Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Child Protective Services

Updated on November 13, 2017
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Shannon is a social worker, counselor, and Child Protective Services professional. She offers the insider's perspective on how CPS works.

Read First!

I am a CPS professional and this article is based on my experience in my state and region. CPS practices vary state by state, city by city, and county by county. For relevant information, look up CPS in your region.

These are my answers to the ten most common questions I've heard while working for CPS. Knowing these answers can give you insight into the reasoning behind the policies and help navigate the system.

  1. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report, even false ones. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Below, you'll find a discussion of reasons why a report might go uninvestigated.
  2. CPS can meet with your child without your permission. Although this might alarm you, there are very good reasons for this policy, which I explain below.
  3. You do not have to let CPS in your home—even if they ask nicely.
  4. You have rights. Below, I list the most important to keep in mind.

  5. The investigation process is designed to be thorough. You may be asked some very "nosy" questions, and I explain why below.
  6. CPS can't test you for drugs without your consent, but there are also many great reasons for giving consent.
  7. CPS does not want to remove kids from decent situations, despite what you might believe. There are no bonuses or quotas to fill.
  8. CPS can help you. They have access to a long list of tools and resources to help improve your home situation.
  9. Cooperating with CPS is probably the smartest and most beneficial thing to do in the long run, for you and your kid.
  10. CPS workers are people, too. It's best to remember that their ultimate job is to help, not hurt.

1. CPS Is Legally Obligated to Investigate Every Report

How Does CPS Work?

You may have heard it before, and it is the truth. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report it receives. However, there are instances where they do not investigate or the case is closed without investigation. This typically happens when there is no real foundation to believe that there is abuse or neglect occurring.

Why a Case Might Not Be Investigated

For instance, a report is made that a 14-year-old boy is being left home alone after school. If the child does not have any special needs and is not causing any damage to property or otherwise putting himself in danger, it would appear that the child is a normal high school freshman with no risk factors. Therefore, this case might be closed at intake because no real neglect is occurring. On the other hand, if that same report states that the child has Down’s Syndrome, the report will likely become an investigation.

Types of Investigations and How Long They Might Take

Investigations might range from one conversation with a parent or foster parent to a full investigation. In any case, if the report makes it to an investigator's desk, they are legally obligated to respond to it. This is not a policy; this is the law. Case response time is 24 to 72 hours, depending on the case. Some factors, such as screening and routing, can take slightly longer. In general though, a case will get a response within 72 hours. Responses range from seeing the entire family to seeing just the child or speaking with any person on the case. There may also just be unsuccessful attempts to contact someone.

Even if you're being investigated, that does not mean that a parent will necessarily be contacted within 72 hours. A parent may not be contacted for some time after a case is initiated. The person who reports the case to CPS is sometimes contacted prior to action and sometimes not contacted at all except to receive a letter giving the ruling on the case. The letter only states the ruling and gives absolutely no details on anything else.

What About Ridiculous or False Claims?

It does not matter how ridiculous or false a claim may be. When an investigator receives the referral, they are legally obligated to investigate. Even if the child, parents, witnesses, and ten other unrelated persons insist that something did not occur, the case must still be completed. It has to be. That is what an investigator intends to gain from an investigation: the truth about what happened.

One of my favorite quotes from a senior investigator was this: “We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.” When an investigation is received, they have to look at it, gather evidence, then make a ruling or determination. They cannot take the word of one single person, even the child. They have to look at all evidence. If an allegation is false, the best thing for you to do is give the investigator every resource to show that. Tell him or her why you think someone reported and what their motivation might have been. Investigators do consider this and want to hear it.

What About Reports Made Repeatedly by the Same Person?

It does not matter how many times a report has been made by the same person or for the same thing. CPS is still obligated to investigate.

However, there are systems in place to keep you from being harassed by a reporter or by CPS. For example, let’s say that you have been reported for physical abuse of your child and you completed an investigation. If the same reporter calls in with the same allegations a week later, with no new incident to report, the investigation may be closed without you even knowing it was reported. The ruling would be that it had already been investigated. You may only receive a phone call or you may receive nothing.

If there are new alleged incidents, the case may be investigated again. If this occurs, say, four times, and no evidence is found, they can start to close these without investigation. However, it’s important to know that it does not always happen this way, and you may be investigated for the same type of allegation from the same reporter many times. It all depends on whether new information is given in each new report. Good investigators will speak to the reporter and attempt to determine if they are doing this for reasons other than concerns for the safety of the child. Just because you are being reported doesn't mean you are guilty. Investigators do not assume you did it when they receive the report.

What About Ulterior Motives of People Who Report Abuse?

Trust me when I say that when a CPS worker receives a large amount of reports on the same allegation by the same reporter and it’s clear the motivation is something other than the welfare of the child, we know that there is an ulterior motive. Sometimes we have a long talk with a reporter about making false allegations, the consequences for doing so, and the unnecessary stress they are placing on a child.

“We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.”

— Senior CPS Investigator

2. Can CPS See My Child Without My Permission?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is CPS will usually attempt to see your child before they talk to you. There is a simple reason for this: Workers want to talk to the child before a parent or foster parent has the chance to tell them what to say (at best) or threaten the child with consequences of disclosing abuse (at worst).

Also, if the child has any bruising or physical evidence of abuse or neglect, the investigator will try to get to that child before the evidence is gone.

What If I'm Falsely Accused?

If you are reading this, you may be upset because you have been falsely accused. It’s understandable to feel upset, but you should also remember that some parents are not falsely accused and it’s important for CPS to reach those children before there can be any intimidation or coaching by abusive parents.

If you consider this an injustice or a violation of your rights as a parent, think of the child who is being abused. That child might disclose the truth to a worker if they are interviewed prior to contact with the parent, but if a parent is made aware first, are they not going to intimidate, threaten, or further harm the child in order to ensure the child does not disclose this abuse? This is why it is likely that CPS will try to see your child at school, daycare, or another setting before notifying you. The rules for this may vary in some states, so check your rights in your own state. In many states, you can look up the laws and policies of your child welfare agency online.

What If I Don't Want My Child Interviewed?

If you do not want your child interviewed and an investigator comes to their school, you can tell them no. You can even have something on file at the school stating that no one is allowed to interview your child without you present. Once you have stated to a CPS worker that you do not want your child interviewed, they can not conduct an interview without a court order or “exigent (emergency) circumstances.”

That basically means that if you refuse to allow the child to be interviewed, CPS must obtain a court order from a judge stating that you must allow the interview or that the situation must be of such an emergency or risk that the child must be taken into the investigator's custody and interviewed. If the emergency situation occurs, the investigator must justify that claim in a court within 24 hours, obtain the approval of a judge, and notify you about it. It is rare to interview a child by “exigent circumstances” unless the child is also removed at that time (more on removals below).

What if CPS Comes to My House?

If a CPS worker wants to interview your child at your home, they must ask your permission. They cannot speak with your child at your home with you present without your consent. If you say no, they will not conduct the interview. (There are reasons, however, why you should cooperate—there’s a section about this below).

What If My Child Is Home Alone?

If your child is home alone, CPS can talk to them but it varies by circumstance. A child can't give a worker permission to enter the home, but if the child is home alone and that poses a danger to themselves or to others, the police department will be contacted and all parties may enter your home. This is an extreme circumstance. If an older child is home alone, they generally won't be fully interviewed at that time. If they are, it will be outside of your home.

3. You Do Not Have to Let CPS in the Door

What If CPS Shows Up at My Front Door?

CPS has no special right to enter your home without your permission, and you can say no to them. Workers do not have a right to obtain search warrants. You can be cooperative with the investigation without letting an investigator walk inside your door.

You can open the door and allow them to look inside and still not allow them to come in. Workers should ask you before coming in your home. If you say no, they cannot and will not enter. If they do enter, you can contact the police.

What If I Let CPS Come Inside?

Once you allow CPS into your home, you can ask them to leave whenever you like and they must comply. They cannot look through your drawers or search your home unless you give them permission to do so. Allowing entry to the home does not entitle the investigator to go through your medicine cabinet. They may look around and see what is visible to the eye, but they must ask permission to open a drawer or the refrigerator.

4. You Have Rights

Parents and alleged perpetrators have rights. Ask your worker about those rights or research them on your own. If you get a surprise visit, you can ask for time to look up your rights. You have more control over the situation than you think. For example, you can say to a worker, “I’d like to talk to you in a few days after I’ve looked over my rights.”

Can I Ask for Time to Review My Rights?

In my particular county in my state, CPS hands over a booklet outlining the parents' rights when they see them for the first time. If you receive any written materials, you can ask for time to review them. You can contact or consult with an attorney. If it makes you feel more comfortable, do it. In most cases, a few days will not harm your case. It is better to cooperate as much as you are comfortable with in the beginning.

