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Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Child Protective Services

Updated on November 02, 2016
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Shannon is a social worker, counselor, and Child Protective Services professional.

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Read First!

I am a CPS professional and am writing this article based on my experience in my state and region. CPS practices vary state by state, city by city, and county by county. To get more information, look up CPS in your region.

Important: The views in the following article are those of the author and do not reflect those of any other person or entity. The advice listed should not substitute that of a legal professional and are not given as legal advice. Any examples are purely fictional. The following is of personal opinion and should be read as such. This article should not replace any legal or professional advice obtained. I encourage anyone who is seeking advice on any subject involving Child Protective Services to seek the advice of a legal professional.

1. CPS Is Legally Obligated to Investigate Every Report

You may have heard it before, but it is the truth. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report it receives. There are, however, instances where CPS does not investigate or the case is closed without investigation. This typically happens when there is no real foundation to believe that there is abuse or neglect occurring.

Why a Case Might Not Be Investigated

For instance, a report is made that a 14-year-old child is being left home alone after school. If the child does not have any special needs and is not causing any damage to property or otherwise putting himself in danger, it would appear that the child is a normal freshman in high school with no other risk factors. Therefore, this case might be closed at intake because no real neglect is occurring. On the other hand, if that same report states that the child has Down’s Syndrome, the report may become an investigation.

Types of Investigation and How Long They Might Take

There are several types of investigations ranging from one conversation with a parent to a full investigation. In any case, if the report makes it to the desk of an investigator, they are legally obligated to respond to that case. This is not a policy; this is the law. Case response time is 24 to 72 hours depending on the case. Some factors, such as screening and routing, can make this slightly longer. In general though, a case will have some response within 72 hours. A response can range from seeing the entire family to seeing just the child or speaking with any person on the case. There may also just be unsuccessful attempts to contact someone.

An investigation does not mean that a parent will necessarily be contacted within 72 hours. A parent may not be contacted for some time after a case is initiated. The reporter is sometimes contacted prior to any action, and sometimes not contacted at all except to receive a letter giving the ruling on the case. The letter only states the ruling and gives absolutely no details on anything else.

What About Ridiculous or False Claims?

It does not matter how ridiculous or false a claim may be. When an investigator receives the referral, they must investigate, as they are legally obligated to. Even if the child, parents, witnesses, and ten other unrelated persons tell an investigator that something did not occur, the case must still be completed. It has to be. That is what an investigator intends to gain from an investigation: the truth about what happened.

One of my favorite quotes from a senior investigator was this: “We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.” When an investigation is received, they have to look at it and gather evidence. After that evidence is gathered, they make a ruling or determination. They cannot take the word of one single person, even the child. They have to look at all evidence. If an allegation is false, the best thing for you to do is give the investigator every resource to show that. Tell him or her why you think someone reported and what their motivation might have been. Investigators do consider this and want to hear it.

What About Reports Made Repeatedly by the Same Person?

It does not matter how many times a report has been made by the same person or for the same thing. CPS is still obligated to investigate. There are systems in place to keep you from being harassed by a reporter or by us.

For example, let’s say that you have been reported for physical abuse of your child and you completed an investigation. If the same reporter calls in with the same allegations one week after the investigation with no new incident, the investigation may be closed without you even knowing it was reported. The ruling would be that it had already been investigated. You may only receive a phone call or you may receive nothing.

If there are new alleged incidents, the case may be investigated again. If this occurs, say, four times in a row, they can start to close these without investigation. However, it’s important to know that it does not always happen this way, and you may be investigated for the same type of allegations from the same reporter many times. It all depends on whether new information is given in each new report. Good investigators will speak to the reporter and attempt to determine if they are doing this for reasons other than concerns for the safety of the child. Just because you are being reported doesn't mean you are guilty. Investigators do not assume you did it when they receive the report.

What About Ulterior Motives of people who report abuse?

Trust me when I say that when a CPS worker receives a large amount of reports on the same allegation by the same reporter and it’s clear the motivation is something other than the welfare of the child, we know that there is an ulterior motive. Sometimes we do have a long talk with a reporter regarding making false allegations, the consequences for doing so, and the unnecessary stress they are placing on a child.

“We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.”

— -Senior CPS Investigator

2. Can CPS See My Child Without My Permission?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is:

CPS will usually attempt to see your child before they talk to you. There is one very simple reason for this. Workers want to talk to the child before any parent has the chance to tell them what to say (at best) or warn them of consequences of disclosing abuse (at worst).

Also, if the child has some sort of bruising or physical evidence of abuse or neglect, the worker will try to get to that child before the evidence is gone.

What If I'm Falsely Accused?

If you are reading this, you may be upset because you have been falsely accused. It’s understandable to feel upset, but you should also remember that some parents are not falsely accused and it’s important for CPS to reach those children before there can be any intimidation or coaching by abusive parents.

If you consider this an injustice or a violation of your rights as a parent, think of the child who is being abused by a parent. The child may disclose this to a worker if they interview them prior to contact with the parent, but if a parent is made aware first, are they not going to intimidate, threaten, or further harm the child in order to ensure the child does not disclose this abuse? It is likely that CPS will try to see your child at school, daycare, or another setting before notifying you. The rules for this may vary in some states, so check your rights in your own state. In many states, you can look up the laws and policies of your child welfare agency online.

What If I Don't Want My Child Interviewed?

If you do not want your child interviewed and a worker comes to your school, you can tell them no. You can even have something on file at the school stating that no one is allowed to interview your child without you present. Once you have stated to a CPS worker that you do not want your child interviewed, they will not be interviewed without a court order or “exigent circumstances.”

That basically means that if you refuse to allow the child to be interviewed, CPS must obtain a court order from a judge stating that you must allow the interview or that the situation must be of such an emergency or risk that the child must be taken into custody of the worker and interviewed. If the emergency situation occurs, the worker must justify that in a court within 24 hours and obtain the approval of a judge and they must also tell you about it. It is rare to interview a child by “exigent circumstances” unless the child is also removed at that time (more on removals below).

Can CPS Interview My Child at My Home?

If a CPS worker wants to interview your child at your home, they must ask your permission. They cannot speak with your child at your home with you present without your consent. If you say no, they will not conduct the interview. (There are reasons, however, why you should cooperate - there’s a section about this below).

What If My Child Is Home Alone?

If your child is home alone, CPS can talk to them but it varies by circumstance. A child can't give a worker permission to enter the home, but if the child is home alone and that is a danger to themselves or to others, the police department will be contacted and all parties may enter your home. This is an extreme circumstance. If an older child is home alone, they generally won't be fully interviewed at that time. If they are, it will be outside of your home.

3. You Do Not Have to Let CPS in the Door

CPS has no special right to enter your home without your permission and you can say no to them. Workers do not have a right to obtain search warrants. You can be cooperative in the investigation without ever letting a worker walk inside your door.

You can open the door and allow them to look inside and still not allow them to come in. Workers should ask you before coming in your home. If you say no, they cannot and will not enter. If they do enter, you can contact the police.

What If I Let CPS Come Inside?

Once you allow CPS into your home, you can ask them to leave whenever you like and they must leave. For the purposes of your home and property, CPS workers are just like any other person. They cannot look through your drawers or search your home unless you give them permission to do so. Allowing entry does not entitle the worker to be able to go through your medicine cabinet. They can look around and see what is visible to their eye, but they must ask permission to open a drawer or the refrigerator.

4. You Have Rights

Parents and alleged perpetrators have rights. Ask your worker about those rights or research them on your own. If you get a surprise visit, you can ask for time to look up your rights. You’re in more control than you think. For example, you can say to a worker, “I’d like to talk to you in a few days after I’ve looked over my rights.”

Can I Ask for Time to Review My Rights?

In my particular county in my state, CPS gives out a booklet outlining the parent’s rights when they see them for the first time. If you receive any materials, you can ask for time to review them if you want. You can contact an attorney or consult with one. If it makes you feel more comfortable, do it. In most cases, a few days will not harm your case. It is better to cooperate as much as you are comfortable with in the beginning.

5. The Investigation Process Is Designed to Be Thorough

So you have been accused of not supervising your child and now workers are asking you questions about drugs, alcohol, pornography, and whether you've ever had an abortion. They asked your child if anyone had ever attempted to touch them inappropriately and if they have food to eat every day. You feel like CPS is investigating your life from the inside out. What is going on here?

Why Are They Asking Questions that Aren't Related to the Allegation?

Well in a sense, they are investigating your life from the inside out. Workers screen children for all types of abuse or neglect regardless of the actual allegation. They will be asked questions about the allegation, but they will also be asked broad, general questions about all types of abuse and neglect. The reasons for this should be obvious. If the allegation itself is false, but Mom and Dad are doing drugs in front of the child, the child is still at risk and CPS needs to know that.

Mom and Dad are going to be asked some general screening questions as well. They’ll be asked about their own childhoods and habits. They’ll be asked about whether they have financial problems or had domestic violence in old relationships. These types of questions help a CPS worker determine several things. For example, is the family in a position of high stress? Does the mother or father show a pattern of behavior? Is there a long history of violence, sexual abuse, or incest in a family? CPS wants a complete picture both so that they can identify if a child is at risk, but also to see if there is anything CPS can do to help that family since that’s a crucial part of their job too.

What Happens If They Find Something Else?

There are many times when the original allegation is not what the investigator found to be of the most concern in the family. A physical abuse allegation may lead investigators to discover that no physical abuse is occurring, but that there is domestic violence between Dad and his girlfriend. In the end, they may ask you to attend some domestic violence classes even though this was not what you were reported for.

6. CPS Needs Your Consent to Test You for Drugs

This is a sticky subject. CPS workers can drug test you, but they do need your consent. They cannot force you to take a drug test since they do not have the legal authority to do so. They will not notify you that they are going to drug test and they will arrange for the test within a very short period. There are certain counties or states that will drug test every person in every case. You can be drug tested no matter your age and your children can also be drug tested. There are a million rules that govern this and all kinds of different rules for each situation. You should know what those rules are and know what your rights are.

It's in Your Best Interest to Take the Drug Test

The way you react to being asked to take a drug test matters. If you refuse to take a drug test, you can be court ordered to take one. If you are court ordered to take a drug test, they will give you a nail scrape, a hair follicle, or some other type of test that tests farther back into your history, and you will be required to take this test. You will not “fool” a test by refusing and requiring that a court order be gotten to buy more time.

What Happens if You Refuse the Drug Test

If you refuse a drug test, the reality is that the investigator will assume that you are using and act accordingly. This is important to know. People who are clean rarely refuse to take a drug test even though it does happen. In fact, they are more likely to demand a drug test to be cleared of the allegation of drug use than to refuse to take one on principal. You can refuse on principle, and I've seen it happen. However, it’s not a good idea. Just take the test.

If You're Going to Test Positive

If you are going to be positive on a drug test, tell the investigator before you take it and discuss what will happen. Positive drug tests do not mean automatic removal of your children. It may mean that they have to stay with someone else for a while, but it does not necessarily mean your children will be put in foster care. Every situation is different. Be honest and talk to your investigator. They will not be shocked. They will not overreact. They deal with it every single day.

7. A Very Short Discussion on Removals

I have heard many things about CPS and removals. I have heard things as ridiculous as they have a quota they must reach for removing children or that they get bonuses for removing a child. I will speak only for myself when I say I’d rather do anything than remove a child from their family. First of all, when a child is removed, CPS workers have just guaranteed themselves an extra 50 or so hours of work. There are many things involved in a child’s removal that only the worker deals with. It is not pleasant and they do not want to do those things. They have enough work and do not want to make more for themselves by removing your child for reasons other that the child’s safety.

Workers do not get bonuses, perks, or anything else for removals, and there is certainly no quota. The policy of CPS is to do everything possible to avoid removal. You may not see those policies or think any of those things are being done, but they are.

Why Did It Happen So Fast?

It may happen very fast for you and you may feel that they have walked in without knowing you at all and “snatched” your baby without a moment of thought. While those feelings are understandable, it simply does not work that way. It doesn't happen that fast for us. Remember that CPS likely began the investigation before approaching you. There are cases where the situation is so dire that an emergency removal is necessary based on very limited but devastating information.

Removal vs. Placement

Removal is different from placement. If you have been asked to place your child with family or other types of kin, your child has not been removed; you have voluntarily placed your child in another home while you work some type of service or control some different factors.

Removal will involve a court order from a judge either prior to the removal or within 24 hours after the removal. You will be asked to attend court hearings and you will get an attorney. If this is not happening, you have not had your child removed. If your child has been legally removed, you can still place them in a relative or kin’s home. Foster care is absolutely the very last resort for children and the goal is to not have them placed in foster care. Any other viable, safe option is very much preferred. And removal does not mean that you cannot ever have your child returned to your custody. The process for permanent, non-voluntary termination of parental rights is very, very long and takes 18 months or more.

8. How the CPS Can Help You

CPS can often be demonized. People who are being investigated can feel like CPS is there to harm them, tear their family apart, pry into their lives, and embarrass them. People feel harassed and invaded. I get it. They get it. CPS workers understand that you feel this way. They would feel this way too if it were happening to them. While it’s the CPS’ job to investigate claims, they can also can help you.

How Can CPS Help Me?

CPS has access to massive amounts of resources and can provide you with tools, materials, and concrete things that you want or need to help your family work better. Ask your investigator about anything you need, from diapers and food to a new home. They will get you resources if there are any. They may recommend things for you and you can request specific things as well.

CPS is there to help, whether it be getting a child out of a dangerous situation, or helping a parent gain skills or resources. The goal of any investigator is not to harm your family, but to improve it. That being said, they don’t have limitless resources and they may not be able to fully meet all of the requests you have. But they will try. Helping families is my favorite part of the work that I do.

Helping families is my favorite part of the work that I do.

9. Why You Should Cooperate with CPS

I mentioned above that you should cooperate with CPS, and there is a reason for this. Cooperating with CPS is almost always to your benefit. If you don’t allow your child to be interviewed, it is natural for us to wonder why.

Won't the Interview Cause My Child Emotional Distress?

I have heard every reason for why parents do not want their child to be interviewed. The most common is that they fear the interview will cause emotional distress. However, CPS workers are trained in interviewing and screening children. They are professionals at it.

We always make any interview as simple and easy as possible for a child. Most children do not find it remotely stressful, and actually enjoy the interview. Workers may provide them with coloring books or other play things to ease the mood and make the child feel more comfortable. I have spent a full hour of pre-interview with a child in the past doing nothing but putting that child at ease before asking them a single question related to CPS.

CPS is in the business of helping children, not harming them. They do everything they can to make children feel more safe. If a child finds the interview too distressing, the CPS worker may end the interview for that child’s sake. Most of the time, though, children have very little emotional reaction to an interview and express no distress at all.

What Happens if I Don't Let CPS in My Home or Take a Drug Test?

CPS doesn’t always have to come into your home. If you do not allow CPS to come in when they've asked to come inside, they can assume you are hiding something. This happens to workers fairly often, so it is not as severe as not allowing a child to be seen or not allowing a drug test.

However, if the allegation is that your house is a hazard to the child and you do not allow entry into the home, CPS will assume you are hiding something. If the allegation involves people who may be living at the home, or any concern for the home environment, CPS will assume you are hiding something if you do not let them in.

Not opening the door on principle happens, but it shouldn’t. CPS isn’t interested in going through your underwear drawer. They want to make sure the home is safe. As I said before, open the door and allow us to look inside and see that you don’t have trash piled to your ceiling or dog feces all over the carpet where your baby crawls. Just looking around can be enough. If it is not, CPS can obtain a court order.

What if I Don't Cooperate At All?

It is possible for you to be completely uncooperative with CPS. If they never see your child, your home, you, or anyone you know, then there is very little they can do. This, however, can be a very large red flag that something is really wrong. I personally suggest that if you do not wish to cooperate in any way, you contact an attorney and have that attorney talk with us.

My experience has been that if there is no cooperation, a lot of things are very wrong. CPS may just go away eventually on one case, but when families have problems, they tend to get involved more than once. If you’re not hiding anything, it’s better to just cooperate. CPS can close your case a lot quicker and easier if you show us that nothing is wrong.

10. Workers Are People Too.

I add this last statement because I stand by it as the number one thing I wish people would consider. CPS workers are just people. They are highly trained and educated people, but they are still just people. They make mistakes. They miss things. They go home to their own lives. They are doing their job. They aren’t doing anything as personal vendetta against you and they aren’t judging you in a personal way. They are regulated and well supervised.

"It Is My Job to Be Hated."

They are people with a thankless job that doesn’t pay well and that requires a massive commitment. They have hobbies and dreams and goals. They have feelings. They often have their own children, their own problems, and their own pasts. They are simply people who have chosen to dedicate a significant amount of their time to helping families and children. I often say that "it is my job to be hated" because it is incredibly rare for anyone to welcome a CPS investigator into their lives with open arms and loving kindness.

Instead, mine is a profession where you have to get used to the idea that most of the families you encounter consider you an enemy. We know this and we can handle it because we know we are doing the right thing. At the end of the day, we are just people doing our jobs.



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    • Monisajda profile image

      Monisajda 5 years ago from my heart

      Thanks for the hub. Even though you explained it in details, I am still left wondering if people call CPS just to hurt a family they don't like.

    • Amy 5 years ago

      This was a very interesting article. I feel for CPS workers who have an unpleasant job to do and people to deal with. However, I would still not feel comfortable letting a CPS worker into my home any more than I would let the guy selling magazines in. Even having a visiting nurse over after having a baby was irritating when she sat on my couch and babbled while I agonized over the dirty laundry strewn everywhere and the piles of dirty dishes. I wanted to kick her out and go back to bed, but I had to be polite. If I have nothing to hide then making you suspicious is not going to amount to anything, since you will never be able to prove wrong-doing anyway. I will always protect my right to privacy. It is wrong to assume guilt because a person won't let a stranger into their home or let them look in their door, you are still a stranger after all.

    • legalese profile image

      legalese 5 years ago

      While CPS may not initially have the authority to compel cooperation with home inspections and drug tests, they can seek and obtain a court order requiring the participation of parents.

    • clay 5 years ago

      I still donot agree with this, just based on personal experience. I find that cps workers are very coniving,very manipulative and lie really good.

    • sterling 5 years ago

      sure, i believe that the vast majority of cps agents are only concerned for your best interest and the child's interest but like the author said, they are still just people. Some people are vindictive and like to hurt people, im sure CPS workers are not the only exception to this rule. All it takes is to get that one out of a hundred evil agent and boom, your family is torn apart. No wonder some people don't answer the door.

    • amanda 5 years ago

      my lil girl was taken 1 year and 3 mon i have done everything they ask and i love the people that have her but they put book in my bag that say if you were my baby then cut all of her hear that want her they told me what do i do i have 2 mons

    • Cc 4 years ago

      A? If i may are cps workers able to accept gifts from pple they are investigating?

    • trisha 4 years ago

      R u kidding me cps take things and turn it around on people its a joke I love my kids they are my life

    • Jenn 4 years ago

      What happens if you are in a custody agreement and the non-custodial parent is suspected of abusing controlled substances? Will they lose visitation or just have supervised visits?

    • mm 4 years ago

      if your kids are placed with a family member.and your cps case is closed..and it never went legal..can you get your kids back

    • Citizen against CPS 4 years ago

      In my experience, not as a parent being investigated, but as an aunt, a friend, and someone who has spent most of her 58 years believing that CPS worked under established rules and/or guildelines to protect children who were at risk in the home of their parents, I think you live in a bubble. CPS and the foster care system is rampant with corruption. And just as you stated that refusal to cooperate makes a parent look guilty, people also assume that parents who feel persecuted, denied their rights, and presumed guilty until proven innocent(with no way of proving innocence when it's a CPS workers word against a parent being accused by an anonymous source of unfounded parental neglect or abuse)are only talking this way because they're guilty and trying to place the blame for the loss of their children on some imagined department corruption, or caseworkers who enjoy lording their power over others. Those of you who have never dealt with CPS and have never had the urge to see how well the system that supposedly protects our children works should do a personal investigation and familiarize yourself with the governmental department that is funded by the removal of our children from their homes. You won't have to search very hard, there are countless websites and blogs that focus on CPS corruption, CPS's unfair polcies, CPS's lack of checks and balances giving them absolute power. Well, you know the end, right? Absolute power corrups absolutely. Investigate outside of the bubble you live in. With an open mind, not defending the actions of CPS by assuming people who are not willing to give up their constitutional rights are trying to hide something. We should all be conscious of giving up our rights, not because we have something to hide, but because we don't. I guess I'm done.

    • andie 4 years ago

      "funded by the removal of our children from their homes"? Exactly how would that generate revenue? It's taxpayer dollars that fund CPS. If child welfare was never a concern, we could eliminate CPS and save money, not lose income.

    • wrongfully accused 4 years ago

      Very upset with cps and school system . i was accused of neglecting my child for not taking him to a phyciatrist just because the school did not want to do there part. i have explained countless of times that my boy was a very shy boy and just needed confidence to speak .i also explained that i was taking him to speech therapy and they too evaluated him with that fact that he just needs confidence in speaking and that speech therapy will help. well because of my insurance it was taking long to get approved to continue with speech therapy out side the school . i had this problem of him being shy since first grade but had always been a straight A student. the previous school understood somewhat and was working with him but we had to move to another school district before they continued therapy on him. now with this school he is at they were freaking out because my son just doesn't talk in school even though i told them that at home he does talk and is a happy boy. well they assumed from the very beginning that my boy is a very depressed and sad all the time. like what in the world just happended here .no matter what ive told them they concluded that he does not qualify for speech in school because he can talk ,even though he doesn't talk in school.ahh hello everyone knows how to talk but speech therapy should be there for those with needed of extra help with there confidence to talk . these people at school just don't have patience that's what it is and don't want to deal with the issue . they were determined that my boy needed a phyciatrst .ok did i miss something here. here is my boy getting mostly high 90s and acheivment awards, and no where has written in his journal of being sad or giving signs of being depressed.if he was in a downspiral of course i would not ignore it.but the fact is that the problem is only at school where he just doesn't communicate . i did let them know i was working in getting him speech therapy again and belived that my son might have selective mutism ,but no they down right ignored me and recommended a facility for mental illnesses.the school had made there assumption that my boy had a mental disturbance. well what happened next was the worst time i have had to go through to be accused of medical neglect because i did not do what the school wanted me to do in getting outside help with a mental doctor.i had already visited the pedatrician to get a referral for speech therapy when a week later recived a knock at the door and was shocked to have cps there telling me of the accusation. at that point they tried to force me to take my son to a phyciatrst,but i put my foot down and let them know what the problem was and was only gonna do that as a last alternative.o by the way do you all know the school system gets payed for kids who are on phyc meds.i can alreay imagine if a phyciatrist sees my boy quiet he will be concluding that he is depressed just because he wont talk in school. i will not let them destroy my sons record by labeling him mentally ill over that, well i agreed to take my son to a phycologist to have him evaluated just to get them off my case and because i still beleive that my son has selective mutism. out of being shocked i didn't have time to think of my rights. now that the case is closed my name is still destroyed by all of this. never had i thought i would go through this . so parents beware. you have school systems who would do anything to label your kid mentally ill because afterall they get paid pretty good for it

    • DistressedMama 4 years ago

      I have recently been involved with CPS. I'm trying to cooperate with them, because my son's caseworker seems nice. I want to get this over with quickly, because the more I read about CPS the more fear I have they will take my boy away. I love my son like crazy and have never hurt him in any way. I even agreed to a drug test though I do not use drugs. But now i'm hearing about people being clean and their drug tests coming back positive for drugs.....See, i am in college trying to get my degree so one day i can become a child psychologist. But now all of this happening because of someone acting childish because shes mad at me for having friends other than her. I am worried about mine and my sons future. he is only 10 months old and he is my first and only child. I am a young mother of 22, and so i am very attached to my son. he is like my other half. :(

    • reply to distressed mamma 4 years ago

      IF you know that this person is there to hurt you then you have every right to make it clear to the cps people that this person is reporting falsly on you and they need to investigatr her . why are these people even going far with you. read about your rights and be strong girl because cps will try to intimidate you by telling you they can get the court to get involved .if it comes to that then you tell them you will get a laywer if you have to due to harrasement. what happends with this report is that even if it gets closed your name is on record . that person that reported you can be charged with a false report with intention to hurt. don't let them ruin your name . sorry but it does come down to that where this stupid cps keeps you on the record as being investigated even tho you did nothing wrong . it happened to me .case closed but affected me emotionlly and leaves a scar on you .how dare them come to that point where it affects your background check even tho you are being ruled out. something needs to be done . cps should not have the right to steal our dignity,but they do . make sure if this person that reported keeps hurting your reputation,do not let your self and press charges on her. talk to someone legally if you have to.

    • kimsoeun profile image

      kimsoeun 4 years ago

      can CPS make you take your child to see a doctor for "coining" (an medical therapy" performed in asian cultures? i was asked to take my son to a doctor to see if what i am doing is making my son worse, hurting him, or does it actually work for him. my family had performed coing since before i was born even on myself and it does help. but if you don't know the asian culture, or know how things work in the culture than who are you to judge so quickly, and by all means how is an American gonna tell CPS about something they no nothing about....what do i do? this is discimination to me against my culture!!

    • jessica 4 years ago

      hi, there are quite a few crooked workers here in Santa Barbara county. Sadly when the wrong doings of the Social Workers are brought to the Supervisors attention, the whole agency acts as if they must clean up, cover, and speak for the corrupt workers. Some are great and deal with cases as a case and are not all personal against you, but in my experience I have dealt with some who were took it very personally. I suggest you all read the NASW guidelines and rights, brush up on your rights as clients and ALSO read the obligations of the CWS workers so you know Exactly how they are to treat you on their behalf as well. Keep logs of times, dates, meetings and incidents with them in a journal because we are dealing with some who will lie and provoke you for personal reasons other than the case. They do manipulate as well. Some, not all. Have proper discernment when dealing with them because they are not your friends. They are doing a job and some do it excellently, some corruptly.

    • reply to jessica and kimsoem 4 years ago

      You make a great point jess it is very true how cps is. For you kimsoem how dare cps do that to you, and yes cps does force people. if you do decide to go to the doctor go to one that is familiar with the coining practice to back you up.of course be strong and make yourself clear that they are falsly reporting you ,which in turn will get a representative to back you up . do not let yourself be intimidated by them .talk to a representative girl because that is discrimination and harrasment that they are doing to you. In my case i too was being told by the cps i had to take my boy to see a phyciatrist just because the school system said he needed to just because he was quiet at school but talks at home and with people he is comfortable with . i refused on there descision but i was working already to take my kid to a speech therapist to work with his shyness. i put my foot down and told them what my plans were and that my boy had been getting help before by speech therapy but my insurance dropped during that time but was trying to get the therapy back .the cps guy was like well if you don't comply im going to have to get the court involved if he has too. i defended myself and told him i know my kid better than that school and will do it only as a last alternative .i told him how dare that school make that determination on my kid and i and if i have to i will get a lawyer to represent me . i also included to him why didn't the school offer counsling or speech therapy huh well because the school gets paid for kids on phyc meds i told him . i also told him can you imagine if i take my kid to see a phyciatrst for being quiet at school he will probably conclude that my kid is depressed and will prescribe medication. i will not let them do that to my kid. i did not take him but did take my kid to a phycologist just to get them off my back. case closed now but my reputation is ruined by the report even though i was ruled out. this is going on more requently than ever with shy kids and active ones where paraents are being forced to take them to a mental doctor and then prescribed medicstions . i know about several who the stupid school system is having parents go see a mental professional for there kid just because they don't talk at school and also when they talk too much. what is going on with this system they seriouly need to investiagte cps and the school systems. remember the more kids on mental drugs the more the school gets profit out of it . how sad for these kids.

    • Arcia 4 years ago

      I once walked in on 2 cps workers laughing and bragging about how many children they removed from homes smh .. A few bad apples ruined the whole bunch # Corrupt

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      CC: No, they are not allowed. That's unethical.

      mm: If there is no legal order and the case is completely closed, then yes, you can. If there is a voluntary placement with family members, it can be revoked at any time. If you signed a power of attorney.. the moment you revoke that, it is invalid. That is NOT to say that CPS won't become involved AGAIN if the kids go back to the parent. A new report can be made and they're right back in your life. BUT, legally, yes you can and it is not in violation of any order.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      "kimsoeun 2 days ago

      can CPS make you take your child to see a doctor for "coining" (an medical therapy" performed in asian cultures? i was asked to take my son to a doctor to see if what i am doing is making my son worse, hurting him, or does it actually work for him. my family had performed coing since before i was born even on myself and it does help. but if you don't know the asian culture, or know how things work in the culture than who are you to judge so quickly, and by all means how is an American gonna tell CPS about something they no nothing about....what do i do? this is discimination to me against my culture!"

      Ok. This is complicated. There ARE policies in CPS about "coining" and other cultural treatments. They CAN ask you to take your son to the doctor (They can't MAKE you do anything without a court order). They can do this and probably are just doing this to have documented verification from a doctor that this is not causing significant physical injuries to the child. And I agree, it is somewhat discrimination against your culture to investigate for this. But, again, they are REQUIRED to investigate. If your case is not ruled out... then, in my opinion, you'd have a pretty good chance of having that overturned. I have had cases with coining before and they were always closed. Asking you to take the child to the doctor is probably more to reinforced the "rule out".

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      On opinions about corruption: Here's all I can say: There are a wide range of different personalities, burn out levels, and motivations for working with CPS. There are several layers of approval involved for an investigation to prevent just one person from making the decision. Also, if you feel like your ruling was wrong, there's an appeal process and that process is performed by an entirely different unit at the State Level so that the original persons involved do not make any decisions. Yes, the system is not perfect by a long shot. And some of the things I've heard CPS workers say scare me as well! Backgrounds, culture, personal experiences, childhood experiences, etc all effect a person's ability to do that job. CPS worker are human. BUT, there are layers of protection in place. And I can't imagine that they'd be "bragging" about taking children. I can imagine that conversation might have been occurring, but I'd guess it was with a level of frustration and/or venting about how much work that had been for the investigation. I don't know how to reiterate how much CPS worker DO NOT like taking children. It is their job. And it is the WORST part of their job.

    • cristine 4 years ago

      This was a very informative helpful lens. It all sounds great,maybe you believe this. Reality being; in most cps allegations a deputy or police officer , sometimes several will accompany the dss employee to your home. We had a whole swat team arrive at our home. Over an anonymous call that would hardly meet any definition of valid. Our children and other children that were visiting our home were all hauled outside, interrogated and seized and stuck with strangers in foster houses. The cases all dismissed unfounded a month later. No exigent circumstances, no attempt to prevent removal. No Title IV funding allowed under the Social Security Act. The most corrupt dss workers are the ones that always arrive with a deputy or police officer as they have already decided to remove your children and know they will need the officer to assist as most parents will fight to save their child from the nightmare that awaits them. Yes.. you can refuse to let them in. They will kick your door in anyway and then lie about it. Make sure you have the tape recorder rolling. Security cameras are a good idea. Try to have a witnesses. Hire a court reporter for the hearings. Don't discuss anything or answer any questions outside of hearings. The guardian ad litems,dss employee,foster workers, even counselors are not your friend.They are there to help take your child away permanently. They are not your friend and could care less about your child. It's about money. Put everything to your attorney in writing certified mail.State in writing what you expect him to do for you. Most of the time these attorneys are beholden to dss as well. Do not let the attorney convince you to sign away your rights or your child. Stand your ground. Don't let them "Blackmail" you. This is what they will do. They will try to withhold your child to get you to go along with case plan so they can extort the government funds on behalf of your child. If they get you to agree to this foster prevention and other service plans..your child becomes a foster candidate which allows dss and it's service providers to continue receiving "maintenance funds" foster care pevention funds administrative funds. Money continues. This is why dss workers try to take the children and immediately put them with strangers. This starts the funds coming in. In the majority of cases and parents we have interviewed we found; no attempts are made to place the child with available family. The system has been left unchecked for to long it has become corrupt. A lot of the dss workers are not qualified or trained to properly work for cps. The family court is a court of no record. No one is monitoring anything.Most family court judges previously worked for cps and still do while presiding in conflict of their judicail mandate. The family courts follow no rules of civil procedure. The family court is an absolute embarassment to the judicial system. We would be embarrassed to preside or even work in such a court. Kangaroo Court. Cps fails miserably to actually do the job it was put in place to do. Our best friend worked for cps and left after a year. She stated it was the most horrific corrupt agency she had ever seen. She now heads another big government agency. At least the agency she heads now is not involved in "child trafficking". You can not come on these sites and candy coat it. It's horrific, it's corrupt, it needs to be eliminated. It' "child trafficking".

    • mericks28 profile image

      mericks28 4 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Thank you CPS for all you do. I see way too many kids in PICU who could have benefitted from being removed from a home that is abusive. I realize your jobs are difficult, and I have so much respect for all the crap/beauracracy you have to put up with. So thank you. From someone you once saved.

