How to Throw a Teddy Bear Picnic

Updated on February 23, 2018

My Second Annual Teddy Bear Picnic

All You need is some fun food, simple activities, books, stuffed animals, and a big blanket. Try to make sure everything is teddy-bear related. That's essential. In this article you'll find great ideas to help you in all of these areas and even a fantastic cupcake recipe. I think the cupcakes may have been the highlight of the event.

Teddy Bear Picnics Are Pretty Much the Best and They're Easy

Most importantly, you have to gather all of your guests.

Set out a huge blanket in the living room. Then get a gianormous teddy bear out there. Have your kid(s) bring out all of their favorite teddy bears or stuffed animals to join in the Teddy Bear Picnic fun. We lined them all up against the couch as pictured below. What a wonderful party!

Invite a Mom Friend and Her Kid(s)!

Last year, I found out about the Teddy Bear Picnic that day when my Dad sent me a text message.

(You can read about last year's TBP here: )

So I didn't invite anyone. Plus, my daughter was home with me so I had both kids, but now she's in school. I thought inviting my son's friend (fiance) would be a great idea! I can't really think of a better play date situation.

I actually pulled out all the stops. I made an adorable teddy bear face invitation and sent it through the mail! All it cost me was the price of a postage stamp.

Here's the Agenda

1. Set out all the Teddy Bear friends.
2. Read some books.
3. Have a Teddy Bear song dance party.
4. Do some activities.
5. Watch the movie.
6. Eat the food!

I'll explain all the food I picked.

Bear Songs on Youtube

Disney Nature's Bears

Activity Ideas


I got Picnic and Food sticker books from Michael's for $0.30 each. Since our guests are only 2 years old, putting stickers on paper was a great activity. I didn't even buy these books *for* the Teddy Bear Picnic, I just happened to have them. So that was great!


There are a bunch of songs on Youtube featuring bears that are absolutely perfect! Search "Super Simple Songs". My kids love this channel! Simply find a video or two with bears.


Find Going on a Bear Hunt on Youtube. They have the pages of the actual book with some added animation, and a narrator. It's such a great story and I love the rhythm of it. Go on the journey with this family without getting messy!


Disney Nature's Bears is a great choice for a Teddy Bear Picnic movie. It follows two bear cubs and their mom over the course of a year. Not only is it cute and funny, but it's educational and real. What could be better??

Another option is Winnie the Pooh on Netflix. I'm sure there are many other bear movies as well.

Books about Bears

Read Books Featuring Bears!

I have some awesome bear books at home already:

  • One Bear Lost: a great counting book
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear—a colors book
  • I Love You Through and Through— teddy bear book
  • Carebears Perfect Day—I love it because there's a picnic part

On The Menu

  • Sandwiches: Use a Teddy Bear cookie cutter to cut the bread. I made ham and cheese as well as peanut butter. Mini chocolate chips make excellent bear eyes and noses!
  • Teddy Grahams: Obviously
  • Goldfish: Because bears eat fish. I got rainbow ones for fun.
  • Grapes: It seems like bears would like grapes and I wanted to get some fruit in the meal.

For Dessert

I made Teddy Bear cupcakes! Chocolate cake from the box is actually excellent so I just did that for the cupcake part. This time, I made my own frosting though. These cupcakes were the best I've ever made. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

GUYS! THIS FROSTING! OMG! It's Cookie Dough Frosting!!


- 1/2 Cup butter, softened
- 1/2 Cup brown sugar
- 1 tsp Vanilla
- 3/4 Cup flour
- 3 Tbsp milk
- 1 tsp salt
- 1/3 Cup mini chocolate chips

Poll Time!

Do YOU celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic??

See results

What Would You Add?

What other Teddy Bear related ideas could we add in for next year?? Please tell me your ideas in the combox! I hope this post has inspired you to celebrate the little things with your kids. I really think we made some good memories!

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