovebytal, a mom has found an interesting way for her son to get a better night's sleep (and for her to get one, too). 


It's something most people definitely don't know about, and not everybody apparently believes that doing this will actually make a difference (if the comments are any indication), but it certainly couldn't hurt to try! Some commenters were frustrated because if they shut their WiFi off it would somehow interfere with their security cameras, so they wouldn't be able to try this trick. But lots of other people were totally interested in this idea, and looked forward to seeing if it worked for them:
"Wow ! Thank you for sharing. I know using orgone pyramids & black tourmaline also helps block the vibrations from wifi"
"I used to do this at my old apartment. This xfinity routers are definitely a problem" "yess I do this and unplug all TV's" 
"This is great! I sleep with a grounding mat every nite!!"
Anything that helps is worth trying! And it would be interesting to research the science on this subject, too.