    • nicole 4 years ago

      i just got involved yestuday with cps on my 16 month old daughter. i have voicemails on my phone, death threats, name calling and cps threats because i was unable to pay my rent, they kicked me out and now they still want the money. i told cps about them, showing that i had threats that where being acted apon, and she said that's not what she was here for. i was accused of child neglect, child abuse, drug abuse, and domesetic violence with my boyfriend. there is not a single police report for me since i was myself put into foster care. and my boyfriend has a simple battery from a normal fight he had with a guy over 4 years ago. we both passed our drug test on spot, my daughter only has a few bug bites and a birth mark and is well fed and clothed. but now my living situation is having to change because the family im staying with does not want cps involved in there life. can i give my daughter to a person who has been inspected before for cps housing for a short time till i can get on my feet?? is that considered being "unfit" for my daughter? and what can i do about the threats. i also have proof that they said when cps finds us, they will give them my address and they will come after us.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Nicole, are you actively avoiding CPS right now? I'm confused. There are two ways to go about that if so... 1. They'll close the case if they can't find you for a certain period of time. They close it but they also flag you so if you get another investigation, it's given a higher priority because they couldn't find you on the last investigation. 2. It doesn't sound like there's any reason you should be worrying about CPS? They came and they left? If so, there's no need to worry about changing anything or placing your daughter. If CPS wants you to do that, they'll tell you immediately. As far as letting your daughter stay with someone else, that's your business, not CPS's as long as you aren't putting your child in danger. Maybe I'm not seeing all the details, but it seems like you're worrying about CPS when CPS is probably done with their involvement?

    • Annon510526528 4 years ago

      I've have had a referal from CPS before. For being admitted for postpartum depression. I had visitations rights, followed through with the treatment plan. But my son was never taken into custody. Soon after the case was closed. A year has passed and I have been going to therapy on my own, getting more involved on how to better myself for my children. For my family. Since then there has been a few domestic disputes with me and my husband, that was not brought to light. I was not very confident in letting anyone know due to my prior mental instability. I believed that no one would believe a word I said. I became more and more involved in trying to get my husband to come with my to maritial classes to strengthen our marriage, I've been on 3. He's only made it to 1. I set up a marriage counseling session that ended up bad where he walked out. I was actively trying to fix my marriage and it only seemed to get worse. We agreed that he and I separated temporarily. He then moved out. And for 4 months slowly but surely we were able to be in be around each other without arguing. Then one night happened where things went horribly wrong, where not only me but my sons life was threatened. I am currently pregnant and am due any day now. And because of that night ended up in the hospital in the result of running away to get help. When I reported it, the police came to take my statement. I was admitted for having preterm complications. Was in the hospital for 2 nights. I left against docs recommendation because of how close I am to having this baby. Just so that I can go to court and file a protective order for me and my son. The day I get discharged a social worker and two police officers come to take my son into protective custody. During the time I was in the hospital, my son was being taken care of by my co worker. My husband did not know where he was. The social worker said that he is being taken because my husband filed a police report saying I kidnapped my son. And that the reason why they're taking him is because he (my husband) threatened to kill us( me and my son) and I have mental issues. She handed me a card and said here is the shelter hearing tomorrow.

      The next day after the hearing I spoke with the cps worker and gave her my statement. She asked what happened from the last time i had the referral ( she happened to be the case worker from last year as well) until now. I was truthful and told her what happened. I immediately asked for visitations. The next day my husband came in she took his statement as well. Since both of our statements coincide with each other she is going to file a petition for child neglect. She has also mentioned to me that once my baby is born, that they will be removing him the day he is born.

      I was trying to do the right thing. And was fearful from the beginning to not say anything because I was afraid that either 1. No one would believe me. 2. They would use my prior mental instability against me. 3. Take my child away from me. And since I have reported it, i find myself regretting ever doing so. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

    • Theresa 4 years ago

      I don't trust CPS or any government agency. I have been harrassed repeatedly by CPS because if someone doesn't like me or the way I raise my kids or they just need someone to focus on other than themselves I get reported for child neglect or if I say something they add or subtract words to report that I said.I have had CPS or the City of Phx neighborhhood services called on me at least 100 times (between the two) just because someone doesn't like me and this has caused me some problems. I only have 1 child left of six that I raised and CPS was just at my home last Thursday because my sons school called them because I can't get him to get up and go to school. If this had been anyone else they would have just cited them for truancy and they would have gone before a juvenile court judge been given community service possibly a probation officer. But because its me I get CPS up my ass again. As far as I am concerned this is nothing more than pure straight up harrassment! My son said he would run if they try to take him from his dad and I and I know that he has enough friends that would hide him out. I would rather him run than for him to go into that system because someone wants to get at me. Should I ever find out who has been behind this for over 16 years I promise you I will have them in court as well as there will be things attached to them that they would never be able unattach from since it would not be of this world or demension.No I'm not crazy,I am a practicing witch.

    • from jessyreply to annon and theresa 4 years ago

      Have u looked into getting someone to represent you. Do not let cps intimidate you. fight a good fight ,will be a hard one but get as much help as you can .get witnesses behind you that know the real you .and as far as knowing who has been behind reporting you,if the same person has reported you all these years has cps gotten a hint that maybe they are purposely hurting you. you have the right to defend yourself and family on this. you can do something about it and press charges against this person who is falsly accusing you. read on your rights and keep your head up.

    • worried 4 years ago

      A case was opened on my ex husband for a drity house and smoking weed in front of the kids the the cps worker liked him and his girlfriend so she harassed me and the case was suppose to be clothes over 6mon ago when i asked her help with a few things she never helped me and even yelled at me finally they took my kids i will do whatever it takes to get them back the only good thing that came oit of all this horrible mess is i now have a new worker so everyone please pray for me and all those parents that deserve their kids back. And please report your worker if your being mistreated.

    • mericks28 profile image

      mericks28 4 years ago from Duluth, MN

      My brother in law reported me for a dirty house. The CPS worker came and talked to the by one, alone on the porch. I cooperated, even invited my CPS worker in for coffee. It was pretty funny because the worst thing my kids could come up with about how awful it was to live at home was that their closets were not big enough for all their stuff.

      What I am trying to say is that KIDS DO NOT GET TAKEN FOR NO REASON. I feel for all these individuals whose children have been placed elsewhere, but CPS really looks at the best interest of the children. And it is a shitload of paperwork to take kids out of a home, so

      I doubt they would do it unless there were grounds to do so. So take a good long look at yourselves. You say you would do anything to get your kids back, but you are parked in front of a computer complaining. Why not try to make some lifestyle changes and be better parents, instead of whining about CPS and how mean they were to you?

    • Annon510526528 4 years ago

      You're right. They have to do their job. But keep in mind that kids are taken for "Allegations" Much like what your brother in law had reported you as having a "Dirty house" It is a process. After your children are taken, IF they are taken, there is a shelter hearing. After seven days an investigation is conducted by CPS. The investigation/reports of any findings will then be given to the DA. It is up to the DA to decide whether or not she/he will grant or deny the petition. This is at the initial hearing. If there is no findings of child abuse and/or neglect than by law your children will be returned back into the home.

    • Jessica 4 years ago

      After keeping up on the reading here it amazes me to hear such heart breaking incidents. As I stated above you WILL have good CWS workers who truly do their job with the best interest of the children and family in mind. Those workers we can thank God for because they have not fallen like other corrupt social workers who do about as much lying, manipulation, and crooked court reports. They do exist. As I said, some, not all. But I have a had more than a handful of bad apples. No matter what, they do DO their job. That's a given... its just a matter of their own morals and principals they choose to follow. Yes, we are all human, but in a job where you are there to protect children from REAL bad parents, not ones they don't like because you don't respect them or praise them how THEY WISH. They end up forgetting they are in a blessed position and in turn they act as if their job is one big great repeat of high school, childish elementary games. I'm sure policemen don't over react just because they are not being praised and treated like kings. They over react when there is evidence of injustice, not allegations and personal judgement (which is misleading if you have a hateful spirit yourself) Reality is a lot of innocent families do get mistreated based on a CWS workers personal issues and judgements. I do understand that they do see and deal with a lot, what I don't understand is if they do not have thick skin or can not deal with the job, why not leave it for other CWS workers who CAN remain PROFESSIONAL and ETHICALAl?

      Also please be aware that there may possibly be a worker in this site dealing and giving bad information to you all. Please be aware and have proper discernment. Read the NASW rules and regulation. It is available online as well. Become familiar so before you take any advice given here you will know basics. I wish all you the best of luck and yes fightiong the government is a toss up, pretty much but every voice, complaint and such does add up so it will draw attention and soon enough the whole ciorrupt system will eventually have to take a fall, be under investigation and have to be clean. Don't think it won't make a difference because a year from now it can help save another innocent family. Oh, also I don't believe all are innocent who have open cases, so CWS won't be with out a job =) They just wont have as many =)

      Some children truly do deserve a better chance in life and a home. Good luck to all of you, this is hard battle, but keep up your strength. We are not alone in this fight. =)

    • Jay 4 years ago

      Ok so someone tell me what I should do. In october I had my two kids taken away, a 3 months old son whom I was wanting to give up for adoption, and my now 2 year old daughter. Cps got involved because I told my mother that I was going to give my son up for adoption and she flipped out and called cps and told them I was trying to sell him. Then the investigator went to my husbands job and a pissed off co-worker lied and told her that he "over heard" my husband say he was going to kill the baby. He was mad because my husband took his job.. So cps took the kids. We agreed that the 3 month old would be put up for adoption and the goal for my daughter was for her to come home after we completed all the services they planned for us. Well we finished everything they asked us to do, cooperated with everything, and now all of a sudden they tell us that they believe the FALSE REPORTS about us wanting to kill the baby. So they tell us that their goal for my daughter is unrelated adoption because they feel her life will be in danger.. Now we are going to a jury trial and I am petrified. I can't lose my baby girl, she is my life..

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Jessica :) I agree. I am just a woman who has done this job. I know what I know about it and put a full disclosure at the beginning of the article. I have been inside and on the other side so I share as a PERSONAL experience and with my PERSONAL knowledge. I have only worked in one state (Texas) and I only know the ins and outs in this state. Consider what I say to be just talking to a friend who has been an investigator and nothing much more. I agree that any time there is hearty CPS involvement, you should do your research and consult with a LEGAL professional in your state. There ARE things about CPS I do not like. There are things about the system I do not like. Every case is different and there are two sides to each story. The original content of this article is solid. But anything outside of that is just me talking to you guys :)

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      On the other side of the coin, with very few exceptions, every case I had the parents and family believed that CPS was persecuting them. They'd tout that they were caring for their kids while having positive drug tests for heroin or cocaine. It was a very running theme that the more evidence that was against the parent, the more CPS was wrong and unethical. Taking your child from your home is the most heart breaking, traumatic, confusing, devistating thing in the world for a parent. That's completely understandable. I have children. I'd fight til my death if it happened to me. But to reply to another comment, a child cannot and will not be taken without grounds. And (in Texas anyway) a child can't be taken without a court order already approved OR with imminent danger and then there has to be more than one level of approval inside CPS for it. The court hearing in Texas must be within 24 hours, not a week. There is ANOTHER hearing later, but there MUST be a hearing within 24 hours or prior to removal. The only removal that isn't pre-approved is imminent danger to the child and it MUST BE very significant. That's in Texas... I'm not sure what the laws are for other states.

      Also on the other side of the coin... How many times have you heard: "Where was CPS?" when a child is hurt significantly or dies? "CPS was just at their house! Why didn't they take the child?!?" CPS is demonized no matter what. I get that. Everyone gets that. BUT.. I truly believe I saved children's lives. I truly believe I strengthened families. I truly believe that I saved parents as well. And I don't regret a moment of it. And I was thanked far less than I was demonized, but those "thank you's" mean everything to someone who chooses this extremely difficult and heart breaking profession.

    • Logan 4 years ago

      My brother is a known drug addict, to about everything but the biggest being Ecstasy and I'm the one who's been finding the drugs, giving them to the cops etc etc. Also he tries to fight me ALL the time, claiming he'll "Beat my ass" but I refuse t ever hit him. He tortures me, such as poring hot butter on the floor where I walk, writing on my childhood photos, choking me in the hall many times threatening to kill me and then putting me in the hospital one night when he tried to kill me. Also pooping in my bowl and putting it back in the cupboard. He's into gangs and claims he'll just go back to doing all of this when he gets out. He's 17 and very violent in a gang called The white rings...or something like that. His gangs goals are,

      "MONEY - WOMEN - FAME"

      He's stolen all the money he could from us, he's slept with about everyone he meets because of his ecstasy habit, and now he wants this to be on the news. He told my grandma, he wants to be KNOWN all around.

      So I get in his way of having "fun" and several week prior to breaking his probation, committing assault and trying to kill himself, he threatens that if I get hi in trouble or if the cops are called on him, he'll turn me in as a child molester. Well he tried to kill me because I threaten to turn him in if he acts out again, and he broke his probation. My grandma calls the cops, which of course he tried to commit suicide and then told everyone that I molested him.

      He claims, that I have been raping him since he was 3, which would make me 5. At knife point. This apparently continued for years, even to where I used a sword on him. He says I threaten to kill him if he ever got a girlfriend or tells. And way too much more to type, but he's accusing everyone in the family of stuff. My grandmother who's 70 is supposedly a meth addict, and a pervert. My grandpa does acid. etc. A ton of things.

      I won't go into more detail. Although I have witnesses to him changing the story 3 times, and when cornered by me telling him that it's wrong to ruin lives just because you want to he said,

      "So, I don't give a f*ck, I'll call silent whiteness"

      He's been diagnosed with mood changes and we think he is bipolar. Also his brain is screwed up from so much drugs...and carpet cleaner, not kidding.

      I'm Autistic, I can function but I have great trouble with things. One being able to hold onto any guilt. I can't do it, I squish a lady bug and I didn't mean it, I feel awful. When I yell at people I always returned to give them a hug and tell them I'm sorry. People know this. I show most *80% or so* of the Autism symptoms. And Aspergers. Idk, I'm trying to get all the papers the schools had on it. Even when my brother was trying to kill me I couldn't hit him, I couldn't hurt him.

      But given all this, and the fact that it all happened more than a month ago and CPS hasn't contacted me, the cops haven't shown up for a month, just nothing done against me, what do you think? I have anxiety attacks and not knowing what's going on is really bugging me. CPS is leaving the fact that he assaulted me and all that he did out of their reports.

      Is CPS coming for me? Or is this investigation not going on. He's out of his head and out for fame + revenge. Clearly. Will case worker be a complete jerk? I mean she DID lose my brother once already, and couldn't find him. I don't knowhow long it takes until a cop shows up to ask you stuff. So...advice?

      PS: I do kill roaches, they scare my girlfriend. I will also be pressing charges for assault and destruction of property, if that helps the motivation for revenge along. I do want to get him for false accusations with malicious intent though, and for all the stress I'm having, and my family. We are afraid of him, yet CPS labeled us the danger.

      Bravo CPS...bravo...saving the child for sure.

    • logan 4 years ago

      Ok just tonight he called my grandmother and swore he will kill me & my uncle and maybe a few others, then himself. He's also using his life as leverage! Is my grandma doesn't believe everything he says, then he'll kill himself. He then yells at her, calls her a b*tch, screams at her about things she knows are not true, like she's doing meth etc. And then when she says, "Well that didn't happen! I was there!" He'd say, "You b*tch, you just don't remember because you're old!" *sigh* He's ruined his life and dragging everyone down with him. I'm sorry, but really I just need to talk about all of this, and not just to family.

    • Jessie 4 years ago

      Ok, some I am at a loss of what to do. My oldest son (11) has Been diagnosed with several different mental health issues. He spent a week in the hospital was put on medication and returned home. We struggle everyday with his issues and it is very hard on our family. He sees a psychiatrist every two weeks and goes to therapy once a week. My ex father in law called cps (DCF in our state) and reported medical neglect. He also use to work for DCF. My son has missed a total of 2 out of probably 15 appointments since mid february. These people have been trying to get my kids since their son and I divorced. Since they have no legal rights to them I believe this is their way of doing it. I am terrified that since they have connections and money that I will loose my children. The thing that really infuriates me is that they let my son do everything the therapist says they shouldn't. He stays up all night, plays violent video games, does whatever he wants with no consequences!!! I can't afford a lawyer and am terrified in going to loose all of my kids, including my daughter with my current husband.

    • monaescobar 4 years ago

      my ex husband has had cps called on him twice by the school. I don't disagree with them calling since what they are accusing him of is true. I don't understand why i haven't been called this second time around and my kids and the police have already come out. Im scared i don't want my kids to be taken away. I live out state and I don't know what my rights are? My ex doesn't take care of the kids the way he should , we have an older son who is blind and there are needs that my ex is not meeting. Will cps try to take them from both of us? IS there things i should not discuss with cps?

    • lotusb34 profile image

      Fran Bradford 4 years ago from Maine

      Great article but it did not touch on one thing I need to know. Is it legal to remove or make a parent terminate their rights because the parent is Bipolar. Only because they are bipolar and is it legal for the state to basically intimidate a parent into signing over their rights because the parent is bipolar and has been in treatment as asked and has followed their service plan with no questions asked? If the only reason is a parents bipolar which is under control and said parent maintains consistency and reliability for 2 years time wouldn't it be considered discrimination against the parent to keep the children and lastly what if said parent has many mandated reporters including the state's own staff backing the for returning the kids, is it legal any of it?

    • Vikki1989 4 years ago

      I have to deal with the cps in my city Peru Indiana and as far as im concerned they are out for blood i try to be the perfect mom and they do is see me as a demon that wants to hurt her baby's this is bullshit i have never laid a hand on my kids i have a high school diploma i am married to a man in the army and has a good job, i have a car and my drivers license. and the school want to get me on educational neglect ! because i am sick i have anemia witch causes me to be tired all the time when untreated can be deadly. Yes my child was late to school and missed enough days but he is passing because i work with him at home on the couch its not like he is out running the street cause he is not.. I love my kids i have never hurt them and some dumb ass wants to sake my world like its in a fucking snow globe !! talk about fake reports. Watch out people the cps is out to get your kids and mine ! i say DO not let them get away with it make them prove you unfit in court !!!!! Get an attorney and if you cant afford one buy the newest family law book that pertaining to your case and defend you kids and home don't roll over and die like this bitch suggests. She is fucking cps what do you expect her to say roll over and die now or else fuck that fight!!!!!!

    • jessy :reply to Vikki 4 years ago

      Hey girl you are right. its sad that cps is not using there so called expertise the right way . and yes they will try to intimidate you and say if you don't comply we can take it to court. well you know what ok bring it on ,thats when you say fine you will see to it with my lawyer. if you know you did not do anything wrong ,keep your head up and fight them head on with bringing a representative,record all conversations,times and get witnesses on your side. oh and about the school on falsly accusing you, you have every right to report them on that . yes they are very concerned of not having a student in the school seat why you say because the school system will not get paid. its all about money more than there concern of there student. i too remember getting a warning report from the school because my boy missed school for 9 days total in a school year and yes he had excuses, but the warning clearly bolded there typing of fees of 500 and up like what just happened here!! so its not just the cps .on cps no matter how stupid the report is they are obligated to investigate.the problem with the school systems is they are quick to judge on a person . but o wait if they do have problems in school as a staff they much are pretty safe from outside investigation . Message to CPS:Hey cps can you go check out the schools staff lives too lets see how clean there house is lets see how well behaved there with there kids and lets see how they really act behind closed doors in there classrooms. its hard enough to leave are kids in the hands of others in school who knows what they really do . they is so much going on of problems in schools ,its just not safe anymore. Now one last message to leave to you Vikki ,look into online K-12 for public schools for your children .it just might end up being the better choice for you all. its more focused on the kids ,learn at there own pace and just might even advance greater than going to a regular public school.schools are now getting more scarry by the minute .violence,drugs,no respect to teachers and teachers to students etc. one can easly be lost in the crowd and not learn the way one should learn at school. you have the right to make the best choice for your child .

    • dubeee4ever 4 years ago

      I have been dealing wit CPS, for six years. My son has a number of illnesses, ranging from mental disorders to physical. I moved to another city, in search of a satisfying medical system. My son was taken from me several years ago due to false accusations. While in states custody was force fed, over medicated and left in a nursing home for children. I was portrayed as a drug addicted teen. When heard before a judge my son was put back in my custody. Up until this removal I was still having to battle with damage that was caused by the state. My son was removed again in September while i was at work. the nurse that was caring for him was the one who reported me for abuse. Coincidentally that morning I threatened to report her for not properly feeding my son. This nurse has three adopted children that she cared for prior to the adoption. I was denied visitations after a week in which my son gained ten pounds. I am 24, two degrees in the field of business. I am not blessed to have children without complications. So my dependency on my son is more than his for me. I am a mother I love my children. I have fought all four corners of CPS. It is a battle that I am losing. My son is the one who suffers the most. But I'm labeled as this monster. Why should CPS have more say over my child than myself. When his safety is clearly not their concern.

    • Not Sure What to Think 4 years ago

      My sisters and I were taken from our parents in 1988, when I was 8 years old. My other two sisters were 6 and 4 at the time. I actually had very good parents and the system failed all of us. My mother always dressed us alike and she braided our hair all the time. She was a very attentive mother and she breast fed all of us for well over a year. I remember her painting a giant rainbow on my walls. I loved Rainbow Brite back then!! I have so many good memories and no bad memories. My Dad spanked us a few times, but it was only if we did something really bad.

      My Aunt wanted custody of us three girls and now I think it's because she was jealous and wanted to destroy our family. I have memories of my Aunt telling me to say that my Dad molested me, but I have no memories of him actually doing it. I remember feeling very confused and I didn't know what was going on. We were removed and my sisters and I told the courts that we were told to say certain things. The charges were dropped against my Dad, but they still wouldn't give us back. To make a long story short, we spent the rest of our lives in Foster care!!! We were abused in the system and my sisters and I only survived because we bonded together.

      Now, I am 32 years old and the pain is still very deep. I've done everything I can to be productive and successful in society, but yet I still go to bed with tears streaming down my face at least a few times each month. There is a deep void inside my heart and I feel like I can't trust anyone. Many people think foster kids grow up to become drug addicts. My sisters and I stayed away from drugs!!! I work as a loan officer and I wrote articles for Demand Media for years. These days there are no titles at Demand Media Studios, so I am still looking for more freelance work.... I just want people to know that not all foster kids turn out badly as adults. Some of us just carry around baggage!! I still have nightmares of CPS taking me from my parents.

      Now, I'm going to back up a bit.. I met my husband in high school, so we thought we would play it smart and wait to have children. We waited 10 years to have our first child. I was 25 when he was born and now we have two other boys, ages 4 and 5 months.

      I strive to be an amazing Mother, because I would never want to give them a reason to take my precious babies from me. I am nursing my 3rd son now and I have the most amazing bond with him and all of my boys. My children are my life!!! My biggest fear is losing them to the system. How would I know they are safe?? How would I know that they are not being abused by foster parents?? Some people say these fears are crazy, but I have them because I was a victim of the system!!

      I love my children more than words can express, yet sometimes the pain from the past cause me to be too protective of them. Losing your family is like dealing with a death because you are mourning a loss. My Dad and his wife drove up to see the boys not too long ago, and I can see that he still battles the pain. I wish I could get those years back with my Dad. My poor father!! The entire system has greatly failed us. It breaks my heart that people can make up lies and destroy a family!! I wonder if this still happens today. My sisters and I are still traumatized from the medical appointments we had to endure because of the allegations against my Dad. I had to get undressed and wear a hospital gown. I was so scared!! I had to lay on a table and open my legs while he inspected me!! This was horrible. I am still afraid of paps as an adult because of this!! No child should have to go through what we went through!!!

      Be very careful before you call CPS about anything, because you could be putting a child or several children in a worse situation. Foster parents can be very abusive. I know the system was very corrupt in the 80's, but I still hear horror stories today.

      I have a few other questions though... Both of my parents owe the state of CA 250k!! Is this about money or not?? Why would they owe so much money?? Why are so many kids taken and never returned?? How has the system really changed in the last 20 years?? Do parents have more rights or less rights these days?? How do I ease my fears?? How do I feel secure??

    • Pris76 4 years ago

      i would like to know if you and your parents where in a cps case that invovled you being taken away. can either you or your parent take gaudianship of a child from cps or for any other reason.

    • jessy: reply to noy sure what to think 4 years ago

      OMG this story brought tears to my eyes. You and your family have endured so much pain. . This is pure INJUSTICE!! . You and your family have beed destroyed by this system. Have you had a hard talk with your aunt about this. Don't understand why your parents ended up with a huge charge. What evidence did they even find . OMG this world we live in is so corrupt.The one that can help you in your ordeal is GOD. You might feel that's he is not there for you , but he is. He knows the pain you all are in . He made it clear through his word the bible how this system of things will be but he gives us hope for a better future where there will be no suffering or corruption. Here are words of wisdom in Psalms 118:5-8: Out of the distressing circumstances I called upon Jah;Jah answered and put me into a roomy place.Jehova is on my side;I shall not fear.What can earthling man do to me?Jehova is on my side among those helping me ,So I myself shall look upon those hating me. It is better to take refuge in Jehova than to trust in earthling man. So search for him and you will find comfort for you and your famliy in remaing strong and happy together.

    • Danni 4 years ago

      My niece was taken by the state when she was barely two years old. Her dad called the state asking for help because he couldn't stay where he was; I believe it was more along the lines of he didn't want to. The state went to his house, when my niece was not there, they had a police officer pull her paternal aunt over and took her. This caused emotional and mental trauma for not only my niece but her paternal cousin.

      I have had custody off and on of my niece since she was ten months old. I was seventeen when I first had custody of her. I have had three more times before the state took her. They said that my sister was irresponsible for not paying me to take care of my niece.

      The "reason" I can't have custody of my niece this time, is because of my husband's record. When I've been with him since I was eighteen and was given paperwork stating that her father could not take him from my home; we lived together and the state was aware.

      There have been many more instances since the state removed my niece from my families custody. She is now living in a home where she was "accidentally" hurt by a dog. The state did nothing, the foster father she was with during this time, was later to be found that he should never have been approved as a foster parent but the state left her in his custody.

      The state does not ensure that the family gets to see her, because my sister, "should be more concerned about her visits" when it was always a part of my nieces schedule to see the maternal side on an almost daily basis.

      There was an incident at my sister's neighbors house, where someone visiting shot a gun in the apartment next door at five in the morning with both my niece and my sister sleeping. My sister checked on my niece when she heard the noise saw her daughter was sleeping, made certain she was safe. The state said that she was not aware of what/who was safe when she should not be held accountable for someone else's behaviors.

      I have personally dealt with CPS, and there are some caseworkers who do not care about the emotional or physical well-being of a child.

    • Annie 4 years ago

      I see it both ways; I dislike gov't intrusion, and yet, after being an employed part of CPS, I see the necessity too. Many people (read above) state that 'there's no reason for this' but there is. There absolutely is but they don't see it. "I only shoot up when my kid's at the babysitter's" or "I don't believe my boyfriend would have done that" (despite DNA) or "The kids are in bed when I'm drunk" are reasons I have seen for kids' removal but the parents still deny that there's a problem. I'm a cynic. I read a lot of these comments and thought "yeah, right". I've just seen too much B.S. And if you are so innocent, comply and do what is asked of you.

    • reply to annie 4 years ago

      Ok, so you say and if you are so innocent comply and do what is asked of you. R you serious. So what makes you the right to violate people in such a way that you throw your judgment on innocent people. If you don't do this if you don't do that yes place fear on people by saying what comes next ,OR YOUR KIDS WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOU!!Obviously you haven't come across people who have been broken yes emotionally scarred after the initial accusation. As it happened to me where it broke my heart to think someone can easily report such an awful accusation over a misjudgemnt on there part. So yes annie will comply the ones that are innocent but how dare you mention in a way that violates us innocent to have to go through such an injustice. I am not talking about the ones that are in denial ,im talking about the falsey accused .

    • 4 years ago

      I guess I should start from the begaining I was abused as a child my addopted nothing was ever done he got away with it just as he always said he would. but I survived had many problems but over all I had done okay I have raised four kids and never much issues but now I have issues because of my sons girlfriend .they lived with us for three years during theat time this girls mother has done everything she can to break my son and her daughter up she has even called cps on me for running over my grandson with a riding mower her was behind me and i did not know it .he is my buddy and i would never hurt this child or any child anyway then thay called and said i sexually abused my grandson the girl told them how bad her mother was .after they moved out into a house we helped my son get my other son moved in with them .things got bad because my oldest son had an affair with the girls bestfriend no telling what those kids sees oh yes i forgot they now have two kids .anyway i kept asking if anything was going on because i know this friend of hers is crazy and stirs up all kinds of trouble anyway before it all said and done both sons and their better halfs are no longer together and my sons girlfriend has gone back home to live with mommie but now they keep calling cps on because she wants to keep all her benefits she get from the government if she get chilod support from my son she will not get as much sp she is using the only things she can come up with and that is that i am a pervert I am sick of this crap we have a lawyer but i really do not know what is being done other than they want me to take a lie test which you really cannot use in court anyway but hey fine i will do it but it is going to costr 500 to do that so i keep trying to find other things to help

    • to n 4 years ago

      Exactly. We falsly accused get stuck with emotional stress and yes including costs for trying to save our family and our reputation

    • Lea Williams 4 years ago

      I can't help but have a terrible view of this subject. I live in Illinois, here we call it DCFS, so that will be the term I use to refer to CPS. This is my story. So far, anyway.

      Last Fall I learned that a teacher had called DCFS over the following incident: My daughter was on the laptop and did not want to get off. When I closed the laptop and took it from her, she got very upset and began screaming. I do not believe in corporal punishment, so I told her to go to her room. She refused to comply, and after some time I resorted to dragging her into her room, as I saw no other way of getting her there. I did not try to hurt her, but as she was fighting me, she must have knocked her elbow on something. She did not tell me about this, but the next day she asked her teacher for a band-aid for the scratch on her elbow. When asked why she had a scratch, she told her teacher that I had dragged her across the floor, without giving her the full context. When DCFS came knocking, my first instinct was to let them in and talk to them. I figured they were reasonable people. I learned later I was wrong. Anyway, my husband looked into the matter and decided that whatever we said could be used against us, and had also read not to let them in, since once they come in, they can come in at any time to take your children. Keep in mind the laws here are different. So we refused to talk to them or let them in. Not too long after, I was greeted one morning by the social worker and a cop. So I said, this is ridiculous, I am just going to talk to these people. So I explained what happened. Prior to this, they were interviewing my daughter on multiple occasions at her school. My husband told the social worker he did not want her interviewed by herself, and the social worker said "there is nothing you can do about it" and continued to do so. He poked and he prodded as much as he could, but all he could get from my daughter was that we had left her at home alone once. So when he talked to me, he asked me about it, and I admitted that we had. The bloodthirsty caseworker was triumphant. Since he couldn't find me indicated on the original accusation, he found both my husband and myself indicated for child neglect simply because a ten year old had been left at home for a couple of hours. I didn't fight it, because I thought it was useless, but I sure wish I had appealed now, as I recently read that this is what the law says regarding the matter: ""it’s child neglect to leave a minor under 14 years of age “without supervision for an unreasonable period of time without regard for the mental or physical health, safety, or welfare of that minor.” My daughter was only left a lone for a couple of hours, she had food in her stomach, she was occupied, she had a cell phone to contact us with and knew how to do so, we checked in on her, we lived in an apartment building that was secured, and she had been instructed never to answer the door to anyone for any reason, nor to go outside. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, and now for five years I am pretty much unemployable, thanks to the jerk who was on our case.

      But alas, there is more. I don't know if there is a nosy teacher at her school or what, but now a new case has been opened, and this is what they are saying now: First of all, my daughter has been wearing sweatshirts a lot, first because up until recently, it was unseasonably chilly, and second, because she is self-conscious of her body. But in the eyes of the person who called (or DCFS, I don't know which) it's because we are trying to hide bruises from abuse!!! This is what the social worker said. The very next day we took her to school and showed them that she had no bruises. They are also saying that she wears the same clothes to school (she wears a lot of black and pink, as they are her favorite colors, but not the same clothes) and that we don't keep her clean (this is not true at all, she forgets deodorant sometimes and then she gets body odor, I tell her every morning to put it on, that's all I can do, she is ten years old and not a baby). So now at this point I am fed up with DCFS. I refuse to cooperate with people who have shown me that all they are interested in doing is finding something on me. I refuse to talk to them or let them in my house. They want to walk all over me, and that's not right. The other day my daughter had a field trip. Instead of being able to enjoy her day, she had to deal with a case worker and a cop waiting with her that afternoon as she waited for us to come pick her up from school. The cop told us that DCFS is a federal agency, and that we HAVE to talk to them, which I know is not true. The case worker told me that I was making a big deal of nothing. I said "no, you are". I told her why I feel the way I do, about last Fall, and she said "but those charges were unfounded". Really? So why after that was I not left alone, instead the case worker asking my daughter all kinds of questioned over and over again until he found out she had been left alone? I also found out from a neighbor that they came to our house, and when they didn't get an answer after knocking, they unlatched our gate, came into the backyard, and started taking pictures of our tree and our grass! I admit the grass needed mowing at the time, but really? Come on now! First, I don't see how that would help them, and secondly, I would think they would need permission to do that!