5. The Investigation Process Is Designed to Be Thorough

So you have been accused of not supervising your child, and now workers are asking you questions about drugs, alcohol, pornography, and whether you've ever had an abortion. They asked your child if anyone had ever attempted to touch them inappropriately and if they have food to eat every day. You feel like CPS is investigating your life from the inside out. What is going on here?

Why Is CPS Asking Questions that Aren't Related to the Allegation?

In a sense, they are investigating your life from the inside out. Workers screen children for all types of abuse or neglect, regardless of the actual allegation. Investigators will ask questions about the allegation, but they will also ask broad, general questions about all types of abuse and neglect. The reasons for this should be obvious. If the allegation itself is false, but Mom and Dad are doing drugs in front of the child, the child is still at risk and CPS needs to know that.

Mom and Dad are going to be asked some general screening questions, as well. They’ll be asked about their own childhoods and habits, whether they have financial problems or had domestic violence in old relationships. These questions help a CPS worker determine several things. For example, is the family in a position of high stress? Does the mother or father show a pattern of behavior? Is there a long history of violence, sexual abuse, or incest in a family? CPS wants a complete picture so that they can identify if a child is at risk, and also to see if there is anything CPS can do to help that family, since that’s a crucial part of their job, too.

What Happens If They Find Something Else?

There are many times when the original allegation is not what the investigator found to be of the most concern in the family. For example, a physical abuse allegation may lead investigators to discover that no physical abuse is occurring, but that there is domestic violence between the father and his girlfriend. In the end, they may ask the father to attend domestic violence classes even though this was not what he was reported for.

6. CPS Needs Your Consent to Test You for Drugs

This is a sticky subject. CPS workers can drug test you, but they do need your consent. They cannot force you to take a drug test since they do not have the legal authority to do so. They will not notify you that they are going to drug test and they will arrange for the test in a short period of time. There are certain counties or states that will drug test every person in every case. You can be drug tested no matter your age and your children can also be drug tested. There are a million rules that govern this and all kinds of different rules for each situation. You should know what those rules are and know what your rights are.

It's in Your Best Interest to Take the Drug Test

The way you react to being asked to take a drug test matters. If you refuse, you can be court-ordered to take one. If you are court-ordered, they will take a nail scrape, a hair follicle, or some other type of test that looks further back into your history, and you will be required to take this test. So you can not “fool” a test or change the results by refusing, delaying, and requiring that a court order be gotten to buy you more time.

What Happens if You Refuse the Drug Test

If you refuse a drug test, the investigator will assume that you are using and act accordingly. This is important to know. People who are clean rarely refuse to take a drug test, even though it does happen. In fact, they are more likely to demand a drug test to be cleared of the allegation of drug use than to refuse to take one on principle. You can refuse on principle, and I've seen it happen. However, it’s not a good idea. Just take the test.

If You're Going to Test Positive

If you are going to test positive on a drug test, tell the investigator before you take it and discuss what will happen. Positive drug tests do not mean automatic removal of your children. It may mean that they have to stay with someone else for a while, but it does not necessarily mean your children will be put in foster care. Every situation is different. Be honest and talk to your investigator. They will not be shocked. They will not overreact. They deal with it every single day.

7. CPS Does Not Want to Separate Families

I have heard many things about CPS and removals. I've heard ridiculous things, like they have a quota they must reach for removing children, or they get bonuses for removing a child. I will speak for myself and say I’d rather do anything than remove a child from their family.

First of all, when a child is removed, a CPS worker has just guaranteed themself an extra 50 or so hours of work. There are many things involved in a child’s removal. It is not pleasant and they do not want to do those things. They have enough work and do not want to make more for themselves by removing your child for reasons other that the child’s safety.

Workers do not get bonuses, perks, or anything else for removals, and there is certainly no quota. The policy is to do everything possible to avoid removal. You may not see those policies or notice what's being done to avoid removal, but it's true.

Why Did It Happen So Fast?

It may happen very fast. You may feel that they have walked in and snatched your baby without a moment of thought. While those feelings are understandable, it simply does not work that way.

It doesn't happen that fast for us. Remember that CPS likely began the investigation before approaching you. There are cases where the situation is so dire that an emergency removal is necessary based on very limited but devastating information.

Removal vs. Placement

Removal is different from placement. If you have been asked to place your child with family or other types of kin, your child has not been removed; you have voluntarily placed your child in another home while you work some type of service or control some different factors.

Removal will involve a court order from a judge either prior to the removal or within 24 hours after. You will be asked to attend court hearings and you will get an attorney. If this is not happening, you have not had your child removed. Plus, if your child has been legally removed, you can still place them in a relative or kin’s home. Foster care is absolutely the very last resort and the ideal is to not have children placed in foster care. Any other viable, safe option is very much preferred. Plus, removal does not mean that you cannot ever have your child returned to your custody. The process for permanent, non-voluntary termination of parental rights is very, very complicated and takes 18 months or more.

8. How CPS Can Help You

CPS can often be demonized. People who are being investigated can feel like CPS is there to harm them, tear their family apart, pry into their lives, and embarrass them. Parents feel harassed and invaded. I get it, and most CPS workers understand that you feel this way. They would feel this way too if it were happening to them. While it’s CPS’s job to investigate claims, they can also help you.

How Can CPS Help Me?

CPS has access to massive amounts of resources and social services and can provide you with tools, materials, and concrete resources that you want or need to help your family work better. Ask your investigator about anything you need, from diapers or food to a new home. They will get you resources if there are any. They may recommend things for you and you can request specific things as well.

CPS is there to help, whether it be getting a child out of a dangerous situation or helping a parent gain skills or resources. The goal of any investigator is not to harm your family, but to improve it. That being said, they don’t have limitless resources and they may not be able to fully meet all of your requests. But they will try. Helping families is my favorite part of my job.

Helping families is my favorite part of the work that I do.

9. Why You Should Cooperate With CPS

I said that you should cooperate with CPS, and there is a reason for this. Cooperating almost always works to your benefit. If you don’t allow your child to be interviewed, it is natural for us to wonder why.

Won't the Interview Cause My Child Emotional Distress?

I have heard every reason for why parents do not want their child to be interviewed. The most common is that they fear the interview will cause emotional distress. However, CPS workers are trained in interviewing and screening children. They are professionals at it.

We always make an interview as simple and easy as possible for a child. Most children do not find it remotely stressful and actually enjoy the interview. Workers may provide them with coloring books or other playthings to ease the mood and make the child feel more comfortable. I have spent a full hour of pre-interview with a child doing nothing but putting them at ease before asking them a single question.

CPS is in the business of helping children, not harming them. They do everything they can to make children feel more safe. If a child finds the interview too distressing, the CPS worker may end the interview for that child’s sake. Most of the time, though, children have very little emotional reaction to an interview and express no distress at all.

What Happens if I Don't Let CPS in My Home or Take a Drug Test?

CPS doesn’t always have to come into your home. If you refuse when they've asked to come inside, they may assume you are hiding something. This happens to workers fairly often, so it is not as severe as not allowing a child to be seen or not allowing a drug test.

However, if the allegation is that your house is a hazard to the child and you do not allow entry into the home, CPS will assume you are hiding something. If the allegation involves people who may be living at the home or any concern for the home environment, CPS will assume you are hiding something if you do not let them in.

Not opening the door on principle happens, but it shouldn’t. CPS isn’t interested in going through your underwear drawer. They want to make sure the home is safe. As I said before, open the door and allow us to look inside and see that you don’t have trash piled to your ceiling or dog feces all over the carpet where your baby crawls. Just looking around can be enough. If it is not, CPS can obtain a court order.

What if I Don't Cooperate At All?

It is possible for you to be completely uncooperative. If they never see your child, your home, you, or anyone you know, then there is very little they can do. This, however, can be a very large red flag that something is really wrong. I suggest that if you do not wish to cooperate in any way, you contact an attorney and have that attorney talk with us.

My experience has been that if there is no cooperation, a lot of things are very wrong. CPS may just go away for now, but when families have problems, CPS tends to get involved more than once. If you’re not hiding anything, it’s better to just cooperate. CPS can close your case a lot quicker and easier if you show us that nothing is wrong.

10. Workers Are People Too

I add this statement because I stand by it as the number one thing I wish people would consider. CPS workers are just people. They are highly trained and educated people, but they are still just people. They make mistakes. They miss things. They go home to their own lives. They are doing their jobs. They are regulated and well-supervised. They aren’t doing anything as personal vendetta against you and they aren’t judging you in a personal way.

"It Is My Job to Be Hated."

CPS is full of people with thankless jobs that don't pay well and require a massive commitment. They have hobbies and dreams and goals. They have feelings. They often have their own children, their own problems, and their own pasts. They are simply people who have chosen to dedicate their professional lives to helping families and children.

