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How to Make Fluffy Slime

Kate is a mother of two and holds a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree from Sonoma State University. She's also a passionate researcher.

How to make DIY fluffy slime with glue, activator, and shaving cream.

How to make DIY fluffy slime with glue, activator, and shaving cream.

Do You Think Your Kids Would Enjoy Fluffy Slime?

Have you heard of the slime craze? Kids and adults all over the internet have shared videos of themselves making slime. Some kids even started slime businesses where they make and sell different types of slime.

While I don’t plan on telling you how to start your own slime business, I would like to share with you a recipe for fluffy slime that you can easily make with your kids.

You may have already tried the more traditional method of making slime using borax, or even the newer method of making slime with glue sticks. If that's you, then it may be time to try your hand at making fluffy slime!

What You'll Need

  • Water: This is your first crucial ingredient to slime. The temperature does not matter for the slime mixture.
  • PVA-Based Glue: Do not just pick up any bottle of glue. The right glue for slime will be a washable polyvinyl-acetate (PVA)-based glue. It's usually labeled as “school glue,” so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Use any color you want, as they all work the same. Glitter glue is our favorite to add a little fun to your slime!
  • Activator (Saline Solution): What makes slime slimy? The activator ingredients, of course! The following activators have borax in them, as I have found that borax works best. The first option is liquid starch, which contains sodium borate. Another option is a saline solution, which has sodium borate and boric acid. Lastly, you may use borax powder, commonly found in the dishwashing aisle.
  • Baking Soda: Any generic type of baking soda should work just fine for this project. Baking soda is cheap and readily available at your local grocery store.
  • Shaving Cream: Since we are making fluffy slime, we need an ingredient to make the slime fluffy: shaving cream! You can pick up shaving cream in the dollar aisle of most stores, so this is a cheap and easy ingredient to include in your slime.
  • Food Coloring (optional): Food coloring can make slime extra fun to play with! I use this slime specific food coloring kit for all my kid's slime creations. It makes for extra bright colors and is specifically made for slime making!
  • Bowl
  • Measuring cups
  • Spoon
Making fluffy slime is a great activity for kids to do at home.

Making fluffy slime is a great activity for kids to do at home.

1. Add Shaving Cream

The first step in making fluffy slime is to measure out three to four cups of the foam shaving cream and add it to your large mixing bowl. If you would like to color your slime, add food coloring to the shaving cream and stir to mix in the color.

2. Mix in the Glue

Next, add in one half cup of the white school glue and gently stir the ingredients together to combine.

3. Add Baking Soda and Saline Solution

The next step is to measure one half a teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture and one tablespoon of saline solution. Gently stir the mixture to combine the ingredients.

4. Knead the Slime

Once all the ingredients are mixed in, pick up your slime and knead it until it has a smooth texture and it is no longer sticky. This is a great time for you and your child to play with the mixture to get it to the desired texture. To make the slime less sticky when you play with it for the first time, put a drop of the saline solution on your hands before you begin.

The Science Behind Slime

Fluffy slime is loads of fun, but the science behind how it is created out of the supplies you used is also quite interesting. The borate ions in the slime activator you choose mix with the PVA in the glue to form a rubbery, stretchy substance.

The water you add to this stretchy substance keeps the slime from getting dried out. The end result is a fun (and fluffy) type of slime that is easy to play with!

Home made orange colored fluffy slime.

Home made orange colored fluffy slime.

Activity Ideas for Slime

After the first go-around with the slime, it should be fine to play with it without using the saline solution on your hands. Now it is time to enjoy the slime you have made with your child!

Here are some fun ideas you can try:

  • Stretch it into different shapes or use cookie cutters to cut the slime into different shapes.
  • Repeat the recipe with different colors of food coloring to make a slime rainbow.
  • Add essential oils to the mixture while making the slime to add an enjoyable scent and enhance the sensory experience.
  • Use letter magnets to make imprints in your slime. You can have your child spell out their name in the slime with the magnetic letters.
  • Play "Slime Archaeologist" by having your child search for objects within the slime. Take shaped confetti or small items and insert them into the slime and allow your child to dig them out.

How to Store Slime

You can store normal slime in a reusable plastic or glass container. However, fluffy slime will not last longer than a day since it has foam shaving cream, which is filled with air. You can store it in a reusable container, but do not have high hopes that it will last as long as typical slime.

Are You Going to Make Slime Now?

Making slime is a kid-friendly activity that allows you to bond with your child and have a new toy to play with after the activity is complete. Additionally, the recipe for slime only calls for a handful of ingredients that you likely have in your house.

If you do not happen to have these items on hand, you should be able to find them at the local grocery store for fairly cheap. Another perk of slime is that there is not a mess to clean up afterward! The opportunities for play with slime are endless and sure to keep both you and your child busy for hours on end!

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