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50 Cute Doll Names

Penelope has three grandchildren, two girls and one boy- so far. They have beautiful names! She writes stories and she tells them stories.

Lovely and unique names for dolls and plush toys.

Lovely and unique names for dolls and plush toys.

A doll is a gorgeous, cute character friend to a little girl. Her name is so beautiful that it describes everything about her. She's feminine, she's pretty, she's everything a little girl wants of a friend and her toy companion. The little doll is going to be a year old when her little friend is one as well. She'll be 10 when her friend is 10, and she'll be 21 when her friend is grown up. She listens to all her woes. She knows who's to blame, what's unfair, and where the fairies live. She'll listen to all dreams. She's in the dreams. She'll be a part of the plan. She'll go everywhere and listen to everything, have exactly the same opinions her friend has (advice too) and like her, she hates to be left out. She's a constant companion and keeps the secrets. She's a doll!

Constant friends and companions like these have to have the prettiest, most endearing, most flattering names little girls can get their mouths 'round. Here are lists of 50 doll names for different kinds of doll friends. I hope you find them as beautiful as your doll. You'll find the following in this article:

  • Cute names that are musical and full of warm vowels for small children
  • Names for dolls with personality
  • Important names for very important characters
  • Friendly names
  • Ragdoll and plush toy names
Cute Dolls Names with soft, round, vowel sound

Cute Dolls Names with soft, round, vowel sound

Names for Dolls with Soft Vowel Sounds

  • Dottie
  • Lottie
  • EmmyLou
  • Lu Lu
  • Lacey
  • Macy
  • Jingles
  • Twinkle
  • Bibby
  • Libby
  • Jilly
  • Silvie
  • Hannah
  • Tammy
  • Tammy-Ann
  • Annie-Panny
A personality doll

A personality doll

Name Ideas for a Personality Doll

Some dolls have got great personalities too. You can see straight away, either by her smile, her dress, or her hair. There's an aura about them, much like there is about a person. You can't help but think that they need a certain sort of name that goes with that certain something about them.

They remind you of someone in a fairy story, perhaps, or there is a name that's always sounded beautiful. I loved the name Philomena when I was little. So, I named my doll Philomena and thought she was the most beautiful Philomena of all time. Below is a list of names that might spark a memory of a name you've always heard and loved, or just suddenly love now. Whatever it is, that's just the right name for your doll.

Nobody knows why this name is so special, except the doll and her owner-friend, and when they hear that name (or see it written), that's it! That's the doll's true name. Could it be one of the following names?




Names for Toy Dolls with Personalities

  • Thumbelina
  • Princess Lia
  • Lady Agnes
  • Leisha
  • Danka
  • Véronique
  • Miss Moffit
  • Bella Izza
  • Miranda
  • Yolanda
  • Creminda Lynne
  • Miss Lizzie

Important Names

Important names, of course, are for regal, sophisticated, and important dolls. I think the following are very important-sounding names:

  • Prudence
  • Clarita
  • Gwendolyn
  • Corey Lee
  • Angharad
  • Philomena
  • Në Në Nia
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Cute Dolls with Friendly Names

This last list is for names that are not very often heard around the nursery or playground. These are originals, for unique dolls that are friendly, good, and devoted. These names are for dolls that like a bit of mischief and fun from time to time!

  • Pippina
  • Nina
  • Madge
  • Pia Piu
  • Sherri
  • Bellina
  • Carrie
  • Bella
  • Ju ju
  • Cass Lassie

Rag and Plush Baby Dolls

Rag dolls

Rag dolls

Ragdolls and Plush Toy Names

The softness of a ragdoll's face, surrounded by her thick hair with those long sausage legs, and her pretty dress make her so endearing and cuddly-lovable that her name needs to be cuddly too. How about a name like one of these?

  • Pru
  • Pudding
  • Pandy
  • Pollyanna
  • Henrietta

Questions & Answers

Question: What is a good little Barbie doll name?

Answer: What do you think of a name that is for someone little, like MiMi, Goldie or even Valentina?

Question: What is a good Barbie doll name?