      So no one will ever get me to believe that DCFS is a good organization. Not from my experience, and not after others I have talked to who have had experiences (one, who had her children taken away for no good reason, and put into the care of her father (she had not grown up with her father and did not really know him until recently) who turned out to be a total pervert, he made child pornography with her two daughters and molested them! Therapists and other qualified people had recommended that her children be put back into her and her husband's care, but each time the judge would side with DCFS, who said they should stay with her father. Turns out that her father's wife worked in the same building as DCFS, and knew the people on the case!!!

    • Lea Williams 4 years ago

      I also want to add that my daughter does not enjoy talking to these people. She has told me that she is afraid if she doesn't, they will yell at her. I don't believe for one second that children enjoy being asked multiple questions on repeated occasions about matters which do not interest them.

      Also, to answer someone's question I read above (I don't recall the name) DCFS gets $250,000 (in grants) per child per year for each child they take into their custody and retain there.

    • Lea Williams 4 years ago

      in reply to mericks28's comment: first of all, you don't have to have your child taken away in order to have been treated unfairly (read my story for an example) and second of all, just because someone happened to come across this article and tell their story does not mean they are not trying to make changes (if necessary) nor does it mean they spend all of their time on the computer.

    • MarcyL04 4 years ago

      Lea Williams,

      Please be careful, I am also in Illinois and my grand children were taken for no good reason and that is the truth. Maybe in Tx it is different but here they are blood thirsty. It is unbelievable to me what they have done to our family.

      I am sure that there are good DCFS workers somewhere but I sure don't know that there are many in Illinois. Check out my hub, anyone that is interested and you can find facts about CPS and yes they do get money. Wow I could go on all day and weeks but it upsets me. My whole family has been altered and torn apart. I would tell my families story but it is too much for me. To be honest I had a massive heart attack a year ago last April and the Doc said it was the stress that brought it on.

      Ya know Murderers Rapist and all other kinds of criminals get a jury of their peers. What do parents get in court they get... I am trying my best to be respectful but to be honest this is one subject I do know about in our case anyway. Seriously this has been a mess and a family (mine) has been altered forever and I have grand children I will never know. Being a grand parent is the most joyful thing in the world but I have a couple I will never have the pleasure of knowing or loving. This is my hubpage there is a lot of information that you can check out. (Help us Fight Child Protective Services) or you can look under my name: MarcyL04

    • jessy:to annie 4 years ago

      Really just comply if you are innocent. oh yea right. Yes make us comply and sign if we don't you would get a court order and take kids away. Well if that ever happned to you all that are innocent think before you sign cuz if you do then they can come around and say well they signed and that means they were some guilt there.NO NO NO make yourself clear. when that option was said of court order. I defended myself and stated well if it comes to that then i will then get myself a representative because of what you are doing is a form of threat.In there reponse he was saying we are just concerned about your child .huh like really . Well i know what's best for my child and i never and mean never in anyway neglegted him.To explain what the accusation was ,it was about a school who reported me for medical neglect because they claimed my child was severly depressed because he didn't talk in school. When i countless of times from my first first meeting with them told them he is quiet only on school grounds and not at home and that I belived he has selective mutism .Well of course they disregarded that fact and made there conclusion before hearing me out. I also told them yes ive taken him to the doctor and was working with continuing speech therapy for him ,since he was in that before at another school and in an outside speech facility .at that meeting they continued to tell me no your child problem is mental and needs a phyciatrist. OH NO NO . I did not argue with them and i told them look that choice will be a last alternative to do as far as phyciatrist. I will consider counsling and go forward on what I have said for speech therapy becuse i know my boy and he just needs confidence in speaking with others.I myself went through extreme shyness when it came to school but outside i would talk at home and to people i felt comfortable with. I guess none of this information mattered to them cuz by the time i made plans for a refferel for counsling and speech therapy ,i received a knock at my door by cps. OMG my heart just dropped and i felt like fainting at the moment. Accusion was medical neglect!Like really. How dare the school place a charge of neglect over a huge misjugemnet on there part. I voiced to the cps guy on what i was doing already before even knowing of them accusing me since it was a suprising shock to me for them to do this to me. The cps guy was forcing me to agree for my son to see a phyciatrist.I plainly stated oh no what's the first thing the phyciatrist gonna do ,well hes gonna see my son quiet and there you go his depressed and give him some pills.I know this because i know my son,these adults will not have patience with him because it does take patience in there part when talking to my son since he will be questioned and he will be uncomfortable. I told him look this school knew what i was working with in getting referrals ,and still did not hear me out obviously. I also told him these schools best option is phyciatry because guess what ,they get paid for kids in there schools that are on phyc meds. It is sad that it has come to this that there focus is not in the best interest of the child ,only on wht they can gain and because they don't try to help in there part. There are so many kids on phyc meds now in these days over school systems claiming of prblems of not paying attention,talking too much,daydreaming,not talking etc. I continued to tell him have you come across thes kids.

      Well parents had claimed there child is always like a zombie and always look tired.The cps guy was all like well you are the parent and if the phyciatrist prescribed meds you don't have to give them because that's your right. OH REALLY I SAID ,if that's the case then why is it that One parent for example cryed her eyes out stating that cps was threating to take away there kids if they don't give them there phyc meds. Like wht the hell is going on here i told him. Well in his respond he stated i don't know about that. He was like i just need an evaluation so i can close case. Well i told him ok the school wants an outside evaluation then ok so they can get off my back on this. Now he wrote something like that i will agree to an evaluation also stating something like i wasn't doing before. OH NO all of you innocent people before even signing make sure on how they word out there statement. Before i signed i told him look this sounds like if i wasn't doing anything before so he was like ok and he added that i was already taking my son to the doctor and working with an evaluation and counsling. There you go then I signed so read before you sign cuz wording matters in your defense. One thing though that i made a mistake on was not getting a copy of the signed form. So always get copies. Another thing I shouldve done and that goes to all of you innocent,Best thing to do is record record record your conversations. I say this because after taking my son to a phycologist yes not a phyciatrt he plaining agreed my son is not depressed and stated he has selective mutism and just needs help with confidence.Finally someone who understood my son!!!And yes i went back to the school requesting a meeting because i needed to speak out in my defense after what i had been through with them. And when i requested a meeting the next day i get a packet of there phycological eval from months before where in there somehow it was added selective mutism. Like are u kidding me omg this made me more upset that after going through hardship all of a sudden i get a report just now.and what a coincidednce after i request a meeting with them. Well what happened next at the meeting , the picture that my son drew in the beginging showing us side by side and with smiles at the beach with blue waters and a sail boat in the background ,where the school phycologist claimed tht because he dreww water that means he is severly sad and because we are not facing each other that means a lack of communication. LIKE REALLY!! WEll i placed this picture in front of the school commity and asked what do you all see in thes picture and let them know what the sc hool phycologist claimed verbally and in her report. and yes she was present there. I told them do u see sad faces do you see dark colores NO NO NO !! This is a happy kid whos problem is yes selective mutsim.I also added to the phycologist at the school why did i just get your report and yes all of a sudden you added selective mutsim ,something you never mentioned and disregarded me and hearing me out.The lady now stated she did tell me about selective mutism at the meeting. I then told her belive me if you would to mention it i would remember since im the one that stressed the possibility that my boy had that problem. So that's why i tell all of you ,when u find yourself in those meeting RECORD RECORD REDORD the conversation. I also told all of them I called for this meeting also to let you all know that please hear the parent out before making a misjugement .Which is a great problem. How sad that parents get intimidated by the school system and let them get there child into taking medications.Im glad that i stood my ground because who know if i would have them walk all over me, my child would be misdiagnosed and probably be taking medications that have so many side affects and yes the school would be pleased with that result since they get paid for it. I also told them even though the case is closed and being ruled out this has emotionally scarred me and damaged my reputation. theres not one day that i don't think about what me and my son went through. So before i left the meeting i told them to hear the parent out and use your school resources and programs to help the child and parent before quickly making MISJUGEMENT!!!

    • Lea Williams 4 years ago

      The above comment reminds me of another thing... I was never asked to sign one of those things, I think they are called a care plan? If I was never asked to sign one, nor to attend parenting classes, nor ANYTHING ELSE, then they didn't really think I was a threat, that's how I see it. So if I'm not a threat, how can they find my case indicated? It makes absolutely zero sense to me.

    • nate 4 years ago

      BS.. CPS workers are scum.

    • Lori 4 years ago

      i am a 56 yr old woman with a 14 yr old daughter..i had her at 41yrs old my other two daughters are 26 and 32..when i decided to have this child my husband was supportive and i was a stay at home mom..when my young daughter was 2 yrs old my husband suddenly died in his sleep he was 40 yrs old..i went back to school and became a nurses assistant and currently work in a nursing home..i work full time and work every other weekend..i live on a dead end street and my daughters bus stop is on the corner which is almost a half of mile to the corner..i leave for work at 6:30 am i wake her before i leave..her bus comes at 7:15..several times she missed the bus then she would call my cell phone to tell me she missed the bus..due to the nature of my job i cannot just i would call the school and tell them she missed the bus..they were well aware of this problem with her getting to the bus on time..and i would make calls trying to get her to school..many times did not succeed..well a c.p.s. worker went to her school and she was pulled from class and brought into the guidance office and was questioned by this caseworker..the caseworker asked my daughter if she was sexually active my daughter said yes..which opened a can of worms..i was aware of her being sexually active..she has a boyfriend who is her age..and his mom and i are aware and take necessary measures to educate them and even discourage them from having sex at such a young age..being his mom and myself are single moms we work a cannot be around 24/7..this caseworker was on my ass about taking her to a g.y.n. i know what i have to do i am not an i just cooperated just wanted this non sense over..bottom line i was indicated for child abuse and maltreatment to my child..i am so pissed off..then found out that this social worker came into my home when i wasn't home and came inside without any adult supervision and came inside and questioned my daughter again and spoke of things i found inappropriate my question she in breach of the 4th amendment.

    • trina 4 years ago

      hello everyone so sorry to hear of your terrible experiences unfortunatly its going on all over the world cps is worried about one thing all the money they get funded after a removal of a child and continue to get funded for how ever long there out of the home my niece is involved in cps and i her aunt tried to get custody and there not appossed to me getting custody they have already made her sign over her rights to her 2 girls and after she had her son they took him for derivative neglect and shes done nothing wrong shes currently doing a caseplan but there wanted her to keep the baby with the siblings and the children are being abused in the home hurt cps reports for injury to the child and they wont do anything about that so they will take it from a mom on alligation but have proff of harming children and there not getting proper care and they think that's ok i don't understand how they could do this i am a great mom been involved in cps my self and because of that they wont let me have the baby im so scarred for the children life is so bad for every one i guess my prayers are with u and good luck i can tell u one way that may help a law suit from heather shes a paralegal that has been throgh this and can help you take ur case to a federal court not that expensive to do and ur rights matter people so start taking control and sue them for your rights as a parent don't be afraid fight back

    • Victim number ?? 4 years ago

      The article is what DSS/CPS should be-however-we all know this doesn't happen-CPS/DSS lie, commit perjury, mislead, break family rights and keep positive facts out of case, they are either untrained or unqualified, but they also discriminate against certain people and need to be held accountable, they are not above the law!!!

    • lotusb34 profile image

      Fran Bradford 4 years ago from Maine

      AMEN to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also pay the state lawyers to do their dirty work I know this because in the middle of my "LOSING" case I asked my lawyer what exactly they are paying her to keep her in their pocket and to make sure that good parents loser their children and the look I was given in response was one of defeat and exhaustion she didn't give a verbal answer of any sort but based on the look I asked her why in God's name would she have gone all those years in school and taken her oath just to be bought out by DSS. The woman looked like she was so tired of it and like she wished she could have gotten out. It is a career decision she made and if she gets out her career will be over. I almost felt bad for her but then I was angry again.

    • Jennifer 4 years ago

      I have had a case open with CPS for one year. My first two case workers were polite but for some reason they kept changing until I ended up with my current one. I filed a complaint about her after she told me that if I did not sign a paper she would remove services from another government assistance agency. She admitted to it and it but never apologized. The agency now sends two case workers out to my home at a time. This is supposed to be for my own protection but now they require me to be available during office hours which means I have to leave work early and loose money. Further more they miss almost every other appointment without calling to cancel. I feel like I am being punished for complaining. I also don't understand why my case is still open after one year because I have done everything they outlined in my written plan. The case was open because my house was messy and from the very first visit I have kept it very neat and clean. I use the written plan they gave me as a checklist when I clean.

    • drkbutterfly profile image

      drkbutterfly 4 years ago

      @ bo bo- CWS should soon meet with you to set up a court hearing. Then you will be in understanding of following a case plan. The case plan may/ can include the following (any or all depending on your case allegations): anger management classes, personal therapy, parenting classes, drug/alcohol program and testing included where they cover the cost if you do not have medical or insurance of that sort, couples counseling, visitations with your (child)ren and monthly case plan updates where you sign a form saying you are in understanding of the case plan and if there are new changes to the plan. The programs they require you to do, they will be liable to pay for the services they offer you. Also if they require you move it has to be done to meet their requirements as unfair as that is. They just want to see that you can care for yourself and your family, child.

    • msj 4 years ago

      Cps workers are Lie and embellish. THey came to my house then 5 hrs later came back with police to take my 4 month old because he sleeps in a baby hammock and the living room was being used for storage.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I am sorry, but reading these comments makes me sick. Apparently most of you are so dysfunctional that you don't realize how awful these conditions are for your kids. Excessive absences from school are unacceptable, esp. if its due to your anemia or whatever. Find a way to get your kid to school. Your child deserves better. Mow your yard, keep a decent house, supervise your kids. Police records, domestic violence, drug use, etc. CPS may not always be on the up and up, but its a VERY bad sign if your side of the story is raising eyebrows. Everyone sugar coats their version and y'all sound guilty of being unfit. Sorry, but the shoe fits. I just find it sad that you can type those dysfunctional situations out and somehow think that sounds normal and appropriate for a child.

    • concerned 4 years ago

      Is there any way the parent can find out who you are when you report them so that incase action is not taken you will not suffer from being able to see the children?If You you have documented proof that a mother is doing pot and perscription drugs,she is bipolar and has stated publicly how depressed she is, receiving hate comments and having her her vehichle vandalized for her behavior is this enough proof to get the children out?

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Concerned... no. It is highly illegal to reveal a reporter. I believe that many people figure it out based on the report (that's just honesty), but if anyone reveals the reporter.. you have an excellent civil case against them and the state they work for.

    • Tara 4 years ago

      In reference to" merricks 28" Yes..I agree there are in fact some lousy parents out there. The whole child abuse dilemma can be resolved by simply putting the investigation of child abuse into the hands of the police where it belongs;allegations should be investigated properly. CPS is not trained in proper procedures of investigation and in turn they simply step all over your Contitutional rights.Cases should be tried before a real court of record.The incentives from the government to cps under the Social Security Act need to be eliminated.CPS is basically rewarded for every child taken, adopted, enrolled in a service this is what they are trained to do whether your child is abused or not abused.CPS workers who do not adhere to this system don't last long on the job. I know this from inside the system. At this time.. cps receives huge amounts of money which is maximized with service providers of cps....guardians, counselors,foster workers,attorneys and yes..even the Juvenal court. CPS needs to be eliminated or overhauled to the point where cps's job is simply to assist with services if parents are found guilty in a real court of record. It is absolutely in violation of the United States Constitution to hold a mock trial in a family court where there is no record unless the parent retains a court reporter at $300-$400 dollars. The parent is not allowed to speak or defend themselves at the first ex-parte hearing after removal...yet the cps employee is allowed to submit a sworn affidavit that causes your child to be further retained...this is "Unconstitutional" and equivalent to torture and barbaric. The parent is not allowed to confront their anonymous accuser. The final kick in the pants is.. Most family court judges are former cps employees..previous cps attorneys. They are always beholden to cps. The government is bankrupt and should really be looking at making major cuts in this area . It will end CPS'S reign of terror and child trafficking of the un-abused children to which they kidnap from fit parents. The police will probably do a better job investigating and nabbing real child abusers as they are trained to catch criminals , child abuse is criminal. There will most certainly be less lawsuits. Less families would be ripped apart for the sole purpose of securing government funds. Anyone who believes CPS workers truly have the best interests of children in mind is so sadly mistaken. There may be a few out there, but they will leave this job if they have any sort of conscience. CPS is a failed system. It has failed children miserably. To rip away a child from a fit parent is equivalent to torture. Many parents have committed suicide over losing children to CPS. Statistics show that more children are molested, raped, killed, emotionally abused and neglected in foster homes than in the homes they were taken from. CPS is destroying families and the future of our children. They are "child traffickers" . This year should be especially bad. They will have to kidnap twice as many children this year, since the large budget cuts and the economy like it is. CPS will easily find prey since they target predominantly poor people on food stamps and school children in poverty stricken areas. Since half the country is now on food stamps it should be easy pickings for CPS. If you think it can never happen to you...think again.

    • 5G Family 4 years ago

      Although I appreciate the point of view of this author as a CPS person, not all CPS agencies are transparent or well-supervised....


      "CPS workers are trained in interviewing children and trained in screening without causing emotional stress to a child. If you do your part to make the child feel less afraid or stressed, they do our part to make any interview as simple and easy as possible for a child. Most children do not find it remotely stressful and enjoy the interview. 

      "CPS is in the business of helping children, not harming them. They do everything they can to make children feel more safe and at ease. If a child finds the interview too distressing, they CPS worker may end the interview for that child’s sake. Most of the time, though, children have very little emotional reaction to an interview and express no distress at all."


      This preferential predator is STILL active in local CPS and has not had any administrative action taken against him. My family has been retaliated against in CYA style for reporting this.


    • Aisha 4 years ago

      Cps is a joke they get paid extra to take kids from there homes

    • garrisonofhope 4 years ago

      "I truly believe I saved children's lives. I truly believe I strengthened families. I truly believe that I saved parents as well.

      "...someone who chooses this extremely difficult and heart breaking profession."

      Hey, Shan Contented. Thank you for your posts. There are decent CPS workers, and there are misled and crooked ones. I don't think you are the wrong kind, Gal.

      My sister, Gretel, has her degree in early childhood development.

      My 3rd daughter, Garrison Grace, died of medically confirmed SIDS (natural causes).

      Our 2nd daughter, Geneva, hasn't spoken since CPS 'authority' Cris Holdem of San Joaquin County (Lodi, CA) strip-searched her and her sister, Glory, 9 months ago.

      People are complicated, and communication is imperfect at best.

      But the System is broken.

      There is no transparency or accountability.

      There is "no justice without money" in America.

      In God's Kingdom, there is hope for the hopeless.

      In the meantime, I pray God's own curse on false accusers and liars and on those workers of iniquity who would exalt themselves above the Word of God.

      My family is a God-fearing, God-praying family.

      We love each other.

      Man cannot curse nor tear astrew what God has blessed.


      I read more of the comments on the comment thread after my first post, and there are a lot of hurting people who didn't have a fairy child hood or good role models in their own parents..... They went through rough times and rougher choices but probably very much they did love their children. Most of them don't have proper health coverage, proper education, or social support. THAT IS A SYSTEMIC WEAKNESS that Godly Americans need to pray and strive to eliminate.

      Teachers and Honest-to-God MSWs deserve the same kind of standing ovation that I've seen at GOP rallies for soldiers...!

      But my country right or wrong. when wrong to be set straight!

      My family is a close-knit Family of God. My husband changed his last name to my last name so it would match 'our' 14 yr old who was the product of date rape in 1997. My husband overcame put-downs and adversity and still prayed KJV to God, loves our daughter Glory as his own precious thing, has NEVER had a temper much less raised a hand to strike me.

      It's been NINE months, Shan Contented. Our family is clean-cut, not perfect. But we're ready to leave this evil California Land of Strip-Searching CPS preferential predators with s.w. degrees!

      Set OUR people free, Dear Lord Jesus!

      Our situation is for some God-Given reason, but there are young families who have natural affections and just don't know how to dig themselves out of life's problems, never had parents to teach them how to be good parents.

      THE thing to remember is that there is always a dawn to the darkness.....G-D gave us natural order to give us faith when we need it most. We have a FORGIVING God who made us all, and He is faithful to answer if we cry from our heart, especially if we are on our faces slobbering and crying in the middle of the night.

      I feel so old, but I find this out anew every night sometimes.

      Jeremiah 29:11

      For I know my thoughts toward you, saith the Lord: Thoughts of PEACE and not of evil. That you might have a future and a hope.

    • Melissa 4 years ago

      My sister and her husband have a long history of drug abuse and my sister has 6 children and only has custody of 2 and two of the remaining 4 have been legally adopted by other family members. They had been clean for about 4-5 years now, but I've suspected she is doing drugs again. Tonight her husband called and said he has proof she is doing drugs and selling them from the house. She stays at home with the kids and he works and is away from the house 4 days a week for nearly 16 hours, so it leaves a lot of time for her to do as she wishes. He is considering calling CPS, but I wonder if that's the best course of action. The desired result we are hoping for is not allowing her to see the kids while she's relapsed. He's willing to leave her all together if she doesn't get clean and his parents are willing to help him raise the kids. If CPS can't force her to drug test or search the house should he just call the police and try to have her set up? Like tip them off drugs are being sold there? He's willing to drug test and do whatever is needed to get her away from the kids as long as she chooses this lifestyle. Any suggestions?

    • karenza 4 years ago

      me and my hasband has our children talken off us 4 days ago becaucse we left them on their own to do their food in their morning in that right and they did not even take us to court they just took them is that right?.

    • Stefanie 4 years ago

      Last year my niece who is a teenager was abandoned by her mother and also by her father. She had no place to go and called me and asked me if you could stay with me and my husband. My husband wanted me to call CPS and I disagreed with him and took her welcomed her into my home. When I enrolled her in school she had already been in five different schools in one school year. Before my niece our my family consisted of my daughter from a previous marriage, my step son and our new baby boy who was only a few months old. My niece began to act out, steeling my vehicle, having sex and getting high with our kids, when my husband and I tried to discipline her she made allegations that on one occasion my son had sex with her. I found this out by reading my daughters journal and confronted my niece about the allegations. I knew for a fact that this did not take place because my step son came forward and admitted to have sex with her on the night she accused my husband, on top of the fact that I was with my husband all night and called into work the next day. She never came to me I questioned her. Then she went to her grandmothers(my mother) and her grandmother got cps involved. CPS has had our case open for a year, my daughter and I have both done therapy and my husband is not suppose to see or baby that we have together but is able to see he other childred from his previous marriage. CPS went for a few months without coming to by for their visits. All of sudden we have a new case worker and I have made the mistake of letting my husband see our baby and now CPS has told me that if I do not believe the allegations that my niece has claimed then I should not be a mother and have taken my kids away. I go to court later this week and I now feel that I am at their mercy because I don't want to lose my kids. I have raised my other children by myself, I have never done drugs nor have an ever let my kids be abused or neglected. My oldest son is 20, my daughter 13 and my baby who is now 17 months. From what I have been told the case is not closed and CPS is trying to place my baby in foster care. He has God Parents and other family memebers who want to foster him through this process. Can CPS take my baby away from me for ever?

    • Worried07 4 years ago

      I have an issue with my son's father letting our 5 year son play rated M video games (while he visits with his father). And it is affecting him through threats of violence toward myself. My son knows the consequences of violence and using guns do to the graphic of the games he allows him to play. Is this enough to open a case?

    • confused 4 years ago

      i have a friend and her kids was taking away from her the other day by cps... the case worker that she has didn't live her any information nor why the children was removed all she said was show up for court on this day.. she hasn't been able to see her kids cause the case work hasn't made up a plan yet... so my friend did find out who called and the person that called lives in a different state and never meet my what im asking is by state law the person that makes the report has to have proof that my friend was doing everything this person said in her report to cps correct... and by state law you have to resign in the same state correct... also this person that called is a friend of a friend... i think its b.s and i think charges for falsey making a false report..

    • remarkable 4 years ago

      here's my problem with CPS. They just don't do their job. I have 4 nephews and a niece living in a home where their parents roll out of bed and roll a joint first thing. They smoke all day long (in front of the kids) like they are smoking cigarettes ( actually they pretty much alternate them). the father also is an alcoholic who gets violent when he's drinking. Or mean and violent the day after when he's got a hangover. They sell weed out of their home in front of the kids. at one point they were even growing it in the basement. when the father gets angry, he physically punches the kids, and also the mom. He has choked the mom in her bed with her 2yr old child lying next to her, smashed her car windshield, beat up his 12 yr old for a "rumor" that he heard he had said. turned out the child had nothing to do with it. the mom has left bite mark scars on one on the kids. she continues to run and then go back. she's honestly no better with the marijuana smoking and the verbal abuse. How do i know these things? I am his sister and have witnessed it. we have tried interventions, to no avail. finally we started calling CPS to get some sort of services or help for the kids. They haven't even so much as drug tested the parents. they tell the kids they are exaggerating the situation and the one case worker told them, "hey, i grew up in a worse home environment, so you're lucky"!! they never interviewed all the kids seperately, or even gave them ample time to tell their stories, and at first, we (the family) had been calling for weeks with no actual visit to the house until one boy ran away. they sent that boy to the juvenille detention center. and lectured HIM about marijuana use!! where do they think he learned it???? now he is back in the detention center again after his father grabbed him by the throat, held him down and broke a tooth. his father then called the police to file and unruly charge on the boy stating that the BOY attacked HIM!! not a mark on the father! now my other nephew has run away. we called CPS to get help again. they wont allow him to go to a family members house while they 'investigate' he must go home, go to juvenille detention, or if we take him in we will be arrested. and they once again CLOSED THE CASE!!! there is no justice for these kids at all. and my brother who has not lived a legal day in his life, is in his words 'WINNING'. so his ego trip is huge. the kids are defeated and feel isolated and worthless. they also feel abandoned by every authority figure who is supposed to help them. they did every step they were told to, they went to teachers, guidance counselors, police, and their extended family. today they are still in crisis with no avenue of help available. CPS is a FRAUD.

    • among the herassed 4 years ago

      Ive had involvement with CPs for many years, Two years ago my son was taken away for abuse of a prescription Drug, I dif everything they wanted me too and got him back in 4 months. Just recently i had an argument with a Co worker and she called cps saying i smoked marijuana, my son didn't go to dchool and he was unsupervised at the pool in which i explained this to them. They found NO EVIDENCE OF MARIJUANA, CALLED THE SCHOOL WHICH THE PRINCIPAL SAID HE WAS THERE AND MET THE BABYSITTER, she comes out Friday to tell me her supervisor thinks i should take a Drug test because of my history. I said I wanted to talk to a lawyer because they found no evidence I want to know my rights. How can people call anonymously with false allegations and not leave a name? My son is taken care of but they wanna use history as their Excuse! Im sick of it and ill be damned they railroad me!

    • katrina bernard 4 years ago

      im a social who has seen cases where childreien have been taken unlawfylly i work with enfeild social services in north london and they do mistreat childrein ocasionally.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Are there other articles related to this that you guys think would be useful? Let me know either by commenting here or by message. I can't reply to every single scenerio here (sorry, I wish I could), but I wonder if there are other articles all of you would like to see on specific subjects?

    • ginny 4 years ago

      I have delt with csd for 3 years. they twist your word and mentally abuse parents and expect parents to do as they say. They do not try to keep families together they tear them apart. They cause more harm than good. They threaten you with your children so they have the upper hand and no matter how hard you try they always tear you down. I think that they really need to investigate workers them selves and make sure that workers have to jumpthrough hoops just like parents. workers don't work for you they work against you. they tear you apart and don't care about you. They say its in best interest of children but mentally they screw up children faster than a parent could. I truly believe that my children shouldn't have been taken. I lost my 4 year old to drowning and they remove my other children without giving us any help in our terrible situation.

    • LillyAnne 4 years ago

      Ok so I do understand that cps people have a job to do but …. Not all of these people are “just doing their job” I WAS naive … I assumed that all cps really had a child’s well being in mind while doing their job. I wonder how these social workers would feel if an “anonymous caller” aka (trouble maker) call on them making false accusations about them. I’ll tell you what it feels like… It’s like having a baby snatching vulture flying over your nest …stalking…waiting… for the opportunity to swoop down and pluck your babies from your nest!! Ok… now that I vented a lil … Let me explain. I have 5 of the most well mannered, well behaved, school loving, kind hearted, over all happy children ever created. Now with that said, Children are usually a reflection of their environment. So keep that in mind…

      4 days ago a cps investigator showed up in front of my home in a blue pick up truck wearing clothing that was dirty as if he was doing some kind of landscaping work, my husband and I were fixing one of the cars, My 17 yr. old daughter was inside the house with the other children.(ages 2yr.old twins, 6 yr. old, and 10yr old) The cps man asked my name and told me who he was. He walked over to me and said “you don’t look like you’re on drugs” I was taken back by his comment and really thought it was someone that was pulling a poor tasting prank. He then gave me a card and he was indeed a cps investigator. I asked him nicely why he was here.. He asked repeatedly if I knew of anyone that was mad at me. I really still don’t know who would be THAT grimy and angry with me but anyway, he told me he needed to go into my home and meet my children. I asked him to give me a minute as I started to walk in my house. He said “NO. I have to go in” I told him I understand but I need a second. This mans cheery smiley mood changed FAST to pushy and mean, I walked in the house leaving the outside storm closed and inside house door wide open. Ok.. So your wondering why I wanted him to wait one little minute??? It’s because my twins are potty training and sometimes strip. Now anyone who has potty trained a child or 2 knows there will be a time when they will strip go potty the run back to what ever they were doing and forget to redress themselves. I wanted to make sure my twins were not nudey … anyway I got 3 steps into the house and he just walked in shoving by me looking around.. I could see the twins were nakey in the other room (one was watching TV the other was across the room looking at a book) so I slightly closed the door so I can tell the man and redress them… I had the feeling the twins were nakey because my driveway is on the side of the house where the bathroom is and when I was outside I could hear my 17yr.old helping them with the potty, remembering to wash hands and well the normal bathroom business stuff. Anyway the cps man came up to me FAST it frightened me and was yelling at me barely gave me a chance to explain… anyway he shoved the door opened even AFTER I told him I DIDN’T feel comfortable with a strange man seeing my kids nude. He really frightened all 5 of my kids. They have never been around a man that was loud and pushy like that before. Anyway he made a comment about the few toys on the floor Hmmm… did I mention I have ONLY 5 KIDS??? Ok so he asked my kids their names they told him. The cps man walked outside and was talking to my husband and he was back to being a cheery smiling guy. He said there is nothing to worry about and left. I told my husband THAT was the most uncomfortable thing I ever been through …. BUT was wrong there is more way more…This cps man cam back the next day…but the only one that was home at the time was my 17yr old. She spotted him in a tan car outside the house (remember he was in a blue truck the day before) she said he did NOT knock on the door he just walk around the house and was acting sneaky in the back yard. She ever called him a “CREEPER” I assured her things were fine after all the day before the man did say there is nothing to worry about and left. I thought she was just over worrying… but she wasn’t…

      He came back for the 3rd day in a row (in the tan car)… and this time he did knock…LOUDLY… again he frightened my smaller children. But he had that baby vulture smile on his face again and was as sweet as pie … I opened the door and welcomed him in and said he didn’t have to come in but he needed to see my 6yr. old…he then told me he didn’t get to meet him… I told him he met all my kids (ok so this guy is bad at lying) he said “I didn’t meet the one with the white hair” um none of my kids have white hair and only the 6yr.old has dark blonde – light brown hair. Then the 6yr. old walked over to me…. cps man said “Oh I mean I didn’t meet the 17yr. old girl” (again BAD lire) How do you confuse a 6yr. boy with a 17yr. girl???? Anyway… I had to remind him of his visit. Then he all of a sudden got his memory back. He said he had so many kids, the day he spoke to me, that he didn’t remember who was who…ok there are so many things wrong with that in my book.. If he don’t know who is who then families can be hurt and kids that may be in danger my not be protected because he don’t know what he is doing or who he talking to also he looked like he just got done doing landscaping work or something so when did he see all these other families he is confusing with mine ??? ….I asked if I may talk to him outside. I asked him why he was at my house again. He said he was done he wasn’t coming back So I asked him what I could do about someone harassing me by using cps??? He said “nothing and I am don’t here but if they want to open an investigation they can” I said for what he said “because your selling drugs out of your house”

      Ok so a re-cap:

      Day 1 accused of being on drugs and cps guy said I don’t look like I am on drugs (BECAUSE I AM NOT) and says I have nothing to worry about.

