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Woman ‘Proposes’ To Future Step-Son and His Reaction Was So Sweet

What a special kid.

Creating a blended family comes with a lot of challenges. After all, it's not easy getting kids used to the idea of having another parental figure in their lives, And despite all of those challenges, getting it right can be so rewarding, especially when it involves someone who is really excited to step into that step-parent role.

For example: this future step-son and step-mom duo from TikTok. In a video, Dad is filling his son, Kameron, in on the major update that he asked his girlfriend to marry him... and what his girlfriend says next is all the proof we need to know she's in this relationship for the right reasons! 


Dad breaks the news while all three of them are in the car together, and we can see Kameron in the backseat getting excited about the prospect of having a huge party and gaining a new family member. But the moment gets even sweeter when his step-mom-to-be asks him if it's okay if she officially becomes his step-mom. 

She opens up a jewelry box and presents him with a necklace that signifies their new bond, and Kameron is happy to accept. Seriously, seeing the look on his face is something they're going to remember forever! 

"I will be writing vows to my fiancé and separate ones for my step-son," she added in the comments.

This is going to be one special wedding. We don't doubt there won't be a dry eye in the place!