How to Take a Bath With Your Baby

Updated on November 26, 2017
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NurseFlood is a self-proclaimed birth nerd with three babies and 8+ years of nursing experience, most of which is in women's health.

Bonding time

Taking a bath with your baby promotes bonding and essential skin to skin contact. It minimizes your child's fear and decreases any crying outbursts. The bonus? Breastfeeding in warm water is a relaxing and loving experience.

This article tells you how to take a bath with your newborn baby.

Take a Bath with your Baby

Take a bath with your baby, no extra equipment necessary.
Take a bath with your baby, no extra equipment necessary. | Source

Steps to Take a Bath with Your Baby

1. Set the Stage: You don't want to forget anything and haul a naked baby around the house while you search for hygiene products or linens! Before you start the bath, grab a large plastic cup and all hygiene products. Set up the baby wash, shampoo, baby washcloths,and fuzzy towels for both you and baby.

2. Slip in Solo: Get into the tub first, then grab your sweet baby. If your partner or support person is home, ask them to standby. If by yourself, put your baby in her bouncy chair by the tub and fasten the buckle. Make sure baby is within reach and climb into the tub alone, then reach out to grab her. Slippery floors make stepping into the tub with your baby too dangerous!

3. Seize the Day: Make sure that the surface you are stepping and sitting on will be safe for you and your baby. Purchase a nonslip mat. Always make sure your hands are reasonably dry. Place baby in both hands, and snuggle tightly.

4. Stay Snug: Use a wet towel that is partially in the water to cover baby so that she stays warm while keeping her head staying slightly above the water on your chest. Use the aforementioned cup to drizzle water over her skin to make sure that your baby's temperature stays warm.

5. Stay Safe: After you are both done with the bath, place her in the chair and fasten her in. Grab a towel and wrap it tightly around her. Carefully step out and finish drying your infant. Be cautious to ensure that baby does not get face covered by a towel.

Safety Recommendations

  • Make sure your baby's umbilical cord has fallen off and the resulting area is clean, dry, and has healed.
  • Ensure the temperature is around body temperature (98.6 degrees) by testing the warm water on yourself first. If you're not sure, you can use a thermometer.
  • Make sure the water does not cover your baby's face, and that they can easily breathe.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the tub, not even for a second.

My Memorable Moments with Our Bundle of Joy

As soon as her belly button was healed, we were excited to use our new baby bath tub. In the early days, my baby would fuss and panic when I put her in the tub. I knew there had to be a better way.

Once we began taking a bath together, it was my favorite time of day. I liked it best when my husband was home. I would run a warm bath, and he would bring her to me. I fill the top until it nearly touches the bottom of my breasts. I use "laid back" breastfeeding, where you breastfeed while reclining. Baby's body has warm water on it, and she is able to nurse and breathe clearly.

I would breastfeed her and then wash her. Despite breastfeeding troubles, the warm bath encouraged my milk letdown. She was more relaxed, and it seemed easier.

Once my husband got her out of the tub and ready for bed, I had a few peaceful moments to soak. We both got to bond with our snugly, happy girl!

There is No Smell Like Clean Baby Smell!



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