I often say that "it is my job to be hated" because it is incredibly rare for anyone to welcome a CPS investigator into their lives with open arms and loving kindness. Mine is a profession where you have to get used to the idea that most of the families you encounter consider you an enemy. We know this and we can handle it because we know we are doing the right thing.


Important: The views in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of any other person or entity. This advice should not substitute that of a legal professional and is not given as legal advice. Any examples are purely fictional. This is personal opinion and should be read as such. This article should not replace any legal or professional advice obtained. I encourage anyone who is seeking advice on any subject involving Child Protective Services to seek the advice of a legal professional.

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    • profile image

      Red 90 minutes ago

      Cps has been my home aeveral times aince aaugust all dismissed on false bs now aincw i defended my home cauae an x came here on meth baby wasnt here cops put domeatic it was just scratch on me i also acxused takin meds i asked drug test she refused what do u think

    • profile image

      5 hours ago

      If a girl goes into labor,show up at hospital,ends up having complications,having emergency c-section,and no suspicions of drug use or reason to drug test then is the hospital allowed to report to cps and drug test you and your new infant without telling you what they are doing

    • profile image

      Mbug 12 hours ago

      My daughter is going to be 17 in 3 months she is diagnosed bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, she has ran a way 10 times I reported her 8 time with the police. She has been doing this a little over 2 years. When we find her she is with 20 some year old men. The 7 time she ran a way the police finally reported it with the court. We received a letter saying the next time she ran a way she might go to juvy. So 2 weeks a go she ran a way again found her 6 days later with a 24 year old man. So she tells cps we lock her up, do hard drug in front of her and a bunch of bs. So cps removed her out her with my mom, and now me and my husband are facing criminal charges. I just can't believe what is going on, I took her to consulers and tried everything. I am so scared and don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      ANS 36 hours ago

      Currently dealing with CPS on behalf of my sister and I will say this I never questioned the system till this, after agreeing to place the children with me everyone signing off on the paper work headed to go get my nieces they all the sudden decide foster care is a better option.No explanation nothing I passed my background, financially stable run my own company, have a house plenty big. Small town systems are corrupt

    • profile image

      Susan Ryan 2 days ago

      Don't listen to anything this woman says. CPS is a corrupt horrible system filled with greedy horrible hateful people. I call them monsters. Who ruin mother's father's and children's lives. As Nancy Schaefer said before they murdered her, it should never have been created and now it is a giant corrupt money making business. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHILDREN. We had police for REAL child abuse cases.

    • profile image

      Jj 2 days ago

      Been dealing with CPS since 2011. Caseworkers were recorded hitting on my husband during case plan reviews, false info was found in my file when I switched attorneys, filed numerous complaints only to be told I have a mental illness and need to seek help. I have NO criminal history, NEVER done a drug or drank a drop of alcohol in my life. The issue is that becuz I stand up for what's right, and prove them wrong in their process and information in my case, I'm told that I have a mental illness and need to be put in check. Well, guess what, went to their COURT APPOINTED counselor and was told I have Lioness Syndrome, where a mother just tries to protect her child that's been KIDNAPPED on false allegations by a pill head.

    • profile image

      Angela 2 days ago

      Tonnie- cps workers are trained to ask questions and read between the lines. Give them as much detail as possible. If you have marks show them. Do not give up.. say it as many times as you need to to get people to hear you. You dont deserve to be abused

    • profile image

      Justin Time 5 days ago

      CPS can go to Hell! I'm surprised nobody has gone postal on those no good sobs! Time to call open season on all CPS employees!

    • profile image

      Tonnie 5 days ago

      I'm scared CPS won't believe me and I'm the only person who gets abused in my house so everyone else will say I'm lying and that she's a good mother, what do I do

    • profile image

      M R 5 days ago

      If the same person that initially called in the allegations, called again in the new state you reside in then yes they can. A case can be closed and reopened every time someone calls their hotline and makes a complaint. Just start researching your do’s and don’ts with cps, because even though you may have nothing to hide eventually they will start making you look extremely bad. Every case they close, they lose money and if the person behind the allegations is Adamant on calling you in, “child protective” services will eventually find someway to make their money back on money lost, and they make it by removing your child(ren). For all of you “child protective” callers out there, that do it for spiteful purposes just try and remember that YES you are getting your revenge towards the parent that you obviously despise- but your hurting Innocent children in the process. Not to mention just pretty much slapping the children that truly are in horrible situations at home that need child protection from their families. When you call on Ridiculous Allegations or outright FALSE allegations, you are taking time spent on good homes with good parents and basically spitting in the faces of children who are in desperate need, but just waiting for their turn in line to get pulled out of a home they truly are being abused in. Instead of hiding behind a phone and making a call that will wreck a child’s life, man up or woman up - face and confront the parent that you despise so much instead of cowardly being an anonymous caller and making stories up.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 6 days ago

      If you had a case open and the children was not removed can another state open a case for the same thing ever tho it was closed

    • profile image

      Reply to J from texas 7 days ago

      Learn what your even talking about. Are you a CPS worker or are you married to one by chance? You have know way to say that to any of us parents that have felt with cps. I don’t use drugs you ignorant jerk, and my child got taken. I got him back after the 18 months they have to keep him to even make money from him rather then lose money. Do your research before accusing of ANYONE that got there kids taken for any reason then a lie cps made up themselves. You make me a sick as cps does

    • profile image

      J from Texas 8 days ago

      Here’s a thought.....Stop using drugs and get your shit together and you won’t have to worry about your children being removed by CPS.

    • profile image

      8 days ago

      We had 2 adopted children and we adopting a sibling set of 4 more. What was alleged to be a slap from mom was actually eczema. I now have a record being handcuffed and booked into jail. How about bail ($3,500). We purchased beds and dressers, clothes, car seats ($3,000). 6 days lost wages for spouse ($3,000) Criminal atty ($7,000). Going to fight CACI ($?). Let’s add the new car you purchased to fit a family of 8 ($80,000). Airfare for mother-in law to fly out to watch your own children ($2,000). Older daughter missing 6 days of work for subpoenas and helping with errands($?). Emotional Trauma for all 6 children and parents who were bonded as forever family. Making all 6 children re-live the swooping in of CFS/CPS and police to split the family apart a 2nd time. I’m a person who is broken hearted, financially challenged and has a forever record and an incidence report even though I was innocent.

    • profile image

      Alan 8 days ago

      I gotta disagree on the emotional trama. We're moving at the end of the month and have an adopted 8 year old. He's had a lot of failed placements and 1 failed adoption prior. He's already distressed about the move because every time he's moved in the past it's ment a new family.well we got reported by the school. I'm confident it will be unfounded, but ever since he was interviewed, he's been extremely anxious that he will have to go back to the children's shelter.

    • profile image

      lil girl who is scared 9 days ago

      none of this helped me i jut got even more worried because it can last for over 2 years oh hell no i will go home when ever i want an however i want!!

    • profile image

      Girl that is scared 9 days ago

      None of this helped me. I came on this to read and see what questions of mine could be answered. Not one was. This website is useless, I'm sorry. And I've tried to call CPS many times but they never answer, what is wrong with CPS?

    • profile image

      Marilynme 11 days ago

      Amen Nikki!!!

    • profile image

      Meesha 11 days ago

      Amen Nikki!!!

    • profile image

      Cps victim 12 days ago

      Shouldn’t enter your home, is correct... but I don’t see them not making up any false allegations to use to enter and take your children before you have time to stand up for your rights... these people are malicious and walk all over our rights. They will lie, cheat, and abuse their power to get it their way. And their way is, remove the children.

    • profile image

      clueless 12 days ago

      So we just found out that CPS was called on my husbands ex-wife and new partner. Do they inform the biological parent about the case/interview with the children? How do we find out about getting more information on this?

    • profile image

      Jess 12 days ago

      This is the opposite of any advice a well schooled attorney would give. Use your rights. They shouldn't enter your home without a warrant. You have the right to remain silent and aquire an attorney. They will either go away or take you to court. If they take you to court you can get a court appointed attorney. This will buy you some time to gather evidence on your own i.e. Pictures of a nice clean home, clean drug tests, statements about your character. Come to court armed and confident but calm and polite. The government doesn't belong in family homes. If there is anything you can do to keep them out. Do it. There are unfortunate cases where the CPS should be involved. However, the foster care system is broken and CPS is less than perfect. We have all heard the horror stories. Keep your family close and safe and if you are the victim of false accusations of neglect or abuse be extra careful to handle the situation with kid gloves and legal representation.