      DAY 2 cps man creeping around my house and property and DIDN’T knock on the door JUST CREEPING

      DAY 3 cps man bangs on door, plays stupid, and tells me I wont see him again but if “THEY” (idk who THEY is) wants to open an investigation they will because he claims I am now a drug dealer.

      Just wondering why I am being harassed and is this allowed???? Also if he thought I was on drugs why didn’t he just test me the first day he showed up and this would have been settled right then??? Can he stalk around my home like that??? Today is day 4 should I worry?? He did show up 3 days in a row. I don’t know what to do. I mean I have nothing to hide but my family and I feel violated. What can we do???

    • LillyAnne 4 years ago

      sorry this is late but I was wondering if i have the right to request another worker??? The cps man is truly frightening my children by being loud and his body language is VERRRRY stand off-ish. I am a small lady there was no need for him to get toe to toe with me and look down at me and yell they way he did. I have never been treated that way by a male so ya it frightened me also.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Yes, he can stalk around your home like that. I'm surprised he didn't drug test you? If you tell him you do not want him on your property, he has to leave. He can, though, stay in the street or around. People get mad about that, but investigators.. investigate. That sometimes means watching a home, following people, following children. That is part of the job... meant to prove or disprove allegations. If you feel like he's trying to "catch" you in something, that's because he is. I know it sucks, but it's part of the job!

    • LillyAnne 4 years ago

      I understand its his job and i am happy there are people out there to protect the children that are REALLY in danger. But he is not a nice man and i understand sometimes his job might not be so nice Just saying I have nothing against cps but the guy is a kinda agressive. and BTW I offered to do a drug test and he said nothing .. so i have no idea whats going on :/

    • Andrea 4 years ago

      I believe CPS workers do not know how to do their jobs. They twist your words arround, and take your kids for the most stupid reasons.

    • Kim 4 years ago


      Just wanted to say my 10yr old daughter was taken at a mall by cps and they r denying it, now she is foster care which all has been wrong. I have a lawyer, i am clean , no drugs no abuse but took her away because her dad left us 7 yrs ago, and he has decided to visit her. They r corrupt and devious.

      What can i do i want her back with me and her brother

    • John 4 years ago

      Cps is a joke ...

    • Sabrina 4 years ago

      I am 15 years old. My birthday is in a month, on September 2nd. I was told by a social worker that it was best if I found a deferent place to live, they forced my little brother to go back home and left me at the school, there was no physical abuse happening but there has been in the past, after the social worker took my little brother home I was taken to my friends house an hour away and left to find my own place to live, I begged that social worker to not make my brother go back to my parents, because he has been thinking about suicide, and it was like they totally ignored that fact! I told them to get him counsiling and help and so far they haven't done anything. I was told if I don't go back to my parents I am being put in fostercare. I refuse. Do I have a right to refuse foster care?

    • jazzylady 4 years ago

      I am getting so freaked out. 5 days ago my husband and I got into a fight. It did get physical, on both sides, it ended quickly but a neighbor called the cops on us.

      Part of the fight started because I came home and the house was a mess. So while no charges were filed (it was the first incident we've ever had in 5 years of marriage) one of the officers told me they would be notifying CPS of the 'condition of my home'. Which is irritating to say the least.. Dishes weren't done, toys and clothes were everywhere and my son had spilled a box of cereal all over the floor. Not dirty, just a little messy.

      Anyways its been 5 business days. So a week, and I haven't heard anything or had anyone show up. Are they going to still or am I in the clear?

    • icateyes30 4 years ago

      please help i dont know what to do dcfas is threatning to take my 12 year old son due to a domestic dispute i had with my fiance last year which my kids wer not present at all never have been i dont get this what should i do can i give custody over to my brother for my sons safety can they get my son from him


    • lovelylili 4 years ago


      cps came to my place and investigate on a previous matter i had with my boyfriend. I called the cops for domestic violence and we went to court, the case was dismissed because i wrotted a letter to the crown saying that it wasn t him who did that, and i lied to the policeman. So the charges were dropped. Now the cps went to see the policemean in charge of the matter and she wanted me to go and see a psychologist and i refused because i never been a victim of domestic violence. She serves me to court and wants to put a supervision order because of this previous matter and the fact that my boyfriend have criminal record where he used violence against men. Can a juge can accept to put our familly in supervision order? My boyfriend never hurt a child in a past, he have a healthy daughter but he s not living with her. i m not a drug user and i have no criminal record or psychological issues. please help us.

    • Tom 4 years ago

      Ummm, ShanContented, there's something you're missing here.

      You're ethical. You're well- regulated.

      As you say, you would "do anything as a personal vendetta." You wouldn't "judge them in a personal way."

      You're one of the "good guys."

      There are bad apples out there, though. Yes, there are horror stories of rogue CPS workers going on vendettas, even to the point of fabricating begative evidence and/or withholding positive evidence. There are horror stories of sloppily-run departments where there is no accountability for unethical or even illegal behavior.

      These situations can be complicated, and it's a bit patronizing to simply tell people that it's in their best interest to always obey and "cooperate" with the CPS worker who is "always" on the side of the child.

      It's rare, but if a parent genuinely faces the nightmare of having a rogue CPS worker assaulting their family, the best course of action they can take is to lawyer up, start documenting everything, and make it clear that even if the worker is not facing accountability with their superiors, the parent will be demanding accountability in court.

    • terry 4 years ago

      I agree with most of the people in this column about dcs being coniving,corrupt liars...I have delt with them for any stupid little thing you can imagine for 8 years now and I am currently dealing with them. most of the time its been for neglect charges and I have always cooperated even being not guilty and they still have made my life miserable. Now I find out that they have violated my rights by speaking with my children without my permission and coming in to my house without permission. I do find that they start searching and bothering me when they are like in need of funding...that's when they start messing with me over some false report...recently actually yesterday I had court for the removal of my 3 youngest children because a supervisor from child and family parteners in indiana whom dcs hired to help me has reported that I have been no compliant with everything that they have asked me to do!!!when I have done nothing but do everything that they have told me....the lady says im defiant so i do believe that is her anger and her reason why because she went into court and lied her head off. she said things that havent happened and she has no proof and no witnessess and she still was believed and the judge granted their petition!!!! she was question to give an example of neglect in my part and she couldn't give an example. she just said oh theres just neglect you know!!!!!!! I absolutely despise her for this!!!God forgive me but she is evil.....any recomendations anyone... I want to finish with them once and for all and get my babies back...this isnt the whole story because it

      s never ending but I do want to report this lady. she needs to be stopped!!!!asap

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      This is an excellent hub, I do not share my expertise in this area simply because of the responses you have received. While most of the comments appear to be that of disgruntled or distraught individuals, your responses to them are very good, well within your scope of practice, and neutral. Social workers do not have all of the answers and suggesting that persons seek assistance within their own support systems, caseworkers, or legal counsel is very safe both for you and your readers making these comments. Love the hub and your responses to your comments.

    • sadwithoutmy2angels 4 years ago

      they're evil.. the night after my 7 week old daughter passed away they took away my 2 year old son.. they're doing a 2 year order.. i have not been able to cope.. they pretend to be your friend, act all really nice to try and get information out of you... then they use it all against you, you try and get counselling to deal with your grief and they twist it and say that you're a mentally unfit parent.. me and my partner (who is showing signs of cancer now :( ) had 4 child concern reports all because we took our son home early from the hospital after he was born, it's absolutely pathetic, they checked on him 100s of times and he was fine everytime, all i had to do was recover from my c-section, every mum who has a natural birth goes home almost straight away.. they go home to their own happy families everynight with dinner on the table and their precious paycheck and we are out here suffering without our beautiful children.. we have to stand up and fight.

    • Ron 4 years ago

      I have NOTHING but positives to say about CPS. My caseworker absolutely loves children and has been a SUPERSTAR for us. There is no group out there that has more false myths and legends about them than CPS. You want CPS to go away? Laying off the pipe, bong, crack, and bottle would be a great start.....I am not saying they are perfect, but I am saying they are caring humans just trying to protect innocent children from a world that has gone nuts.

    • 4 years ago

      I'm pretty sure most of these people are in denial. love your hub. Treatment works.

    • hi 4 years ago


    • Linda 4 years ago

      Do CPS workers have a right to dictate that a mother use only food menus that the CPS worker approves and can the CPS worker force the mother to begin meal preparation under his/her supervision instead of the mother being allowed to go to pick up her kids from school?

    • Crystal V 4 years ago

      I have read most of these comments and still feel like I need help. My problem is with the schools. My son has been diagnosed with severe ADHD, I have know since he was 3 months that he had ADHD. My problem is my son also has other issues, let me explain: my son just turned 6 last month, he has had severe nightmares since birth and when I told the pediatrician he told me that "babies don't dream" and blew me off. My son continued to have nightmares, Has had severe speech delays, he only started speaking at around 3 1/2 to 4 years old and most of it was still incomplete and most people could not comprehend what he was saying. He had many signs of Autistic disorder. He started school in a developmental preschool here in NM and the school reported us for abuse, me thought they were saying that we abused our son but when the CPS worker came she said that my son told them he was very sad because daddy hit mommy "in the back of the head" and now mommy sleeps all the time. First of all my husband and I have never had a fight, we do not even argue, we tell each other (my son included) that we love each other every day, several times a day. I explained to him that first of all my son cannot use descriptive words or form a sentence of more than 3 words so this I cannot believe, I asked my son about it and his statement was...its ok, its not real, it was a bad dream. The case was closed, let me also state that while my son attended this school he would wake up almost every week in the middle of the night with vomiting and then diarrhea, we thought at first it was something he was eating at school, we took him to the doctors to discuss it, over several weeks we weened out several different foods and food at school to make sure he was not having allergic reactions to things, in the end we attributed it to anxiety and since he was not required to be in school we pulled him, he immediately got better. He is now in a new school in Special Education classes just starting first grade, we have tried to work hard with the school trying to get all the assistance we can, my son still misses a lot of school due to the ADHD, the school wants us to put him on medication, he has behavioral issues at school, and once again the have reported us for something my son has said at school. Let me state this as well, We are against spanking, we do not beat our child, we use a count down method for him counting from 5 to 1 when he needs to do something...we are trying to do all we can but it seems like we are honestly being persecuted by the schools, we are terrified to leave our son in public school because the people who are supposed to be helping us are only making things worse, what is a parent to do when they are in constant fear of being accused of things they have not done. I know my son has deeper issues and we have tried to get him in to see a neurophys, but were told that they do not take children under that age of 8 years. My son has told us stories of his "other parents" the ones before us, he says he lived with them and his cousin, there was a big explosion, everything got blowed up (his words) and he went up into the sky and when he came back down he was with us his mom and dad now, he has asked me on several occasions if this is the real world, i am worried for my son but even more stressed with this constant crap from CPS and School. I also want to say that I believe my son may have suffered some sort of brain injury or damage due to vaccinations, when he was younger he used to talk very clearly but once he received his vaccinations he had a fever of over 100 for over a week, i kept calling the doctors and they just kept saying it was normal, give him tylenol, my son has never been the same since. Please someone tell me what to to i get the schools and CPS off my back, our son is our life, we would never be ok without him. We have considered homeschooling him so we know that he is getting proper education but is this going to cause a problem with CPS? It seems like he teacher ignores him, the schools dont listen and want to force parents to put their children on medication because they dont want to deal with them.

    • NGraysin 4 years ago

      As the author said, they are just people. I can also post from a unique insider's perspective myself. My Stepmother was a Director with DSS for years, and was involved in writing, implementing and training the Ca rules, which then are followed by all the other states. The seminars they give are never in Peoria or Billings, they are in vacation destinations and quite a deal. My Stepmother masturbated "accidently" in front of myself and my little brother. My Brother she accused (years later) of raping her! and within 6 months of this My brother shot himself and died in 1992 @ age 26.

      My Brother of course did not rape Nina,in fact when drunk, which was every evening, She would very often take Scott to Nordstrom's,

      as she was/is a preferred customer, spent over $10k annually .

      Myself I was told things as a teen that at the time I knew was weird, but told nobody, She said, I bet you would be a great lay, etc.

      I began smoking marijuana at age 14 while living at My Fathers in Sacramento, He introduced me to marijuana which he kept in his refrigerator, just before I was to go to a fellow state workers home for a pretty wild party, pot, mescaline and some pretty inappropriate

      things I learned about like the 17 yr old daughter of My Dads co worker, told me my Dad pinned her against a wall and stated kissing her!! My Dad a big shot with the State in Sacramento routinely had young state workers at the house during the many CPS seminar/vacations Nina took! I had them both get in a hot tub nude I age 15 and my then girlfriend 17 were in, My stepmother putting her hand on my leg and my girlfriend jumped out of the tub and kyboshed that. My Stepmother had a friend named shirley who with Nina's help and guidance and maybe $? set up a home in the hills and bought a 15 passenger van and her daughter accused my Dad of some sexual act, which nothing ever came of, but shortly thereafter, the daughter walked into church and blew her Mother away with a pistol!

      My Stepmother never did like me/us much and treated her child /my stepsister like a golden child, as Nina in collusion with my daughters grandmother, with whom Claire(my daughter) resided with for over 1 year before she went to Nina anf fabricated charges that would have made her guilty! not me! yet my pot and a domestic violence comviction I had years prior were used against me, and she was instrumental in my smoking pot, with which I had a prescription for at that time, yet wanted to test me despite my never being arrested for anything but that domestic case and that was just after my brothers suicide which I after a year of anger management learned was related to this, as I never before, nor since have ever behaved as such.

      My Daughter was adopted with my being unable to ever see her again, I could see anyone's child but mine, My Grandmother told me Nina didnt want Claire to mess up here daughter , her Grandchildren's circle. The Grandmother who alleged neglect and with whom Claire resided is allowed to still see her, My Stepmother used to tellme the kids that enter the system she was a big wig in implementing and spreading! was one where after 18 yrs of age many are in prison or dead or missing and many molested in protective custody! yet she did this. In a matter of a year, My Stepsister who is an online personality Lucy...(last name is opposite of heaven and rhymes with bell) suddenly recalled molests that involved every male in my family but me and my dead brother! She sent letters to Nina's co workers and all she knew and Nina retired and moved back east, as now she was refused to be allowed to see her own grandchildren!! Karma!!!

      The only thing was my sisters sudden recall was not only suspect by the dynamo she was so outspoken aand bold, but that it coincided in every way with her brother in laws case which is another example of the big shots real deal! Look up Richard hamlin, now doing life in prison for torturing his wife/family.

      Richard was a Sac county DA 7 yrs!! and rich atty afterwards who threw huge party's with coke in his Eldorado hills mansion rubbing elbows with mucky mucks, until his wife, also an atty, came to the Sheriff with what seems to be too far fetched for a movie plot, but its easily found online! there is so much left out and untold here, but just to let you know, Its taken a few years for me to get to where i see the entirety of the malfeasance and deception. I am now investigating whether she can be sued or charged for her actions.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      If you give them a clean on demand test and they do not remove your kids but are investigating the referral how long can they linger in your life and how many tes can they on demand test you and disrupt your life

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here. As I said before.. I really don't have time to answer each one of your individual situations. I wish I did. I truly do! There are advocacy groups out there (searchable) that CAN help you and CAN answer your questions :)

      But for now... thank you for the nice comments and LOL! at whoever told me I could suck a ****. Haha.

      I will respond to one: To the person who said that the police told them 5 days ago that they were calling CPS and they hadn't heard anything. I wouldn't worry yet. Sometimes the police don't follow through with the fairly obnoxious process of a professional calling in a report. (It is a rather obnoxious and long process when you're at the end of your work day and tired!) CPS has 72 hours to contact you after receiving a report. If you don't hear anything in a week or two... you may not get a report. BUT, it is possible that they dig it up out of a pile after a week and call it in. Just hang tight. If it's the first DV in 5 years and nothing really significant happens, it shouldn't turn your life upside down too much if there is a report. :)

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Investigations usually last for 30 to 60 days. :) If you were clean, they may test you again closer to the end of the investigation to be sure. Otherwise, they go away.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      In certain phases of the CPS process and under certain conditions...yes.. this is something they can do.

    • curlyWinks 4 years ago

      So if I refuse a drug test, I'm guilty. If I refuse to let you in, I'm guilty. Now comes the emergency removal of my child(ren). You may be the 1% of case workers that doe's not abuse their power but I have doubts.

      There is no stigmata attached to CPS that CPS itself did not create. The CW's don't get bonuses but the empire(CPS) does, Slick Willy(Clinton) made sure of that. Refusal to speak to a gvnt employee w/o a court order signed by a judge is a right protected by the 10th amendment. But of course that immediately makes me suspicious. By the way it's called kidnapping.

    • sadmomma 4 years ago

      We had left our children in the care of my husbands brother while we went to the store for 30-45 minutes to get cleaning supplies and other needs (new bottle for our youngest, toothbrushes) well when we returned we saw police banging at our door.....his brother left our children home alone, i am not going to deny the home was a mess.....we needed to mop, do the dishes, and i needed to organize my room(was going through a ton of papers so they were spread all over the place), toys in the living room needed to be picked up, and the toilet was clogged due to a toy being thrown in there. we also did not have bedroom furniture, due to bed bugs, roaches, and termites, but had ordered beds and furniture for the children due to be delivered this month and an exterminator due this monday to spray three weeks in a row once a week.....the police were responding to a domestic dispute next door, heard my youngest screaming to the top of his lungs , they went to the back window, saw that he had ripped off his diaper and that the contents inside his diaper had smeared on the wall (feces) , also his older brother has been mean to him, biting and scratching him lately,and due to bug problems we are all bit up ....they called our home a meth head home...we don't do drugs we don't even drink alcohol, they said our childrens room was covered in feces and so was our kids and they hadn't been bathed, there was one smear mark near the door from his diaper the children were not covered in feces and i had given them all two baths that day, they took the children, the des worker said that their are concerns, concerns with mental health, concerns with our parenting, concerns with the children, i am so scared to lose my babies but it looks grim, my oldest they just called me and told me he needed dental surgery, silver caps on his back molars, and he had cavity's....they are blaming us for his autism, they are blaming us for the other two children's behavior towards each other, and how they did going to get cleaning supplies to clean the home , leaving our babies with his brother go to we are sh#t parents. and our babies taken away from us? 10 days of not seeing heart is ripping out, i can't sleep, i can't eat, the what ifs running through my head...what if even though we do everything we are supposed to do , we don't get them back......they tell us their ultimate goal is to reunify us....but the des worker has been nothing but judgmental towards us....we co-operated, freely gave information about us and the children, i have called everyday to see if any info i can provide so the foster parents have an easier job taking care of them....we go to the preliminary hearing today....what if they say we can never get them back, that the plan is adoption....i am bawling at the thought i will never see them again. we took our children to doctors appts, we have been working with head start to get my oldest help for his autism.....funny how its so easy for des yet so hard for parents to get their children the help they need. not only are they getting my son dental help (we have been trying for years) but are getting him other services.that until recently for us has been like pulling teeth to get, but we got him the same help they are offering him...I told them immediately about my past, that i had been in the foster care system, that i had been raped from the age of 2 to 13, that i had been in a past violent relationship, that i had given two previous children up for adoption, that i had gone to therapy for adhd and being molested...will they use that against me? my husband has an undiagnosed seizure condition but it is under control, he takes two medications...why are they saying there are concerns of our mental it because of that? will they use my past abuses against me? i was a victim...if they do i will feel even more i a bad person , a bad parent for being a rape victim and suffering domestic abuse that i left? i also admit that we are currently jobless, but we have been diligently looking....what would you say we have a chance at getting them back? please i implore you if we do all that is asked of us and more will we get them back? Based on all the info i provided what are the chances? I will do everything in my power to get them back, i and my husband is all that they know, i don't know what they must be thinking....i hope they don't think we gave up on them, we didn't we love them, thank you for hearing me out and answering me if you do.

    • sadmomma 4 years ago

      well we agreed to the children being in care, but are going to go to trial due too the false allegations against us, they are now saying we did nothing for my oldest sons autism, that we are doing nothing for our other children and a ton of other false allegations like no food in the home, no clothes, etc .....terrible, but we are going to comply with everything they ask us to do, i hope that proves to them, and that our children will be returned...but its all up to the judge sadly, we could do everything and beyond and it still would not be good enough maybe or maybe it will time will tell , please pray for me and my family thank you.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      I would say that since your children are in a safe place and they are being cared for, you and your husband should take this time to work with your case manager to set some goals for yourselves. There is not a lot to say about your situation, it is probably going to be a lengthy process for reunification. Your best option is to take advantage of the assistance that your case worker offers you, he or she should be linking you with other services to assist you with housing, job and family services for employment assistance, and DES should be helping you and your son with autism develop an individual education (IEP) and behavioral plan(ISP) to help your son get a good education and to develop better coping skills to manage his behaviors. The process you are about to begin is gong to help your family as a whole if you and your husband are willing to work hard to learn new skills. Good luck to you and your husband, I will say a prayer for you.

    • r042ee 4 years ago

      i have a problem we're in the process of adopting 4 kids one has a godparents. she was to go this week to visit for 2 weeks to give us a break because she's 18 months old. cps told us she could not go unless we get them to solict to a background check. she's been before when we had the other cps worker why is it different now since we're in the adoption stage .

    • sadmomma 4 years ago

      Thankyou we will do above and beyond , the worker we are currently working with will not be our perm case worker, in the beginning he was judgmental but has recently been somewhat more pleasant ....but does not contact us at all, Usually we call him he updates us at the last possible second . We didn't have to do a drug screening and the judge at first dismissed it, but to prove to our worker we don't drink or do drugs we are going to take the tests (hair test and urine tests). still no word on visitation.....but the worker said either this week(not happening as its friday) or the following week he will try. we are more than willing to develop new skills, we have been trying to get ongoing services for some time....while on one hand i look at the possible negatives(not seeing them, never getting them back ) , i also see the benefits of what is children are getting services they need now. we couldn't safely bug spray while they were here . so they will be safe . and we ourselves are getting services we were not aware were available. I just hope that if we do above and beyond the judge will see fit to reunify us. blessings.

    • kimmie2011 4 years ago

      CPS took my fience's children from his ex. We don't know the circumstances behind the removal of the children from the home, but we do know that they took the children to her friend's house. My fience still has his rights to his children and he has visitation with them, but CPS didn't even notify him that they had removed the children from the home. He wants to get the children from his ex's friend and bring them to our house, but we're not sure if he can legally do this. When we went to pick the children up for their weekend with us, his ex was angry that her children had been removed and she became violent with him for no apparent reason. She tried to choke him, she punched him, and she spit in his face. She knows who reported her to CPS and she wasn't blaming us, but she still became very violent with him. He just wants his children with us. We are worried because her friend who has the children told us that the children will be returned to her in three days. Can CPS take his children from his ex and hand them over to her friend? Shouldn't he have been informed of their removal and shouldn't they have brought the children to him first? He has a right to be with his children and he has not been proven unfit. How can we get custody of his children and can we fight CPS in court for taking his children and failing to notify him? We have so many questions and don't know who to turn to! Please help!

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Tough one, read the divorce decree and see what it says about custody. He can petition the family courts for custody using the CPS case as evidence to help his case. This can be a double edged sword, if he has a history of abuse with the children himself this may be a challenge. I would say there is a good possibility that CPS may not have contacted him because they have no contact information or because of a past history where they may have determined the father was a risk. Advice in these matters is challenging due to variances in state codes for CPS and custody matters. I would start with the family court, hire an attorney and petition for change of custody. It will take longer than three days, but if the children are returned to the home, the Caseworker handling the case will be following up with the mother and the children to ensure that they are safe and that their basic needs are being met. The children are not just going to be returned without follow up services. It is up to you if you want to challenge child services for failure to notify, he probably was not contacted due to misinformation by his former spouse. Start with the family court, get that process started and then contact CPS.

    • kimmie2011 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for your attentiveness to this very important issue. Just to clearify, no he has never been investigated or even mentioned for abuse or neglect. He attempted to get custody of his children last year because of the very same issue. CPS took his children from their mother without notifying him. He later found out that their reasoning was very lagitimate. His ex-wife's boyfriend, who was living in the home with the children, was arrested for distribution of crystal meth. When we went to court, we had CPS and the state police ready to testify on our behalf and the judge wouldn't allow it. He sent the children home to be with their mother even though we had proof that these children are living in a very negative and dangerous environment. We will do as you suggest and retain an attorney. We will file for custody of the children, but this time, we will request that the case be heard by a different judge. I feel as though his rights were violated a second time and I'm pretty sure he is ready to bring this issue to the public's attention. I think it's rediculous that they keep sending these poor innocent children back to this woman after all she's put them through! These children have been removed from her custody several times with in the past few years and they keep giving them back to her! Anyway, thank you for your promptness and I am very appreciative for your advice.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Just so you know, I am not the author, I am a fellow reader and commenter. The author may want to weigh in with her opinion as well.

    • niki 4 years ago

      ive been dealing with cps for months now almost a year and they are full of it ive been doing everything they asked and still my case is open ive passed a drug test ive been doing what they asked my case is just getting passed from case worker to case worker and all they can say is your a young mother with four children is this right ? for them to keep my case open becuase i am a young mother the last case worker i had was fixing to close my case but he got moved what do i do ?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      How many caseworkers have worked on your case? Have the children been removed from your care? Do you get along with your caseworkers or do you have a strained working relationship with them?

    • bbholden28 4 years ago

      my brother has a Disability and dosent speak "told" a couch my fsather sexually abused him when my brother can not speak and they have no evidence to charge him but still took him out of the house but left me there and that was 2 years ago and now the case worker says my father can see him now only once a month and has to pay 20 dollars each time why is that? my mother can only see him once every week but my aunt can take him out and have him over weekends. whats up with that??. why take one child away but not the other? if he did rape him wouldnt they think he would rape the other one?

    • kimmie2011 4 years ago

      Nikki hun, in my experience, CPS has to keep a case open at least six months before they can close it. As for why you are being shifted around from worker to worker, you should really complain about that to the office manager at your CPS office. Surely they can't expect you to like having to get to know each worker they send out to your home! In order for a case to be closed, the worker must feel completely comfortable in the fact that the child/children are safe in the home. The worker cannot make an accurate asumption without knowing the home well and with you being shifted back and forth, you will never get the case closed! I would most definately call the office manager and post a complaint. As for you bbholden28, I don't understand how they can do your family that way. In normal circumstances, they cannot remove one child from the home and leave others. If your brother has issues with verbalization and thought, they may have removed him simply because they believe he is not thriving well in the home. If he did tell a coach (at least I'm guessing that's what you meant to type) that your father was abusing him, they may have removed him because he has made an accusation that holds proof. In other words, they may not believe it, but they had to remove him because something is obviously wrong. I am not a trained professional in this area so please don't "take this to the bank". It's just my opinion. I am studying in the legal field right now, but I am by no means qualified in this area yet. This is just my opinion. I will keep both of you in my prayers and I hope everything improves for you.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      I don't understand the payment either, he may be responsible for paying fees to the foster family for care and other basic necessities, but there should not be a visitation fee at least in the three states I have worked in. Maybe the payments are part of a care payment agreement. Something to look into and something that should be researched. Care to share what state you live in?

    • kimmie2011 4 years ago

      Yes, the payment is a bit confusing. I agree with flacoinohio. You should do some research on the issue. I've never heard of that before. It sounds like the mediator (the person supervising the visits) is charging your father gas money(or some other personal expense). In my opinion, it's a fishy situation and I would definately suggest to your father to ask why he's being charged a fee for visitation! I would even go as far as to document the mediator's answer!

    • ibmalor 4 years ago

      taxpayer dollars not totally they recieve funding from grants you dont believe me look it up. when someone is accused and put on the substanciated list on the central registry the government pays grants to cps to keep their data base accurate.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      I have been under inverstigation for a month, I have a TDM coming up to see if they are going to send me to court as i have a history with DCFS a few years back. I gave my kids to the non offending parent this week so what will happen now? As i am technically not under DCFS jurisdiction. Will they go away or tell me what i can and cant do with my kids?

    • kimmie2011 4 years ago

      I'm sorry vera. I don't see how your comment has anything to do with CPS and I am a God fearing woman. That sounds like witchcraft to me! Can you please explain to me what your inquiry has to do with the topic we're discussing? It seems to me that you are advertising witchcraft! I will pray for your soul!

    • William 4 years ago

      I agree a lot with this column. However, I never had CPS enter my home initially as I was the one that brought in evidence out of fear of my son being in a dangerous atmosphere. I didn't know the "mess" I was getting into. I was involved with CPS in the past, but again it was my son's mother and her grandmother who brought them into the picture. However, this time was placed into foster care. He sent me a recording he made with his iPod that he did on his own. I felt I was doing the right thing. It all happened so fast that I didn't know what was happening other than I felt that this was going to turn out to be a positive situation for both sides of the family but most importantly for my son's well being. But now it's going on 10 months and I am afraid. I didn't know I was going to end up on a petition and have to go through court and do all these things that were asked for me to do. It started to take a physical toll on me which set me back emotionally and mentally and now I am still trying to catch up. But, each time I turn around it's one thing after another. First, it is one parenting class, then it turns into another. If you've gone through this, I don't need to explain. I still don't know any details of what I did other than then the petition says my son is found to be Neglected and his mother, grandmother and myself are having to go through all these hurdles. It's made things worse than better. I've finally come to realize that the Social Worker must have a hard job, but at the same time if I say anything it might get turned around in the next hearing. My son now has been through his third foster family. He was physically abused in one. It's been a total nightmare. It's taken me this long to get around to getting more of my case plan finished. But after twelve months they say that they can have my son adopted. I would much rather him go home. I feel if they would have helped prevented things at the beginning, maybe this wouldn't have led to this. But, things were weird. I felt everybody was against me. Till this very day I still don't know what I did. But, I'm over that phase. I love my son to death. For once, I stood up for my son and his legal rights. Because I said I wanted to file a complaint. Now they have taken my phone privileges away. I see my son for one hour a week. I didn't want to take chances after he was in abused in his first foster family, I wish I never made that complaint. Anything I do or say I feel like I am a serial killer. Their only complaint in the petition was that I didn't admit him to the psychiatric ward and went against the doctors orders. They didn't have any beds available and I chose to rather take him home because I bring him back instead of having him sit in a small room and wait for two or three days. I had already taken him to one hospital that didn't admit him. I am trying to help my son and now have to go through this? Something just isn't right. I know I'll never find out. I'm not worried to. I just want him happy and home at this point. It's caused me so much physically pain I can't count how many hospital and doctor visits I've been to. I hate to jump all over the place and complain, but this is the first time I've opened up. I have nobody to talk to that's been through this. I still haven't got the report back like I was promised of when his first father physically abused him. I don't know what to say or do. Maybe they made a mistake somewhere along the line. I know they a lot at stake if they make a mistake or if they're in a situation where they could place some child back into the home of the parent(s) and be held responsible. But I've never in my life seen anything or been through anything like this in my life and God I hope nobody has to go through my experience. Most importantly, my son's. I feel like I have let him down. ! I don't understand. Please pray. My son doesn't even act the same way towards me anymore. He seems so confused. This is the fourth time CPS was called out on the mother and grandmother (the first three without my knowledge) but again this is his first time in foster care. I've offered that the mother and I work together. Maybe group therapy would help. I'm out of suggestions and I wish they would not lie and keep coming up with more suggestions which I call hurdles. I'll be OK though. By the way, his in home services therapy now takes responsibility because they advised me to take him back to the hospital. I am sorry to ramble on. I don't think it's about the money. You hear so many horror stories out there. Maybe it's bureaucracy? At this point I am worn out worrying and talking about it. Sorry for jumping from here to there and rambling on. But this is how I have felt throughout this entire experience. Nothing I can do but do what they say and deal with it and pray for the best. I wish all of you luck. It's life and I don't try to put blame on anybody. I just love my son so much and he's totally different then when he first entered 10 months ago. We'll see. It is what it is. If it comes down to the worse I'll have to deal with it then. Never in my life. Oh well. I wish you all luck if you're going through a similar experience. That felt good to vent. Now I will go back to researching the internet for another thing they're asking me. I think it was because I made a joke to be funny, when I heard that the psychological test wanted to test logic and also take an IQ Test. Then I was trying to be funny, because the social worker always seems so quiet and depressed, and so I simply meant no harm when I said that wouldn't it make logical sense that being under this much stress it might not be the right time. That got turned around saying that "Mr. Doe doesn't know why he needs an IQ Test" Wow, talking about this is stressing me out. Wish me luck guys. I'll go practice with my kids old toys to see if I can put blocks together and tie my shoes. I have to use my humor to cope and I'm even lacking that. Oh well.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Vera is the second person to do that on this page, I think nicola was the first about two weeks ago. Be weary of these types of advertisements, they are seeking people out that are desperate and are willing to listen to anyone that they think can help them. These people are predators and are not going to help you in anyway except to try and profit from your unfortunate situation.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      Ok i wish someone could answer my post... Also, can anyone who wants show up at my tdm? My in laws that i donot have a healthy relationship have a healthy relationship with them and they want to show up to stir stuff up

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      What state do you live in?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Generally persons allowed to participate in the TDM meeting are the family, extended family, friends and neighbors, resource families, community based service providers, community representatives, CPS staff, and other professionals involved with the family. The goal is to have all participants involved in developing a placement plan that protects the child, preserves families/placements, or reunifies families in a safe manner. Parents are encouraged to invite anyone who serves as a support to them or their children. Youth are also encouraged to invite people that they see as supports. Childrens services staff may also make recommendations as to who may be helpful to the process, but the parent has the right to ask for exclusion of any of the participants, except for the OCS worker and supervisor. Hope this helps, most states should have the same or very similar policies and guidelines for Team Decision Making. Hopefully I am also getting the TDM acronym correct.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      California... My ex mother in law and sister in law which never see or call my daughter are going to try and start shit at my tdm... I do not want them there can they still go in my meeting? I am under investigation and the allegations have nothing to do with them and they are not there for support but to try to get my daughter. If i do not have a healthy relationship with them why would i want them to have my child... They only see her or call her like 3 times a year

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Tikasus, you may choose to exclude the persons you have mentioned. However, if they are part of you family support system they may be asked to attend by one of your children or your former spouse as they are quite possibly part of their support system. Keep in mind the goal for this meeting is to help your family as a whole. This meeting is not about who is going to have primary custody of your child, this meeting is to help reunite you with your daughter. While this TDM seems like a negative process, it's ultimate goal is to bring about a positive change which may involve the assistance of persons you may not get along with. This meeting is not a medium for family or other persons to achieve their own personal agenda in regards to seeking custody of children this meeting is ultimately for you and your children's benefit. This meeting is not the venue for addressing issues other than specific needs pertaining to the needs of your child. You facilitator should be discussing this prior to or at the very beginning of the meeting.

