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Book Review: Cold Case Christianity for Kids

Former Homicide Detective, Jim Warner Wallace teaches children how to use the tools of a detective to analyze evidence for Christianity.

Cold Case Christianity For Kids

Is Cold-Case Christianity for Kids worth it?

Is Cold-Case Christianity for Kids worth it?

Looking at Cold Case Christianity

Over the past decade, Jim Wallace has made a name for himself in the field of Christian Apologetics. Perhaps it is his easy-going manner, his warmth or the ease with which he explains things. But more likely, it is the unique perspective that he brings to the table in regards to defending Christianity.

Wallace is not a Bible Scholar, philosopher or even a pastor by trade. Instead, Wallace has spent the majority of his life on crime scenes or picking through old evidence boxes looking to crack a case. Wallace proved himself to be an exceptional investigator. So much so, that he was placed on the “Cold Case” team – detectives who took homicide cases that had remained unsolved for decades, and cracked them wide open.

Wallace’s success at solving cold cases led to some of his more sensational cases being aired on the news and in television programming.

Wallace brings this analytical prowess to the field of Christian Apologetics. In fact, it was his skill as a detective which brought him to belief in Christianity to begin with. After investigating the facts like a detective, he was surprised to find that Christianity appeared to be true.

Wallace has written several books and has been featured in a movie. He travels and speaks to audiences both live and recorded about the truth of Christianity. He has taken a position as an adjunct professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University.

However, in his most recent book, Cold Case Christianity for Kids, Wallace turns his attention to a younger crowd.

Christian Apologetics is a complex subject which delves into various forms of textual analysis, mapping of historical events, intense scientific study and philosophical babble which is often over the heads of many adults.

However, Wallace has spent over a decade breaking these topics down for general consumption without losing the meat of the issues. This and his time spent as a youth pastor make Wallace the ideal person to present the subject to children.

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In this book, Wallace doesn’t waste his background in investigation. The book serves as a primer for young detectives on how to consider evidence and sort through details in order to determine the truth. Fittingly, the book places the reader in a semi-fictional police training course written in the second person addressing the reader directly. The reader enters the training and begins to learn how to evaluate circumstantial evidence for past events.

Wallace’s previous books, written to a more mature audience, are peppered with stories from his real-life police work. This makes the books exciting to read because of the vivid details of crime scenes, murder investigations and courtroom drama.

Wallace prudently avoids some of these more mature subjects in his book for children, instead having his characters investigate the age and origin of an abandoned skateboard.

As the police cadets go through all of the different methods dating and placing this long-abandoned item, he draws strict parallels for how these same methods may be used in dating and placing the testimonies found in the Gospels – as well as evidence for God’s existence.

The book is sprinkled with snippets in the margins with hints, tips and references to further resources online.

For someone who made his career in homicide investigation, Wallace has proven himself a talented and versatile man. Not only does he successfully break down his standard material to a fun and engaging way to speak to pre-adolescents, he is able to write pseudo-fiction and keep the narrative together, and has illustrated the book himself.

This book is ideal for Christian parents who are interested in preparing their children for the hard questions they will encounter as they advance through a secular education system – not by teaching youngsters what to think, but rather, by teaching them how to think.

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Dale Tinklepaugh from Salem, Virginia on November 02, 2016:

Thank you for publishing this review. I just ordered a copy of this book to take to our three young grandsons in Germany when my wife and I go visit them in a few weeks. I had read one of the author's previous books, Cold Case Christianity, and found it to be very good. So it didn't take much more to convince me to get this one. We have been looking for something like this!

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