    • profile image

      Nicki 13 days ago

      Oh, wow. What a masterfully written piece of socialist propaganda. I have yet to speak with a former CPS worker, including my mother, that would at this point agree with any thing you're saying. Allow me to make sure I am following all that you are saying;

      My children's mental and physical well being are totally disposable so long as you and people like you can continue trying to weed out the small portion of genuinely abused children. It's okay if my kids are well taken care of and loved, but are "mistakenly" taken from my care to be cared for by people that are strangers, that do only god knows what to them, all the while away from everyone they've known and loved, left wondering "why was I sent away?", so long as that leaves you an open path to the few abused children. While I wish for a world where child abuse didn't exist, I will not sacrifice my children to save a stranger. My job is to protect them and I expect every other parent feels the same. You asking them to lay back and take it is too much to ask.

      We, as parents, apparently have rights.... BUT, if we choose to exercise those rights, we are seen as suspect and are then going to be forced into testing and to allowing CPS into doing whatever they want, whenever they want with our children no matter the consequences. So, really what you mean is we are given the illusion of rights.

      There is no bonus or incentive to take children away. Really? What happens to a program that cannot prove it is still worth funding? It gets shut down, or at least downsized greatly. What happens then? All these government sanctioned kidnappers lose their jobs. Sounds like incentive to me.

      Why aren't those that make false reports ever punished for making them? It's illegal, after all, to make false reports to police. Oh, that's right. You're a fringe department. Working in the dealings of legal trafficking of children.

      Why does no evidence have to be given to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these parents are guilty? Where is the due process? Lives are torn apart by nothing but opinion a vast majority of the time.

      Maybe you do think you are here to help. But really, when you have to start justifying your actions against innocent people in your quest to "help", it becomes painfully obvious that you are delusional. Maybe you are trying to justify your actions to yourself? If not, I will not be another sheep rounded up by your text book bull shit.

    • profile image

      Crazydiamo 2 weeks ago

      Although I really feel 4 the children who do get hurt in anyway by their loved ones who they trust, it's cruel and it just shouldn't happen. But after little Baby P may he R.I.P the CPS arnt just being careful and not taking any chances but some r playing on the power trip and lie through their teeth and get away with it. Y and how do they remove children from some families and then control everything what happens ??? This is so wrong. I myself have had my 2 taken away in care and Iam still reeling from the fact that I was the 1 who asked 4 help bacause of their behaviour. Oh my word please never ever ask those bastard's 4 help. I got hit and verbally abused by my 2 near every day towards the end. It's wasn't a life and I'll b the first 2 admit I give up. Depressed wasn't the word. After numerous social workers the last couple before these 2 horrendous evil liers came on the case, they all said if there was a law in place 4 mum in need I've have definitely qualified 4 support. So from me being the 1 who needed help and I did ask many times, I got it turned round on me and now they have said I groom my kids. I abuse them emotional and physical. Also I abuse animals. AIso i dont cooperate with professionals. Which I found funny because that was their only real problem. Amongst a load of awful slanderous names they titled me all with not a single bit of proof no stories behind the evil lies they r still now saying but adding more because they r so in 2 deep with their web of lies there tryin 2 dig everything even there own graves 2 try and get something that is true. I just can't believe they really think iam not trying 2 get some1 other than my solicitor involved in this nightmare situation. Iam so scared that although now the judge is giving me a chance with medical assessments as he wants 2 know more about me the real truth isn't getting a look in. Cos Rebecca and Jennifer have told a totally different story than the real 1 and whoever they have described in that vile report 2 the judge isn't me at all. How have they managed this and everything I say gets ignored and when I say where's the evidence on anything I've surpossed 2 have done??? They just say read the report. Eerrrmm I have and there's still no real story 2 say what Iam surpossed 2 have done. My kids lied about alot of things at the start but nothing like what these 2 r lieing about. It seems like they made their minds up right from the start and now r still saying the same with still no proof about anything. My kids have even wrote 2 the judge admitting they lied about everything because I annoyed them cos i turned the internet off if they played up .but also their father was liein and stirin trouble because if my kids weren't here with me he could stop the payments on the morgate. And that's how my 2 changed because they were tryin 2 please their father and he slowly over the years turned them against me which was so wrong of him messing with their little minds. It seems I've never really had any say on what I think is good or bad 4 my kids and look what's happened now. I did record the last meeting but stormed out half way through cos of more lies. They have only just sent me by email 4 lots of minutes of the meetings so at least I have a real chance of showing that the recording is most definitely different 2 what is wrote. But who 2 go 2 cos I can't have no part o them 2 corrupted social workers again cos iam damned if I do and damned if I don't. As u can imagine Theres a lot more 2 this nightmare and phones calls have been stopped contact cancelled and my 12 year old is in Blackpool and Iam lost and so frightened cos I love my kids and I don't want 2 lose them. Should I get another solicitor??? Or try and get my side across by letter 2 the judge. All the proof of police being called out in the past when my kids have reduced me 2 tears with the name chanting and just nasty name calling. Also cos they have hit me and threw things at me and wreaked the house. Y r social servicers not even taking on board what past s. Workers have wrote. But the Rebecca newly passed newbe has said she's doing it her way and forget all the other stuff that's been said eeerrrmmm excuse me isn't that a bit like a medical staff not doing their handover and not explaining important stuff that the next lot of medical staff need 2 know. Some1 please help me and my kids cos these bastard's keep saying 2 my kids that they should prepare 4 the worse situation in case there in care till 18. How can this b when I've done absolutely nothing wrong except ask 4 help. Xxx

    • profile image

      Reply to Aprilnoels 2 weeks ago

      I couldn’t agree with you more, the question is were do we go? Where do we start? 80% of children taken from cps were not abused children. Just like when I replied to “jp”, we all have something to prove them wrong, but it goes nowhere. In the first stack of false allegations on my report sent to the judge, they stated that my son was so scared to sleep at my house that he would only sleep at my mothers home. After he was taken and placed with my mother, they reported to the judge that my son was adjusting very well except he is having a difficult time sleeping in his own bed as he is use to sleeping with his mom... and that’s only about one of five hundred ways they contradicted their story. I’m definitely not saying that we should HAVE to just let them lie and do their thing, I already got my son back 3 years ago but I have been researching so much on cps that’s it seems almost hopeless. Attorneys are even afraid to go after them, as they know they are vindictive people and they fear of losing their own children going up against them. So I realized early on when they took my son, my arguments were going nowhere. I was considered non compliant even though I was doing everything that they asked EXCEPT admitting to their allegations that got him removed. So I had two choices, I could stretch out a battle I wouldn’t win ( and take the chance of them adopting him out) or say what they wanted to hear, yes I did these things and I just want to learn to be a better parent and getmy son home. And of course after admitting to the MULTIPLE lies they said about me, I was considered being cooperative and “learning” how to be a better parent. So of course they took the credit of me becoming the good mother they transformed me into, when in reality I always was a good mother in the first place, and that was the quickest route of getting him home. Back to my point, as I stated my son has already been home for 3 years and I still research and rack my brain as to were we can go to put an end to this, because as heartless and careless and abusive cps prorated me to be, my heart goes out to every child and every parent going through this, even though I know longer am. They just happen to be the highest in power right now. I’m open to all suggestions to any ideas or places to start to help this from going on, because you are absolutely correct, we shouldn’t have to just admit and accept and be at their mercy, especially when it is OUR children in hands of these money hungry evil snakes.

    • profile image

      aprilnoels 2 weeks ago

      Parents/guardians shouldn't have to cooperate just because CPS tells them to. CPS bullies families and the innocent parents have to come together and stop CPS and the authority they have. We have to finally speak up to the government and change the law. What CPS does to innocent families is wrong. We have to fight and make It right. Let's stop CPS from bullying more innocent families.

    • profile image

      Replying to jp 2 weeks ago

      Unfortunately there is NOBODY that you can turn to with that as far hire-ups go. The higher up the cps worker is, the more money she or he is getting for that child and they absolutely won’t pay any attention to any proof you have. It’s possible to retain your own attorney and maybe have a chance, but sadly cps right now is the highest rank of power over anybody. The greatest power they have is over the parents that love their children, because we would all die for our children and they will never take the chance of letting proof into court, and take the chance of looking like they actually made an error or mistake. Cooperation is the only alternative I see. Whatever it is they say you have to do to get your child back , as hard as it is (because believe I know you want to stand up and fight for the multiple lies they say against you) but sucking it up and pretending that you are this awful person they said you are and cooperating is the fastest and safest way to get your child back. Until something changes with their corruption we have no say so. Just admit to the aligations, and say all you want is to change... I had to do it, and I cooperated 110% and it still took 18 months to get my child back.

    • profile image

      Jp 2 weeks ago

      What if you can prove that a social worker lied under oath on stand in front of a judge and prove he put my son in signifiant danger , but no one in the department will watch the videos i have proving it , who would i go to so i can get this guy fired atleast so he cant put any other children at risk of getting hurt or possibly killed ?

    • profile image

      lea 2 weeks ago

      if cps don't want to separate families why is it they will lie to the judge about caring about a child or children's safety after putting their hand in a mother's face and telling the mother that it don't matter that her children told her an older child in the shelter that the social worker forced them into had threated to kill them just because she had them around their father and take them without ever even telling the mother that a case was open.

