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Mom Exposes a Very Real Fear About Working From Home With Kids

Being a stay at home mom who works from home isn't easy.

Though working moms have always had to juggle their careers and their children, over the past few years, that task has become more daunting than ever. Today, many moms who don't have daily childcare are working from home and raising their kids, all at the same time, and it's certainly not easy. These moms have two bosses at one time: Their actual boss and their kid, and it's hard to keep everyone happy all the time.

Since moms are human (despite their obvious superpowers), it's inevitable that a ball is going to get dropped here and there, and the fear of getting fired while being a stay at home working mom is real. If you're what's often referred to as a "WFH SAHM", stay tuned, because one mama on TikTok totally gets how you're feeling. 


In the video, the song "Fame" by Irene Cara plays in the background as the caption reads: "POV: 5 mins gets added to your life every time you think you're gonna get fired bc you're a WFH SAH mom." 

The mom lip syncs the part that goes "I'm gonna live forever." LOL — that's hitting a little close to home.

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Many moms commiserated in the comments. One user wrote, "You’re doing everything at once but you feel like you aren’t doing any of it well. So hard." 

"I really thought I was the only one out here feeling this. Every day I am either stressed that I’m going to get fired or that I am a bad mom," another added.

At least those who feel this way aren't alone. Working from home and parenting at the same time is a real challenge, but it can be very rewarding, too. No matter how you parent, there's no easy path to pick.

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