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100+ Things for Teens to Do This Summer

Thys hasn't tried every single idea on this list, but hopes to before the summer is over!

100+ activities for teens. These ideas are fun, for indoors and out, and mostly cheap.

100+ activities for teens. These ideas are fun, for indoors and out, and mostly cheap.

Things to Do in the Summer

Summer has arrived, school is out, and the sun's hot and shining. You're a teenager and you've got tons of spare time, but you just don't know what to do with it. Summer can be a fun time, but it gets boring when you run out of ideas.

Here are 100 things for teens to do over summer break. These ideas are fun, for indoors and out, mostly cheap, and will help you get the most out of summer. These ideas are in no particular order and include a variety of activities whatever the weather. They're not just for teens either. Parents, younger children, and anyone young-at-heart who is looking for some summer fun can enjoy this list.

Have fun and stay safe!

Top 20 Funnest Summer Activities for Teens

  1. Watch a classic old movie (like Sunset Boulevard or Rebel Without a Cause).
  2. Go to a thrift store or garage sale and find something oddly fabulous for your wardrobe or room.
  3. Stargaze from on the roof, or pull your mattress out into the yard.
  4. Invent a new type of sandwich (peanut butter and salami?).
  5. Make a zine and put copies in all your friends' mailboxes.
  6. Learn to cook something complicated, like macaroons or baked Alaska.
  7. Have a yard sale and sell your junk. ($$$!)
  8. Make a new playlist of the best tunes for your summertime soundtrack.
  9. Teach yourself some new dance moves (learn to moonwalk and pirouette).
  10. Take up the ukulele (or some other instrument).
  11. Do something kind for someone—a neighbor, a family member, or a complete stranger.
  12. Get arty and draw, paint, or collage a portrait.
  13. Act like a tourist and visit the top attractions in your town.
  14. Climb a tree.
  15. Write and produce a film or play with your friends.
  16. Have a scream-a-thon (have a sleepover with friends and watch scary movies!).
  17. Recreate a childhood photo (you're a lot bigger now).
  18. Go on a photo safari.
  19. Clean your room (just kidding!).
  20. Make your own list of things to do when you're bored (with better ideas!).
Act like a tourist and visit all the top attractions in your town.

Act like a tourist and visit all the top attractions in your town.

Things for Teenagers to Do Outside

  1. Try out a new sport (frisbee golf, bocce ball, kanjam).
  2. Make and fly a kite.
  3. Play crazy golf.
  4. Relax in a hammock.
  5. Plant some vegetable seeds.
  6. Jump in the pool with your clothes on.
  7. Swim at your local public pool.
  8. Camp out in the garden.
  9. Go roller-blading.
  10. Have a picnic in the park.
  11. Go fishing.
  12. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  13. Construct a tire swing.
  14. Have a day at the beach (build sandcastles, paddle, beachcomb etc.).
  15. Run through sprinklers!
  16. Have a picnic or a BBQ.
  17. Bury a time capsule to dig up in five years.
  18. Organise a tug-of-war.
  19. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows or make s'mores.
  20. Build an obstacle course.
Go on a photo safari! Experiment with a polaroid or film camera.

Go on a photo safari! Experiment with a polaroid or film camera.

Fun Indoor Activities

  1. Move the furniture around in your room to give it a fresh, new look.
  2. Redo your room with craft projects.
  3. Handwrite letters to friends and family.
  4. Make a collage for your wall.
  5. Experiment with origami.
  6. Go to a museum.
  7. Learn a new language.
  8. Start a journal.
  9. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle.
  10. Read a newspaper front to back.
  11. Make your own popsicles.
  12. Give your pet a bath.
  13. Start a blog (on Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress).
  14. Play a complete game of Monopoly.
  15. Make a vlog on YouTube.
  16. Buy some exotic fruit from the store and make a fruit salad.
  17. Cook a homemade pizza.
  18. Make a root beer float.
  19. Buy several flavours of ice cream and have an ice-cream feast!
  20. Paint a mural on one of your bedroom walls.
  21. Build a fortress out of cardboard boxes (you're not too old for that).
  22. Go bowling.
  23. Try a new food you've never tasted before.
  24. Learn a magic trick and perform it for your friends.
  25. Make non-alcoholic cocktails!

Inexpensive Things

  1. Watch the sun set (or rise!).
  2. Play card games: poker, spit, or solitaire. If you don't know how, it's time to learn!
  3. Organize a neighborhood cleanup.
  4. Volunteer at a charity, soup kitchen, shelter, or nursing home.
  5. Go to the library and take out some books you wouldn't usually read.
  6. Clean out your drawers and donate your unwanted items to a thrift store.
  7. Write letters (not emails, but actual pen-and-ink notes!).
  8. Sunbathe. But remember to use sunblock!
  9. Grab a map and go for a long walk to a place that you've never been.
  10. Move furniture around in your room to give it a fresh, new look.
  11. Teach yourself to do a handstand.
  12. Make a dance routine to your favourite song.
  13. Practice voice impersonations.
Have a book-reading marathon! Or read every book your favorite author has written.

Have a book-reading marathon! Or read every book your favorite author has written.

Things to Do With Friends

  1. Have a water balloon fight.
  2. Hold a mini Olympics with your friends.
  3. Go on a long bike ride.
  4. Have a garden party. Ask friends to bring different foods!
  5. Host a craft, beauty, dinner party, movie night with friends.
  6. Play rounders with your family or friends at the local park or sports field.
  7. Have a clothes swap: Have all your friends bring items they no longer want and trade with each other.
  8. Hold a group yard sale or car wash.
  9. Make your own face scrub or other beauty product using ingredients from the kitchen or garden.
  10. Make your own slip-n-slide with plastic garbage bags.
  11. Have a big game of capture-the-flag.

Things a Teenager Can Do Alone

  1. Apply for a summer job.
  2. Read a book in the sun.
  3. Learn a few words or phrases in a foreign language.
  4. Get a high score on your favorite game.
  5. Buy a load of old magazines from a bookstore or charity shop and read them.
  6. Take some interesting photographs of your neighbourhood.
  7. Fly a kite.
  8. Listen to some new music.
  9. Start a scrapbook or journal.
  10. Learn a new instrument.
  11. Write a song, poem, or short story.
  12. Decorate a pinboard with postcards, pictures, and notes and hang it in your room.
  13. Write an online article like this one!
  14. Spend some time experimenting and overhauling your closet: mend, toss, alter, layer, hem, mix-n-match.
  15. Research your family tree.
  16. Paint a T-shirt with acrylic paints.
  17. Bake a three-tier cake.
  18. Give yourself a makeover—cut your hair short, try a new hairdo, or do crazy nails.
  19. Make your own soap.
  20. E-mail or phone a friend you haven't spoken to in a while.
  21. Buy some posters and put them up in your room.
  22. Spend a day without watching T.V or going on the computer.
  23. Bake some homemade bread.
  24. Go to a movie alone (it's not so bad!).
  25. Send a message in a bottle.
  26. Prank call a friend.
  27. Make a keepsake box of memories from this summer, fill it with photos, messages, postcards from places you've been, and wrap it in pretty paper. Keep it for years to come to remind you of your awesome summer!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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