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11 Ways 12-, 13-, or 14-Year-Old Middle School Kids Can Earn Money

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Ten Ways Kids and Teens Can Earn Money

Ten Ways Kids and Teens Can Earn Money

Kids and Teens Need Money, Too!

For all of the awesome kids and teens out there who have a little extra spare time and an entrepreneurial mind, these achievable money-making ideas can help them to not only earn some extra hard-earned cash (for that epic bowling alley birthday party or glamorous night out to the movie theater), but also help them broaden their young minds for the bright future ahead.

Kids who learn to be independent and resourceful early in life apply those skills later, whether in school, in the current and future work world, or for the purpose of paying bills and utilities. Who doesn't want their child to be successful?

11 Simple Ideas for Earning Money

There are so many unique ways for kids to earn money that this list can't cover them all. A broad and open mind will help smart kids brainstorm dozens more ideas and pursue their dreams.

Start with the following:

  1. Rent Your Stuff Out
  2. Make and Sell Jewelry
  3. Edit Photos
  4. Take Photos
  5. Start a Treat Business
  6. Sell Unwanted Clothes, Toys, and Other Items
  7. Pet-Sit
  8. Buy and Sell Items
  9. Refurbish and Recycle Items
  10. Wash Cars
  11. Do Chores
How Can a Kid Earn Money?

How Can a Kid Earn Money?

Idea #1: Rent Your Stuff Out!

Do you have a pair of jeans your friends love? Or maybe an awesome video game, toy, piece of sports equipment, or even jewelry? You can offer to rent it out to your friends!

Charge them a fair amount that they can afford. If you were to rent out ten items for $1 a day, you would have $10. After a month, that's $300!

You could have your first car, the latest iPhone, a new computer, or even save for your senior trip this way!

Idea #2: Make and Sell Jewelry

This one might be reserved for the girls, but jewelry is a very popular item and has been for thousands of years. Now, cheap jewelry is widely available, making unique pieces popular and sought-after.

This opens a wide market for those who love to create jewelry. Teens and pre-teens can make necklaces, hair jewelry, bracelets, chokers, cuffs, earrings, rings, belly rings, anklets, and toe rings from hundreds of different materials. Many hobby shops have these materials, and the tools can be relatively inexpensive.

Items can be sold to friends, family, classmates, teachers, teammates, and much more. (For selling in public places, parental supervision is recommended.)

Creative Ways Kids Can Earn Cash

Creative Ways Kids Can Earn Cash

Idea #3: Edit Photos

Kids these days have the advantage of knowing how to use certain tools on the computer that adults don't have the time or knowhow to use. For example, there are many different photo editing programs available, and many teens, preteens, and even younger children are widely using them. Kids can edit photos for friends and family members to earn quick cash.

One of the best ways to let people know about photo editing talent is to print or save samples and show them to friends and family in person or through social networks. You could help friends and family with their profile photos, too. This skill could be extremely popular and lucrative around the holidays, when people are preparing their annual holiday cards with photos.

With all of the special events that go on in our daily lives, there are so many different opportunities for children and teens to try their their hands at photo editing!

Idea #4: Take Photos

In addition to the above method, photography in itself is a profitable venture for any kid that has access to a camera. Photography can earn money for kids in different ways, such as those listed below:

  • Kids and teens can be hired by friends or family to photograph special events such as weddings, birthday parties, and graduations.
  • If a kid or teen is in contact with business owners, they could be paid to take interesting photos of new products so the business owner can place them on a website.
  • If the child or teen loves animals, they can start their own pet photography business by offering friends and family photo shoots of their pets.
  • If you capture a great shot at a sports event, a party, or a function, contact the person in the photo to see if they're interested in buying a copy.
Entrepreneurship and Capitalism 101 for Kids

Entrepreneurship and Capitalism 101 for Kids

Idea #5: Start a Treat Business

If the kid loves to cook and bake, a baked goods business could be a good idea. He or she can mix up delicious cookies, cakes, brownies, and other treats for friends and family:

  • Homemade, made-to-order, personalized birthday cakes
  • Appetizers for a party
  • Tins of homemade Christmas cookies
  • Baskets of decorated eggs for Easter

Everyone loves food, and what is better than having great food at a party or event? Food that the host does not have to prepare! This is a great opportunity for children to learn how to capitalize on their skills and interests.

Idea #6: Sell Unwanted Clothes, Toys, and Other Items

With the parents' permission, children and teens can sell unwanted items. This will usually require parental supervision and guidance. While this may not be a business opportunity for young children, it's a great way for a teenager to earn quick cash.

If you discover that you're really good at this, you could go around collecting unwanted items from people in the neighborhood and sell them at a garage sale (or online at Ebay). You could also charge a fee to help friends, family, or neighbors organize their own garage sales.

Kids Can Pet-Sit for Money

Kids Can Pet-Sit for Money

Idea #7: Pet-Sit

For the child or teen who loves pets, pet-sitting can be very profitable.

Most pet-sitting is suitable job for older children. Many people work and don't have the time to give their pets the time and attention they want. Some pets don't have to be watched overnight: they may simply require feeding, watering, and walking a few times per day. But when people go on vacation or extended leaves and cannot take their pets, the pets will need care. Although many pet-sitting jobs require that the sitter come to the home of the pet(s), if this is not an option, pet-sitting can also be done in the sitter's home instead.

  • Walk dogs
  • Bathe dogs
  • Feed, clean, or play with pets whose owners are out of town

This is a great idea for children who can pet-sit in the neighborhood, or for teens who have access to transportation.

