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Working Mom Shares Why Formula Can Be Necessary to New Moms' Mental Health

How mom feels matters, too.

It's amazing that, in 2022, there's still so much debate about how a mom chooses to feed her baby. It seems like whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding, there's stigma either way — not to mention the fact that we live in a society that makes it more difficult for moms to breastfeed if that's the route that works for them. 

If you're a working mom who's been through the struggle of wanting to breastfeed but not being able to keep up while working, don't worry, you're not alone. One mom on TikTok managed to perfectly portray the nursing dilemma many moms face when they go back to work after maternity leave, and why a mom's mental health should also be a factor in how they feed their child.


In the video, a mom is back at work and simulating a conversation she had about breastfeeding. "I quit pumping before coming back to work because I was so tired," she admits in the video. Her "coworker" in the video questions this, and looks like she's about to pass judgment before she says, "I don't blame you, I'm glad you're taking care of your mental health!" 

So many moms related to this — a lot of women out there have been through the same thing. "I didn't even try because I know how fragile my mental health was. I was already struggling with c-section recovery and not feeling good enough," one commenter wrote. 

However that baby gets fed, all that matters is that they have a full belly. Breastmilk and formula are both awesome!