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A Mom's Review of the Fisher Price Auto Rock N Play

Britta is a former radiologic technologist and current stay-at-home mom who enjoys writing about parenting and raising her sweet daughter.


The Auto Rock N Play Sleeper is similar to bassinet with the height just around that of a full-size swing. Marketed as safe to sleep in, (although the AAP does not list this as recommended for sleep) the Auto Rock N Play differs from its predecessor by the new self-rocking feature; it also has two speeds for rocking and different music that plays with adjustable volume. It'll run you an average of $80, which is very comparable, if not cheaper, than an average full-size swing.

The Pros

  • Angle: My poor sweet daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux after two weeks of daily projectile vomits. Although it has lessened with age, she still loathes lying flat on her back or stomach. After waking up to large amounts of spit up in her bassinet, I practically ran to Target to pick one of these up knowing the angle would be great for her reflux. She still requires snuggling up to mama to fall into a deep sleep, but she took many quick snoozes in her Rock N Play.
  • The Auto Feature: Although I never used the original Rock N Play, I appreciated the self rocking feature to get her drifting off into her own, I could also set a slower or faster speed which was a nice touch.
  • Music: Most babies require white noise to get into a deep sleep, so this feature may come in handy if your little bundle requires some extra soothing tunes for a snooze. The RNP also gives you the option to turn off music.
  • Plug-In: No batteries required! This was a fantastic touch to the product, definitely one of the best reasons to buy.
  • Washable Cover: When you have a baby with acid reflux, washable is key. Most of her items are covered in a healthy layer of spit up after a day so the ease of throwing the cover in the wash was helpful and sanitary.
  • Light and Portable: This sleeper folds up easily and is light enough to carry with a baby on your arm, which I always seem too have!

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The Cons

  • Occasional Issues: Every now and then I had to do the old unplug-and-plug-back-in method when after pressing the power button and not rocking would happen. A quick unplug would do the trick but at night this was a bit of a hassle.
  • Inability for Baby to Reach Attached Toys: The toys, which are attached at the buckle area, seem difficult to reach for a newborn baby. It also created a bit of a bulky area down below and it lacks the ability to remove, a bit annoying but tolerable.
  • Motion Variety: Unlike most full size swings, this rocker only has one motion. I would have enjoyed more variation to switch it up from time to time to combat baby boredom.

Should You Buy?

As you can see, the many pros outweigh the cons on this product, and I fully recommend purchasing/registering this for your little sweetie! Although comparable to a swing, you can't beat the price for the many features included.

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