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Wrestling Fan Meets His First Grade Teacher and Gives Her a Speech She’ll Never Forget

She probably wasn’t expecting that

The experience of being a teacher on "Meet the Teacher" day (especially a first grade teacher) has got to be something. Amusing, alarming, awkward, sweet...there's probably a gamut of emotions to be run through, depending on what kind of kids are going to be in your class. The teacher in @roknowswrestling's video, for instance, had to figure out how to react when an incoming first grader introduced himself by way of a full-on Hulk Hogan impression.


She doesn't look like she knows quite how to react, though she politely smiles and laughs throughout the whole thing. The comments on this video are pretty much priceless: "Teacher standing there awkwardly wanting it to end," wrote one commenter; "Teacher resigns and rethinks life choices," typed another. Of course, no matter how taken aback this teacher might have initially been by this boy's in-your-face introduction, the woman is a pro. She knows how to deal with all kinds of kids. At a certain point, a first grade teacher probably feels like they've seen it all. Even a kid doing a Hulk Hogan impression on Meet the Teacher day. 

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