      Every TDM is different, I cannot guess what is going to happen or make any suggestions other than provide you with information that should have already been shared with you verbally or in writing. You case worker and your advocate are your best tools, use them regardless of how you feel about them they are there for you and your children. The author of this Hub and others like myself cannot give you specific answers about your case or it's outcomes because we are not assigned to your case and there is a huge risk of misinforming you which could do more harm than good.

    • Kimmie2011 4 years ago

      William, your case is a bit confusing. I don't know the full story behind why your children was removed from their mother and grandmother, but I do need to inform you that CPS does not remove children without proof of a bad situation. I know that you feel guilty for making the call, but if the situation was bad enough for them to remove your son and place him in foster care for a lengthy period of time, then it must have been pretty bad. From what I gathered, you have emotional issues which hender you from caring for the child properly. If I'm mistaken, perhaps you should retain a lawyer to help you get your child back home with you. I don't feel like working with the child's mother will aid you in getting your son out of fostercare. Apparently, they have most definately proven her unfit. I'm guessing that your son is a special needs child? I know the situation is hard and you are placing all the guilt upon yourself, but it was your ex that made the mistakes. You were simply trying to protect your son. You did the right thing. It is out of your control what happens once the child is removed from the home. You cannot place guilt upon yourself for the fost dad abusing your child. I can't see CPS adopting your son out without any evidence that you, yourself cannot care for him. You need to retain a lawyer and fight for your rights to your child! If you feel that you can't care for him, find a family member that can! There are lawyers online that will aid you in fighting for your son at low costs. Legal Shield is a good online firm. They are charging me $36 a month until we go to court. It will be a bit more for the court expenses, but hey allow you to pay payments. I suggest you google them. Get your son some place where you know he will be safe and happy. He's unhappy right now because he's confused. Just remember to show him each time you see him how much he means to you. Don't appologize to him for getting him away from a bad situation. If you place blame on yourself, he will too.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      Thank goodness they called today and cancelled my TDM they found they do not need to put a safety plan in place... Does this mean the investigation is closed?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Probably not, most likely they will provide follow up services and checking with you regularly. They will still probably create a plan for you and offer services to assist in any needs that may not have been addressed yet. They may monitor you for several months. Contact your case worker he or she should be answering this question.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Tik. No but it's a good sign.

    • Tikasus 4 years ago

      Thanks.. For all the feed back!

    • CharlaJoelle 4 years ago

      My husband and I have had CPS called on us more times than we can count, but there are two reasons for that, and neither one of them are fair to us or our children.

      1) Our youngest has autism, and because it's not fully understood by everyone, their first instict is to sic CPS on us.

      2) We've had them called on us a few times for revenge. (Friends who were upset at us, and just wanted to screw with our lives.)

      Never once has the case went on for more than a day (all the cases were closed, because there was nothing to go on)

      My thing is, the thing that irritates me the most about CPS is the fact that the parents who are called on, are not allowed to know who called on them in the first place. (In some cases, it's quite obvious who called on you, but whatever) If someone calls on you, and they find that you are in fact being neglectful/abusive, then you shouldn't know who called...BUT, if false aligations are made against you, I think it should be my right, your right, all parent's rights to know who is messing with your life. If this was put into place, I bet there would be a lot less false calls going out to CPS!!! Too many people use CPS to try to get even.

    • worriedsister 4 years ago


      okay so, my brother got into a heated argument with my mother and then everything started to get physical because he started pushing her until he pushed her to the ground and he fell on her he wouldent get off her and my uncle hit him on the back and i called the police because my brother then proceeded to try to attack my uncle cursing and yelling and then making threats on his safety. after i called the police my brother was arrested for agression and assult and was released a day later my uncle was not arrested because he acted in defense to my mother who is about five feet and my brother being way bigger and taller and had force as his weapon.when my brother was in the custody of the police they did a body exam as they apperantly do in all juvenille halls and they found that my brother had a mark on his back of the hit my uncle gave him so they being the police had to report what they saw, althought theolice had already seen this when they entered our home the day of the arrest and knew my brother was just out of control, now 3 days later a social worker shows up and sais that she needs to investiagte because of that one hit, she came and we coperated a lot just like you said because we have nothing to hide. there has never been abuse and she agreed that my brother needs anger managment classes and classes on controling his temper because he gets out of control, when she came she asked to see his back and my brother had nothing meaning it wasnt a bad hit but my mom did had bruises on her arms from the shoving and pushing and falling. she now wants to talk to my uncle because he wanst here the day she came, she was friendyl and understanding and my brother clearly told her that he knew eh was in the wrong that he had always had a good relationship with his uncle he told her he had never recieved any other abuse proir of and he said he felt safe and he knew that my uncle did it out of caring for his sister. she sais a detective also needs to come to interview the witnesses that being me and my aunt and my grandmother and she sais that this is all a process? is this true? if we coperate and if they see thaat even he is addmiting at not being in danger and all will the case be closed soon? my mom just wnats all of this behind her because she has been overally worried??? please someone reply i wnat comfort for my mom if there is any please and thank you.

    • Jen 4 years ago

      My kids were staying at a friends house and my hubby and i had a dissagreement. To where I was yelling I knew I had to cool down so I had left the house to air out my vent. The cops were called and due to a place a bruise that was caused by doing farmwork on my arm they assumed my husband beat me. And took upon thereselves to put a protection order against him and put him in jail for 3 days. Not allowing us to speak or have any contact with eachother. The next day Cps is at my door and made me put my children with the next of kin. When we went to court I find out that I was being charged with child abuse and neglect along with my husband. They made an illegal search of my house and down in the cellar they find a smoking device that we must have forgotten about from like 12 years ago but oh my god we were misfitsin there eyes and didnt want to listen to nothing. Im still without my kids. I was screamed and yelled at by cps with fingers pointing in my face and very abusive things said to me while holding my 2 year old son. They are making us look very bad with there lies and have hired two lawyers to take our case but I am very worried from hearing some of the stories that the judge normally sides with cps. On our first court hearing I have the prosecuter and cps worker hitting elbows and laughing out loud right there in front of the judge. I was wondering if you have any advice on where my case might lead for my children. Because my children are now suffering from things that have never been a problem but due to our seperation they are losing it and this isnt whats best.

    • sweetpeanut08 4 years ago

      Ok i have a question. I had a baby last February and dss got involved but after 6 months my daughter did not know who we where so my husband and let my mother adopt her since we agreed to put her in my mothers home. I just found out I am pregnant again will they get involved even though my husband is taking his meds let the doctors tell him to and he is doing a lot better he only raises his voice. Do they have any reason to come to my house? I don't want to lose this one.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      It is very likely that DSS will be involved.

    • CuriousInTX profile image

      Tracy Lewis 4 years ago

      Just wondering ... if there is no evidence of physical abuse but definite evidence of emotional and psychological abuse, do CPS workers put less emphasis investigating the report? The reason I ask is my sister in law has guardianship of her two youngest granddaughters. Her daughter is in prison for the second time in 13 years. The granddaughters she is responsible for are age 4 and 9. My sister in law tells the children she hates them constantly. The reason she was reported was because after she and the 9 year old got into a heated argument, the great grandmother was called to intervene. This really made my sister in law mad, and as they were driving away, my sister in law screamed in the most hate laced screech: I am going to F--king KILL YOU! Le--a (she specifically said the 9 year old granddaughter's name). The nine year old stayed with her greatgranparents over the weekend to allow the grandmother, my sister in law, to cool off. The greatgrandfather asked the 9 year old if it was alright with her if he called the authorities, but the 9 year old told him no, that she and her MiMi fight all the time, and it will be okay ... especially since her MiMi needs her to take care of her. Although the greatgrandfather did not file a report, another family member did file one. Prior to that incident, my sister in law became enraged with the 4 year old, slapped her across the face so hard the child was knocked to the ground, and then told the child, "I HATE you! I HATE you! I HATE you! You are RUINING my life!" and then picked up the child's toys and broke them with a sick grin on her face. My sister in law was visited by a SW this past Wednesday and she has proceeded to terrorize and harass the four people she suspects of making the call, and she has kept the 9 year old from leaving the house and communicating with any one. She banned the 4 year old from the house and that little one is now staying with her greatgrandmother. Will CPS take these incidents into account, or will they dismiss them since the children do not have any marks or bruises?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      CPS may continue to check up on them, it appears that there are anger management issues. Emotional and verbal abuse are issues that can still be investigated, the CPS worker assigned to the case will investigate and question the family thoroughly if she can. Parents or guardians who choose to not cooperate can make the investigation much more difficult to complete and will lengthen the process. Every report is investigated and if the CPS worker believes the children are at risk he or she will attempt to intervene and provide necessary services to assist this family. The author may be able to provide more current insight to your question.

    • CuriousInTX profile image

      Tracy Lewis 4 years ago

      @flacoinohio, Thank you for your response. One more thing I forgot to mention in my initial post is that my sister in law was recently awarded Social Security Disability Benefits for being mentally unstable. She has never shared with us her specific diagnosis, but only laughs and tells us she got it for being crazy -- yet she has guardianship for these two precious children. I really don't understand this system AT ALL.

    • jenn 4 years ago

      My boyfriends children were taken from their mother because of neglect and substance abuse around the children. He is a non offending parent but cps recently told him that i wasnt allowed around them because of false accusations of the mother about me talking bad about her and me fighting with my boyfriend. I am about to get my bachelors in psychology an early childhood so i know a lot about children I'm actually in a class sociology at of the family as we speak. can CPS say I'm not allowed around the children without a court order

      sociology of the as we speakfamily

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Jenn I wouldn't violate any instructions from the case worker. If the children were removed from the home and you and your boyfriend were living together when they were placed in their fathers care there is documentation. A court order was issued to remove children from their mothers care, the case worker will create a safety plan that is enforced by the removal order. So yes a CPS worker can say you cannot be near the children and enforce it with the court order issued by the judge to remove the children from their mothers care. You education and child knowledge is admirable, but not enough to be able to prove you are not a risk to the children's safety and well being. If the CPS worker needs to, he or she can get a court order just for you which could be something that would harm your career.

    • baffled 4 years ago

      i am baffled..please help me daughter was at a friends house..her kids were asleep..someone told her her exboyfriend was coming to beat her up..she gets her kids and starts walking away...exboyfriend already had a domestic battery charge..the exboyfriend, his sister, and his ex stepmother found her beat the crap out of her while she was holding her 2 month old..she was drinking cops came charge my daughter with neclect and child exboyfriend for another domestic voilence charge..did not charge the sister or the ex they came to where she was..gave her 2 kids to the sister that helped beat her up..i (the grandmother) went to cps to get the kids..the worker told me to bring my daughter up to cps to sign a waiver..i thought this was to help my daughter..not...she never asked anything about my daughters past like it said above..all she said was lanie had to take a drug test and then started asking her questions concerning i told her to tell the truth..she did and the sister that help beat her up keeps the kids..the charges has been dropped against my daughter..and now she cant get her kidsback until she goes thru whatever cps says to do before she can get her kids back..i tried to get the kids by doing the right thing but the sister did everything wrong and gets her kids...please help me understand how this can happen

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Yes they will but the child should divulge this information. Psychological or emotional abuse is very very hard to rule on.

    • veryconcerned 4 years ago

      My question is what are the accused legal rights. My son's wife has accused him of abuse to her and their baby. A medical examiner determined the baby has been abused. When CPS came to him about these allegations, he had not seen the baby in ten days because she moved out of the house and took the baby without a word to anyone. I was the last one to have the baby, gave her a bath and she had no signs of abuse. We have all cooperated, and my son has submitted to a drug test. In the meantime, the wife and baby have not been located by CPS.Her family has been hiding her and lying to CPS. We are worried sick about the baby's saftey because this abuse occured in her care to begin with. Why is my son not able to file a police report right now according to the CPS investigator, with his daughter missing?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      I can't think of a reason for a protective service caseworker to tell anyone to not file a police report for a missing persons report especially if a child is involved. I would like to ask two questions, did the CPS worker tell you this in person or during a phone call? If the CPS worker did not tell you this information in person, who told you and can you be absolutely sure this person is being honest with you? I think you are being misled by either a caseworker or whomever told you your son was not allowed to call the police to file a report.

    • veryconcerned 4 years ago

      flacoinohio - He told my son by phone that it would do no good because the investigation is on him so they would not do pursue it further. Even though we've fully cooperated, I do not trust this organization at all. It seems that they are twisting everything that we've said so far.

    • Bobbie V. 4 years ago

      Hi. I had a queston . My husband and I got a divorce and are no longer together. I had two past CWS cases where they adopted my newborn (at the time) now two and three year old out to grandmother. (We had domestic violence and they claimed that due to our violence was child negligence.) Anyways we divorced soon after we lost them I ended up getting pregnant from my new boyfriend and i am scared cws will take this baby from me also. Please can someone tell me if I will lose my baby and what i can or need to do? Additional info: one cws case is closed and the one with my two year old is in the adoption process. Will i be able to keep my baby if my ex and I are divorced and no longer together and I have prior cws case? yes we are still in same town/state

    • Bobbie V28 4 years ago

      Hi. I had a queston . My husband and I got a divorce and are no longer together. I had two past CWS cases where they adopted my newborn (at the time) now two and three year old out to grandmother. (We had domestic violence and they claimed that due to our violence was child negligence.) Anyways we divorced soon after we lost them I ended up getting pregnant from my new boyfriend and i am scared cws will take this baby from me also. Please can someone tell me if I will lose my baby and what i can or need to do? Additional info: one cws case is closed and the one with my two year old is in the adoption process. Will i be able to keep my baby if my ex and I are divorced and no longer together and I have prior cws case? yes we are still in same town/state

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

      Bobbie V28, in all honesty no one should be answering this question for you except your caseworker. Statistically people who are violent or who engage in abusive relationships tend to continue the cycle over and over. Those who are violent continue to be violent and those who are abused tend to seek out people who will eventually abuse them. My opinion is that if you are a violent or negligent parent or a repetitive victim of domestic violence it is very much possible that you may eventually lose this child. This is not a definitive answer to your question, it is an educated guess. As I said before, anyone other than your caseworker who is familiar with your situation would be foolish to try and give you a definite answer. Then again, the author of this hub may have some input which may be relevant to your question which could guide you towards getting your question answered.

    • nicolettemk profile image

      nicolettemk 3 years ago from Rhode Island

      My mother left my family when I was young and my father was an alcoholic. We all knew how he was but was not mean, was not violent, and was full of love. He loved nothing more then his wife and children. We were all teenagers. We were taken from him after a relative didnt think we were in good hands. I had only wished these people would check up on the parents after taking the children. My father died of an overdose a couple of months later- I would say he had the worst broken heart of all time having everything gone.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 3 years ago from Ohio

      I agree with you, follow up services should be available to parents who have children that been removed from their homes. With the modern concept of reunification there is better follow up by caseworkers but people may still fall through the cracks. I feel that there should be a branch of social services for people who are divorced, getting divorced or separated. Parents losing custody of their children to a spouse experience the same pain your father experienced as well as use the same coping mechanism. I am sorry for your loss.

    • tiffany 3 years ago

      this article is full of lies. Many truth is here but many lies. Most do recieve extra funding for removal of children. And trust me even if you pass a drug test (Several times) they can still place your child out of the home. Unless, your rich and can affford an attorney. Poor families are the ones typically targeted for removal. A lot of workers benefit from CPS (attorney, therapist, govt. workers., etc.). Do not let this article full you. Cps cases more a harm than good. Check the research and evidence out there

    • Uncogvunc 3 years ago

      Best of the Best!



    • MI dad 3 years ago

      I understand your arguments, and I know that most CPS workers think they are acting in the best interest of children, but I have seen several cases where completely innocent people are accused and families are harassed and tormented. As a result the entire family suffers including the children due to the increase in stress and tension in the family.

      The level of investigative ability also varies greatly, and I have seen completely false assumptions made. An example was at the end of a discussion with a CPS worker as they were leaving the home a laptop sitting on the edge of a counter was bumped and fell making a loud noise. The CPS worker never asked a question about the incident and later in the report we saw that they used it as one of their main arguments. They said they heard a loud crash that was too loud to be something falling so they assumed someone had thrown something in anger.

      Now a year and a half later a cps investigator came to the door due to a black eye our 4 year old got while playing with his brother, and they wonder why we do not trust them, have refused to cooperate, and have hired a lawyer.

      There is the concept of non-maleficence (first do no harm) in the medical community, and I feel that the whole CPS system needs to consider adopting this philosophy. I agree that child abuse is a terrible thing that needs to be stopped when possible, but how many innocent families are you willing to punish in the process.

    • yah right 3 years ago

      CFS does not help they only destroy. In my case there was not advocacy, there was no attempt to reunite and there was no investigation of mitigating circumstances. I am a BSW and now because a woman that did not know me from Adam reported me. I can kiss 6 years of collage goodby. My majors were in Social Work and Psychology and I minored in Human and Family Development. No body ever asked me where I stood or asked what happened to cause this report. It was determined that under the preponderance of doubt that my child was removed. I never saw a trial and no criminal charges have ever been pressed but CFS has labeled me a danger to children even though I possess twice the early child developmental experience as the worker on my case, I am no longer employable as a developmental specialist. There was no due process of the law, and beside kissing my career goodby off of misinformation, I have not seen my child in 2 years. Please do not sugar coat the issues here. It did not have to go to court for these people to strip away my life and there is nothing that I can do about it.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 3 years ago from Ohio

      It is sad that if the comment made by yah right is true. I would think that a person with multiple degrees and human services experience would do more than criticize Hub comments because they are "sugar coating the issues" while sharing yet another horrible CPS experience. Your education and experience gives you an advantage that thousands of other parents in your situation do not have and yet here you are sharing your story, what happened to self advocacy? If I were to be in your situation, I would be so loud about my case that everyone would listen whether they wanted to hear it or not. I would hire an attorney to represent me ensure that my interests are being protected as well as my rights. I would hire another attorney to sue every person and entity involved in my case. I would also sue for a new trial concerning the removal of my child(ren). I would not be whining about it on Hubpages.

    • kate 3 years ago

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    • ben 3 years ago

      hjere in nc, my ex wife's cps worker keeps wanting us to sign these mysterious papers and every other sentence she spits out is' or i'll serve you with legal papers' and now she's trying to force my ex to drop all of her aid she recieves for her and our two kids or sh'es threatened to take both of us to court. i'm pretty much sick of hearing her threaten to sue us every time she speaks. our split was mutual and we both agreed i'd paty all the bills instead of pay support . I actually keep $400 a month of my salary and use the rest to pay bills to keep them in a house with lights and utilities, but this woman wants me to pay more.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 3 years ago from Ohio

      Ben, child support enforcement needs to be getting the child support payments. Paying bills, rent, ect is not child support it is an " in kind" payment or in other words a gift. If your former spouse is collecting any form of assistance and claiming she is not receiving child support they are going to go after you even if you are supporting your ex wife by paying rent and utilities. Make sure you have receipts for every payment you have ever made, you will eventually be sent to court for not paying child support, especially if your former wife collects any money from state assistance programs. She HAS to say she is willing to turn her child support collection efforts over to them if she says she is not receiving child support. Have a legal aid lawyer look at you papers and have them explain the papers to you. It is better for you to pay child support and safer for you if you make your monthly payments to a child support enforcement agency. This is advice from a step parent having to deal with paying child support for children adopted after getting married and splitting up.

    • Franna Everly profile image

      Franna Everly 3 years ago

      I too was involved with DPS. Many times falsely accused and put through the ringer. My dilemma is the fact that anyone can make an accusation and it cost the family money that could have been spent on the children. They say there are service offered but legal advice is not cheap. It took over 7,000 to fight false allegations in my case. Eventually I would begin a strong regimen of taking my daughter to two psychiatrists and three counselors plus in home counseling. They believed she was Bipolar. However, anyone knowing the extremities of diagnosis, knows it takes years to actually get a doctor to say your child is Bipolar. She would rage. She would turn up the heat in summer or down in the winter if she felt anything was not happy in her life. Nothing good would remove this feeling. Her father and I divorced and separated when she was young because of abuse on his part. I believed I was a survivor. I was so wrong. He was able to get them to investigate numerous times. He walked out on her when he found a new girlfriend. He did not contact her for a year. She was angry. I had her in counseling because of her anger. She blamed me for his lack of calls and visitation. I tried to keep her occupied as much as possible, but at the end of each day, she had one focus.. what she was missing. She raged one day and I had to restrain her on the floor after throwing and hitting. When I restrained her, I sat above her with my knees up so I was not sitting on her or hurting her. She began whaling her head back and forth causing red marks on her cheeks as she hit my knees. She bit both of my wrists and brought blood. Mind you, not just simple bites but flesh wounds. I slapped her once. I was then taken into custody and was proven in the end of a very long battle a good parent, but I should spank her more. That was the solution. Being the parent I am I wanted to try other things and not their solution. Grounded her if she did not obey my wishes to pick up her messes, no calls if she could not communicate with me nicely, no over nighters if she was not in school and doing homework. I connected every punishment with the disobedience. Time passed and she and I became closer and easier to feel a sense of normal in the home. At first it was tough because she was still dealing with her feelings. However, when my ex (her father) wanted back into her life again, he let her know he would love for her to live there. It would be easier on him to visit her more and do more for her. Now this was just what a child going through trauma needed to hear. So she was back to blaming me for the lack of visitation. Plus, she was angry when discipline was given. Her dad promised he would not have rules.

      Time passed with inhome counseling and they felt it was the time she spent with him causing problems but without it there would still be conflict. DPS still acting on his words came out on atleast a yearly visit to find me studying and her happy. I don't do drugs, I worked, took her to her functions, took care of a home and being single juggled the rest of my life around that. Work, college, and a daughter at 13 was tough but enjoyable. I was content knowing I had the stable life and goals I was achieving. however, after a visit one summer with him and his fiance' she came back to tell me her dad said he could not get her because they would have to prove me unfit. So, the ball began rolling. She would stay at home with a neighbor checking on her every hour. She lived feet away from us and took good care of noting everything she had seen and what was happening when I was gone. Only just a mile up the road to work. She was her previous care provider, but this was a rial period to see how my daughter would handle being alone. Always had my cell phone and able to leave work at the drop of a hat, plus three other friends living nearby I was ok with attempting this. It was the best case scenario for trial at 13.

      Well, he decides to tell her to act out and not like it there. He would call and cuss me for not letting her do things. She began stealing money from me, he would make idol promises and not fulfill them and tell her to get the money from me. When I could not I was the bad guy. I let things just roll off knowing I was still in control of the situation and his threats were just that. It continued until she began running away, hitting me, threatening me with a studded belt, making threats to kill herself, breaking down doors to hurt me, and pretty well turning our whole life upside down. Never the less, When this began is when the psych and counselors were all beckoned to help and give me some answers. Could he really have that much power over her? In the end I had to put her into juvenile because it was what both counselors and psych's said to do at all moments of immediate danger to me. They knew it was not just words, but had to evaluate her further to know what was going on.

      One day at the counselors office she spoke to my daughter about how she was feeling. She said I am thirsty. So the counselor got her a drink. She threw it on me. The counselor after months of review at this office said she believed her father was abusing her in front of my daughter. Suggested I agree to allow them to send her to a youth facility to be evaluated. She was in rage over this. Begged me to send her to juvenile instead. I cried so hard it was breaking me. But I did as the counselors requested. Each time she ran off, hit me, or did something unruly I called the counselor and then followed what they suggested. believing in the system, I was very susceptible to bad advice now that I look back.

      She stayed there six days and I visited her when I was allowed and called each morning and evening. They had a psych on hand to evaluate and hopefully help her. Or so I was told.

      After leaving the first stay at the hospital, she was ok for a few days. After talking to her father, she would rage again. This time she went to juvenile again. I was told off in another room from the officer, if she came back again, they would remove her from my home. I was told I should have spanked her. I said why do you tell me that, but a slap was enough to accuse me of abuse? They said well, you will loose her if you don't. I still would not comply with that knowing she was not just an angry child. But after going back to the juvenile facility, (which her counselors said they could not take her away for), they contacted my ex to gain custody without my knowledge. Mind you, I had contacted him and he said he didn't want to get involved. I asked that he help pay for her care in a youth facility and I was trying to get her placed but there was lots of paperwork and some cost even if the state would pay part. He refused of course.

      the next I knew after visiting her everyday in juvenile she was being placed in states care. I could see her supervised. I did. I was bewildered. I felt like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown from the failing system to help save what was once a great relationship. I have tapes of her screaming and records which were not allowed as evidence. A case worker came out and investigated again, and said she found nothing of concern. I was clear. She asked to help me with her placement into a youth facility and allow her to get access to her records so she could make a proposal to the state to place her into the facility faster. I agreed. Sat in the office of DPS days on end filling out paperwork to get this done. I had missed so much college and work at this point I was financially devastated. I begged for help.

      two days later my ex shows up in town and wants custody. The courts offered me an appointed attorney. He didn't believe in Bipolar disorder. Gave me the number of the GAL to call him by mistake, or so he said, asked to have another lawyer appointed and I was refused. He said he had the records at hand for the initial hearing, and didn't present them when asked. He didn't even have an office. He had his business as a lawyer out of his car. I was told my her GAL that she was a normal teenager. Her meds were not given and she was fine without them. .. to be continued....

    • Franna Everly profile image

      Franna Everly 3 years ago

      ... she stayed in a home where her and other older girls went out at night unsupervised and were not required to clean or be home at any given time. She said they laughed when the care person told them to clean. there wasnt running water there and they found that to be true. Plus she was given twenty dollars and told to get food from a fast food place in the town where she stayed. the caregiver went to places and locked the door so if they came home too early she was locked out until they came back at a better time? DPS was told this right in front of me. (remember, supervised visitation), they took er to a new place, where she was able to slip out at night. That was for a few days until hearing so I felt at a loss to keep trying to shove her around as it might get worse. I did report it and made it known I was concerned.

      At what was supposed to be another preliminary hearing I was told it was for placement. the DPS worker said she could not get involved no matter what she knew. The GAL said he would adopt her, and my lawyer was late. Didn't return my calls and told me he was only there because the court told him to be.

      My abusive ex got custody. Even worse, after calling the courts two times a month for over a year, they never sent me paperwork to access my rights to visitation. My ex refused to allow me. When I got them, The GAL wrote them and from notes I took in court of precise words from the judge, they didn't allow me to see her unless she wanted.My notes said differently. That's not what the judge said. I could not contest it. I could not do anything but allow what had happened, I could go back to court but she was 16. they would listen to her wants.It would cost me another 5000 I did not have. he had it because his mother passed and he received 100,000 plus from a settlement from GMC.

      So, I let it go. Hard but what else does one do? DPS came in and did exactly as they said they would do..investigate, But she would not even stand up in court and say what she had told me which was the number of reports unfounded she had. All of them. My ex was able to manipulate the system and his past was irrelevant. he took her to a regular MD and had her taken off meds. Until she slipped out at night and our daughter raged on his wife after grounding her from her ipod. The my daughter cut her wrists. they brought her to me and said she was not allowed to come back there. yet, two days later he threatened to call the police because I was kidnapping our daughter. I took her to ER because her wrists wouldn't stop bleeding and made sure she told them the truth. She was given a tetanus shot and told if she attempted that again they would have to send her to a facility.

      He would send her to me without her meds. She would rage and go home and then he would try to say it was me. Numerous occasions I called for her meds and he would refuse and laugh. or come by at 11 and leave them in my mail box. He had her on birth control but allowed her to go out after he left for work as long as she came home by 10 when he would get home from work. She had several sexual encounters then and thought she was pregnant several times. Nothing to report cause I had to prove this was true and they denied it. But I heard and bought the tests. I knew if she was on her meds she didn't need to add to an already volatile situation in her life. When I seen her it was once every other month. Things kept escalating.

      The next few months, she was in and out of the hospital for attempting to hurt herself. Mind you I was not seeing her but a random visit here and there. I worked away from home to help me cope with loss and stay focused. I would get calls days after her being in the hospital. I came home on one occasion and spoke with the MD and Psych. He said the father had noted I was the problem. I wasn't around her. She had slipped out and he caught her and chased the boy she was about to leave with down the road. She went in the house and took over half a bottle of aspirin. He told her to throw them up so he did not have to miss work. I am glad she didn't. Her blood pressure had already skyrocketed by the time they arrived at the ER. The DR and psych both told me this. But not the noted asking her to throw up. They diagnosed her with Bipolar when I gave them the doctors names to contact. She was put on meds again.

      She is 18 now. He has given her everything and threatened to take it away if she has anything to do with me. Car, phone, money, and love. She has been here and on the phone with him and I have heard him cuss her like nothing I could imagine. I have called DPS and because his wife works for the state as a counselor for families, they do nothing. She has called, they told her she was telling lies. Other people have called and they have not done anything. Not even made a visit or checked. She ran to the police department when he threatened to kill her and they told her she was a run away.

      The system doesn't work. Not all DPS are bad, but I know for a fact many of them are not there to protect families. they are robots in a system or play God with families and their lives. The after affects of my daughter's situation could have been saved if they would have stepped in and stood behind their reports. Helped me get her into help and not allowed her father to have custody. I leaned on them to help as they stated they would do including be in court to report what I had done and was trying to do to help her. They were not. DO not expect anything more than a system that is broken when you are involved with DPS. I even wrote to my government begging for help. It was useless without 20,000 to hire a panel of lawyers.

    • Franna Everly profile image

      Franna Everly 3 years ago

      ... To add to the insult. She is pregnant. 18 Bipolar and pregnant. She has extreme mood swings and does not take meds. She is living with a boy who id disabled because of Bipolar and gets a check every month. She and him fight like cats and dogs. They don't clean. They always run out of money before months end. They stay up all night and sleep all day. Yet, now I have a situation where as a grandma soon I will have to call DPS on her to protect the child, but will they help. Any suggestions to another source of help? I am very leery to call DPS because I know of ten people who live in this town going to rehab for the fifth time allowed to keep their kids. I am a good mom. I take care of my home, always worked, and have tried the system that failed me. I have more resources of money now, but do not want to fight a battle that DPS would corrupt. I find if I help them, they want everything paid. I refuse. So when this child is born I want to know it's not just another soul lost in the system. I want my grandchild to be cared for and loved. i do not think they have the capacity to love the child and not think of themselves first. My daughter is half way through her pregnancy and expects everyone to hand her supplies for the child. if they don't she threatens to not let them see the child when it's born. I'm upset at her tactics but feel I need to look into the future and see the bigger picture.

    • angry and confused 3 years ago

      What I want to know is can CPS take your children out of the state with the foster parent without letting you know or asking permission on vacation then tell you they have the right to do this because they have temporary conservatorship of your children when you have not lost your rights. What happens if something was to happen to your child while on this vacation that you had no knowledge of can you then proceed to sue the pants off of CPS then

    • Muthroffour 3 years ago

      First, it appears most of you have trouble with a facet of cps ...this is not the same as cps. The entities you are having most difficulty with are called nonprofit service providers. Cps is the entity that they report to, and they twist a lot to make it worthy of their interference. I have never met a bad nor unreasonable cps worker. I have been reported on and investigated and dragged through court though. CRYSTAL. H .....please contact me. I can help you. I have been thru the fires in that area. I am not an attorney, just a very seasoned mum who went thru your situation, but did it in reverse. P,ease contact me.