    • profile image

      CG 2 weeks ago

      This is propaganda. No one should cooperate with CPS agents, ever. These agencies do have incentives to take children, and they are trained to believe parents are potentially harmful to their children, while somehow their horrendous groups homes and foster placements will be better for children. Never ever cooperate. The more information you provide, the more it can be used against you.

    • profile image

      aprilnoels 2 weeks ago

      CPS are rotten people. They have way to much authority and its not right. They are bullies and have bullied my family. They have to be stopped because its just not right what they do to innocent families. CPS should never be allowed in schools. Its so embarrassing for the kids. CPS takes the kids from class and asks them personal question about their family. My son couldn't focus on school work all day long . He was so worried that he couldn't wait to get home to find out what was going on and why CPS came to his school. Parents who have been affected by CPS have to stand and speak up but so many are scared. Nobody wants to take any chance in losing their kid plus its embarrassing to the bone when CPS is at your door. The laws have to get changed. Its not right. It really isn't.

    • profile image

      Kane joe 2 weeks ago

      Lies, CPS does make money for each child they take just as prisons make money for each bed they fill.

      And you can sue the Dept for harassment for demand a investigation into your life once child is found to be healthy and safe

    • profile image

      Relpy to Ruth 2 weeks ago

      Just forgot to add the point of my statement about living in such a small county. I have already seen 6 people from my small community get their children taken, and those are just the ones I know of personally. Ex neighbors (2) , ex co worker, and frequent customers at my job.. I don’t truely believe any of them got their kids taken away from being bad parents, and as small as my community is, that is lot of children taken just being the ones I know on a personal basis..

    • profile image

      Reply to Ruth 2 weeks ago

      I have to say that I’m really glad to read your post. I live in a very small county, extremely small actually. I got my son taken away and he was taken on an outright lie from the cps supervisor. As if the lies allegedly against me weren’t bad enough, the only thing they had left after several investigations closed and reopened, was to just flat out lie. I have never even spanked my children let alone abuse them in any way. I finally got him back after about a year and a half later, but here I am 3 years later still very much effected by what they have done. A lot of people say that I should try and go after them for a lawsuit, but that’s not what I want. To me the money they have is blood money and I don’t want it. I just want the injustice to come to an end. They do prophet off of ripping children from their homes and I have an extreme hate for these so called people that say they want to protect children. It wasn’t until I was finally getting my son back home that I learned in the report, when he was first taken that he told his therapist that he just didn’t want to live anymore and had thoughts of killing himself. Then the report when on to say that since visits with mom were more often he was doing better in school, he was focused, and he was no longer depressed or suicidel. It blows my mind, that my 9 year son at the time even thought this way but more shocking then that was cps couldn’t see he obviously wasn’t suffering at home, if not being there made a 9 year old boy not want to live anymore?. I just wanted to thank you for your post, and I think if everyone does start coming out and sharing their stories, maybe something can be done about these people who snatch children from their homes for profit.

    • profile image

      david a 3 weeks ago

      I spoke to a cps worker who had 20 plus years as a cps worker.and I can to you now this worker Shannon is like ALL case workers, they are a very dangerous socialist based agency bent on destroying American familes in exchange for federal funding streams they are trained to lie, intimidate, coerce their way through out the investstion.don't let cps low level employees tell you there are no money to be made kidnapping your kids they receive 8000 a month per child, imop the are the lowest form of humanity. I could go on for hours the judges prosecuting attorneys and court appointed attorneys case workers and supervisors are all in this together they need to be aracted NOW excause my spelling get the best cps lawer you can afford cps hates lawers who know how these cps perverts operate. god be with all who deal with such low lifes .

    • profile image

      Ruth 3 weeks ago

      It was incredibly difficult for me to read this article.

      I was removed by CPS twice as a child. To this day, I still deal with the fallout and trauma of that experience.

      In Puerto Rico, it was discovered that CPS workers *were* receiving bonuses for removing children and/or achieving adoption. This was concealed as far as I know, and never reached mainstream media.

      We had a social worker quit our case after he was told to fabricate lies/testimony in court.

      These are just two examples of actual realities that my family faced and it barely scratches the surface on the horrific treatment we received and were subjected to. This included boldfaced fabrications in court, fraud, deceit, the stripping of our dignity, gaslighting, etc. It resulted in the deaths of two of my brothers.

      I wrote some blog posts on it here: http://ruthwriter.com/category/the-familia-elias-s... and will continue to post my story. I think the reason why people see the CPS as the enemy is because for many of us, CPS WAS and still IS the greatest enemy we encountered. It's a flawed system. I don't know what the solution is just yet but the more people come out with their stories, the better our chances of achieving change.

    • profile image

      Diabetic Child, Turned simply case of high blood sugar to child abuse and sexual abuse. 3 weeks ago

      not much to say, the nurse of my school called social services falsely on my mother for false accusations. one day my blood sugar was highs and me and my mom didn’t want to call 911 when the school did, a few days later social services come in and says that i don’t get enough to ear and that my parents neglect me they are corrupt and money greedy.

    • profile image

      Replying to les 3 weeks ago

      It’s probably pretty apparent by now that I absolutely loathe cps and everything they do, I have my reasons for this. With that being said I can answer you question based on my experience with cps, and I’m doing so for two reasons- 1) chances are the author of this post won’t answer your questions and 2) even if she does, it will be a bull face lie. If your grandchildren have already been taken into “child protection “ services, chances are it’s a very long road before they are going home. Right now they are making up a stack of lies that they will present to the judge that will allow them to keep the children until further investigation. Your daughter will be seen in 10 days at court but not heard. The judge will look at the stack of lies that the cps worker has put together and have a picture of your daughter as someone who should never see her kids again. They will then set another court day anywhere from a month to 45 days away, meanwhile they decide where the children will be placed for those 45 days. Your daughter will then and only then meet the public defender taking her case about 3 mins before court begins. Cps will degrade your daughter, present all of their stack of lies, her public defender will do nothing, and say nothing. Cps will recommend to the judge that before the children are returned home, they request the mother does a list of things and completes them entirely. (Not letting your daughter know that by this list, it’s an 18 month long process (coming from someone who complied completely 100%,without missing one of the 3 a day classes), if she fails to miss classes or can’t get to them this of course is dragged out longer. Now as the grandparent, they will tell you that they rather see the children with you. BUT if they suspect ANY resintment towards them from you, they will list you as unfit. So if it starts leading towards just the way I said it would go, I would either retain your own attorney (not the one they provide for your daughter), or be completely compliant and respectful to them as you can, if they feel your not on board with what they are doing, they will simply tell the judge they feel it’s not in the child’s best interest to be placed with the grandparent, and the judge WILL take cps’s side. All I can say is sorry, I know these aren’t any words of comfort, but they are snatching up children like they are going out of style. I hope in your situation I am completely incorrect and the kids are home soon.

    • profile image

      les 3 weeks ago

      my grandchildren were taking from my daughters babysitter by cps the allegation was that they were left alone while the babysitter walked across the street for less than 5 minutes by the time he intered the yard the police were already there the land lords girlfrien which called the police was stating yelling at the babysitter that he was not babysitting that he had just walked up but that was a lie the kids were left under the car of the baby sitter they wont tell my daughter any in formation at all they want her to meet with them today they have had the kids since 7:00 pm last night what rights does she have can the grand parent have the kids

    • profile image

      Don't turn to cps mendi 3 weeks ago

      You should answer the 17 year old boys question "author"... Where are you people at when they really do need you?

    • profile image

      Mendi prewett 3 weeks ago

      What do you do when a social worker does not respond to desprate child calls to his social worker for help with food and shelter at age 17 years old. No responce back is all he gets without a workers permit he's unable to work.who is he to contact for help and has his rights been violated?

    • profile image

      Reply to bwthy 3 weeks ago

      As the author AKA child protective worker stated: yes they can”.....

