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Fun + Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Snowy Scenes

Snowy Scenes

Christmas time is for joy, cheer, and . . . crafts! Here I list some of my favorite crafts to make during the holidays (and to have my kids make!) Nothing like keeping tiny hands busy before Santa comes down the chimney.

1) Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

Christmas rock painting is so much fun! Kids love to sit around the table with their markers and paints drawing Christmas trees, elves, reindeer, snowmen and lots of other festive characters and scenery. Follow the awesome tutorial below and try out some of the great ideas I added below the video.

You can buy all the supplies you need at your local dollar store and you can collect all the stones you need at your local park, beach, or maybe even in your garden! These not only make brilliantly festive Christmas decorations but will also make great holiday gifts for friends and family!

2) 50 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

This tradition only started a few years ago but it's now practiced in millions of homes across the world every Christmas! The premise is that the elves are there to keep an eye on all the children in the house and report back to Santa to see who's been naughty and who's been nice—so hopefully that helps to keep your children perfectly behaved all through the holiday season; as if!

The most important part of this tradition is to put the elves in a different location in your home every day (to create the illusion they're actually flying around.) Even more importantly is put them in amusing situations! Check out the awesome video below and I've also added a few of my favorite elf on the shelf ideas too! Seriously there are hundreds of awesome ideas out there and every years it seems hundreds more hilarious ideas come online!

3) Christmas Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

This tutorial takes you through the steps to make this "Nightmare Before Christmas" door decoration. I suggest watching the tutorial in its entirety before starting for tips on what I learned along the way. I got as many items as I could from the dollar store and this turned out to be a very affordable project that took roughly eight hours over the course of a few days to finish.

The first step is to wrap the front door with black fabric. I used vinyl and would suggest using something similar. The type I found came attached to a white interfacing which was perfect so I could hot glue on it without ruining our door. On that note I highly suggest you test a swatch of your fabric beforehand to ensure that you can paint and hot glue without it bleeding through.

Watch the rest of the tutorial below and hopefully that will help you create some awesomely festive classroom doors for the Christmas season!

4) Christmas Cards for Kids

The following are some simple Christmas card ideas that you can easily recreate. For the first card we need Washi tape—I get mine from Ikea. I really like Washi tape—they have the right stickiness and they are very durable, so I really recommend them. I'm using arteza card paper for the card. Arteza paper comes in a pack and is great for making cards.

When drawing snowmen, I like to draw circles then play around with the watercolors. Sometimes I'll let it dry and go back over the paint with a gel pen to add definition to my characters.

5) Christmas Paper Crafts

Another financially savvy way to decorate your home for the Christmas season is by using cheap materials like paint, toilet rolls, left-over wrapping paper, and other reusable materials to make Christmas ornaments. You can decorate both your tree and home with these. Making ornaments is also a great way to get the kids around the table for a few hours and keep them out of mischief!

Check out the video tutorial below where you'll learn how make Christmas tree ornaments, an enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament, and many more fun things!

6) Christmas Cupcakes for Kids to Make

Grab a box of vanilla cupcakes and some frosting and entertain the kids with a Christmas cupcake decorating contest! The video below has some fantastic decorating ideas. I personally like to make wreaths on cupcakes. Make sure all the cakes are completely cooled before you ice them so the icing doesn't run.

This is one of my favorite activities, but be sure to monitor your kids sugar intake if they are sensitive to sugar. The activity may backfire and keep them (and you!) awake all night.

7) Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Penguin Light Bulb

Reuse those burnt out light bulbs by making ornaments instead of tossing them in the recycling. These penguins could be be a hanging ornament or they could be free-standing decor! For this project, you'll need a light bulb, acrylic paint in black, white, orange, and red. You'll also want to lay out newspapers to protect surfaces from acrylic paint, and have a cup of water handy in a Tupperware for brush rinsing. Carefully paint a penguin onto the lightbulb; this will be intuitive since most lightbulbs are already shaped like penguins! Watch the video below and get crafting!

8) Christmas Candy Cane Sleighs

I stumbled upon this idea tutorial for a Christmas Sleigh gift and thought it would make a great place setting for the Christmas dinner table.

As you can see, you can buy Christmas candy and use it to construct your own unique Santa's sleigh! After using hot glue to secure each wrapper to the other candy pieces, I tied it all together with ribbon. Be extra careful with the hot glue gun and be sure to supervise children. I've burned myself a few times!

9) DIY Grinch Tree for Christmas

One fun activity is making a Grinch-themed Christmas tree. For this, you'll need a tree, some garland, a basic tree skirt, some warm white lights and some ornaments! In order to make it extra-Grinchy, have your kids draw some "Welcome to Whoville" signs! Add a stuffed dog to the base of the tree and pretend his name is Max.

Check out the video below! This video illustrates how to make this awesome Grinch tree.