      Now, cps will only make an initial visit to your home, once. Unannounced. To see you or the children and the home. If the child is in school, they will go there first. I recommend you allow the child to at least be physically seen, with you present. Advise children who are school age to request their mother or guardian present or no interview, no matter what. Tell the child the law permits a parent and a parents private attorney hired for the child be there for interview.

      Do not accept a guardian ad litem or a child advocate as the proof of the childs attorney. The court will appoint one, often long before you know there will even be a court date. Do not accept this. Hire a private attorney to also represent your child. This is most important. It will make the difference. The child advocate and the guardian ad litem are paid by the case,or by the hour, and always work for a nonprofit that subcontracts to the court and are the legal authority for the cps worker when she needs to know what is being found for reporting evidence.

      Nonprofit does not mean poor. It means they get more money and even more more money if they can increase their caseloads. They do this by writing grants showing more need for their "services". The greater the quantity and the greater the severity of the caseloads, the greater the federal dollars that are awarded to the nonprofit. They pay lobby professionals to push bills thru that benefit their chokehold on the american education and mental and medical health systems. They require a high school diploma, usually, and 16 to 30hours training for the workers who then supply such services as autism, behavioral, speech, medical, physical, transportation, medical and mental and emotional diagnostic decisions and medication recommendations, for all social, educational, special needs of every walk and color. 16 to 30 hours of training. A medical professional is required to meet grad degree and intern requirements to perform every one of these things. But if you let the ball start rolling, you will be crushed under the insane merry go round of no profit services providers. They profit only if there are troubles. They are firestarters. They create caseloads, make them more messed up, lie on their paperwork, and report all this to the poor cps worker and the overwhelmed and beleagured court as if it were all "proof". They follow no laws, and are not required to. And you are not required to obey them. But this is where it gets sticky. They will report you. For not accepting services. And? As soon as they have your name or address in any way in their roles, they themselves will make report calls to cps on you. Made up or not, they will do this because they are in the business of getting grant funds from the federal government. They must have problems that they are identifying and actively "working on" in order to get more money. The words advocacy and awareness will often clue you in that you are dealing with a nonprofit parasitical entity. Use two seperate addresses forever if you have been caught i. Their snare. They will always come back.

      They hide behind the legal power of cps, dhs, the family courts. They themselves break all the laws. In a good environment, they would use this power to identify truly desperate cases. Sometimes they do. But when there isnt enough of those, they have to create a little action or risk losing those juicy grants.

      Cps is professional, they are all grad degreed employees. They are not looking to swallow our kids i to the pit of never never land. But the child advocate is no ones friend. The guardian ad litem works for someone else. They are both employed at that time by some form of a nonprofit agency. They are no longer bound by any laws. The child advocate will present herself as representing cps, or as being cps, or as from cps.......ask for her id. Look at it. Call into the cps office to check. Do not call any number she gives you. Look it up while she waits outside. Chances are as good as any it is a child advocate. They will tell you anything. Guardian ad litemwill also say anything, but is forbidden to come to your home. They will insist the court has ordered that the advocate remove your child for interviewing somewhere. Do not do it. If the court or cps wishes the child removed, they will arrive themselves with proper papers. Police will be with them. But child advocates have brought police before and claimed they had a legal right to take the children. Ask the officer, are you here to remove the child or to protect the child advocate? Ask for the paper. If it was a court order, you would have been in court. The judge would have told you. If it is an emergency removal, the paper will be specific. The police will not ask you if they can come in. They will just come in. There will be a cps worker there, not a child advocate. A fully licensed state cps employee. Nothing less, if its truly legit.

      If you are already in the wheel, too late, you probably feel like a dead hamster by now. Get a lawyer. Spend 3000. Get the flip out of the grasp of these effing nonprofit service providers. They cannot make money if they dont attach to and make worse anything that they can never really help but which they can milk for federal grants forever.

      Remember the words awareness and advocacy.......that means that you and your family are not going to get help, but you will sure need it when these nutjobs are done with you. The court and cps are being bombarded by prodigious numbers of baloney cases like most of these, all so that the nonprofits can beef their federal grand profits by the squillions. Do not believe it. If they offer you services for free, they have you and your acquaintances and everybodys future families all logged i. To their budget plan for later, ready to tap on demand. They just look for something, and make those calls.......

      How do I know? I lived right next door to one for several years.....she was oh so nice, at first when she moved in.....and then i gave birth to a disabled child. My husband died. I was unemployed. I homeschooled three older children, had all their lives. We were active in the community. Small community. She bragged at the ramada inn bar a few too many times about the case she was working to create, about how the poor woman next door just wouldnt accept her offers of nonprofit social worker neighbors "help". Bragged about forcing me i to court so they could make the judge make me accept services for a very long and fascinating list. Too bad i heard about it.

      Do the math.

    • Muthroffour 3 years ago

      Remember. Cps will have a state or federal employee id. Cps will not engage in emotional baloney to confuse you or steer your words. Cps will listen. They will listen so do take care not to overstate. They will ask some questions. Mostly, they listen. They watch body language. They do not make recommendations for services right there and then, they will not produce papers for you to sign. That is what a child advocate or nonprofit social worker will do. Do not sign anything u less you have read it and agree with it. If it is not mandatory that you sign there and then, take it to a lawyer. Many have signed away custody of their children this way. Given children over to the state and agreed to "nonprofit services" before even a cps worker had been called. Many so called cases of neglect or abandonment are really called in after you give your kids to a nonprofit worker who said you had to do this....the cps worker never heard of you until the nonprofit worker calls and says hey, this family gave up their kids to me, signed this paper, and said take them. Then, cps comes out and duh, they take the kids. Nonprofit clown starts wailing with you about how unjust it is, how mean cps is, oh boy, court is gonna be so not let them do this to you. Read the laws of your state, every one. Then read the federal laws. Fed trumps state. State trumps county. County trumps city. Know the law. Then read the cps specific manuals for your state and your county. Print it out, put sticky notes on the corners.

      Dont forget. Always be the best parent you can be. And if someone offers you free help? Aint nothing free that was ever worth having. Do not vote for nor assist nonprofits. They pay no taxes, they do get donations and massive grants, and then? They dont deliver the goods as far as their "services". So why would you think more of them are good for people?

      There is a strange fish in the oceans. Cymothoa exigua. Cymothoa exigua extracts blood through the claws on its front, causing the tongue to atrophy from lack of blood. The parasite then replaces the fish's tongue by attaching its own body to the muscles of the tongue stub. The fish is able to use the parasite just like a normal tongue. It appears that the parasite does not cause any other damage to the host fish.[2] Once C. exigua replaces the tongue, some feed on the host's blood and many others feed on fish mucus. This is the only known case of a parasite functionally replacing a host organ.[2] There are many species of Cymothoa,[3] but only C. exigua is known to consume and replace its host's tongue. Another kind of nonprofit parasite.

    • Tiffany 3 years ago

      omg this is bs. LOL I was harrassed by cps. Bullied like a was a criminal. They refused to tell me my rights because they dont want parents to tell them their rights. They cant remove a child out of the home unless with a warrant signed by a judge and law enforcement to back the warrant up. Most imortant the states pays the advocate center by how many cases they have open. My daughter was taken into cps because I spanked her with a belt and it had left brusing. I have tried everything from standing in the corner, grounding, sitting on her bed to cool down. Nothing worked so i resourced to spanking like how I was raised. She just got out of the shower and wasnt aware she was still wet on her lets. I tried to spank her and she kept moving and turning the belt hit her legs. Next day I pick her up from school, the staff was very rude to me refused for me to get her because law enforcement wanted to speak to me. They asked me all these questions, i couldnt even see my daughter or say goodbye. They said cps was taking her and i needed to go up their to talk to the case worker and detectives. I asked if this was protocall they said yes it is. I called up their and talked to the supervisor she completely gave me a attuituid off the back started raising her voice at me and said i was going to be charged with child abuse. I told her she couldnt legally tell me I am being charged and she wasnt athority. She yelled more, i told her to calm and lower her voice to me and she laughed. let me remind you these people are suppose to be authority and professional They werent. How they are still running this place is appauling to me. I went and picked up my daughter and answered all their questions. After reading my rights as a parent on my own i have found out that they werent legally allowed to take my daughter with out a warrant. Also, They arent allowed to question my children with out a warrant. through this process I have been treated like a criminal. They stripped my other daughter down at school and didnt even ask for my consent which is the LAW.

    • grandma 3 years ago

      I need some advice and understanding my stepdaughter has 4 girls now but never had cps in her life up until now on the last baby she tested positive baby was taken from her and the other two were removed to the oldest was not because I have had her since she was 8 months old the judge was upset cause cps removed the other two so ordered them all back to the mother even the baby so since then they have came for a two hour drive to check on the oldest one I even took them to her school to talk with them she did a assment of my home and left I copperated with her and my stepdaughter is doing everything asked they want to transfer her over here she wants to attend some kind of program for her situation can they come and take my oldest granddaughter from my care in this situation?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 3 years ago from Ohio

      Grandma, it sounds as if your involved in a custody dispute but I cannot determine who the dispute is with. Your comment indicates that it might be with CPS or the judge that ordered the children be reunited with their mother. If she has been awarded custody of her children by a court order, there is not much that you can do unless she allows you to have custody of the child or you sue for custody. It sounds like CPS is not the issue unless I have misinterpreted your comment. I recommend contacting an attorney to review your case and discuss with you what your options may be.

    • Muthroffour 3 years ago

      Tiffany. You call it baloney. But you belt your child,mand while naked, and while the smaller than you child is wet amd in the tub. Baloney? Reconsider your parental choices and then see if it changes how your child responds, and how the world around you respnds. You incorrectly stated what you perceive is law and rights. Please, post the legal citations and statutes for me, so i might see how your state is able to circumvent federal law? Essentially, regardless of law, if you are aggressive, the cps workermight well match you. But i have never heard of it. Nonprofit social workers and advocates and guardian ad litems can be prretty over the top though. No matter how you respond to them. But there is the one thing to bruised a child, whose age is unknown to me, amd the younger the child, the more serious that becomes. The child must have expressed their feelings on the matter at school. Which means you are raising a sentient being through the veil of fear rather than the atmosphere of love and trust. And, you cry out against the "right" of authority to yell at you, correct you, and demand they respect your angry authority and your rights, while you verbally lash at them. Which is rather compelling reason for them to believe you might well be even more aggressive and "irrational" and overbearing with your small child. That is reason for police to intervene. You need to rethink how you love and raise your babies, rather than how to make authorities do what you want them to do. If belligerance made them "defensive", then can you consider that such behavior from you could actually have the same effect on your child, who is not even able to rationalize as an adult, yet? They do come here as blank slates. We teach them. We. Teach. Them. They learn from watching and hearing us.

    • Muthroffour 3 years ago

      Also tiffany...the states do not pay the advocates. If you are going to research for information, do it thoroughly. The advocates range from nonpaid casa volunteers to the "social worker" nomprofit employees who are given 30 hours training, in disneyland or aruba, at cool workshops, amd they are paid an average of around 45-65k a year. They are nonprofit. They are easily identified by a refusal to operate within any laws, by outright fabrication of laws and ordinances, by their hyper emotional appeal amd bullying, and by their insistance on the ever-useless "services". They will not have true city, county, state, or federal id. They will always advocate for removal first, amd they all operate a conjoined child crisis center, where such removed children are then interviewed by nonprofit entities using the most evregarious and emotionally abusive tactics to produce a....crisis. Then, they will take "evidence" of such crisis to the court to prove you are the cause. In fact, no matter what, it will always be something somehow that you caused, when it is a nonprofit social worker with whom you are dealing. Have zero emotions with these people. They are trained to eff with you and your children in ways that would land any parent in jail if said parent did that. Do not do it. All nonprofits are paid through federal grant awards, which are huge and very profitable. The federal grants pay by the caseload, the states never pay any money nor do they oversight these horrendous nonprofit entities. A true state or federal social worker employee is never going to try to create any crisis. They do not profit in any way other than their paycheck, which is the same regardless of their caseload. The two entities do not often even like each other. I am telling you, this is to your advantage.

    • Muthroffour 3 years ago more thing........the nonprofit social i detest them.......anyhoo......think of the nonprofit entities as a social work style version of.....AMWAY. Yes, that Amway. Because they are set up in operation and training exactly, as in complete clone of, the Amway Corporation and the Amway Style of business, training, percs, incentives, bonuses, raises..............oh i had to deal with that neighbor......oh my. Nonprofits are destroying the fabric of this country, and then they show up with more nonprofit you see where and how they destroy? They have no boundaries, follow no laws. Their goal is always the bigger federal grant. If i could wave a wand for only one thing to turn this country around, i would eliminate all federal grants for all social services and "faith based initiatives" unless massive legal oversight is involved. . Why? Because greed always supercedes good intent. And our families and our children pay a hell of a price for that unregulated and unchecked greed.

    • kelthotroge 3 years ago

      It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.


    • zara 3 years ago

      if child services came into my life cuz of drug use accusations if i drug test and its negative shouldn't they leave and close the case against me¿

    • sandie 2 years ago

      I need to knw what dose it mean when some one make a report against u and cps respond to it But dnt return

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 2 years ago from Ohio

      Sandie and zara, all CPS reports are investigated, there is no one that can answer your question better than the social worker who interviewed you. He or she should be the person that was assigned your case and would have specific knowledge concerning your case. It is extremely easy to be given inaccurate information or be taken advantage of when seeking answers from sources other than your local agency. You can seek assistance from your case worker or access general information on your local COUNTY website. Most are listed under FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S SERVICES, CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, or DEPARTMENT OF JOB AND FAMILY SERVICES.

    • Muthroffour 2 years ago

      Flac, not "all" cps reports are investigated. It isnt physically possible. Mostly, those that come attached to an authority type report are the ones that are "always" investigated. And you know this.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 2 years ago from Ohio

      Muthroffour, in my county there were a total of 1081 CPS reports made in 2013, each report was investigated and evaluated to determine if services were needed. What I know is that the number of reports made to CPS is not as high as people think. What ever your agenda is, you should make sure you are certain you know what you are talking about before attempting to correct someone else. And you know this.

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 2 years ago

      There is a whole lot of contaversy here in the is discussion - I think becaue some people who have never had to deal with the crooks at DHS do not understand - One person asked - how do they make money if they are funded by the state - here is the quick answer - they get MORE government funds for ever child adopted out - they want to take your child - How do I know this ? Well, because these are the things they taught us in the class to become Foster Parents, yes, I took the class - well, I left halfway through because of all of the crooked crap they were teaching us to do and the lies they were telling us we HAD to tell the children in our care - When they pulled crap with my own kids years later - I absolutly did not cooperate- and guess what - the judge told the CPS worker to Shut up - The case got closed and the harrassment stopped - no way are you required to cooperate and never, ever allow them to get near your children - Your children should allready know not to talk to strangers - and that includes strangers who come to their school to talk to them when you are not present - even if you do not think it could ever happen to you , still make sure from the FIRST day your child attends school that they have an understanding not to talk to anyone about their home life EVER- because there are crappy busybody teachers out there too that will start the whole DHS thing also.

    • Muthroffour 2 years ago

      Flac. Your county may be rather small. I can name several offhand that are so overwhelmed with actual bonafide reports and yet so understaffed for the sheer number of required reports that they cannot even begin to address them all. And if you truly bothered to look beyond your small rural county, you would see exactly this. Since you work as a cps employee in your county, it is really very easy for you to find out the very same iformation i am able to also access. And you know this. My agenda? I did not start a blog to troll for locations of horror stories. Nor do i hope to promote or desecrate cps. I have no agenda, and no reason to write such a blog.

    • Muthoffour 2 years ago

      Starme77......yes, you have entered a peculiar grey zone. You attended but did not complete foster parent classes, and that made you get flagged as a future target. Not so much by cps, funny enough, but by the nonprofits who trawl the databases in many interesting ways, to find families they can tag for future services. Nonprofits come in many styles. Some are great, others are the lowest scum of the earth. Those are the ones who have been found many times to be making false anonymous reports to cps about children, to the spca about animals, to probation officers about drug abuse, and so on. And dont think its any accident that they are the ones who first offer you services to avoid police or cps action, or to "make the judge happy on monday".....these nonprofits engineer the creation of your confusion, fear, chaos, child snatching, and the goal is to drive you into some truly useless service agreements before you get to cps or family court, or cat-hoarding court, or probie court, or whatever. They make money from using your name and family data on their grant writings, not on whether you need or get benefit from "services". No cps or dhs worker really likes being shadowed by those kinds of bottom feeding nonprofiteers, but it seems until laws are made to force oversight on those entities, all must suffer. Do not hand your kids over nor sign anything, unless a judge orders it, to your face, in a court, amd make sure it is the correct hearing and venue for that motion. No one will look out for you in there. No one. And even less so for your children. U til they pry my bloody lifeless fingers from my childrens bodies, no one will take my children without a full, specific court order for which i was present in court to hear the judge say out loud. Period.

    • Muthroffour 2 years ago

      Starme77......i am wondering.....was that class you stopped taking taught by an actual licensed cps employee.....or a cps "advocate" or a child advocacy social worker......? I am wondering. And it makes a huge difference in how and what you were taught. I am going to bet it was a child advocacy social worker ( ie, not cps), or a defenders association freelance attorney or employee of that association (ie, also not cps), or a version of the above. Get the name of the actual backing organization, then i can see just who was lying to you and telling u to lie to the children. There are a ton of these organizations. Many of them also trawl blogs and even write their own blogs in the hopes of catching a few more fish. Google and see. Not all are well intended out there. The best interests of the child is the very last possible intent, if it even is part of their intent at all.

    • Amber 2 years ago

      To me they are nothing but asinine drones who take pleasure in tearing new families apart. i lost my first child to these people because i was once a foster child...pretty much nothing more than that. they used my past abuse against me to gain a hold on my only son. these arent people theyre monsters.

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 2 years ago

      It was the State of Oregon Foster Care Program Ran by DHS

    • Barb 2 years ago

      What do you do when a worker comes and removes the childrend without a court order? this has happened twice to my daughter who lives in a very small town that has some corruption. It is feeling like a personal attack on her and both incidents she wasn't with the children. How do they get away with this?

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 2 years ago from Ohio

      Barb, you need to hire a good attorney.

    • exenatalks 2 years ago

      I had a question reguarding my dcs case that i hoped someone could help me with. They were called to my house a few months ago because someone called them and told them I smoke weed with my baby. When the caseworker came to talk to us I explained to her that my boyfriend and I do smoke on occasion but not around the baby and only when he is asleep and outside on the porch not even in the house. My mom had the same thing happen to her a few years with us and they simply drug tested her and talked to us and never came back. For some reason when they came to me my caseworker was telling me that now I have to submit to several more clean tests and go to a drug rehabilitation class in order to avoid going to court. I have been trying to go to my class but it is incredibly difficult because it is actually during school hours when I have classes (I am trying to get a business degree) and now because of school I have to go to double the drug classes because I have school that I can't miss. It has become more of a hassle for me as time progresses. I am tempted to call my caseworker's supervisor and see if i give them a clean drug test if they can just let me go because it is hard to try to find work, look for a new place to live and go to school and take care of a baby AND go to this bogus drug class. I want to hear from someone to know if this is a good idea. I feel it shouldn't be such a big deal considering when I do smoke I'm not around my kid nor am I neglecting him to go get high or anything, and I haven't even been smoking latley because of all of this stuff anyway. Well nontheless i feel like I really need some advice, no judgement, just some knowledgable words. The caseworker who worked with my mom literally told her that they "don't take kids away just because the parent's smoke weed" so why am I getting all of this trouble?

    • No Name 2 years ago

      Maybe you can help me understand what exactly is going on and why. My husband and I went to court to get custody of his daughter because she and her little sister were being removed from their mother. The little sister does not belong to my husband, but in an attempt to prevent further unnecessary trauma to her mental health we agreed to become a kinship placement so she wouldn't be separated from her big sister and placed in foster care. In the first two months we realized that we had bit off a lot more than we could chew. This little four year old girl had some serious issues and special needs due to being so neglected by her mother her entire life that we could not meet. We contacted the Conservatorship worker and advised her of this. We told her about the child self harming regularly and that we were also having problems with our own children accepting her. We advised the CVS worker that she should probably be placed with somebody who was more suitable to meet her needs. The caseworker asked if we would be willing to have a therapist come to our home to work on the adjustment issues with the children and address the self harming behaviors of the four year old. I figured it couldn't hurt. Another month went by and things were still just as bad or worse. In fact I was hospitalized for three days due to the stress that this situation had caused. I contacted the caseworker again to let her know that this was too much for us. She did nothing. The child constantly had bruises and scratches on her body either from hurting herself or from another child in the home hurting her. We had advised the caseworker of these issues regularly. Realizing that the caseworker was not taking me seriously I finally told her very bluntly that she needed to place the child elsewhere. She told me that it would be about a month before they would move her. In the meantime the self harm and everything else continued. One day the caseworker came to take the girls to visit their mother at her home. The little girl had fallen in the bathtub the day before a which left a bruise on her chin and back. I told the caseworker this before they left to go to the visit. When she returned to bring them home she told me that she had to make a report regarding the bruises and that there would be an investigator contacting us soon. She took the four year old and left her older sister and my two boys with us. Two days later an investigator came to my home and interviewed myself and my husband. They had also interviewed the older children at their school the day before. Everybody told the investigators exactly how the bruises came about. The explanations varied slightly only because nobody else was in the bathroom besides myself and the child at the time. I also informed her of the self harming behaviors and the issues with the other kids. Before the investigator left she told us that we would either need to find someone for my children to stay with during the investigation process or find someone to come stay with us to supervise us with our kids. My husband had his 85 year old grandmother drive two hours to come fulfill the investigator's request. Fast forward five days. There is a knock at the door around 8:30 pm. The investigator, one of her investigator friends, and two sheriffs were standing on my doorstep. The investigator said she was there to take our boys to foster care. She informed us that there had been an emergency ex parte show cause hearing and the state was granted temporary managing Conservatorship. She placed a "Notice of Removal" form on our table and told us to sign it. I frantically started trying to reach my lawyer and told her that I wouldn't sign until I had legal advice. She responded to that saying she would just say that I refused but it wouldn't look good for me. Keep in mind I never refused to sign the paper. Finally I was informed by the lawyer that as long as they had a court order they were taking my kids whether I signed or not so I might as well sign. Of course before signing I had to read the document. It stated that the reason for removal was that the little girl had multiple unexplained bruises and that the explanations given were inconsistent. It also stated that reasonable efforts were made to keep the children in the home. Neither of which are true. Now my husband and I are being accused of physically abusing this child and the DA is even requesting a criminal investigation be conducted. My children have been in foster care for over a month and we have been advised by our court appointed attorneys to go ahead and agree to a safety plan to get them back. We are trying to get them into a kinship placement so my older son can at least go back to the school he has attended since kindergarten. I guess what I want to understand is how exactly they were able to take my kids even though the explanations WERE consistent and not a single one of the four children, including the child with the injuries, made any outcry of abuse nor did any of the other children have so much as a scratch on them. My kids don't even get spanked. Now that I've seen the affidavit written by the investigator I strongly believe that they can write pretty much anything they want even as untrue as it may be and just because that person has a badge to legally kidnap kids her word is automatically gold and nothing I say or do will convince them that I did not hurt that child. The situation that my family is in right now is in no way, shape, or form "protecting" my children. If anything it is causing severe mental and emotional trauma.

    • Researcher 2 years ago

      Yes, CPS can and do hurt parents they don't like. Many are in jail for it.

    • Motherwithabrokenheart 2 years ago

      As a single mom, I have to play the disciplinary role more than I would like to to a 12 year old boy, who is now almost as big as I am. My mom and I are trying hard to raise this boy to become a man. Over the past couple years, he has began his acting out preteen phase, and regularly talks back with aggression. Making him complete his homework is an everyday battle in itself. I've been trying to get him to be responsible with his time and finish things that he needs to do and help out around the house--nothing at all unreasonable for a 12 year old. On one particular night, he was being especially defiant and screaming back at me when it came time to do his homework. I tried to be calm and talk to him about doing his work for almost an hour, when his complaining persisted, I thought it was time for some discipline. So, I told him to lie down on the floor for a spanking. If he had just listened to that there wouldn't have been a big problem, but he decided to run around the house screaming at me, which made me especially heated, so when I caught him, I slapped him in the face. That did it, he calmed down and did his work. I didn't think much of it. In my mind, the discipline had worked.

      The next day, he went to school--with a bruise on his face from the slap. If you are here, you can probably guess the rest. In the late afternoon, a CPS social worker and a police officer were at my front door. Since I have never had a run in with the law, I felt very intimidated by the officer. I did not know that I didn't have to talk to them. When they asked about the bruise on my son's face, like an idiot, I said that I was disciplining my child. They told me that since it left a mark, it was considered abuse, and that I was going to be taken in for questioning. My son came home from school and saw me get handcuffed and taken away. I was taken to the detention center and booked! I spent the night in jail -- it would've been longer, but thankfully I was bailed out the next day. I came home to find that the CPS social worker had come and taken my child away.

      I wish I had the money to hire an attorney, but sadly I don't. This nightmare is still in it's beginning phases, and I'm not sure what to expect yet. I hate that I need to sing and dance to their tune, when the freaking social worker herself agreed that they play God in this situation. They tell me that I should not see my child in foster care as a punishment for him, I told them that it was not I who was punishing him, but they were because they were the ones who removed him from the two people he has lived with his entire life. They talk about I need to be open to their help or else I won't get my son back. They tell me that they don't want to garnish my wages to pay for foster care. Implied threats don't you think? Yet in their twisted mind, they think that what they did was in my son's best interest. I'm sure this whole situation will scar him much more than that slap did.

    • IDISAGREE 2 years ago

      Are you kidding me with the whole social workers try not to cause emotional distress? My whole childhood life, CPS was doing just that. Taking me to small rooms with dolls and crayons. I was five years old. I remember it all. It scared me and still traumatizes me to this day.

    • greeving 2 years ago

      hi I was just wondering cps wanted me to do a psychogical test through them and as they have mislead and falsified info.I don't feel comfortable doing it through them.Would It help my case doing it on my own free will without cps finding out the results until the evidence court case.Ive already been to a councillor a while back and the only thing I have is depression on which I am on drugs for.

    • greeving 2 years ago

      contact back on I heard from the judge that the law has changed in Victoria and they don't accept hearsay anymore and they want factual written info by specialists?is this true?

    • kayla44 2 years ago

      Is their a way to find out who has called social services?

    • Monica Norris 2 years ago

      This article is interesting, and it pretty much is accurate on how the workers are suppose to act, as laid out in training, requirements, and regulations laid out in the hand book, but that is not how they act on the job. Seen in action too many times, through experience and advocate for families who have had their children stolen by the system, with no signs of abuse, for very little reason. And nine out of ten times these children suffer advise the very first time when they are placed on foster care.

    • johana 2 years ago

      im 15 , i share a room and bed with my 10 year old brother & my mom , is it okay with cps ? or what should we do please help

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 2 years ago from Ohio

      Johana, this is not the right place to be asking your question, you are at risk of receiving inaccurate information. If CPS is involved with your family it is because someone somewhere felt that your family's sleeping situation is inappropriate. Without assuming there is some sort of physical, mental, or sexual abuse occurring in your home, I would guess that your family has a logical reason that three persons are sharing a single bed, most likely it is due to limited financial resources. You should expect a social worker to not be okay with your current sleeping arrangements, even if there were no implications of some sort of risk to you or your brother. I would expect a social worker to suggest each member of your household should at the very least have a separate place sleep (your own individual bed, futon, mattress, sofa bed) and ensure that there is an area in your home that allows each member of your household a reasonable amount of privacy to bathe, toilet, and dress/undress (preferably a single entry room with a door that obscures entry and prevents observation from outside of the room). It would be better if each of you had your own bed room or at the very least you and your brother had a bedroom separate from your mother. I would like to say more, but I think answering the question asked would be most appropriate without violating your privacy or implying there is something wrong with your family or your current living situation.

    • Johnk566 2 years ago

      I like the helpful information you provide for your articles. Ill bookmark your blog and check again right here frequently. I am quite certain Ill be informed many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next! kafkggafbeeb

    • none 2 years ago

      Yes cps does make money from taking peoples kids. They charge the parents child support when they forcefully take your child and place them in foster homes.The more innocent people they force to take services the more funding they recieve. It is job security for them. There is no real incentive to put the children back in their homes. Once a child has been kept in the foster care system for 15 to 22 months the courts can terminate a parents rights. And thanks to a program passed by Bill Clinton for every child that is adopted out of foster care a 4,000 to 6,000 dollar bonus is earned. The bonus goes even higher if the state or county has more than succeeded the quota for adoptions for the year. Yes. They set a goal for how many kids should be adopted based on population and ect...and of course the courts agree because it is job security for them as well to snatch peoples children and keep them even when the child was in a safe loving home. Think about all the people who benefit and get paid from these types of cases. The judge..foster parents...cps caseworkers...gurdian ad litems...public defenders. unfortunately unless you have ever dealt with cps personally you will continue to be the naive person who believes they are simply looking out for the best interest of the child. And let's not forget that their safe havens they call foster homes....federal studies and statistics show that children are 6-10 times more likely to be abused or neglected in foster care than in their own homes. To these people a child is a bargaining tool rather than a human being. They will dangle your child over you like a carrot and tell you just do what I want and you may be able to get your child back. Even in unsubstantiated cases where they pulled your child from your home on a so called emergency situation they will not return your child untill you agree to take services or you dont cave in..go to trial and fight like hell to prove they where wrong. This takes a damn good lawyer because a judge will want to believe their lies because they are on the same team. Siding with cps will allow the courts to keep the child from the parents even longer or require future court dates. Job security. This caseworker on here is so full of shit. Their favorite line is we are not the enemy. Lol.

    • close to done 2 years ago

      Does everybody in the home have to have a bedroom or can one sleep in the living room? I have been sleeping in the living room since I moved into my bros house because of back problems I can't sleep flat. I have done everything dcs has asked me to do but am worried that is going to keep them from giving me my son back. Can someone please help me I have been worrying myself sick and nothing online has been helpful at all. Thank you

    • CTParent15 2 years ago

      I wish CPS workers can be held liable for causing PTSD, anxiety disorders and paranoia because of the way some of them treat people. Even good people with nothing to hide that have anxiety, ptsd, etc caused by the behavior of CPS workers.

    • concernedmom 2 years ago

      my ex husband has had cps called on him twice by the school. I don't disagree with them calling since what they are accusing him of is true. I don't understand why i haven't been called this second time around and my kids and the police have already come out. Im scared i don't want my kids to be taken away. I live out state and I don't know what my rights are? My ex doesn't take care of the kids the way he should , we have an older son who is blind and there are needs that my ex is not meeting. Will cps try to take them from both of us? IS there things i should not discuss with cps?

    • Johna19 2 years ago

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    • dmom 2 years ago

      I think most cps workers go into the job with good intentions but for some the power corrupts and they get a thrill from treating parents like criminals with the ability to take their most precious items, their children, for these workers their should be a way to punish them rather than letting them get away with it time after time.

    • Ivey Austin 2 years ago

      I am sure there are ss workers out there that do really help the children and the family,but the couple that I have dealt with locally are no good liars and they are the worst people I have ever known!There superviser is a complete idiot and you know what they say about karma and I hope they each one get a huge taste of it!I wish the best for there children,they have nothing to do with the way there parents are!I am so proud of my daughter and she deserves to have her happiness back!I hope I make it through this without going to prison.Prison doesn't worry me one bit,it's being away from my loved ones.Sorry,but I am so bitter right now!I wish the best for anybody that has had to deal with the worst ss people like I have here in Dare County,not all of them just a couple and there supervisor! They know who they are!

    • sickandtired 2 years ago

      I know there are amazing cps workers out there that really want to help the children that need helping. As a mother of two young girls it is frustrating when you are the parent caring for the children 100 percent with no help from the father and the father and his wife have been dealing with cps for over a year now. My girls step mom was addicted to heroine and anything else she can get her hands on when cps finally got involved they did nothing after the first failed drug test or even the second. They didn't contact me when the police and cos went to my kids dad's home due to partying and violence in front of the kids. It was my youngest child that called at 1 am crying because her step mom was going crazy and beating on her daddy and saying crazy stuff about being attacked by stuff that wasn't there. Needless to say I rushed to my girls and brought them home. Unfortunately due to the idiocy of the father they have had to deal with cps interviews all the time for a year. Here is the kicker I have allowed case workers in to talk to the girls so they could explain why the didn't feel safe going there (they explained about the step mom passing out with them in the car and running cars off the road. How she always yells at them for stuff that isn't real things she thinks she sees.) So cps decides the methadone clinic is best for the step mom that was part of her care plan this is a joke. So now she is legally on over 100 mg of methadone a day higher than a kite and cps acts like she is an angel. When I refused to send the girls there since they bawled not wanting to go because their dad is always gone and they are left with her the following week cps is visiting my kids at school accusing my husband and I of drug use lol. I now have to allow them in my home again the kids hate this they don't want to talk to them anymore but they are trying to catch me up when I have done nothing wrong my kids make a b honor roll and go to school like they are supposed to but I am the bad guy. Where the step mom has had 5 open cases in 5 counties her 10 year old has been to 7 schools. I think it is time I stand up to them. I do not use drugs but I will not take the test if asked I have rights and they have no evidence so the court order should be fun to obtain. They can search my home high and low and will continue to find Nothing but I am going to fight for my rights and my children's rights I am over it.