    • profile image

      Bwthy 3 weeks ago

      Is DHS in Iowa allowed to tell the school on other people that you lost your child because of drug use and tell your children not to

    • profile image

      Reply to author 3 weeks ago

      And just like that... “yes they can”.. I’m not even sure who’s question you are answering, probably everyone’s, because that’s the truth of it-“yes we can”. I think it’s absolutely disgusting what you do for a living. You have the audacity to say that it would determine on the situation of marijuana use, I don’t use marijuana and even as a non user of marijuana I know that shouldn’t give ANY person in the world to disregard our amendments as Americans to judge if you see that it fits YOUR judgment as to whether or not that child is taken care of. You didn’t birth that child, you didn’t bring that child into this world and I don’t care how easily it comes to you to lie and say that as long as marijuana isn’t bringing danger to the child, you will close the case. You people are in fact nothing but heartless LIERS and will make up anything to in fact say that the child is “being neglected “. I don’t know how you people sleep at night, when you make up a stack of lies to get permission to remove a child from their home. When you have a child screaming “I want my mommy !” , as you steal them from their homes and placing them in harms way. I’m sorry but when a child is screaming because some cps workers are taking them from their home, from the people who love them- maybe you should stop and think as your wrestling a child that they don’t want to go they want their mom, is it possible that child is where they are HAPPY? How can you not stop and think, maybe this child isn’t really going through these things that I had to lie and say they were, just because I automatically assumed from the very first complaint I received from this “concerned citizen “. If you look back on your childhood, and when I say “you”, (I say this to everyone involved in taking kids away from families that should have never been taken) if you can look back on your home life and recall any moments that occurred in your you home, that if by chance cps observed would have snatched you up - most people could think of a million, because I don’t care where you come from, how much money you had, or how much love was in your family, your parents as ALL parents aren’t perfect. I can honestly say if cps was at my door when we were growing up, we would have been snatched out on their first visit. Not because we were abused, not because we were in danger, not because we neglected. When I was growing up, my mom had 6 kids to raise as a single parent. Our house nine times out of ten was far from emasculate,my siblings and I fought like cats and dogs, their were times when literally the only thing we had to eat for dinner was popcorn and peanut butter sandwiches, we had times when we simply didn’t have the means to pay for propane and went without it for a couple days. If cps came and knocked on our door as they do today, we would had all been taken, and we would had been the same kids kicking and screaming as we were being stolen and screaming for our mom, and this is because we were by no means perfect, definitely poor , and just like EVERY family- far from perfect. When I still reminisce on my childhood and as I’m sure for many adults do, and I can laugh and miss my childhood so much, I believe I wasn’t a child who should had been ripped from that home. There was a LOT of love in my crazy family, and there is no stronger bond between us now grown children. None of us grew up to be trouble makers, everyone of us work hard for a living not off the state, and more importantly we love out mom to death. The things cps are removing children for today, verses from when I was is I was growing up are unbelievable. I can’t help but wonder every time I hear of another child being ripped from their homes, where would I be now this very day if cps came knocking on our door when we were kids. I wouldn’t know my siblings that I love so much, I wouldn’t know all my nieces and nephews, my children wouldn’t know their cousins, and I wouldn’t know my roots. Because believe me, the lies cps uses, because they want a good excuse to drag that child from an allegation, have NOTHING on what they could had said about my parents raising a. I just wish you people would stop and think for a moment of “what if”... what if cps came and dragged you from the place you love most in the world, your family, your home- ripped from you simply because you have quotas to meet. If cps came on that one day that YOUR parents didn’t look perfect and you were taken just like that? Maybe instead of being a person who claims to want to help children, maybe you would be that hype on a street corner trying to drown out the memories of getting tortured and abused from the foster parents you found more fit to raise you, instead of the woman that birthed you and loved you with everything she had, even though she was far from perfect.

    • profile image

      MsJones 2018 3 weeks ago

      My boyfriends children (ages 6, 4 & 1 year) were taken while in the care of the mother who is mentally ill. She lives in San luis obispo, CA and we live in Reno NV. For the last 7 months my boyfriend has cooperated with every request, including parenting classes, alcohol/substance abuse classes twice per week (despite the fact that he has never been charged with using or being under the influence), random testing weekly all negative tests, he visits the children every other weekend, flying back and forth for every court date yet they still have no definitive date as to when we can expect to have the kids return home with us. His oldest son has a learning disability and needs to come and get settled before the start of the school year, the 4 year old cries inconsolably after visits and just wants to return home with daddy. During the latest hearing in court , we hoped that the children would be coming home after the end of the school year, but now the worker has used the excuse that my boyfriend admitted to drinking a beer on super bowl sunday, therefore she recommended that they remain in foster care until August? How can they hold him accountable for the neglectful acts of the mother, and for how long can they continue to expect these kids to endure being away from the father they love and loves them. We are deeply concerned about the long term effects this is going to have on these boys. My boyfriend is 34 years old, his children were not in his care during the alleged time he admitted to drinking a beer, this is not illegal so how can they use this for a reason to keep his kids?

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 3 weeks ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      I'm not in a medical marijuana state and honestly don't have much insight on this. I wish I could answer this for you. I can tell you that generally, CPS would determine a few things if a family member was using marijuana who was NOT the parent but living in the house. 1. Is the person using away from the kids or with the kids present? and 2. Is the person taking care of the kids alone while under the influence of any drugs? and 3. Is the substance kept in a place that the kids could get to it or into it? If all of those answers are no... CPS (here) would likely determine there is not an issue and wouldn't take any action. No matter if marijuana is legal or illegal in the state, it would only matter whether the use of it is any danger to the kids. Those three criteria would be key to that. I hope that helps. As far as how it works in a state where marijuana is legal, I can't really comment other than to assume it's still the same bar met for the safety of the kiddos. :) Check with a lawyer, consultations are free and confidential.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 3 weeks ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Yes, they can.

    • profile image

      sam 3 weeks ago

      Can child protective services ask to see my child's medications

    • profile image

      Chia 3 weeks ago

      This is all bull crap, I knew there was a reason why ACS needed to take my daughter away, they need those bonuses. They think I'm going to allow them to torture my daughter without doing anything about it, I'm going to get the news involved if they keep this up. I will NOT just shut up and comply

    • profile image

      pamela spillman 3 weeks ago

      I want to Say I agree with some of the others CPS is not at all on point.I am sick of the same empty reports and they keep coming I know they told ppl things not allowed .I am grown they not ever found it at all to be true and by all the same crack head one county apologized publicly for trusting the crack head boy was that a world of hurt . Of course after removing my kids they was sorry they did . Now this is a different county but they know enough to check it with that county who would warn them they dont .The worker said I was a drunk I dont drink she said i beat my kids i dont even spank.

    • profile image

      feds ignore the kid 4 weeks ago

      are the feds allowed to indict multiple parents after witnessing years of drug transactionsand violent crimes and selling to multiple pregnate parents with a long history ofn taddicted births and never taking action or reporting it I know one parent has done time on murder got out got kids back from family then was indicted on a three year long meth conspiracy case got out on parole with kids right away her family deals narcodicts right nexdoor and watches the kids got recently arrested for a dozen gun and drug charges while on parole for murder and others still free selling also her husbands married to another woman also while still married to her that woman just gave birth to her fourth drug addicted baby in 3 years one requiring heart surgery and two twins that died she hid the second twin from parametics but was found shes on bond and in drug court on drug charges has lost 7 kids to dhs yet the same agents I know theres atlest 12 parents over 4 years never reported. he jokes and says dhs doesn't cooperate just lets out info on there investigation so why bother telling them its sick I finally reported one a year ago they went at 11 pm and took the baby but told the agent I reported it which wasn't right he told me I don't know what u said they don't even act fast for us. I just feel its child indangerment for even cops to invole children with drug activity because usually its like 1lb or more not little bags he doesn't know if the babys gonna eat it when he leaves

    • profile image

      My name is Jessica 4 weeks ago

      And I would like to know what age my daughter's can make their own choices to see me or come back to me what all right do I got if I haven't signed my rights away even if my girls are ADHD

    • profile image

      Nothing to hide, but cherish my liberty 4 weeks ago

      So many times did I read, "if you have nothing to hide then you should allow for the intrusion of your personal space, your privacy, and your family", and where I respect that every complaint HAS to be investigated, NO STATE WORKER knows what is best or better for my kid(s) than I do. That being said, if I show competence at every other aspect of life, then by default competence in raising children should be assumed. I'd gladly answer any questions completely and honestly, but I'd be damned if I conscented to a search and seizure without probable cause and due process, guaranteed by the US Constitution. Having kids does not suspend one's Constitutional rights, and there is SUBSTANTIAL case law that supports that heresay, which is what it is when someone reports something to CPS, is not probable cause. Like I said, I would gladly offer my time and honest answers, but hell no would I forfeit my rights or the rights of my family, even if it meant that a thousand abused kids would receive aid, because honestly, the premise that my rights being violated somehow relates to kids who are actually abused is utterly absurd!

      I will say that the article is a great resource for those going through the process, even if I disagree with some of your opinions on the matter, and for that I thank you!

    • profile image

      Scotty 4 weeks ago

      Can you go after CPS for falsifying a childs drug test? Like the child was clean but CPS said they were dirty in order to get the parents to forcibly take charges?

    • profile image

      Reply to sarah 4 weeks ago

      They won't tell you who made the allegations towards you, but you can ask to read the allegations and nine times out of ten, if you know the person you will know exactly who it came from jist on how it was said,worded, and what the allegations were. I knew exactly who mine were coming from just by reading them. If you don't know the person personally, but have been in an any kind of altercation with a neighbor or someone who thpught you were just rude in the store, than you probably won't know. It's pretty sick that these people get upset and call cps, they are lower poeces of shit than cps themselves. Whatever thing two ADULTS have going on amongst each other, they should necer take the chances of putting them through cps.