Answer: Perhaps you can use a name from the lists in my article? Vicky, Patsy, or Valentina sound nice.

Question: I want to name my cow doll, what should I name it?

Answer: Betty sounds nice for a cow doll. Perhaps Petal, or some other pretty sounding name?

Question: What's a good little boy doll name?

Answer: If he’s a little boy doll, he needs a little boy name, perhaps something like Pino, or Piccolo or Benji, or Reece.

Question: Is this name beautiful, Addison?

Answer: It is a beautiful name for a very particular doll, I agree!

Question: What's is a good Barbie doll name?

Answer: Perhaps one of these ‘on the sweet side’ names: Trudy, Belinda, DiDi, Patsy.

Question: Is the name Twinky a good name for a baby doll princess?

Answer: That name sounds cute for a baby doll. A Princess too! Princess Twinky is very pretty.

Question: I wanted to know your opinion on a name for my American girl doll. Can you help me name my American girl doll?

Answer: That’s a big question, as big as America! You mean USA don’t you? I’ll presume that. There are very many ethnicities in the USA with names from the origins and cultures of all of them, so where to begin? I think I’d look at the names of early movie stars and famous movie stars like Marilyn (Monroe), or Jayne (Mansfield), Theresa (Harris) and recent female movie stars like Scarlett (Johansson), Halle (Berry), or Natalie Portman. They all have incredible names.

Question: What is a good name for a Chinese doll?

Answer: Probably a name that’s particularly Chinese sounding, at least to Western ears. Even the name ‘China’ is lovely I think. Camelia is a Chinese flower, so that’s an appropriate name. Lily in Chinese sounds like Bai Hé so that’s nice too.

Question: What name should I give to my dolly?

Answer: I’m not at all sure because I don’t know your dolly but sweet names like Luisa, Daisy, Lucy, and even Ava if you want a slightly more sophisticated name.

Question: What should I name by Barbie in India ?

Answer: I’d suggest one of the names that I’ve already mentioned in my article. Why not try reading them out loud to your doll, one at a time? Perhaps one name will pop out as just the right one. It’s the sound of a name that goes with the personality of the doll.

Question: What is a good little name for my doll?

Answer: A ‘little’ name? You might like one of these Bee, Ava, Joy, Kay, Flo, Didi. I hope one of them suits your doll.

Question: What is a good Teddy name?

Answer: I’ve always loved ‘Teddy’ (which is short for Edward. Teddy isn’t a doll though. Teddy is a Teddy. And Teddy has the softest name in the world. My brother called his Sooky. That’s nice! Totally different too is Shaun or Shauny.

Question: What is a good antique doll name?

Answer: A name from 100 years ago! Victoria, Emma, Helena, Caroline; a name that sounds lovely through time and hasn’t really become ‘old fashioned’.

Question: What name would you give a doll that is one of a kind?

Answer: I think lots of dolls are ‘one of a kind’ dolls, just as their owners are ‘one of a kind’, but that’s just my opinion. Your doll obviously needs a very original name, a name nobody has heard of before so why not take all the letters of the alphabet and without looking, put your finger on a letter? That’s the first letter. Then do that again, and again until you have done that 10 times. Someone can help you. Once you have your letters I think you will see an idea. I got Morgana, then, Zaviera, Xara, Plume.

You don’t need to use all the letters, just the ones that create a name.

Question: What is a good name for a gymnast doll?

Answer: Shanon!

Question: What do you think about the name Blair for a doll name, the Amaranth girl doll?

Answer: I think Blair is a strong-personality name for a very important kind of girl doll, the Amaranth girl doll! What a personality and what a perfect name for her. Not every doll can be called Blair for sure.

Question: What is a good name for a baby doll?

Answer: Thumbelina is a pretty name for a baby doll! Bambina is pretty too. I also like Tina.

Question: What is a good name for my doll, she has curly hair, her eyes are brown, she has a pink dress?

Answer: Because she has curly hair, she is quite different. I think Hazel is a pretty name for your curly-haired doll! I hope you like it too.

Question: What’s a graceful name for a porcelain doll?