    • Frits Flemminks 2 years ago

      I have delt with the ministry office in Surrey B.C. for over over 2 years. Addvice to you if your dealing with them. DO NOT TELL THEM A SINGLE WORD. Get a lawyer and go to trial and set court dates up ASAP.

      They are not there to help you or you child.

      They do turn your words around and all the horror stories you hear are %100 true.

      The more you talk the longer it takes. The less you talk the quicker you get your kid back.

      This being said

      If your doing dope and your a fall down that neglects your child than disregard what I said. You do not deserve your child and let them go.

      For those who are good loving parents an just a bad time in life.

      DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND That working with the ministry is going to help your situation. The less they kmow the better

    • Johnd814 2 years ago

      Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, regards . A man may learn wisdom even from a foe. by Aristophanes. fgefccbfdfkk

    • Jen 2 years ago

      There is rightdoing and wrongdoing.

      Just beyond that, theres a field. I will meet you there.


      I speak from personal experience, as well as through testimony from others, and review of the available statistical data.

      CPS is a broken system. I understand that these are the suggested guidelines.

      I also understand cognitive dissonance. google it.

      There is simply an element missing from this equation. truth.

      I see the disconnect between all State and government workers. In particular Social Workers.

      You all, are well intended, but at the end of the day, youre just doing your job.

      If you have clear vision of a case, from start to finish, and bear the responsibilty for the outcome, then there is accountability.

      This, simply isnt happening.

      I would love nothing more than to think you did do as you intend and detail.

      If you have any factual evidence to support this practice, please provide.

      My experience has been with CPS having "opinions" and preditictions of things "likely" to occur.

      There is a very dark side to society. So base and unimaginable that noone would even consider the possibilities. If we have not the eyes to see......

      one thing is definite. the way the state gets you all to obey mindlessly is by keeping you reasonably secure, and fear of losing that.

      another way is to create bureaucratic chaos. a has NO CLUE what b is doing. There is no start to finish.

      Its power, hierarchy, distraction, and good ole cognitive disonnance.

      In any case we surely are going to destroy the human race if we dont end child abuse.

      We cant however, correct an issue that we dont know exists.

      Cognitively, our human brains autonomously choose a truth that is much, much gentler than reality.

      Can we try to consider the children? Please?

      Thats the only discussion - what about the kids.

      If you choose the position above the highest order- you choose what kids go with what parents - you better be on mf point. Thats messin with god.

      I literally have never once in my life heard anything good about Child Protective Services. Ever. Again, I've looked.

      Im disturbed by the reports I see. I will be grateful and relieved to think the

      State sorted itself out.

    • oliviasummer 2 years ago

      Have anyone gone through process called Fair Hearing withCPS? It might go by a different name in some States. I can tell you that it is bunch of nonsense. I took my advise from site and ended up our case overturned only because we were able to prove that investigator not only fabricated kids medical records but also mandated reporters testimony. It was quite accidental. The investigator had disclosed to us who mandated reporter was which is against the law. Neverless it worked in our favor because we communicated with the person through email. The person was very cocky about her position, young and quite brainwashed. I hope it was an eye opener for her when we confronted her with contradictory testimony that she supposedly had provided. In short CPS had made up quite a few facts. In some States you can get penalized if you make a report against someone in malice. Im sure there are penalties for deliberately and viciously distorting the facts and laying to the agent of the State. Wells CPS to bolster their case also had to falsify kids medical records accusing parents from not providing kids with anual well checkups and immunizations. Another lie. This come as a courtesy of our now ex pediatricians office. They so stupidly would put themselves in a position of being sued by breaking HIPAA, disclosed info without ever verifying who the caller was. When we got the results of the Fair Hearing never mind 40 business days over the time alloved by Law it was still full of lies. Its quite unbelievable considering that each Hearing is recorded they still lies. Believe me when I say, the CPS iscorrupt to the teeth. Every step of the way it has been about how are we going to cover this up not justice. I guess we ended up too big of the fish to swallow so they decided to drop us. Who ever gets to prove that they fabricated the mandated reporters testimony? I had called the Commisioners office untill they put a bafoon in there to answer calls who doesnt let me leave a message for nobody at the dame time the governors office would shuffle you away as soon as they heard the name CPS. All the government entities communicate with each other. Its all about the money and nothing but the money. Cover up after a cover up All the way to the top. In my state CPS just got promoted to another cool 50million how much abuse can be inflicted over 800million of taxpayers money alone? Thats right tax dollars. Anyone who pays taxes sponsors these atrocities. So everyone should start to care. Because the only way to keep this beast going for it to find more and more victims. Educate yourselves please and share your experiences. I have learned so much from posts. Again visit massoutrage. com it was a tremendos help. Sorry for any misspelings im trying to get a hang of my new phone. Dont give up!

    • Bill 24 months ago

      So basically a CPS worker can come into your home based on anyone's whim to harass you by calling DCFS. When they come, they will ask to violate most of your constitutional rights to privacy and, I you refuse, it will be assumed you have done something wrong and they will get a court order and/or double harass you for not falling into line and doing whatever they want. You know, to protect you-lol.

    • maggs 23 months ago

      Csd showed up with cop..told me they were taking my son to my mothers..caseworker wrote down on paper the time and place for day..was it legal for them to take my son?

    • MJ 22 months ago

      This person in this article works for cps. They state it and you can tell by all the bullshit lies. Cps is not allowed to talk to your child before talking to you and they do have to ask permission. Cps is out to destroy familys and take kids. Thats all they care about. They get Money from the state per child and the worker who removes the child or children gets a bonus on there checks. Even if they have to make up lies on you to get your children they will

    • jen 22 months ago

      I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the recent case where two children were allowed to walk home from the playground unsupervised. CPS became involved because apparently, letting your child walk unsupervised is neglect? Personally, I feel that this is a gross miscarriage of justice, infringement upon parental rights, and quite frankly, it scares me that CPS can dictate how you parent to such a degree. By this logic, my parents, as well as every single other parent of the other children who attended grade school with me, were negligent parents. Of course, thus couldn't be further from the truth, but it seems CPS makes up their own version on the truth at times.

    • jamie 22 months ago

      Obviouslyy a child protective services agent wrote this article. THEY DO GET A STIPPEND WHICH IS A MONETARY REWARD FOR EACH CHILD REMOVED. it's also their JOB to reffer you to different services they tell "you need, you and your kids can benifit from" the cps agency is the very services they recommend to families, so its a huge circle of funding.. I know my rights, and will nit be pressured into doing any of the services as I do not have a case plan and have done nothing wrong

    • anon 22 months ago

      This person is sugarcoating cps,to say the very least. They don't care about families or kids, or even the truth. They lie lie again, then lie some more when they go to court. The initial removal info in the ISP for our case was completed filthy lies. Lowest of the low.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 22 months ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      I simply cannot respond to every comment as there are so many, but I want to say a few things.

      1. I am a FORMER CPS investigator. I said that. Several times now.

      2. No matter how much anyone wants to say or believe it, it is beyond ridiculous to believe that CPS workers are given a "bonus" or a "stipend" to remove a child. As I've said, that IS the very very last thing a CPS worker wants to do. CPS workers are given a salary like any other state employee and receive absolutely NO performance based bonuses at all. I can't believe people believe this. Utter nonsense.

      3. I would love to personally talk with all of you regarding your specific situations, but it would take me far too much time and I can't possible know all of the factors. I cannot give any advice to you. It would be unethical.. even though I no longer work for CPS (or even live in the United States! haha)

      4. For everyone who gave me an eff you and hoped I burn in hell... I'm sorry for what you've gone through or are going through. For everyone who has said thank you or exhibited support, you are so very much appreciated. :)

      5. CPS workers do the best they can. It's a very very very hard job. Thankless, low paying, high stress, intensely long hours, and a lot of bureaucracy and BS. They put themselves in danger, OFTEN. They see gruesome things that most people do not even believe can really happen. They do not do this because they just LOVE to take children away and are evil spawns of Satan. They DO IT BECAUSE THEY TRULY CARE ABOUT CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.

      Ok. That's all. I'll be back in 2 years to comment again. Hahahahaha.

    • Noyb 21 months ago

      NYC cps are lazy. Kids die while they harass better-off families over nonsense bc they don't want to venture into the projects.

    • all4football65 21 months ago

      I know of someone who is in trouble! Now when the mother was asked not even told all the allegations she said yep yep yep she said they said cps would take her kids away. Now upon going to cps office she told them no after the allegations were read to her they tried calling her a liar now she gets an appearance paper from the court to be a witness for the prosecution. So was she threatened? I believe so even though I would have said leave my property.

    • Mark 21 months ago

      We allowed CPS in our lives 2 years ago to help they did. But now they are using our past to harass the hell out of us. my 12 year old grandson wanted away from his father (he is homeless but try to live here) Gson lied to CPS they took him. found the lies were untrue will not correct the report will not let Gson tell us every lie told.

      We told CPS we don't want him back. CPS is demanding drug tests. We did do the first test but refuse any more. We are both clean.

      when they interviewed our children they tried to get the to admit to thing that are not true. When my eldest daughter called CPS on this they got mean are rude, but till tried to force false statements.

      We just want CPS out of our lives. We will move out of state to get away from them. We do not want to leave our elder parents. Both daughters do not want this.

    • Eric Korbly 21 months ago

      Every parent should talk to their child about CPS, & make sure their kids know that these people are out to trick kids & steal them. Which is basically true.

      CPS doesn't have the credibility & simply isn't worthy of being trusted with their power.

      Never let them in your house.

      When they ask to visit ask to visit their house, tell then you'd like their home number so you can call & stop over. Now they know how you feel.

      Make sure you keep a written log. Get their full name, area of study, their work license #, supervisor name, & what state or federal level agency the entire organization answers to, everything you can. After asking cross reference what they are obligated to tell with a google search you to make sure they're honest.

      Then do a time intensive internet investigation on the case worker. Most of us know a computer wiz & asking for help is the way to go. Start with a search that looks for alternate & people based search engines. If you can pay a few dollars at a few sites to get some real goods.

      CPS isn't out making lots of friends, post on craigslist asking for other people to give up some dirt from when CPS falsely accused them, maybe a case number gets dropped in your email, a case number where it's on record that they acted in a way that is dishonest.

      Don't believe a word they say. If they could enter with a warrant they wouldn't bother making treats, they'd just do it. When real crime happens, there is usually evidence & when there is the police are called by CPS or whoever. The best thing to do is to not entangle your life with them. Meet in a neutral place once if you must. Say little, come prepared with questions for the investigator, remember you have an investigation & if you spend time on it you'll have questions. Just because they don't answer doesn't mean you can't ask. But try these: "Have you ever been falsely accused?" "Do you have biological children?" "Do you abuse your kids, yell at them, or hurt them?"

    • Johnk266 21 months ago

      Good website! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I'm wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a great day! kbdbkcbfkkfb

    • Debbie 21 months ago

      This is all lies my sons worker Mike Kalbida removed my son from his grandmother never to be heard from again no court papers as to why no phone calls wont even except calls from any of the family if this is not a law suite please tell me what right cps has to do this to people I was never given papers when my next court was my sons dad went to jail the day he was suppose to go to court so they took his rights this is his only child

    • Treetopp 20 months ago

      iam trying to get custody of my nephew he was took frm my brother ...i stop smoking to get custody ...nd i have a meeting with CPS ..can nd will they drug test me at trhis meeting because i want custody or will they not drug test me scared it will stilll come out positive for weed but i havent smoked in a while for the sole purpose of getting him??? any answers

    • emh 20 months ago

      Wow...youre promoting that cps is good and to cooperate....if a child is actually truly in danger or truly being abused, then yes do what youre supposed to. There are 98% of parents "cooperating" and still loosing their children. My daughter was born during my open cps case and right after giving birth a case worker tells my hubby and i we cant take our newborn baby home " you have to find her a family placement or we will put her in foster care*. Cps is evil and they take advantage of parents once they remove your children. They stay violating you parental rights. By the way, cps gets thousands of federal money each for each kid they remove, put in foster care, adopt out, and they get paid even more for the judge terminating your rights. all of this has been exposed. Do the research yourself. Cps workers protecting the cps image when in reality its corrupted

    • Robert DeVres 20 months ago

      CPS AGENTS ARE NOT WORKERS. If an employee has the power to deprive you of life, limb, or liberty, they are not workers, the Agents for the repressive state apparatus. Ans such, they are enemy soldiers more or less, as far as radical libertarians and anarchists should be considered. DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! IF THEY COME INTO YOUR HOME WITHOUT A WARRANT, if you live in a 'castle or stand your ground," state, you might as well just knock out anybody who comes into your home without a warrant. That's the lesson I learned.

      There was a case involving a man named Matthew Curnalia, and because of his case, if you own a hammer in the state of Michigan, you just bought a lethal weapon, and it's presence in your home can now be used to convict you of a felony. Literally having any weapon in your home, in Michigan, is now a illegal. Just by owning it, you are threatening a police officer.

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 18 months ago

      After having taken the foster parent class I have to disagree with this entire article. As soon to be foster parents we were taught to take children away and we were also taught all the steps we will be following to help CPS to do just that. There are major tax incentives for adopting children out both for the state as well as for the people who adopt.

    • jd1968 18 months ago

      I know personally how vindictive and harassing a whole cps county department and in particular the director that backs up her case workers every time they violate anyone's constitutional rights if u can't afford an excellent lawyer to file a case n federal court to sue the cps department over ur case then u pretty much do not have a voice or any parental rights or say so about what happens to ur children. My case has been ongoing for almost 2 years, my mother currently has custody of my children, but cps filed for a protective order against her whenever she took custody! The entire year she was considered to b their foster parent there was never a hint of any concern about her abilities to care for them but as soon as this corrupt dept. Was able to ensure custody was going to b transferred to someone other than mw and their father, they started on my mother. In less than 2-3 months after 63 years of parenting she has already had a "report" against her foe violating the protective order!! My mother is a retired nutritionist assistant for a local state health dept. And has made the statement that she had seen the same exact situation happen with her clients during her time of employment at that health dept.!! That this same corrupt dept with the same corrupt director would ensure custody was out of the birth parents hands, place custody with the grandparents who had been taking care of the children since the onset of the case and then claim the same grandparents they had praises for doing so well with their grandchildren have report and allegations against them until they get custody away from the grandparents in order I suppose to appear to follow wanting to place children with family instead of strangers only to n the end have some sort of secret agenda to adopt the children out to awaiting strangers and their birth parents therefore never would have the opportunity to b a family with their children again because cps knew once their involvement with the grandparents came to an end that the grandparents felt the parents were capable and loving parents and had the goal of returning the children once this corrupt cps depts involvement was over only to have this dept undermine the children's chances of ever being a family again with their birth parents and grandparents both!!!I want ro restate my mother as a worker for a state health dept has had this not only happen now personally to her but also to more than one of her past clients during her employment!! Also, my brother briefly worked for an adjoining counties cps department and quit after only 4 months because he did not agree with the illegal and immoral actions he was being asked to perform daily, such things as what he felt crossed the line into stalking, harassing, and spying on families he was supposed to b investigating and trying to come up with ways to help them and keep them together!! He has also stated that if a case was closed , and the worker wanted to just check up on their former client even though no new reports had been made, that the other workers would take turns n the office filing anonymous false reports in order to just b able to stir up that families investigation again!! Another acquaintance I know worked for a community action agency that contracted a couple of programs for this cps dept and she quit also staying to me what my brother had stated occured regularly about filing false reports to enable a worker to reopen and investigation on a families closed case!!what I want ro know , is why so rhwae former employees stand up and voice what they have witnessed as far as corruption goes n order to possibly enact swifter change and progress towards a parental rights amendment that is current being lobbied for?? Their voices would carry much more weight u would think than what other community members that have had no involvement with the dept as disgruntled abusive and neglectful parents?? People c the corruption nationwide daily, why do most not take a stand for what is right and help end the corruption that is cps?? I should also mention that the caseworkers n this dept have been known to take bribes from other family members if they agree to return the children to their parents quicker than normal while honest people that have no $ but love their children wind up never getting to b a family with them again?? Everyone n the county I live n is so afraid of cps n our area they always show up with police no matter the report and police always back the worker up n violating the parents rights and aiding the worker n their investigation by lying to parents and telling them they have to do whatever the case worker says and let them into their homes and talk to their children in their homes without permission with no court orders and no extingent circumstances on a daily basis!! It has most parenta n our area n such fear I suppose that the former employees that could personally testify ro the corruption r afraid to do so for being afraid of retaliation against their own family!! How can we wnd this horrible madness that is destroying families and leaving children n worse shape mentally than they ever would have been with their parents? Who holds cps responsible for the emotional and mental abuse of our children while in the states custody???

    • Nonya 18 months ago


    • babe girl 18 months ago

      Ok can someone answer my question I had my son and cps was called on me and they let me go home from the hospital with my son and then they came out to my dad's house to look for me and I left to Mexico and the cps was looking for me I called them and told them that I was in Mexico now my question is how long does cps have to close out my case when they open it

    • sirannonymous 18 months ago

      I was issued a drug screen, and I told the cos lady that I was clean. But then I just remembered I went to a party and left my baby with a well trusted family member. Do I confess to her?

    • jackie 17 months ago

      I dont care what any one says about CPS they have there stuff half backwards. They took my son away from me when he was 4 and a half, I did everything they ask and much more then they could of even asked me to. I was given an stupid reunification hero award. and given my son back.

      Now after three years of having my son back, he got mad at me and told the school I spanked him with a belt and back handed him. The school made a report on me but I sat down with the school explained what happened and my son is so scared of being taken already that the first time he was interviewed he requested on his own for staff at the school to stay in the room with him and they didnt. The CPS asked if he felt safe and my son said yes, and there was NO evidence of abuse. The school has even reported that this year my child is doing even better than last year and is so happy with him.

      By the way my son was mad at me because he didnt want to go to school and was hiding in his bathroom with the door locked and every time i walked away he would come out give me a hard time but stayed far enough I couldnt grab his arm or touch him to directly speak with him and the last time he tried my husband( not father) grabbed his arm and told him not to treat me this way and he had to go to school. Once he got to school he told his teachers how mean Chad is and etc.

      The agent at CPS and the school know he is not being abused so what more do they need from me really??

      My son is super stressed over this matter and emotionally it was very harmful to him and we are still dealing with the effects.

    • Andrea n 17 months ago

      if I am not aware a report has been made and there clearly is no eminent danger can they still come to see and speak to my 2 year old at daycare without my knowledge ? If I have the right to not let my child speak with them, how can I excersice that right if I am not aware of what's going on.

    • BeccaG231 profile image

      BeccaG231 17 months ago

      CPS workers are very nice if you get to know them. I have been removed from my parents home. Both CPS workers helped me feel like I was safe. Many say that anyone that works at DHS are heartless and do not care about messing up an family. That is BS.. To this day I am still every close to one of my old CPS workers. You can spank your children, but if you are hitting them so hard that it is leaving marks than you are abusing them. Physical abuse is not the only reason CPS has to remove children. Their are a few different reasons. I feel the most common abuse that parents don't see that their doing is mental abuse. If you are an parent that is handing with DHS/CPS don't be scared. They are their as an support system. If you are doing wrong don't try to cover it. They can see through your eyes. They will get you the help you need, all you need to do is ask

      It all starts with you, what do you want life to become for you and your children.

    • 2015 and tired 17 months ago

      so your pretty much saying that because someone who holds a grudge or is jealous or just plain out being an a**hole that it is ok to harass the families that don't do anything wrong? I have had cps at my door every week for 6 months and every time there have been no findings but yet they continue to harass my family!!!! now I am moving into a better house to get you off our backs and you want to keep our case open until you see both homes well I think I will just take the advice from a gentleman in another forum and tell you to go get a warrant while I contact an attorney at the time of your once again harassment upon my family!!!!!

    • Rodrigz 16 months ago

      My sister in law is brain washing and pressuring our kids into ssying lies telling them they will not be seen if they dont say this and that. Its out rages. They bought them lots of gifts in order to pursuade them to telling lies our children told us. We picked them up with police becausr because they wouldn't turn them over. I need sdvice

    • Unknown 16 months ago

      CFS - Is a joke. I am a great mother, put through the ringer because my ex husband is an abusive asshole. And lied to CFS. CFS, BELIEVED EVERY WORD OF IT. Did not help me in anyway. She made it worse by taking my child away. Months later, I was able to prove my innocence. Now CFS will not help me getting my child back and I am stuck without my child and a shit ton of legal fees. The government is a joke, CFS is run by high school losers that have a grudge. Fuck it, now my daughter lives with an abusive father. And I am no longer a mother. Thanks CFS.

    • Fight CPS and Win ! 16 months ago

      10 Things You Should do if CPS or DCFS is Investigating You

      1: Take any accusations seriously.

      No matter how absurd or unbelievable the CPS/DCFS social worker’s claim(s) may seem, please understand that the social worker is dead serious, and most likely presumes – no… most likely BELIEVES that you are guilty as accused. Even if the social worker doesn’t admit that s/he is at your home to take your children, often times that IS EXACTLY why they are there. It is our experience, over 20+ years, that the majority of CPS social workers develop a cynical view of life and assume that you are UTTERLY GUILTY until YOU PROVE that you are not: the opposite of the way the “justice system” is supposed to operate.

      2: Ask what the accusations and charges are.

      Most typically, the CPS/DCFS social worker wants to keep you from knowing exactly what you have been accused of — sort of keeping themselves on a “general fishing expedition” — but it is required by state and federal law to tell you the exact details of the accusations at first contact with you. Be wary! Do not settle for the vague and general charges called “neglect” or “abuse.” Neglect and abuse are broad categories – not the legally-required “details” of the accusations or charges! You are entitled to know the “details & specifics” of what you are accused of committing.

      3: Say as little as possible. In fact – BE QUIET!

      In criminal law it is ALWAYS strongly suggested that you talk to NO ONE but your attorney. Think about it. Virtually ALL CHARGES that CPS or DCFS levels against you are CRIMINAL CHARGES. And while CPS or DCFS is there ONLY to take your kids, the police can and often will show up later for the parents! In fact, open your mouth and tell the CPS investigator just enough to “make their case” and you can start packing an overnight case as the police will be called by CPS who will be at your door to take you away.

      Sure, it is totally natural that innocent parents who have nothing to hide will want to explain everything to a CPS social worker because such parents would assume that ANY reasonable person would see that there is nothing wrong going on. But CPS and DCFS social workers are commonly ANYTHING BUT reasonable. They become entrenched in a culture that is uniformly cynical about ALL PARENTS. Frankly, you are presumed guilty by the majority of CPS and DCFS agents. The exhausted, over-worked social worker who just fought the crowded freeways to make it to your home is there on a mission. That mission is most often to find evidence to support what the social worker already believes to be true – that you abused your child just as the neighbor, relative or anonymous tipster claimed.

      If you don’t talk to them –just as you are always told to never voluntarily talk with the police if they are accusing you of a crime– you take their power away. They will not be able to use your own admissions, statements, and your very words against you. For example” “Have you ever spanked your toddler?” Do you really think there is a good answer to that question? The majority of CPS and DCFS social workers abhor most any form of parental punishment.

      4: The minute you become aware that your family is being investigated, YOU MUST find an attorney who has experience in fighting CPS or DCFS.

      An attorney EXPERIENCED in CPS and DCFS cases and courts is mandatory! Juvenile Dependency courts are worlds unto themselves. Your most seasoned and experienced lawyers when first stepping foot into a Juvenile Dependency courtroom are totally dumb struct as if they stepped into It’s a Small World at Disneyland. Most lawyers –even experienced Family Law attorneys– who are not experienced with CPS/DCFS mistakenly think that it is their job (as it would be in any other court setting) to find out what CPS or DCFS wants and then communicate all the details to their clients. Shockingly, doing exactly that often leads to total disaster and the loss of your children.

      5: Be courteous and polite to CPS social workers & investigators.

      Let’s face it, when a “government investigator” –without any advanced notice– knocks insistently on your door, well-dressed, looking all official with a county badge; exuding the authority of the government; is well-prepared, PRIMED and READY to level accusations of child abuse or neglect against you: most people would be SHOCKED! If you’re human you’d also be scared too. As government is getting bigger and bigger every year they are getting more and more powerful and intrusive in the lives of ordinary citizens. We are all a bit nervous and threatened by the power of the state as we witness weekly examples of government power wielded unfairly on Investigative TV News programs and in the lives of our own families and friends.

      What could your reaction possibly be to a surprise home-visit from a government agent? No one appreciates surprise visits by any one! Perhaps the dishes are unwashed; maybe you haven’t cleaned house for a day or two; say that there are a collection of beer bottles on the coffee table from the football game the day before; could be that you’re not dressed in appropriate attire as you would be IF EXPECTING guests… So when you are surprised and ACCUSED TO YOUR FACE of child neglect or child abuse it might be natural that you are shocked, defensive, upset, angry and a little hostile. As Homer Simpson would say: “Do’ah!”

      Guess what? An angry demeanor toward the CPS social worker or DCFS investigator is considered evidence of your guilt. Your perfectly natural, upset and angry reaction to being accused of harming your child will very OFTEN BE USED as evidence of your violent and abusive personality.

      6: Never invite any CPS or DCFS social worker or investigator into your home unless he or she has a warrant or court order.

      If a County CPS/DCFS social worker requests that you invite them into your home politely refuse. If he or she insists or suggests that not allowing entry will work against you or will ensure that your children are taken away from you HOLD YOUR GROUND. Politely ask to see their warrant or court order to come into your home. It the CPS social worker or investigator claims to have a warrant, insist on seeing it: in fact they owe you a copy! Why? Would a Social worker lie? YES. Police and government agents often suggest they have a warrant or outright lie and claim to have a warrant when they do not. It makes their task of finding needed evidence against you so much easier! If the CPS/DCFS government agent cannot produce a warrant, firmly but politely tell them that they will have to remain outside until a warrant is presented. They will be annoyed. But you will be far better off – legally. If the agent says it is an EMERGENCY call their bluff. Insist that they explain how it is an emergency and what constitutes an emergency. Typically, in so-called “emergency situations,” the police and the CPS social workers come together and even then it is not necessarily an emergency but a working relationship that some CPS agents have with associates on the police force.

      Do not even open the door to allow the CPS agent look into your home to see your children: they can see something that creates an “emergency situation” even if it is not true.

      Be FIRM. You should not waiver nor give in to thinking: “What’s the harm?” There is no compromise here: no exception. If you invite a County CPS investigator or a Los Angeles DCFS social worker into your home, you have just waived your Federally-protected fourth amendment constitutional protection. Just like a police detective intent on hauling you to the police station for questioning would love for you to willingly invite them into your home, a CPS social worker who is openly or secretly intent on taking your children from you WILL FIND SOMETHING IN YOUR HOME TO JUSTIFY THE REMOVAL OF YOUR KIDS.

      This happens every day all over America and even more often in Southern California where CPS and DCFS agents are the most ruthless social workers anywhere. The bar for removal is “whatever it needs to be” as far as the social worker is concerned. A legal prescription in your bathroom cabinet, a beer bottle on the co

    • Fight CPS and Win! 16 months ago

      This happens every day all over America and even more often in Southern California where CPS and DCFS agents are the most ruthless social workers anywhere. The bar for removal is “whatever it needs to be” as far as the social worker is concerned. A legal prescription in your bathroom cabinet, a beer bottle on the coffee table, a kitchen knife not in the drawer, a broken window, a back door without a deadbolt, a missing smoke detector, a swimming pool without its own secondary safety fence: whatever might be necessary to fill out the paperwork to justify removal. If this particular social worker set out to take your child, allowing them innocently into your house will ensure that your child is taken from you. You now have a year or a lifetime of HELL before you.

      7: Demand that CPS tape any interrogation of your child.

      Subjective reports of what a child said or did not say is hardly ever adequate. Ask that any interrogation be recorded. You could produce your own recorder (as a back-up) just in case the CPS or DCFS investigator “loses” their tape between the interrogation and a subsequent court hearing where you might have “wished” that you had such a tape.

      8: If you are accused of physical abuse, immediately have your doctor give your child a thorough physical exam.

      Ask your doctor to write a letter stating that there are no bruises or injuries observed, nor any other health-related issues that would raise any concern or suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Obviously go to a doctor whom you trust. If a CPS or DCFS social worker suggests a doctor for you, or suggests that they know where you can see a doctor at NO CHARGE (as attractive as that may be), NEVER visit with a doctor recommended by CPS. What you may not know is that these doctors are a regular part of the CPS system and they are commonly called as expert-testimony witnesses by CPS as a witness against the parents. They are paid handsomely for their testimony.

      9: Create a list of relatives and friends who are willing and able to care for your children if CPS takes them.

      If your children are removed from your home, or the court is demanding that your children must soon leave your home for some period of time it is always better that your children are taken in by relatives or friends. Are you aware that children placed in foster care are sometimes abused or mistreated by people working the foster care system for a “pay check?” There is the flip side to that where some truly loving foster parents sometimes become smitten with your kids and start their own campaign with the court and petition for adoption! Having your kids in foster care is simply adding one more level of stress and complexity to your plate.

      10: Never admit guilt, even if pressured by a CPS social worker to do so in exchange for leniency or getting your kids back.

      If you are innocent of neglect or abuse why would you buckle to the pressure of a CPS agent’s demands to have you admit to false accusations? If you are accused or charged with neglect because someone has informed the county CPS system that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the social worker who is investigating those accusations may have good-reason to be concerned for your kids’ safety.

      Even if you privately agree that maybe you drink too often or too much that does not mean that you have to incriminate yourself in this investigation. Bite your tongue. Admit NOTHING! Even if you recognize that you have a problem that needs to be addressed this is not your DOCTOR; this is not your PRIEST; this is not your LAWYER. Wrong person! Wrong time! This person is not here to HEP YOU. This person is here to collect evidence to support the accusations made against you and to TAKE YOUR KIDS. Period.

      Do not admit guilt. Instead, work with your doctor, pastor or even your private CPS defense attorney to find the professional help you might need need (and professional help that the courts will recognize – no sense paying twice because a treatment program is not court-approved). By NOT ADMITTING GUILT, you can then honestly work on any issues you have and work with the court to keep your kids under your roof or to get your kids returned to you when appropriate.

      By mistakenly thinking that admitting guilt to a social worker is justified is often a fast trip to jail – removing many of the options that you need right now to get your life in order. In any potentially-criminal situation NEVER voluntarily do anything until you contact an attorney: preferably a compassionate and understanding attorney who works with parents, kids and the Juvenile Dependency Courts on a daily basis. They will offer you frank advice that will be better than unnecessarily sitting locked behind bars. CPS social workers and investigators are not above lying to you to encourage you to confess or admit to something that you might not even be guilty of – just to get you arrested and your kids in their control.

    • Andria Thompson 15 months ago

      I'm sorry, but I live here in Kentucky and while my children were at school the CPS worker picked them up and first of all that's illegal because it says in the law on the website that only a police officer can pick them up and they must be in imminent danger. Now how in the world were my children in imminent danger while I was washing clothes. This is crazy! I don't understand how CPS workers can tell my son that if they lie them then they'll lie to my sons and this is a CPS worker. But I'm unfit as a parent. This is madness and you better believe I'm telling the mayor about all this corporate crime in Kentucky and if he wants my vote next term I expect him to do something about it. I hate this place. I will be retrieving my children with or without anybody's help here and if I have to wait to do that all the better! Corporate criminals are on the rise!

    • Shantay Ellis 15 months ago

      How many times do people have to mention how broke and corrupt their system is before anyone does something about it? Their main goal is destroy families they find great pleasure in doing so. I have not yet seen on heard a case where the parent/parents where reunited with their children. Sad but true.

    • dreadfullyhave2meetw/cps 2moro 15 months ago

      yeah true, and honestly, the one remark made that was someone thanking cps for saving their life, just reeked of propaganda when surrounded by these obviously closer to the truth accounts. you cps people would stoop as low as you need to go to make yourselves seem even remotely redeamable but lets face it, the only fan mail i see here, wasn't even convincing.