    • profile image

      Sarah 4 weeks ago

      Hi can I find out who made the allegation towards me

    • profile image

      Nah 4 weeks ago

      The cps worker is really rude and is accusing my parents of shit that's not even happening. Aren't they supposed to help, and not scare the ever loving shit out of me?

    • profile image

      no name 4 weeks ago

      DCF should be in jail they take peoples kids because they get bonuses and I know that because I am a social worker. They suck

    • profile image

      david 5 weeks ago

      i hade dealing with cps they lie change things around lowest form of humanity their are bottomfeeders 20$ on hour cheep uh and dont tell me they have the kids best interest at heart follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • profile image

      Reply to pam 5 weeks ago

      I have been reading a lot more about cps today than I did when they took my son. The more I read, the more I am convinced that CPS will do ANYTHING to remove a child once they have opened an investigation. It's a scary thing what they are doing. They say they would rather the child be placed with relatives if they are taken. However, more and more cases show that not to be true. Fortunately for me, when my son was taken (and he has never been abused just so you are aware, he was finally taken on a outright lie from cps and if I had been aware of just how corrupt they were I defently would had recorded the entire investigation). Point is, it's possible they will interview you just to get your input on the situation, without giving them any reason to think your grandchild is in danger at home, it's always best to make it seem like whatever they think, you respect it and you will have a much better chance of getting the child in your care verses foster care. If they feel you are against them, they will find you unfit as well. Luckily for me at the time my son was taken, my mother and I were having reconcilable difference and cps was aware of this. My son was thankfully placed with my mother. Three years later after already having my son back home, I started looking more and more into CPS, due to anxiety and depression of them coming back and quite frankly just feeling like the worst mother ever for actually letting my son get taken. I relize now, he was actually just legally stolen. I truly believe if my mother and I were getting along as we normally do at that time, she would had gave them her piece of mind and they would not have found her to be fit either. So basically all I can answer to your question is yes they may very well interview you, but if you think there is the slightest chance of them removing the child, cooperate with them so they don't have you listed as unfit, because far too many horror stories are put there by children placed in foster care that were never even getting abused at home..

    • profile image

      RubedoGainun 5 weeks ago

      CPS is a bunch of bullshit and they know it. This article is fraud. CPS hurts more families than help them. I have never heard a story where CPS has actually helped. They’re liars, parasites, and manipulative cunts and should be shut down.

    • profile image

      Pam 5 weeks ago

      My daughter is in the middle of an investigation. Will CPS interview me (the child's grandmother) or anyone else in the family?

    • profile image

      No name 5 weeks ago

      All this article are full of shit blalalala

      Cps are hurting families and especially if they removed the kids from parents. They not ur friend they will ruin ur life with their stupid report and lies by adding more stories on it. Never sign anything with this peoples unless ur attorney is on ur present. No matter what u do they will always harrass u. This cps people dont have a heart they full of hatred and just love to take kids away from there family. Not seperate the family last time i check this people wants me to leave my husband and be seperate bullshit cps can fuck them self.

    • profile image

      Not for cps 5 weeks ago

      In answer to the concerns of the marijuana use because you live with your niece and nephew, it’s my experience that if someone busy body reported it, cps would definitely use it as an excuse to investigate the living conditions of the children. Just remember one thing, you never have to let cps into your business without a signed court order. They will lead you to believe you have to, but this is absolutely not true. And not a stamped court order, a SIGNED court order.

    • profile image

      From California 5 weeks ago

      I have to say CPS has done some good for myself and family. But they also have hurt me. I was a domestic violence victim and the worker placed my name on a child abusers list. My son has ADHD and the social worker and judge said it was from exposure to d.v. Not taking into consideration that many family on both sides have ADHD also. Before this case my line of work was taking care of disabled adults. Now I can't find a job in this field. I also can't volunteer at my child's school nor can I go on field trips. When my 6 year old asked me if I would be able to make it to her first field trip I had to tell her no. That broke my heart. I believe there was a time CPS wanted to help families but not anymore.

    • profile image

      vreyes 5 weeks ago

      hello, my question is in regards to of Medical Marijuana in california, I have a medical marijuana card. My brother worried about CPS taking his kids away for my usage. I do live with my dad, niece, brother and his two kids. Could CPS still take my brothers kids away even though i have a legal right to use medical marijuana?

      thank you for you time.

    • profile image

      Fake name don't want cps back in my life 6 weeks ago

      Do not take what this social worker is saying to be at all truthful!!!! My son was taken from me from a stack of papers 2 inches thick full of nothing but lies all the way around. I got a restraining order on my ex husband, and the allocations from him came in on a daily. They would investigate, ask me to drug test, I was extremely cooperative every time. They closed my case at least 9 times and each time I was drug tested and passed, only to have it reopened evrytime my ex made a complaint. Long story short, the last investigation was in a room full of people and the head of cps, degrading me as a parent and by the time I left the meeting, I was on my way home when they called and said they were removing my son temporarily because of a coment I ABSOLUTELY never said, that I was fleeing out of town with my son. This was added to the stack of lies added to my report. To me CPS are the most visious people on this planet. It took me a year and a half to get my son back, but before they would even consider me making progress, my first step was admitting to the awful things they said in that report. I wanted my son back, I didn't want to take the long road and insist that they were not accurate. I had to attend classes that were so often, and be at there demand for drug testing. They made it impossible for me to work at this time. All in all, I had to pretend to be this awful parent they portrayed me to be, just to get my son back. The nicest thing they said in that report was that I allowed domestic violence in my home, when in reality if I had never put the restraining order on my ex, that would had been allowing it. My son had to leave a home he loved and just wanted to come back every day for 18 months of his life, because a social worker flat out lied and said I made a statement that I never said or even anything to that statement to be misunderstood.

    • profile image

      Skyler 6 weeks ago

      CPS is hurting not helping they take kids for a profit they took me from my mom she did nothing wrong they lied they are stupid I'm 13 now I was taken when I was 5 or 6 they hurt me I have been in and out of therapy because of them I berly know my sister she has been in and out of intermountain because of them she is finally home and if they send her back I will never see her again she will be sent to a group home. Please who ever is on my side share your story on every website any app everything please god bless your soul

    • profile image

      Jianadaren 6 weeks ago

      I took my kids to see a psychiatrist for ADD. One night, my son and his dad were fighting (nonphysically) and the doctor called CPS. When I said they were in an argument, she called CPS. Outrageous! That started a process that she couldn't stop -- even when she tried to take it back and praised my partner as a great dad. Multiple weeks of a surly burnt-out woman at our door, a power-drunk boss who said 'there must be something there' + 'don't think just because you're white ...' {I'm not kidding} and a black mark on our record over nothing. Literally nothing. And yet I keep reading about kids who were tortured, starved, and otherwise abused amid visits from CPS. Horrible horrible set-up. Underpaid and undervalued workers with no latitude over the things that matter and too much latitude over the things that don't. We dropped the psychiatrist and have to live with the reality that this will be on our record forever.

    • profile image

      Victor 6 weeks ago

      Do I still have my rights as a parent even if me ND the mother were accused but now are separated

    • profile image

      Kelis kris 6 weeks ago

      My husband currently has temporary custody of his Childern. I currently have a order if protection against the mother. Can I have contact with the children ??

    • profile image

      thetruthaboutcps 6 weeks ago

      Many of the statements in this article are bold faced lies , CPS (child protective services) do in fact get money for every child taken! And many of you have good points, no, cps is not there to "help" anymore after they destroy families and leave a trail of devastation that affects the lives of so many and causes so much long term mental and physical problems! This is hands down the worse organization ever created

    • profile image

      The next one 6 weeks ago

      CPS kidnaps and tortures children for profit

    • profile image

      Kim shelby 6 weeks ago

      My child was removed elegy no judges signature or pictures pruffs or findings who is to make these case worker held countable for there wrong actions

    • profile image

      momofboys 7 weeks ago

      question my ex husband and his gf recently moved into a new house wit her mom her 2 kids and my 2 year old son. he was transported to a hospital for flat lining from taking a hydro pain pill of her moms. will cps be involved if it was the first time offense

    • profile image

      Good parents 7 weeks ago

      When the system lies and destroys families where do parents go to get healing? There is so much shame. There are no lawyers or counselors experienced with helping parents cope with the shame and loss that doesn't go away once CPS decides to close the case and you have losed a job, community, and one child is estranged by choice from the trauma CPS caused. Who picks up the pieces after they are done playing with your family?

    • profile image

      Help 7 weeks ago

      No one answers or comments on these posts!

    • profile image

      worryed 7 weeks ago

      you dont no higland county they do thing the way they want and will intemadate you and take off with your children with no proof i no it just happened you have no rights.