Answer: A regal, historic name such as Antoinette, Constantina, Pia, or a white, perfumed flower name such as Gelsomina (Jasmine). I hope these suggestions help you find your porcelain doll’s name.

Question: What is a great name for a baby Alive?

Answer: A baby name like Babà or Tiny or Ninna, I think. She’s so little and endearing. Not sure she wants a ‘great’ name unless the name she has is just ‘Great’ for her. Would Greta be a ‘Great’ name I wonder?

Question: What should I name my Elsa doll?

Answer: Your Elsa doll might have an Italian name like Francesca, or Serena, or Enrica or even Ginevra?

Question: I have a small girl doll but I am confused about a name for her. What name should I give her?

Answer: Tinkerbell was small and that’s a pretty name. Gretel is nice too (from the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ fairy tale) and so is Crystal. Hope you find her name. It feels so right when it’s right.

Question: What is a cute name for my green coloured doll?

Answer: Algay, Pepita, Leisha these names came to mind for your green doll.

Question: What is a good homemade doll name?

Answer: A name from far away like Laila or a Biblical name like Miriam (because it’s an ancient, meaningful name), or I like Babs. Babs is affectionate for Baby!

Question: What is a good name for a doll who is owned by a girl who lived in the 1930s to the 1940s?

Answer: Bette, Miriam, Ginger were the names of some of the famous movie stars in the 1930s and I think they’re evocative, beautiful names for a girl who lived then.

Question: Is it good if I name my baby alive doll Tewaniya?

Answer: A name that you feel ‘sounds’ like your doll is right for your doll. And for you! That beautiful name came to you for her, so she is Tewaniya? It’s a lovely name for your baby alive doll. Sounds like you’re talking to her already.

Question: What's a good name for a fairy-like doll?

Answer: I think Thumbelina, who was a fairy!

Question: What name should I give to a soft rag doll, if it’s a girl?

Answer: Nell - from Nell Gwyn whose rags-to-riches fame in the 17th century was fantastic. Nell was an actress, a funny, pretty one who became King Charles 11 of England’s mistress. It’s a perfect name for a soft rag doll and I hope you like it.

Question: Can I name my baby doll Liliana?

Answer: A beautiful name, I agree.

Question: What is a good name for my baker Barbie?

Answer: Cindy! From the name Cinderella. Cinderella, in the fairy tale, had to do all the work for her wicked stepmother and stepsisters - including baking and keeping the fires going. I’m sure she was a great cake maker! Doesn’t Cindy sound great?

Question: What is a good name for a barbie doll starting with V?

Answer: Vicky, Vanessa, Victoria, Viola, Vivienne, Vivian, Violet, Vera, Vee, Verity; they are all nice names. I like Verity the most for a Barbie doll I think. Hope you see a name you really, really like.

Question: What is the most common doll’s name?

Answer: Perhaps Dolly is the most common name. Dolly is a sweet, endearing name that suits all dolls.

Question: What is a good male Barbie name?

Answer: Skip, or Toby, or even Brad.

Question: What should a name be for long hair doll ?

Answer: Leisha would be perfect because of the sh sh sh sound which goes with the shshsh sound of long hair, Leisha.

Question: Is Kyle a good name for my doll?

Answer: Of course Kyle is a good name for your doll because you chose this very name out of hundreds of names. Kyle pops out at you! Kyle it is. Very nice.

Question: What should I name my doll?

Answer: I hope you like one of the names in my article or even in the questions and answers section of the article. Or, what about June since it’s June tomorrow! And June is a very pretty name for a doll.

Question: What is a good medium teddy doll name?

Answer: I’m trying to imagine a medium-size teddy and I see a comfortable sort of size, so then I see a teddy called Chadwick, or is he Kensington? If you prefer a shorter version of those comfortable sounding names, your teddy could be Chad or Kenny.

Question: Need a cute and simple name to call a doll?

Answer: Betty is a cute and simple name you might like for your doll. Ava is pretty cute too, so is Gina. I hope one of these names really suits you both.

© 2012 Penelope Hart


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