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10 Must-Have Baby Registry Items That We Should Be Talking About

Alia is a first-time stay-at-home mom of a beautiful baby girl, and she enjoys writing about all things family-related.

Deciding what to put on your registry can be tough!

Deciding what to put on your registry can be tough!

About to Have a Baby? Making a Registry?

If you’re about to be a new mother and you’re anything like I was, you probably don’t know where to start with your baby registry. Sure, there are checklists that mention things like a “safe car seat” and a “good stroller.” Of course, you will need all the big items, but what are some of the specific everyday products that you will really use? As a mom of a 10-month-old, these are the ten that I find most useful.

1. Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush

At first glance, the Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush may seem unnecessary, but wait until you are trying to change the diaper of a crying, wiggling baby that is desperately trying to get away. You will be glad you don’t have thick, oily diaper cream all over your hands that somehow manages to get everywhere. Not to mention, we as moms wash our hands enough. We don’t need to be scrubbing diaper cream off of our hands multiple times a day. As a bonus, the handle has a suction cup at the end that sticks to lots of different surfaces. You just wipe it off with a baby wipe when you’re done and put it back in your diaper caddy. They also sell a smaller version that I throw in my diaper bag, purse, or suitcase when I'm traveling.

2. Baby Nail Clippers

Baby fingernails and toenails come out long and sharp from birth. They’re also incredibly thin and brittle so you have to be very gentle. Baby specific clippers are not only smaller but they are shaped to fit tiny hands and feet. Many moms are hesitant to cut those tiny little nails but these clippers will help you do it more confidently. This is imperative because you will be cutting those nails every couple days. (You can thank all the vitamins and nutrients in breast milk and formula for that.)

3. Organic Bamboo Washcloths

I was actually gifted these at my own baby shower and have been using them ever since. Organic bamboo washcloths and towels are the only ones I will buy for my daughter. They are incredibly soft and don’t pill over time. Ten months later, they are still as soft as they were on the first use. They are also great for sensitive or dry skin and cradle cap.

A bath kneeler is a game changer!

A bath kneeler is a game changer!

4. Bath Kneeler

A bath kneeler is a cushion for your knees while you’re giving your child those many, many baths. Most bathrooms have hard tile floors and a regular bath mat just doesn’t cut it. A bath kneeler is much softer, dries fast, and can be hung to dry when you’re done. There are a variety on the market but Skip Hop has some good ones.

5. Dapple Baby Dish Soap

While this soap may be more expensive than your normal dish soap, Dapple doesn’t contain any of the nasty stuff that is found in most dish soaps. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates, and dyes. It is specifically made to get breastmilk residue and odor out of your baby bottles, sip cups, and breast pump parts. But really, you can clean anything with it. Not only can you feel good about using it, but I’ve also found that it actually cleans better than normal dish soap.

6. Baby Banana Teether

As expecting mothers, we sometimes focus so much on what we will need for the newborn stage, we neglect to put items on our baby registry that will help us later down the line. One of those items is a teether. I’ve tried multiple and my daughter’s favorite is the Baby Banana teether. It is made out of silicone and can safely be frozen and is also dishwasher friendly. Although it is not a toothbrush, it can help get your little one familiar with a toothbrush well before they actually start using one.

7. Onesies With Mittens

In the newborn stage, keeping their hands covered is vital so they don’t scratch themselves. While you can get any brand of onesies, I’ve found that Carter’s were the best bang for my buck. Don’t bother to put a bunch of mittens on your registry. They will probably fall off of your baby’s hands and you won’t even know where they went. Especially if your baby is a preemie and has extra tiny hands. Or worse - they will frustrate your baby and he/she will continually try to take them off. Either way, I was grateful for the three-pack onesies with mittens I was gifted. I ended up buying several more.

8. Medela Quick-Clean Sanitizing Bags

While you might be tempted to put a big fancy sanitizer on your registry, I find that these microwavable sterilizing bags are much more useful. Especially when you are sleep-deprived. You can quickly throw anything you like in them—pacifiers, bottles, nipples, etc—with two ounces of water and the microwave will do the rest of the work. During those first few months of feedings around the clock, you will be thankful that you have these. Each bag can be used 100 times. There are no parts to clean; you just toss the bag when you’re done using them.

Sound machine puts the baby right to sleep!

Sound machine puts the baby right to sleep!

9. Sound Machine

Our nights got significantly better after I purchased a sound machine for my daughter. Make sure you get one that not only plays soothing sounds such as crashing waves or rain falling on a roof but also lullabies so you can switch it up. Some sound machines also double as a nightlight.

10. NoseFrida

This one is quite popular so one of your mom friends might have already sung its praises to you but it definitely deserves a spot on this list. Newborns have lots of boogers and tiny little noses. Although it might sound gross, sucking into the tube gets all of those boogers out safely with little fuss. I find that if you do it right after a bath, it's even easier. Using the NoseFrida to get rid of those boogies on a regular basis has also helped my little one breathe and sleep a little bit better too.

A few extra tips...

Here are a couple of other tips:

  • Put several different brands of diapers, bottles, and pacifiers on your list.
  • Go to the store and check out car seats and strollers in person to see which ones fit your needs.
  • Account for how much space you will have for all of these items in your home.

The first few months of motherhood really just end up being trial-by-error. And while every family certainly has different needs, these are the things that have worked for me.

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Alia Parisi (author) from San Francisco, CA on March 12, 2019:

Thank you so much Sophie! So glad I could help. :)

sophie on March 11, 2019:

Thanks so much for putting this together. You have saved me so much time!