Creative Ways to Earn Money for Kids

Creative Ways to Earn Money for Kids

Idea #8: Buy and Sell Items

If a teen or child is a thrifty shopper, this might just be the job for him or her. This gig requires a passion for shopping, the ability to know which things people will want to buy, and the ability to find steals and deals. The items can be found in several thrifty places such as:

  • Yard and garages sales
  • Small thrift shops and consignment stores
  • Large used item stores (such as Goodwill)
  • Giveaways from friends and family

For example, an ideal item would be a dress that is very pretty and in good condition, bought for $1 and then resold for a bit higher. The child or teen can also lightly wear the items while waiting for them to sell as a marketing tactic. Trendy, unique clothes always sell well! Everyone needs clothing!

Video on Upcycling (Warning: There Are a Few Swear Words)

Idea #9: Refurbish and Recycle Items

For kids who are extremely innovative, artsy, and creative, these projects will not only help them earn a little money but they will offer a constructive activity for their free time. For teens and children who are just getting started, the ideas are endless. Here are just a few ideas to spur creativity:

  • Gourds can be used to make birdhouses. Once the entrance is opened, the gourd can be painted, adorned with flowers, and embellished with nest-making materials and a mini bird feeder strung to the exterior.
  • Old tables can be sanded, refinished, and have the bottom converted into a storage area or even a dog or cat kennel.
  • Bottle caps and pop tops are all over the place, and can be washed and painted or used as-is to create interesting items, from jewelry and bookmarks to unique 3D artwork and sculptures.
  • Foil pouches from juice containers and food wrappers are commonly used to make purses, wallets, and other items, as they've become quite the fashion statement in today's "Go Green!" world. This is not only good for the environment, but a great way to earn money by going green and encouraging reuse and recycling.

Idea #10: Wash Cars

Cars need to be washed all the time, and many people do not like the low-quality automated car wash establishments that we have today. Hand washing is the best way to ensure a vehicle is clean, but many car owners just don't have the time to do it. Washing cars for family members, neighbors, and friends is a great way to earn cash while having fun! Offer to wax the car and vacuum out the interior, too!

Kids Can Wash Cars for Cash

Kids Can Wash Cars for Cash

Idea #11: Do Chores

Of course, many children earn money through allowances, that is, they do chores around the house for a set amount of money. Many parents pay their kids allowances, while others believe that unpaid chores are a way to prepare the child for a life of work.

Should a child's parents pay for chores it would be a good idea for the kid to actually do them, and for the child to have a routine method for saving those earnings so that they add up.

Really big things (like cleaning out the refrigerator or organizing the garage) may be one-time jobs you might do for a set fee, but smaller things might be performed on a weekly basis. An allowance can be paid for the following activities:

Chore Ideas

Chore Ideas for Allowances

Cleaning Bedroom

Washing Clothes

Tending Pets

Washing Dishes

Washing the Car


Making Dinner

Washing Windows

Mowing the Lawn

Watering Plants

Helping Sibling with Homework

Getting Good Grades

Painting Fences


Organizing Books/Movies

Cleaning the Bathroom

Washing Counters

Get Creative :)

Test Your Current Knowledge: Do You Have What It Takes to Start Your Own Business?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What Is the Most Important Part of a Successful Business?
    • Getting Rich
    • Happy Customers
    • Procrastination
  2. Finish This Phrase: "Supply and _______"
    • Demand
    • Money
    • Customers
  3. If A Customer Isn't Happy, What Should You Do?
    • Offer To Fix the Problem, at Your Own Expense.
    • Avoid Them.
    • Tell Them There's Nothing You Can Do About It.
  4. Does Every Business Require You to Put Money Into It Before You Could Earn Money?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. Which of the Following Is a GOOD Business Practice?
    • Being Late with Services or Goods, Then Avoiding the Customer Until It's Done.
    • Providing Services and Custom made Goods on Time, While Being Polite and Thankful.
  6. When Do Most New Businesses Commonly Fail?
    • Never
    • Within the First Year
    • After 5 Years
  7. Do You Have to Graduate High School to Start a Business?
    • Yes, Because You Can't Have a Business Without It.
    • No, You Just Need a Parent to Help Sign Legal Documents.
  8. Which Type of People Make the Best First Customers?
    • Classmates
    • Strangers
    • Family and Friends

Answer Key

  1. Happy Customers
  2. Demand
  3. Offer To Fix the Problem, at Your Own Expense.
  4. No
  5. Providing Services and Custom made Goods on Time, While Being Polite and Thankful.
  6. Within the First Year
  7. No, You Just Need a Parent to Help Sign Legal Documents.
  8. Family and Friends

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 2 correct answers: I'm Sorry! You Didn't Do So Well This Time; but Customer Service and Business Practices Will Take a Little Time to Learn. Research and Practice will Truly Help!

If you got between 3 and 4 correct answers: Your Customer Service Skills Could Use a Little Improving- but Don't Fret! A Little Learning and You Will Go Far!

If you got between 5 and 6 correct answers: You Did Good! Keep Studying Good Business Practices In Order to Make Customers Happy in the Future!

If you got 7 correct answers: You Did Awesome!

If you got 8 correct answers: Excellent! You Are On the Road to Success, and Will Make a Great Business Person!

Check out My Other Article:

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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I would put up flyers, open a account (people pay for people to do things for $5 there; as you level up and get feedback, you can charge more for bonus services), and post on Craigslist. You can definitely do it! You just have to SNAG an audience's attention! Free advertising is not easy; therefore, you have to really put effort into it. Once you get a name for yourself and LOYAL clients, you will see an increase in income. You just have to try hard. Successful people are successful because they never gave up! :)

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