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Baby's Room: Clean and Classic Themes for Decorating Your Nursery

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A modern, elegant nursery.

A modern, elegant nursery.

Decorating a Nursery

One of the many joys of preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery. In my opinion, the ideal room is quiet, cozy, and minimalist, with an adorable theme running through a neutral background.

I've seen some very bold décor choices and also some very cute arrangements as trends go in and out over the years.

Here are some classic, understated but oh-so-sweet ideas for your precious baby's precious space.

A fabulous forest for your little fox.

A fabulous forest for your little fox.

Into the Woods

Sing Rock-a-bye baby in the treetops and really mean in it this nature-themed nursery.

  • Your little fox will feel safe and cozy surrounded by peaceful colors and adorable woodland animals.
  • Really get into the theme by choosing an accent wall decal and some thoughtful blanket prints.


  • Gender neutral
  • Clean aesthetic
  • Calming for both parents and little foxes

More Pros:

  • Lends itself well to homemade decor
  • Easily incorporates animals and storybook characters
Your little dolphin will swim sweetly into dreamland.

Your little dolphin will swim sweetly into dreamland.

Nautical Notions

Is there anything more relaxing than a day at the seaside?Take this theme in the direction of your choosing.

You can keep it sophisticated with the darker blue tones and the sailboat accents, or incorporate some marine life with all the fun of under-the-sea fish and animals.


  • Versatile
  • Refreshing
  • Grows with the child

More Pros:

  • Matching bathroom potential
  • Can use unique items you find yourself
A classic space for your pooh bear.

A classic space for your pooh bear.

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The Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh has had a few updates over the years, but the original look evokes a sweet nostalgia for simpler, carefree times. Let your little pooh bear nap among friends in this theme of cherished childhood memories. A neutral gray and white backdrop makes this theme easy to pull off in any space.


  • A timeless theme
  • Corresponding books
  • Abundant decor options

More Pros:

  • Pastel colors are soothing
  • Controlled theme—can't get too crazy
A cuddly collection of flying friends.

A cuddly collection of flying friends.

Who Who

Create a fun, feathered atmosphere by showcasing the sophisticated owl—babified for maximum cuteness.

  • Beautiful handstitched decorations and intricately painted wall hangings make this look fresh and inviting.
  • The owl can be the core theme of the entire room, or a contributing piece to a larger theme of toys, animals, and whimsical play.
  • The enchanting owl will watch over your sleeping baby, wrapped up snug and warm all night.


  • Incorporates beautiful pieces
  • Can be as complex or simple as desired
  • A decorated ceiling is a perfect addition

More Pros:

  • Can be classic or modern
  • Ripe for rare antique finds
A happy home for your tiny dino.

A happy home for your tiny dino.

Prehistoric Playtime

A dinosaur them is flexible and fun.

While dads may be more supportive of this type of theme, it's great for both boys and girls.

  • Give your baby an early interest in dinosaur species, archeological finds, and museum exhibits.
  • This theme can be executed with a minimalist vibe or a full dinosaur explosion.


  • Great for learning
  • Pairs well with greens, yellows, and blues
  • Can be silly or serious

More Pros:

  • Fosters an interest in science
  • So many dinosaur pictures books to read
Sweet slumber under starry skies.

Sweet slumber under starry skies.

To Infinity and Beyond . . .

The final frontier is a perfect theme for a quiet, cozy nursery.

  • It lends itself well to dark colors and accent wall (or ceiling!).
  • The moon and stars make nighttime peaceful and natural, and playtime can be filled with bright sunshine and colorful planets.
  • Look for a subtle nightlight to round out this room, and some comfortable beanbags or cushions for older children.


  • Nature/science-themed
  • Abundant decorations
  • Suited for all your "I love you to the moon and back" decor

More Pros:

  • Easily transitions into a toddler/child room
  • An early introduction to shapes
Fresh air for your little adventure-seeker.

Fresh air for your little adventure-seeker.

The Mountains Are Calling

Majestic and breathtaking, a mountain theme offers a lot of room for creativity.

  • Wall decals are a great choice to set the stage, and subthemes can include wildlife, hiking, plants, fishing, and camping.
  • A mini climbing wall would be a fun addition as your baby starts pulling up and becoming curious.
  • Gray and white are standard colors for this theme, but a mint green or gold accent can give just the right amount of sparkle.


  • Outdoor theme
  • Gender neutral
  • Colors are very on trend

More Pros:

  • Soft teddy bears fit nicely with this theme
  • Multiple inspirational quotes to use
Sunny southwest vibes

Sunny southwest vibes

Desert Dreams

Prickly pears and blossoming buds make for a cheerful, simple space.

  • Cacti come in many shapes, sizes and shades of green for a muted, calming room.
  • Light pinks and whites go well in this theme, and bits of southwestern flair add interesting visual delights.
  • Bring the walls to life by adding a few potted succulents.

This is the theme I chose for the nursery in my house. I also elevated this look by throwing in a few llama details in some of the wall décor.


  • Simple color scheme
  • Stuffed desert animals are too cute
  • Modern feel

More Pros:

  • Complemented by rustic, hand-painted signs
  • A southwestern feel you can create in any state
Stylishly larger than life.

Stylishly larger than life.

Elephant Parade

An adorable theme for a boy or girl, elephant décor is an excellent choice for a nursery.

  • Since traditionally, elephants are grey, this theme lets you choose how you want to liven it up with color.
  • A solid yellow makes this aesthetic chic and still playful. Or go with a broader theme like zoo, jungle, or safari.
  • Elephant accessories are easy to find, or try your hand at homemade artwork to personalize the room.


  • Cohesive design
  • Clean and uncomplicated
  • Many famous elephant story book characters

More Pros:

  • A focused theme allows room for appealing accents and patterns
  • An easy, polished look to assemble
Save the drama for your mama.

Save the drama for your mama.

Llama Llama

Snag some sweet llama decorations from any trendy shop nowadays to create a memorable environment for your newborn.

  • This theme also pairs well with cactus décor and popular Frida Kahlo accessories.
  • Precious lama pictures and blankets can be accented with soft pastels and spring florals.


  • On trend
  • Gentle
  • Plays off a pink theme

More Pros:

  • Keeps the aesthetic very dainty
  • Highlighted by retro-mod furnishings

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