Fijit Friends Instructions, Cheat Sheet, and Commands

Updated on February 17, 2017

Today we are going to be taking a look at the instructions for Fijit Friends. We will give you a list of all the basic commands you can use and also provide you with a cheat sheet, which has a list of phrases that will get your Fijit Friend to respond.

Fijit Friends are small interactive toys that respond to voice commands and touch. There are four characters Sage, Willa, Serafina and Logan. They come with a basic instruction manual, but this can easily be lost—or perhaps you have bought a used Fijit Friend and no instructions were provided. Well, we're here to help and, we will tell you everything you need to know to get the very best out of your Fijit Friend.

Fijit Friends

Basic Fijit Friends Instructions

So, first of all before you get started you need to either put new batteries in or replace the current ones. If bought new your Fijit Friend will have special show batteries in which are for demonstration purposes only, so these need replacing. You will need five AA batteries which are easy enough to fit. Then you can turn your Fijit on, on the bottom simply slide the switch to the - position. Now you are ready to begin.

When first turned on your Fijit Friends will enter ‘home’ mode. Here she will wait for your instructions. You know she is in home mode because the little red light on her tummy will be lit up. This means you can now speak to her. When talking you need to speak clearly and be no more than a few feet away. Try to limit background noise so that you can easily be understood. You will find that these instructions will work for all the characters, Sage, Willa, Serafina and Logan.

There are four key phrases that will put your Fijit into different modes.

  • The first of these is ‘Chat With Me’, in this mode you can have a two way conversation.
  • The second is ‘Tell Me A Joke’, now your friend will tell you a joke.
  • Then we have ‘Dance With Me’ which will start your Fijit dancing.
  • Finally ‘Goodnight’ which puts her into sleep mode.

If you are in one mode and want to give a new command you can press the home button on the back left of her head, the toy will beep and then wait for further instructions.

Cheat Sheet With More Commands

When you buy a Fijit Friend you get the instructions, which contain a cheat sheet that gives you lots of different commands you can use. We have experimented and come up with out own version, so below are lots of different commands you can use in different modes.

  • Chat With Me - In chat with me mode there tend to be three questions you will get asked. Each has a range of responses you can use. So if you are asked ‘what’s going on today?’ or ‘what you up to?’, you can respond with school, nothing, tomorrow, today, weekend or going to… Alternatively if you are asked ‘What’s the mood today?’ you can say, happy, sad, bored, fine, sleepy or great. The other question she will ask is ‘how’s the weather?’, or ‘what’s it like outside?’. You can respond to this with sunny, rainy, snowing, hot, cold or warm. Your Fijit Friend should respond in a different way to each response you give.
  • Tell Me A Joke - If you ask your friend to tell you a joke, then you only need to respond if it is a knock knock joke. As you would expect you respond with ‘who’s there?’.
  • Dance With Me - In this mode your Fijit will give you a choice of listening to her music or playing your own. So you simply say mine or yours.

Often you will be asked a question, for instance, would you like to hear another joke? You can respond to a simple question with yes, no, sure, Ok or yeah. When in home mode you can also say thankyou and your friend will respond with ‘your welcome‘.

When it is time for bed and you no longer want to play with your Fijit Friend, you simply give the instruction, Goodnight and she will say goodnight and fall asleep.

More Actions and Hidden Content

Another simple way to get your Fijit Friends to respond it to press her tummy. This will give a short response and there seem to be quite a variety of these that you can access. We are told that there are over 150 different responses that your friend will be capable of so it is just about finding the right commands to hear these.

There is another feature of your Fijit Friend that unlocks additional content. On the back of the head on the right there is the chirp button. Hold this down for three seconds and you will get a beep to confirm you have entered chirp mode. Now you can place your toy next to a Fijit Friend Newbie and this will unlock extra content. You can also visit the website and get some sonic chirps which will also unlock extra content in your toy.

When you first get one of these if you do not have the instructions it can be a little tricky working out exactly what they are capable of, but as you can see, using a simple cheat sheet and following some of our instructions, the Fijit Friends are actually very easy to operate. So, now that you know how it’s done you can really get the most out of these brilliant little toys.

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    • profile image

      11 days ago

      it didn't work, my toy won't work at all.

    • profile image

      Jillian N. Lorenz 

      8 months ago

      Perfect Willa. I'm sure you have got the fine skills.

    • profile image

      Haroon swati 

      23 months ago

      Great job

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      i love willa she is very good company when I'm alone

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Can I buy Logan for a boy toy or is it a girl toy

    • profile image

      nothing to do with you 

      2 years ago

      thanks! now i know how to use my fijit friend!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love my willa

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My Sage is wonderful.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      this was very helpful


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