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10 Kick-Ass Mums That Take Parenting to a Whole New Level

One of the most important persons in our life is usually always our mum. They have had a profound influence over the way we live our lives, the way we relate to others, and the way we view the world. Mums are strong, fearless, loving, kind, gentle, nurturing, and above all else, are always there for us no matter what!

All mums are amazing, but here are 10 seriously kick-ass mums that take motherhood to a whole new level:

1) J.K. Rowling


J.K. Rowling has sold more than 400 million copies of the Harry Potter series, which has made it the best-selling book series ever in world history. But do you know what makes that accomplishment even more remarkable? J.K. Rowling wrote the first 4 books as a single mother who had been diagnosed with clinical depression. She now proudly serves as the President of Gingerbread, an organisation that provides expert advice, practical support, and campaigns for single parents.

2) Anna Young


If it isn’t an amazing feat in itself to run a half marathon at 5 months’ post-partum, this inspiring mum did it all while expressing breast milk! Anna Young, a 27-year old mother from the United States felt her chest get uncomfortable 8 miles into the race, so she did what any other mother does when faced with a dilemma. She whipped out her manual express pump from her camelbak and just kept going!

Now that is multi-tasking at its finest! Anna finished the race in 1:44:36.


3) Denise Morcombe

After her son was abducted and murdered in 2003, Denise and her husband have dedicated their lives to educating children about stranger danger and assisting victims of crime. Denise has been described as a stoic child protection crusader, and an amazing mum who never gave up on justice for her son, Daniel. Together with her husband, they formed the “Daniel Morcombe Foundation” and have been awarded the Order of Australia Medal for their immense fortitude, bravery and commitment to child safety. Denise is not only a mother who never gave up on her own child, but a mother who hasn’t given up on anyone’s else’s child either. Thank-you Denise, Australia loves you!

4) Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye


Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye is a 37-year old woman from Uganda who has 38 children! How is this even possible, you ask? Well, Mariam had six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and two single births. Mariam has a predisposition to hyper-ovulate (releasing multiple eggs in one cycle). She was unfortunately married off at 12 years old and began her journey into motherhood at the tender age of 13. 36 out of the 38 of her children were delivered at home, while the last 2 were delivered via C-section. Wow! Go Mariam!

Despite her terrible upbringing and early entry into motherhood, Mariam is determined to make sure all her children are educated properly “I am hopeful that my children will go to school because they all have big ambitions of being doctors, teachers, and lawyers; I want them to realise these dreams, something I was not able to do” she said.

5) Senata Larissa Waters


Senata Larissa Waters was the first politician to breastfeed in the Australian parliament. According to BBC News, the Senata fed her 2-month old baby girl, Alia Joy during a vote last Tuesday. Well done, Larissa for both the work you do in the parliament as well as the role you have played to normalise breastfeeding in the workplace.

Yes, women can be well-educated, work in high paying jobs AND look after their babies!

6) Michelle Griffin


After giving birth to her own two children, Michelle and her husband had decided that their family was complete. Michelle, however still longed to be pregnant, so she generously and selflessly offered her ‘womb for rent’ for any couples wanting a surrogate mother. “Becoming a mother was the greatest gift I could ever receive. Being lucky enough to give such a gift to another couple would be the most amazing thing I could ever do. I hope my womb can finally help someone else complete their family and be as happy as I am" she said. A year after posting on social media, Michelle is yet to find a suitable couple.

7) Princess Dianna


Princess Dianna was a dedicated humanitarian as well as a devoted mother to her two sons, William, and Harry. She was determined to give them a wide variety of experiences outside of what was considered to be the royal “norm”. Prince William became the first heir to the throne to attend a public school. The boys also went to MacDonald’s, rode the bus, and were allowed to wear jeans and baseball caps. They even went to Disneyland where Princess Dianna insisted that they line up like everyone else. She also involved them in her charity work and took them to hospitals and homeless shelters. This is why she was affectionately known as the "People's Princess" : a royal who was deeply connected with the everyday people.

8) Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama is an amazing mother and an excellent role model for women all over the world. She works tirelessly to raise awareness about poverty and the importance of nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. She is also the biggest advocate for working mums and is vehemently opposed to the ‘outdated’ belief that women have to eventually choose between their career or raising their children. “For me, being a mother made me a better professional, because coming home every night to my girls reminded me what I was working for,” she said. “And being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modelling for my girls how to pursue their dreams.”


9) Kaye Bird

Kaye Bird was a teenage mum from Detroit who defied all odds to become a success story. Despite becoming pregnant at the age of 17, Kaye still managed to graduate on time from high school. She was determined to make a better life for her son, so she went on to University. Her University degree took eight years to complete because she had to juggle full-time work, day-care needs for her son, her studies and of course, motherhood. Kaye is now the founder of GirlGrow.com which is an organisation that supports women who need mentorship and support to help them to fulfill their dreams.

10) Amy Poehler


Amy is an actress, comedian, director, producer, writer and an amazing mum. Amy has always spoken quite candidly about motherhood and openly addresses the feelings of guilt that mothers feel overwhelmed with. "There is an unspoken pact that women are supposed to follow. I am supposed to act like I constantly feel guilty about being away from my kids. (I don't. I love my job.) Mothers who stay at home are supposed to pretend they are bored and wish they were doing more corporate things. (They don't. They love their job.)"

Amy is also one of the co-founders of "Amy Poehler's Smart Girls" an organisation that empowers young women to change the world by being themselves.


Give your mum a hug this mothers day and tell her you love her. After all, "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother" - unknown


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Other amazing mothers....

There are some many amazing mothers out there.

Please feel free to comment on any other women who you think make an amazing mother:


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