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Mom and 10-Year-Old-Daughter Collaborate on Portrait and the End Result Is Stunning

They both are so talented.

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It's always so cool when a parent and kid collaborate on a creative project. Getting to see two (or more) generations contribute to the same creation makes it that much more meaningful.  And it's like parents and children bring out the best in each other when it comes to talent.

A mother and daughter are working on the same portrait in this video from @groenbekk. "My daughter wanted us to paint a portrait together," the mother, who's an artist, wrote, "She is painting me and I'm painting her. We started it this summer and I'm finally finishing it. It was her first time using oils and she's so proud!"

The results of their joint effort are pretty fantastic.

Such a cool painting! That girl definitely inherited her mother's artistic ability. And the look on her face! She's so proud and it's unbelievably sweet. She feels like she's sharing in something that's really important to her mom, and she's also discovering her own talent. It's a pretty big deal!

Commenters were so moved by this piece, and impressed by the talent of both the daughter and the mother. Interestingly, quite a few people said that they were immediately brought to tears by the portrait, which does have an emotionally vulnerable quality to it. What a great reminder to share our talents with our kids, and to always give them a creative voice!

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