    • profile image

      marquie wilson 7 weeks ago

      If i and my husband had a case open on my child and then the dhs worker talked to the mother of my husbands other three children can she, the mother of his other children use the dhs worker as a witness in family matters court against my husband even though the case did not involve her children

    • profile image

      Holly 7 weeks ago

      Can cps interview my son at his dads house. I have full custody of him

    • profile image

      Ben290 8 weeks ago

      Got a small question, about a year ago my now 3 year old daughter got into some medicine, I thought so at the time, and took her to the hospital. CPS came to the hospital and opened an investigation. My daughter was drug tested and had taken nothing she wasn't suppose to at the time. Fast forward to a month, I'm still jumping through hoops for CPS because of my wife who has been medically diagnosed with ADHD and take medication. NOTE: not the medication I thought my daughter took. They said the case was now to help my wife through her ADHD issue.. Now, today I'm still shakingly mad, a case worker came by and stated not once but twice physical sexual abuse about my 3 year old! Out of nowhere WTF! Why are these CPS workers saying things that they know are not true in the least bit! This is ridiculous beyond belief.

    • profile image

      MY name is jose i work with CPS with keeping kids safety 8 weeks ago

      I thank that all parents should keep kids safe at all times

    • profile image

      Angelinaneufeld69 2 months ago

      How long can a alagation be open for

    • profile image

      marie 2 months ago

      cps came and took my fathers 3 children im over 18 so they couldnt touch me .... in saying this my parents were honest and said they wouldnt pass a drug test due to marajuanna in there sysytem (they never smoke around the kids they always wait untill the one day a week that i come get them and they do it while we are gone and are always sober by the time i get back).....they were told one day if they came back and there system was clean they would have there kids back they came back for a second drug test they were clean .... they went to court the juge gave them 60 days to get the parenting classes ect and cps has done nothing they are having a hard time with the system not doing there jobs

    • profile image

      Amanda 2 months ago

      My sister is going through a court battle with CPS for her children bc she was doing drugs. I called her caseworker several times to ask for status updates on her Court hearings. CPS told me I needed to ask my sister and they were not going to give me any information. A few months passed, now I am being investigated for having my children around my sister. CPS told me l should have know she wasnt allowed around children....FYI, my sis is clean and in therapy .

    • profile image

      kscooks 2 months ago

      My Daughter has 3 boys ages 3yrs,2yrs, 6Month. The 6month old goes to a specialist pediatrician and also his primary Pediatrician.

      Cps went to judge got court order to remove the boys claiming Neglect and malnutrition. when we are doing everthing doctor says to try and get the baby to gain weight, CPS didn't even research to find out th

    • profile image

      Danielle 2 months ago

      Well CPS came and took my grandchildren and 2 of my children due too a broken blood vessel in my granddaughters ear , it ha been 2 weeks since this happened and the caseworker never calls me back, When she took them she didn't have an ECO , we didn't go to court within 5 days but yet we keep getting the run around from her,

    • profile image

      John Grissom 2 months ago

      All I got to say to this is this person is a liar and wrong because our rights have been violated to the core because they kidnapped our three kids we here don't care what you say. But one way or the other we will get justice.

    • profile image

      Gardale Hatley 2 months ago

      So many inaccuracies in this article. The author may aspire to these goals and aspirations, but a large portion of CPS caseworkers do not. Before following ANY of this "advice" speak to an attorney familiar with the process of a CPS investigation and who's been involved in CPS litigation.

    • profile image

      hey hey 2 months ago

      Can CP's make up there own accusations because CP's came to my house accused me of punching my child in the mouth cause she fell off the bed and busted her lip and requested her doctor to examine her for being sexually touched and never brought that up to me and it was never reported that she was touched they find any kind of way to take somebodys kids

    • profile image

      whs1893@gmail.com 2 months ago

      Question my CPS worker designed a safety plan that my sons father can't be alone with our son or reside or go into our home any more while im at work i let him use the car how is these against the safety plan if the car is no where stated in the plan. and why our we being transferred to family protective services instead of child im not an elderly person and its just a child also i feel like they are making more of these then what it is why can't they just tell the father that until you can pass a drug test you can't see your son?

    • profile image

      Carol 2 months ago

      Everybody needs to check out these guys because they really go after case workers and have a history of actually getting the case workers fired and the children return to the parents you can find them at www.montanasnews.TV

    • profile image

      PLEASE RESPOND 2 months ago

      My boyfriend, which is perfectly happy with his life as he said and is 17. His already foster parents are being investigated for abuse. I dont know if they did it or not but, I don't want him to leave. He said he was happy, how do I get to be with him if he leaves? Some one please help me! I dont know what to do... Im only 15... I need help. Can a CPS worker help me by any chance on this situation?

      If he is taken... I will have no choice to report my parents as well... Cause I go through so much to be with him... Its not physical but mental and emotional abuse... It's hard to go through so much and have everyone try and pull us apart... Its unfair... Im trying to reach out to help...

      Some one please help me...

    • profile image

      Cory 2 months ago

      CPS is over the top, my friends ex wife reported him for rape. CPS showed up that night, took the 14 year old girl,tested her at the Hospital, tests negative. They still wouldn't let her go home. Wouldn't tell him where she was going as the CPS guy said "he wasn't certain", CPS violted her rights, both by removing her from the home and testing her by manipulation at the hospital. In a safe environment she would had said no. CPS is violating human rights.

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      The cps case worker said that I was a beautiful woman several times. I felt very intimidated, but I did not want to complain to him, since any complaint can be reported as mental health issues. Other thing that he mentioned is that I was still suspicious of other 2 previous unfounded reports. I was not able to react in a "normal" way and I got upset. Is it possible to re-open any unfounded case closed 5 years ago?

    • profile image

      T.Austin Friend 2 months ago

      I have oricle migraines and was rushed to hospital.the officer who turned in child abuse said I said I was on meth and my wife my meds.So Dhs was at my door the next day.Dhs requested that I have a mental and substance abuse evaluations and passed the first one.So the dhs worker called the councler and then made me retake the mental and substance abuse evaluations and passed again with no recommended for further treatment.The dhs worker never done any kind of drug testing randomly and she had 5mths.Now she want me to rake a hair folicle test.I don't want to.Ive cooperated all the way with dhs,And they don't have enough evidence to judicate the case.So they want me to do a hair folicle test and my public defenders not helping me at all.What should I do.

    • profile image

      Tawny 2 months ago

      My day had cps reach out to her to see baby and her she removed herself immediately from the situation and baby and they said that there were gonna come once a week for 30 to 60 days she didn’t sign a case plan and didn’t do anything if she was to leave the state before getting a closed case letter would she get in trouble keeping in mind they said originally all they wanted was to see the baby and then they would back off

    • profile image

      Anonymousparent 2 months ago

      We are in Washington State and I brought my child in to be interviewed by CPS. We interviewed and all was fine my child was well cared for etc but, I admitted I needed help in an area. I was honest.

      They are ruthless and without any evidence of actual abuse or harm removed my child. They said they would help me and I believed them. So I cooperated.

      Once we did everything they wanted evals and counseling etc and we were in compliance they made up excuses to not bring my teen home.

      They never helped me I had to complete everything and find all of my own care/help. Because we are poor and I have a disability they discriminated and ruined our lives. My teen was healthy and well adjusted and we did everything they asked so they used my easy case to pad their caseload. They delayed the case until @ 8 months my teen gave up and asked to just stay where she made new friends at our relative's home.

      If anyone can help me find a good lawyer? My State lawyer said she has not seen cases where CPS has helped only hurt families like mine. They changed our social workers and State lawyers often and procedures were not followed. No system in place to report the system we went down every channel.

      Is there a lawyer in the Seattle area that can take on discrimination cases and cases where rights were not protected?CPS even lied in court multiple times and we proved it just to still have what they said stand. There are no checks on the system and no one to report the judges. If a client is in compliance then bring the child home don't delay things.

      Do not trust them they have no resources to offer and will not help your family.

    • profile image

      Freida castillo 2 months ago

      I have a sister that's in prison they took her 3 kids in foster home the have the 2 girls together there only brother is separate from them I am willing to take them in ..I am there aunt don't have any felony's no recorded did a drug test failed it but they waited a month then gave me a hair test I passed it I gave it up..all I want is my neices and nephew home with me..they went 5yrs back with dps nothing..

    • profile image

      Gabriel999 2 months ago

      I just met a CPS investigator for the first (hopefully last) time. He was very pleasant. I was informed that I allegedly sexually assaulted my 11 year old daughter. He had already interviewed all 3 of my children whom had nothing to say of any incidents, as there have been none. I am certain my daughter didn't accuse me of this. Any thoughts on getting an attorney? Any thoughts on pressing charges against the accuser? I want to throw up over this!


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