100 Southern Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated on May 24, 2017
Southern girl holding her baby sister. 100 Southern Baby Names for Boys and Girls.
Southern girl holding her baby sister. 100 Southern Baby Names for Boys and Girls. | Source

These Southern baby names for boys and girls will reflect your pride of living south of the Mason-Dixon line. There are 50 girls names that reflect the femininity and heritage of the South. And there are 50 boys names that are rugged, distinguished, and let people know just where your baby is from.

Southerners love their sweet tea, hush puppies, and fried okra, but even more importantly they grow up with a love for their history and their strong family bonds.

Southern names often bring to mind cotillions, derbies, battlefields, and the English ancestry that so many of us have. You are likely to find a name you just fall in love with!

You want to make sure you instill your values in the next generation, so choose a decidedly Southern name for your boy or girl. And if you want a name that is a little more earthy, remember, Southerners also like baby names related to nature.

Southern Baby Boy Names
Southern Baby Boy Names | Source

Southern Baby Girl Names

These baby girl names will remind you of flowers, lace, prairies, and old-fashioned values. You will probably be able to think of many famous and historically significant women with these names. Your beautiful baby girl with be a true feminine belle of the South with one of these names.

  1. Adelaide

  2. Adeline

  3. Anna

  4. Arabella

  5. Candy

  6. Caroline

  7. Chantilly

  8. Charlene

  9. Clarabelle

  10. Clarice

  11. Clementine

  12. Connie

  13. Corliss

  14. Daisy

  15. Dallas

  16. Dianne

  17. Dixie

  18. Dolly

  19. Ella-Mae

  20. Emmilene

  21. Faye

  22. Georgia

  23. Harlene

  24. Harper

  25. Hayley

  26. Iona

  27. Josette

  28. June

  29. Kitty

  30. Lacey

  31. Loretta

  32. Maybelle

  33. Margaret

  34. Naomi

  35. Olivia

  36. Penelope

  37. Shelby

  38. Presley

  39. Priscilla

  40. Prudence

  41. Savannah

  42. Scarlet

  43. Tabitha

  44. Tammy

  45. Tanya

  46. Victoria

  47. Virginia

  48. Willadeene

  49. Willow

  50. Wynona

Southern Baby Boy Names

These baby boy names will remind you of cowboys, presidents, hunters, country singers, soldiers, battlefields, and good old boys. You can be sure that when you name your son one of these names he is carrying on the southern tradition. Take a sip of sweet tea and have a good look at some genuinely southern names.

  1. Albion

  2. Blade

  3. Calvin

  4. Carter

  5. Chase

  6. Clarence

  7. Clement

  8. Clifford

  9. Colt

  10. Coy

  11. Crawford

  12. Creed

  13. Custis

  14. Davis

  15. Earl

  16. Ellison

  17. Ewell

  18. Frederick

  19. Gavin

  20. Gunner

  21. Hank

  22. Hiram

  23. Holt

  24. Houston

  25. Hunter

  26. Jackson

  27. Jebediah

  28. Jefferson

  29. Judge

  30. Lawson

  31. Lee

  32. Marshall

  33. Montgomery

  34. Maxwell

  35. Porter

  36. Preston

  37. Ridge

  38. Ryker

  39. Steele

  40. Sullivan

  41. Taylor

  42. Teddy

  43. Tex

  44. Travis

  45. Tucker

  46. Wade

  47. Walker

  48. Winston

  49. Wyatt

  50. Zachariah

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Issues with Child Names

When you're having a baby, there is a lot of pressure on the parents, and naming a child is sometimes a stressful event. You would think it is the easiest part because there is no labor, pain, or hospital trips involved. But the truth is, especially in families where grandparents, uncles, and aunts are involved, the expectation that you would name your child after them is sometimes high.

This is especially so in southern families where tradition is highly regarded. If you are under this kind of baby-naming pressure you can go with your gut or just pick a name that NO ONE in your family has. This way there is no jealousy or awkwardness involved!


What are Southern baby boy names inspired by?

Southern baby boy names tend to have one of the following traits:

  • Names that sound tough or macho, such as Blade or Ryker. They make you think of cowboys and 4x4's.
  • Named after Southern capitals or states, like Montgomery, Tex, or Houston. These names make you think about history.
  • Be inspired by the first or last names of Civil War figures, such as Lee or Marshall. These names feel distinguished.
  • Have Anglo-Saxon origins, like Albion, which is literally the original namesake of England, or be Anglo-Saxon in general, like George or Frederick.
  • Be inspired by nature, such as Ridge, Colt, Hunter, or Wade.

Some of the famous people that have had these names are: Montgomery Gentry, Tex Ritter, Robert E. Lee, and Hunter Hayes.

Southern Baby Girl Names
Southern Baby Girl Names | Source

What are Southern baby girl names inspired by?

Southern baby girl names tend to have the following traits:

  • Be inspired by nature, like Willow, Clementine, or Daisy. These names are delicate and feminine.
  • Be named after Civil War battles or battlefields, like Harper or Chantilly. These names are both a nod to history yet still are girly.
  • Have names of or be similar to Southern states and towns, like Dallas, Virginia, or Georgia.
  • Be carriers of old-fashioned women's names of the 1800s, like Olivia, Clarabelle, or Victoria.

Some of the famous women that have had these names are Adelaide Clemens, Harper Lee, and Virginia Dare.

It is said that children often grow into their name. And you can often observe this in people that you know. So if you name a boy Tex, he might grow up to have a big personality. And if you name a girl Clementine, she might grow up to love long skirts, ribbons, and makeup.

These uniquely Southern baby names give you a hundred great choices for naming your baby with a nod to your great culture and history.


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