    • flacoinohio profile image

      flacoinohio 15 months ago from Ohio

      I find it disappointing that there are so many issues with CPS workers and procedures. When I was a child the CPS social worker assigned to my case did nothing to assist myself or my siblings even when we gave detailed answered to questions even after we were cut off because the caseworker did not want to hear the truth about what was being done to three children in our home by our mother, older sibling, and extended family members. I wish my CPS worker had taken the actions necessary to remove myself and two of my siblings from my mothers custody. I personally had to commit a petty crime to be removed from her care, my sister found a man twice her age when she was 16 and got married to get out of the house five years after I left the house. My little brother was removed by the school system when he was expelled for stealing food from other kids lunch boxes after two years. My mother to this day denies any wrong doing, she claims she was either ignorant to her actions being abuse, she was acting on religious teachings that demanded we be punished in accordance with Gods rules, or that she had no idea that extended family members were doing such horrible things to her children and yet she wonders why three of her "babies" want nothing to do with her. I am willing to bet all or most of the horror stories being told here are parents of abused children who don't want to come back home, ever.

    • LibertyLover 14 months ago

      " If they never see your child, your home, you, or anyone you know, then there is very little they can do. This, however, can be a very large red flag that something is really wrong"

      The above statement doesn't even make sense. Who respects them enough to care what they incorrectly think if they can't do anything?

      Terrorizes hordes of families in order to possibly save one child is not ok and flies in the face of one of the philosophies this country was founded on, the law was set up to protect the falsely accused.

      By the way, if they violate your civil rights such as forcing their way into your home without a warrant, you can sue them personally. :o)

    • Whatever 14 months ago

      I had a problem with number 2. You can file a note with the school and teacher only allowing contact as you deem appropriate. CPS visiting schools is an open attempt to side step your's and your childs rights. If you file, again, a note with the school, then CPS CANNOT see your children. However, if you don't take the action of doing so, you allow an intrusion on your Constitutional rights. They are a Government agencey and you are protected against them like any other agency if you know and use your rights. You can find case law that shows this. If the school does allow, then both CPS and the school become liable, and they know this. They won't tell you how to protect yourselves, you have to learn to do that on your own. Start with Flex Your Rights . C o m.

      This is not legal advice, consult an attorney.

    • Lost good parent 13 months ago

      Me and my husband are saddened as we have been hit with that phone call from a CPS worker. My 13 year old daughter told a teacher we beat her and her brother, and that we use drugs in our home with them. This is completely false and frustrating to say the least as our daughter has been put in inpatient care for suicide attempts twice in the past 3 months and continues to write suivide notes, last week accused a teacher of touching her, which was untrue. We already have to live in our own prison due to her as we have all meds and knives and anything locked up from her. She is always disrespectful to us, talks to us like we are below her. Example- after her first inpatient stay we put positive sayings all over her walls and she ripped them down and wrote "HATE" all over them. She stole my tablet and our truck key and continues to be defiant on all levels. Due to her mental state we have had to cater to her emotions quite a bit as not to upset her, all seeming not to help at all. She lashes out at is and her brothers and on family night always tries to refuse to be apart of it or lashes out at someone and gets upset. It's almost as if we have to live under her erratic emotions and I'm quite frankly tired of it. We are good parents and it's upsetting that we are now going to have this on our record.

    • LMobWarg81 profile image

      LMobWarg81 13 months ago

      What about when the CPS worker tells you, repeatedly, that she had not intended to come back to your house, she had planned on closing the investigation, but her supervisor made her, and then she reassures you that you have no reason to worry that your children will not be taken, then the next day comes to your home and gives you a drug test, that you pass, and you allow the police to search your home and they find nothing, and then she tells you that her supervisor went to the judge without her knowledge and got the judge sign for your kids to be taken into state custody, but you WILL get them back in 2 days when you go before the judge.Then after your children have perfect checkups with the doctor, she tells them that they should never have been taken and WILL be going home in 2 days. But 2 days later, the judge has decided without ever hearing your side, and makes references about who your caseworker IS, and the CPS worker recommends that your kids stay in state custody, but when asked for her reasoning, she only shrugs her shoulders? Then your husband reads her supervisors lips when he suggests that we are given hair follicle tests, since the urine drug tests came back negative, so he speaks out in court and tells them that we would gladly take hair tests, and without further adew, the lab tech comes out from the judges chambers, immediately? So you never are told the reason you lost your kids, you complete the bs family service plan, but they still don't give them back. they only tell you that there are new concerns that they can't discuss with you. So you contact ACF and get their attention, and they file an official inquiry with the state, but all that happens is the caseworker kills your visits and any contact with your kids, two months go by and the state hasn't given the ACf a response, the judge could care less if your kids were well cared for and rules against all honesty and decency, your caseworker lies to your children about you, saying you failed a drug test when you didn't and you have your paper that says the results, and the only person who was there for the investigation the original Cps worker, has not been at any other court hearings, is never in the office when you call, and is never there for meetings? And its been 3 months since you've had a family service plan, but the Permanency Plan is still reunification. What about CPS and them not wanting to taKe my kids, bc all I can see is the only person who felt that way has been dealt with and I am not able to find her-oh and I don't have a lawyer either, they don't provide those here, no matter how broke you are and NO other lawyers will "get involved"

    • Ummmmm 13 months ago

      Your article couldnt be more false if it were opposite day.

    • Nikki m 13 months ago

      CC.... I'm just seeing ur post so I don't know of u have gotten the answer s ur looking 4 but YES u can ABSOLUTELY get ur kids bk, especially if it never went 2 court. Just file 4 Parential Ag

    • Nikki marr 13 months ago

      CC: Sorry my tablet went crazy Lol. All u need 2 do if file Parental Rights and Responsibilities at the district court house of wher ethe child resides

    • sandrs 12 months ago

      My daughter went to jail because something her dumb boyfriend did not to her child but they treated her as together. They took one of my grandsons because hr was with her at the time but I ha e to grandsons that CPS took. My daughter asked them to hive me her children . CPS would not let me have them I wasn't even contacted. He4 ex mom and dad know the police and mayor. CPS tried blocking !r from the meeting, told my daughter I would never get them because I had criminal history with CPS (not true) and my whole family had criminal history (not true). They said they gave them to other person because they had money. They talk to other family nice but snotty yo us.she doesn't return my call. It was court order that the father n the other grandmother no to see the children but they have. They have them down as completed but their not .I completed everything and my daughter is giving me guardianships of them. I seen my grandchildren twice and they cried didn't want to go back said wanted to stay with me .they know my home as their safe place. They other people are doing what ever they want with them. I did my research and been calling everyone I can think of, now the two workers are blaming each other. They even had the other lady that has !y grandchildren down as my daughter mother. They been braking all the rules n CPS worked not saying anything to judge or investigations what's going on. I'm really concerned about the kids. I've never seen them so scared where they are hiding so they won't go back. Their more, I just want to know what can I do.can I still get guardianships of them?

    • Karlee 12 months ago

      I would never, ever cooperate with CPS for anything. Whatever they want, they'll have to get a court-order. The person writing this is directing EVERYONE to give up their rights and "Just let them do their job". Uh, no. First off, I have never ran into a CPS Worker that every word that came out of their mouth was a lie of some sort. NEVER give them information, access to your house or your body. THAT IS YOUR RIGHT. They need a court order to do anything. DON'T ever cooperate. FIGHT FOR YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS! This person is steering everyone completely wrong, but what's new, a CPS worker can't tell the truth if their life depended on it.

    • Whatever 11 months ago

      Fuck this author. Fuck her child-snatching, self-righteous, cunty, and condescending demeanor that shows even through her writing. You work for a corrupt agency. You HARM CHILDREN EVERY DAY by harassing them and their parents. YOU ARE THE CHILD ABUSER, ASSHOLE! I hope that you wake up and see how things are. I then hope you try to fight against this corrupt system. And the spiteful part of me hopes that YOU get "investigated" and, because retaliation is a thing, I hope it's found "substantiated" that you are harming your children. THAT would be fair, for you. I'll still feel bad for YOUR children, however, when they're removed "for their protection" into a foster system wherein they're SIX TIMES MORE LIKELY to suffer physical violence and/or sexual molestation/assault. DIAF, you tick on society.

    • Mitch 11 months ago

      People listen to me pleaseee. My ex had me investigated...thier attitude is. You are guilty, I am going to find out. The investigator wanted to know my age when I lost my virginity and ask how often I Not cooperate and video record everythinh. I raised four kids and I gotta listen to a day 24 year old with no kids. They will twist every word you say, and never let them in your house. Protect your children from these varmits that wants to bankrupt, destroy you with smiles and adopt out your children

    • simulana 10 months ago

      If anyone finds this article like I found it, please take it with a HUGE grain of salt. Here is a some better information on why CPS cannot be trusted in almost any county:

      Please be aware of your rights, and always bring your cellphone to the door to take a video. There are very few CPS departments that have not been corrupted by federal monies and adoptive fees. It is a huge crisis in America today.

    • annonymous 9 months ago

      This article was not exactly truthful. This was stated to be written by a CPS worker and was misleading. The law states CPS has "very limited powers". They (especially in Texas) cannot come to your house without a warrant or an emergency requiring an immediate intervention. Consent must be given VOLUNTARILY....without threat or intimidation. A law enforcement officer cannot coerce an entry and the CPS workers just walk in. Consent must be given to them NOT the officer. They cannot "order you to take anything that is not court ordered". PERIOD. Anything CPS alleges against the parents has to be argued in front of a judge and only when the court orders it are they required to comply. CPS stating "either you comply or we will get an order"....MAKE THEM GET IT"!!!!! Most of the time when they come without a warrant or emergency, they have no grounds for a court order and they legally cannot take children absent emergency or warrant without an order. Also, their evidence has to be reliable and substantiated and parents have the right to be heard BEFORE they are railroaded in the courts. CPS in my opinion needs to be disbanded and all the money they waste needs to go to help families. This system is the most incompetent on record and they are the biggest abusers and violators of laws. Texas has by far the worst "track record" of any agency. Example: deaths as a direct result of negligence and abuse of foster care are never reported. And the federal courts in Texas has determined this abuse and negligence has been going on for over 2 decades and has been deemed "unconstitutionally broken" even with multiple attempts at reform. NEVER EVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE....THEY ARE EVIL AT IT'S WORST!!!!!!!

    • annonymous 9 months ago

      shancontented ..... you are the one that is ridiculous!!! Obviously you haven't read or care to concern yourself with your own statistics. Trust this: I have done research on this.....and everyone needs to read about Nancy Shaffer (congresswoman) who denounced this whole system for their "buying and selling" children. Read about "trafficking" then read how CPS practices and tell me it isn't the same. CPS cannot hide anymore. PEOPLE are demanding their rights and becoming educated. Children who have been in the CPS system has tripled in the last few years. Why? MONEY !!!!! These kids are money for them. Their budget is on the backs of children and parents whom they abuse. Stats show that children in foster care are more likely to suffer abuse and neglect nearly 50% more than if they were left with the worst of parents. And are more likely to suffer fatality 4 times more in foster care than at the hands of the parents they took them from. READ THE STATS!!!!!!

    • Bob 8 months ago

      f#ck cps they c#ck suckers hate them burn in hell

    • anonymous 7 months ago

      I can't help but notice a thread of similarity in almost every post here: cps is helpful, in some, legitimate circumstances, but in lots of cases they are simply covering their butts . . .when the same person (likely a bitter ex) continues to harass a parent by allegating claims to cps, why isn't that person prosecuted?

      cps is run by humans who make mistakes--sadly, the parent accused is already treated as if s/he is guilty . . .totally agree with post that states money is a driving factor with cps . . .sad but true

    • F cps dhs all of em 6 months ago

      First of all how do you guys have the authority to question children when the police can't without consent and police have to be very careful questioning children with leading questions bc y? KIDS WILL TELL YOU WHAT THEY THINK YOU WANT TO HEAR THEY WANT TO SATISFY YOU. Second how can you guys punish ppl for using their rights. "We suggest you cooperate"? Bc y? Bc u will make their lives a living hell if they don't. It's unfortunate that ppl like u r still living I personally hope all you curropt caseworkers die a long painful death. A thankless job? Unbelievable of course it's thankless who the hell would thank you for coming in invading personal space and making false accusations treating ppl like criminals ppl can't get a word in. And if somebody hurts your feelings it's taken to a personal level. Just so everyone knows judges will go by ANYTHING dhs recommends they can say hey let's throws this kid off off a ten story building. . And I believe they must do what their supervisors tell them or that fat paycheck is history. u don't do what's right your a slave to a fat bitch behind a desk. It's all money to you ppl. You're pathetic worthless scums. Your foster homes r trash how about the kids beaten and slaved by ur wonderful foster parents they're in it for a paycheck too that's all it is a paycheck to everyone involved. Do they get the same treatment nope bc u don't want to take responsibility. You ruin kids lives. How many successful stories came from ppl like you. I hope one day ur kids your families kids are in the system then you will know. U ever hear that saying u don't know what it's like until it happens to you. I would thank you if you were rly saving kids from abusive homes but you don't your places are more abusive. Most of your cases r bs it's from ppl with personal problems against each other that call and take it out on the kids bc there's no other way. THEY KNOW YOU PPL WILL RUIN LIVES THAT'S WHY THEY CALL YOU!!!!! The only ppl in the world that have good things to say about dhs r caseworkers. Look for any other article on the Internet saying good things about cys.. this is the only one lady. And we all know things wouldn't happen to you or ur family bc YOU ARE CORRUPT. I'm sure u regret making this article I applaud you guys standing up to these ppl. It's my goal to make these ppl reap what they sow. I personally know about abuse in foster homes and personally know these corrupt workers, they don't do anything about it they just keep sending kids to get abused and molested. How about ur a foster kid u can't do that, foster kids stay downstairs. My favorite I still talk about "you don't look like a foster kid"? Wtf is a foster kid supposed to look like? I know! even your foster parents know foster kids are supposed to look ugly and depressed bc of being in your system. Theses a holes don't even buy u clothes they give you only so much money in a voucher the first time you go to a foster home that's it. I got money from my loving parents and my abusive foster parents made me keep the money in a bowl said we were going shopping the next day so I went to get my money it was gone a whole ten dollars in change you kno what she said u want to wash your hair then you need to buy shampoo. They drown me in a freezing cold bathtub bc I didn't want to get in the freezing cold bath. They put a shock collar on me and a leash and threw me down the stairs and walked me like a dog I told my caseworker u kno what they said "I'll call and ask"? Haha it rly makes me laugh. Guess what?! they didn't admit to beating me so I got beat tenfold bc I snitched. I was starved and when they did feed me it was food they knew I hated so I would throw up they took the paper towels I used to clean up my puke shoved it in my face made me use it as a pillow. That reminds me how they made me sleep on a bunk bed with no mattress just bars and no blankets using garbage bags to cover myself. Or how they made me use a litter box as a bathroom. On Christmas I didn't expect anything but surprise there was stuff waiting under the tree that was the one of the two days they were nice to me.... day! By Christmas night I told her I had a toothache and she made me swallow and entire bottle of ambesol. That was the night they drown me in the freezing bath tub. I'm sure your curious about the other time they were nice to me. Well my evil foster mom told me I had 5 minutes to clean the bathroom put everything back the same exact way she took a picture quick thinking I lined the stuff up on the floor the way it was on the shelf I had a small grocery bag on the door knob running back and forth as I knew I only had about a minute left. out of nowhere I felt a wetness on my foot my entire pant leg from the knee was blood soaked running back and forth I cut myself on a broken glass statue in the bag. I said I'm hurt she said stop being a fkn baby when he older daughter who also beat me (the entire family beat me) told her I was seriously hurt. They were very nice of course brought me to the hospital and after mcdonalds for a flurry the next day I went to get my flurry and she started being mean to me again saying she gave it away. After I told my caseworker and realized they didn't care I had nobody I tried to tell the school and they defended them I had nowhere to go. Or how about when I punished me on the stairs the whole family besides the foster mom was outside I was starving I snuck some peanuts from the top of the fridge my mistake was going back for more I was sitting there eating them when this wicked witch snuck on me like a cat shoved my handful of peanuts and rubbed it in my face. It was a massive container of peanuts she said u like peanuts ok u can eat them every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. Besides school lunches I ate peanuts everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner from there on out. By the way i couldnt tell you what was worse being punished in the corner or on the stairs literally i mean literally alllllll day i had to sit on the stairs/ or the corner they wouldnt let me use the bathroom they told me if u piss ur pants were buying u diapers and a bottle, i had to eat there i had to hold my plate stand in the corner and eat. The foster dad actually stuck up for me once even tho he beat me too he said was sick of it and it was almost like a movie hes standing nect to me while the rest of her family was standing on the other side saying is it her or us. Of course he picked them it was no surprise i mean who tf was i to them besides a slave i had to clean their walls and ceilings everyday theyd make me empty their cupboards and rewash the dishes smells will actually bring back bad feelings like bleach thats what theyd make me use. are plenty more horror stories that i dont feel comfortable talking about. They took me away from my sweet mother who never ever as long as I can remember laid so much as a finger on me and brought me to those ppl. They should all be incarcerated with murderers and sex offenders these memories are forever implanted in my head and they will never pay for what they did bc the system is corrupt I'm speaking as a victim of dhs. Protect your children from these monsters plz don't let what happened to me happen to them. Get a lawyer fight these ppl!

    • Anon 6 months ago

      I was first taken away from my mother bc of headline I remember all the crap my mom went through treating it and it wasn't long before dhs took me away I was very young maybe six. So instead of helping get rid of the headlice they immediately took me to foster care and I was there til my teenage yrs. I could've went home after a few days, remember I was very young. We had a court hearing my worker says tell them u don't want to go home I said I want to go home she said it will be just like a sleep over after the weekend you can go home. I said I don't want to stay the weekend I want my mom. She said I'll buy you mcdonalds and a stereo if you tell them u want to stay with the foster parents for a few days and then you will go home after the weekend. I said ok. Sure enough after court we were walking to her car she popped the trunk and there was a used stereo for me she brought me to mcdonalds right after. I was in custody all the way to my teenage yrs. It didn't stop there. They had personal issues with my family the supervisor hated my mother. I was finally outta the system right before my 18th bday and they expected me to say thank you. We all know that's not how the conversation went down. These ppl are corrupt that worker got what was coming to her tho.. she got coldcocked by someone very close to me. Thank you friend!

    • Lindsey 6 months ago

      There are many things stated in this article that go against the 4th and 14th amendment that you say workers can and will do.

    • Melissa 6 months ago

      My son baby mom walked out on all3of him girls moved to his dad's so he could have son step sister she12 she's told lie after lie on people she wanted move her they removed my gbabies an let mom keep them.they scream cry because her bf they scared of.son her both failed hair test pot.since cps got involved my son stop.he passes all his test mother still fails..muy son daughter his 2yr old was in yard playing a dog come in yard attacked 2yr old.3stitchrs in cheek an knocked 2teeth son daughter beating that dog an son grab daughter took to had meeting with girls mom said she needs take all rights away from muy son he's not able take care of them.he's girl's scream cry oldest5. They want be their get bit everyday how can they take your rights away when a dog comes their yard and attacks.they out playing with her..this is out of kaufman co..i don't see how mom fails all drug test my son stopped but they continue list her keep them.want let me cuz2002 i got a son will literally die mostly hours girls calls him crying come home..what should we do.. My email:: thx god bless

    • Meagan Hughes 5 months ago

      Thank you so much for this article. There is so much information people need to know about this profession. From one CPS worker to another, thank you!

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 5 months ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      You're welcome Meagan. :)

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 5 months ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      My bi-yearly note:

      This article was written approximately six years ago. Although most of the information still applies, there may have been policy changes that I am not aware of. I will update in comments if I find anything to have significantly changed. Most of this should still be valid.

      At the time this was written, the information in this article was factual. I have some professional involvement collaborating with CPS now (I am no longer working there) and believe it to still be factual.

      The misconceptions I read in these comments are interesting. Some disheartening. Some, I'll admit, make me laugh. Some just seem delusional. But I approve almost all comments and hope everyone continues to speak their mind.

      I will delete comments containing phone numbers or too much personally identifying information for your own sake. Also, the website host also may delete comments that are too profane or clearly spam. I have no control over this.

      Thank you all for taking the time to read this article., no matter your reaction. I wish you all good things and peace. (Even the ones who curse me! Lol)

    • Rowe 4 months ago

      I agree- this is very sympathetic to "caseworkers." The truth is the way the courts are monkey rigged they can take any child they want for any or no reason.

      I take specific exception to the "If stand upon your rights and do not let us invade your home, your life, interview you and test you, waving your rights then you 'must' be 'guilty' of something."

      This "if you don't let us in you must be guilty" logic is exactly why we have protections against it! What you are essentially saying here is that people should not have rights to the integrity of their homes and lives because they may hide something from you. It's a STATIST notion we had a war over! Its why we left Britain! Whenever I hear that tripe it sickens me to think people in America think that way.

      Also with the "thankless job that doesn't pay," pisses me off too. It does because these people make $35,000 entry level, $45,00o with a master's. And then the inevitable "oh we don't make bonuses." No- your MASTERS do! Now, I worked for a Dunkin Donuts. We made $7 an hour and guess what? Its a thankless job and doesn't even let you pretend your a hero at the end of the day. You work you butt off and why? Because you will be a millionaire? NO! Because even for a meager paycheck you still need the money. You still want to please your boss and you still need to do a good job. You're overlords DO get paid by the headcount and this is undeniably in the federal statutes ASFA Title IV etc. So stop telling me you are altruistically motivated!

      This is a message to all you "Susy Cream Cheese" social workers. You have no idea. You have no clue or concept what its like to be poor. To not have the means and to struggle. I have no sympathy for you because poor people work just as hard for less than you make and yet you whine as you steal our children about your paychecks and label us neglectfull because we cannot afford house keepers and beautiful middle class homes.

      From your point of view everyone else's life is as easy as yours- going through college on Daddy's dime, landing that 35,000 a year job you bitch about. Try doing as much work - thankless work- as you do on $15,000 like those you victimize and see how much your life changes! Don't roll up in your late model cars and criticize me because I can't get my old car fixed.

      Focus on the child's safety- not "fixing" parents with coercion. All you do is damage and for the three you "save' there are thousands you do nothing but hurt. Help? resources? The only help and resources I've ever gotten form those fools is a huge "help"ing of chastisement, coercion and pain. The only "resources" they have shown me is their tools of coercion and totally ridiculous conditions to live with and hoops to jump through.

      I guarantee you NO "child protective service" anywhere in this country ever offered anyone any kind of meaningful "help."


      Here's an idea- actually put that money into fixing the people's CIRCUMSTANCES instead of using their circumstances to label them as "neglect" and you will actually see some gratitude and positive results.

      (Example: help pay that homeless families rent instead of taking the kids and leaving them on the street. If their apartment is dirty- CLEAN IT UP! Wow- what a concept- addressing the PROBLEM instead of labeling the parents! GEE- thats a "revolutionary" as fixing homelessness by ~gasp~ providing homes!)

      Am I sarcastic? you bet I am.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 4 months ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Thank you for your comments.

      I cant speak for anyone else who ever worked as a social worker but I can speak for myself. I put myself through college. I started college as a single pregnant mom of one (with number 2 on the way) and finished college as a single mom of three. I've lived on less than 10k a year with children. I've never had a housekeeper. (man I wish!) I worked up to 3 jobs before with children. And my Daddy doesnt have any money. Lol. I sympathize and have most certainly spent a good part of my life being "poor."

      And poverty is not neglect. Never has been. The child has to be safe and cared for. This can be done in a one room shack, a travel trailer, a tent, a car. Food. Shelter. Clothing.

      Not only does CPS have specific funds to do things like repair homes and help set up housing, they also have massive resources and specific programs to help families both financially and in learning how to manage community resources and finances to stay in housing long term. They most certainly help and I can personally attest to having provided money, furniture, household goods, clothing, cleaning supplies, diapers, formula, food, car seats, job resources and even helped with transportation. I've done this myself for families so I cant agree with you that it doesnt happen. It does. Every single day.

      Im not sure how poverty or paycheck has anything to do with "cleaning up." You can clean for free. This has nothing to do with income. Nothing whatsoever. Repairs... Sure! Those cost. Moving. Yes. Cost. Cleaning? No. Thats free. And if you need some vinegar, bleach and a washrag, I assure you that they will assist you in getting them.

      And PS on a personal note: My last job payed 24k a year (not with CPS). Yes, thats more than dunkin donuts but with a decade of college behind me and 90k in student loan debt... That's a salary you take because you give a shit. :)

    • Herminia Freddie 4 months ago

      I just got Married 3 months ago and since that day my husband and I have been fighting non stop. We even fought on our honeymoon. We’ve maybe had sex 5 times since we’ve been married which is absolutely killing me. I recently told him that I’m depressed and have a drinking problem and he doesn’t look at me the same anymore. When I drink I say terrible things to him but he says terrible things without alcohol. I just don’t know what to do anymore. He refuses to see a therapist because he thinks we should just get divorced if we need one this early. I’m concerned that we rushed into this marriage and that it’s just not a right fit, however, I don’t think i can live without him. He’s the only thing that makes me happy since i reach Dr. Oomirimiri for help via everything work out as plan we are now back together and so excited for Dr. did for me and my family...

    • starme77 4 months ago

      Basically DHS sticks their nose where it does not belong and not where it should belong. The children who really need protecting do not get protected and this is because DHS is looking for a specific kind of child - an adoptable one so they can make more money in kickbacks from the government. There is one more type of child they are looking for and that is a teenager that they can keep in the system through their 23rd b-day so they can , once again get more monies from the government. Every child they take is a paycheck for them every single one of em.

    • Bonnie Smith 3 months ago

      Hello I have a question can a school legally give a cps worker your home address?

    • Waiting4it 3 months ago

      "Workers Are People Too." You're something, aren't you. The audacity. Seriously. Creating an article to "help" parents and you just couldn't resist making it about the poor, overworked CPS saints. IT'S YOUR JOB. You chose it. You get paid and paid well. You get unbeatable benefits and vacation time. You are not "people." You are messed up people more interested in a paycheck than protecting actual victims of abuse. How do i know that? YOU TOOK A JOB THAT INVOLVES KIDNAPPING CHILDREN AND HOLDING THEM FOR RANSOM.

    • Darwin Nero 3 months ago


      We had been married for a while and things were OK, I was in love with her, she was crazy about me, but later on everything changed and by complicated exterior circumstances which did not have to do with us, we decided to pause for a while, but still remain friends. But in the end, she started getting cold: she treated me as if she did not know me, she acted too immature to the point where she did not even say hi to me when we bumped into each other (we had the same circle of friends). Of course, it hurt so badly, I wanted to kill her. Then out of nowhere she disappeared. I wrote her for her birthday and she replied little. Some of my “friends” saw she had left and started going cold with me too, as if it was my fault that she had left. The few that were still my close friends and still hers, told me she had moved on, that it was best not to make contact with her. Then out of the blue some months later she reappeared, but still acting like a douche. I was suffering emotionally of course, because we had never even had a divorce, it was just supposed to be a pause, so I did not know how to react, what to feel, what to do… anyway, she kept coming over and over on the weekends, and I had to deal with my “friends” who the moment they saw her, immediately left me and went over to her. Eventually, I decided to give up trying to restore anything with her as she was showing no signs of wanting me back, and started healing. Around four months after we had ended our relationship, I find out she is with another guy! That’s when I knew I had not gotten over her, because I cried, I was mad, it was just a feeling of “oh, poor me”. I could not stand losing her to some other guy, I decided to go diabolical (i.e. via spell). I got involved with a lot of fraudulent so-called spell casters on the internet who ripped me off my money without getting a result as to what I wanted. I almost lost my sanity. Just as I almost was giving up, one faithful morning, I received a mail from one of the spell castes I had applied for spell with but never got a reply all along. He made me to understand that he could not attend to all his costumers then because it was that time of the year for his annual fellowship with his ancestors for the renewal of his spiritual and supernatural gift. I told him not to worry about the spell anymore, that I was done with all of them fake spell casters. He assured me of his 100% genuine work of this gift which he possessed. I decided to give it a try. After spending about 2500 USD (which was due to my inability to provide a whole lot of materials which he needed for the spell process), I am happy to announce to the world that I have gotten back my wife and we are expecting our first baby. All thanks to Dr. Kene Dilli. All you out there tired of all these fraudsters that call themselves spell casters (seeking to rip were they have not sown) and you require legitimate spell for whatsoever purpose, contact Dr. Kene Dilli on his email address; kenedillitemples AT yahoo DOT com.RE-WRITE THE EMAIL ADDRESS IN IT’S STANDARD FORM.

    • BRC 3 months ago

      A cps worker showed up at my house, I cooperated with the investigation, took the drug test, etc. She hasn't called me in over three weeks. I try to contact her but I always get her answering machine and she never calls me back.

      I just don't understand.

      Are they gonna leave me alone? Or are they just gonna shown up in another month and try this again.

    • jackk 2 months ago

      If you're asking cps for food then thats warrant right there to take your kid!

    • Barb 2 months ago

      @Author..... YOU are liar and a fraud....NO one with half a brain should accept ANY of your advice... Hire an attorney.... Corrupt SCUM!

    • Mom 2 months ago

      This is false, cps is not your friend, nor should you trust or welcome them! Get an attorney asap, at least do your own research. If they had so many cases, why are they at people door who have cooperated and nothing is wrong. no they want your kids. They don't have enough cases, there is a quota if there wasn't than cps wouldn't have a job!

    • swapna 7 weeks ago

      Very helpful and useful information, also read this:

    • cps came to my door w allegations of drug use. they talked to my daughter in school and said she seemed very content and happy w me. of course. i didnt let them in and i refused the drug test. its bee 7 weeks ago

      cps came to my door w allegations of drug use. they talked to my daughter in school and said she seemed very content and happy w me. of course. i didnt let them in and i refused the drug test. its been a week. should i be expecting them soon

    • emergency c arer 4 weeks ago

      not once has CPS asked how the children are doing....they are trying to remove them for 12 months for no real reason or any evidence, they have offered me no support as when I was asked to care for them they told me it was only for 30 days. If you need to remove the children for a year you think that they would be asking about their well being. It is a joke they have lied, not communicated and basically totally ignoring the children. Disgusted, destroying a family for no reason

    • K Patrick 3 weeks ago

      Nice article. Unfortunately, it is a fact that CPS is the weapon of choice for people ranging from jilted exes to angry neighbors. To suggest that every case must be investigted is simplistic and, frankly, not true. What is true is that every call/tip should be investigted. When common sense reveals ulterior motives, there is no need to disrupt and slander a family. Yes, slander. People assume and people gossip. Even a hint of a CPS investigation will almost undoubtedly lead to rumors and maybe worse and can ruin a family's reputation, etc.


    • J. Mowrer 2 weeks ago

      My daughter and her husband split up, he dropped medical insurance on her and my two grandchildren. My daughter has a brittle bone desease and she couldn't get her prescribed medicine due to no insurance, she stupidly bought street drugs to help her back pain. My grandchildren came to live with me and two months later so did my daughter, however she detoxed and is clean and has admitted her mistake. CPS became involved through a domestic violence during the break up and they have administered drug tests and my daughter has passed each one. Every time my ex son-in-law doesn't get what he wants he calls CPS and says she is using drugs, my daughter has complied and has pass every test, my question is " how many tests does she have to take before it becomes harassment? This is getting out of hand and she would like to put this behind her and move forward.

    • D Tirado 11 days ago

      Is CPS required to notify both parents of the investigation and or if Thier child has been interviewed? (Texas)

    • Angela Ballard 9 days ago

      You are lying to people shame on you. We as people have a 4th amendment as well as 14th amendment right that protects us fcallerople like you! You can not find probable cause by an anonymous call to DCS also you can not get a search warrant without probably cause which is not through an anonymous caller. No drug test no entry into my home i canmove and there isnt shit you can do. Stop lying to people stop ruining our communities and stealing our children!

      Why dont you tell these peiple that there are more cases where the child was in foster care and by leaps and bounds were sexually physically and mentally abused more inside of foster homes vs. The home of their parents......smh no one listen to this your 4th amendment states that there is nothing they can do federal law outrules state stop lying to people such a shame

    • Eladio Thims 7 days ago

      CPS is simply evil. It's out of the Soviet Union and should be replaced with a Constitutional rights agency

    • Tamela 3 days ago

      An incident happened in my home and my grandson ended up hitting the tile floor on his head. We did not see it but heard it. When I came out asking what happened, my daughters husband "re-enacted" the situation, using the child, allowing him to hit the floor again. The husband took off and we took the child to the ER. I told them exactly what I heard and saw. My grandson has a cracked skull, bleeding on the brain, and a bruise on his brain. He was taken into custody of CPS and placed in foster care. Now I am under attack by my daughter, her husband, and my ex-husband, saying I made all of the second part up and that it is all my fault he has been taken. I told the truth. My heart is totally broken. I've lost my daughter and my grandson. She has told me I will never see them again. I am not sorry I've told the truth but it is painfully that, because so, I have been outcast. Even CPS is giving her information but will not speak to me like I'm the criminal.

    • Dixie 2 days ago

      Well, I would like to believe this article but as stated, CPS people are just people too....and there is corruption in them too.

      I turned to DSS for help when my son died nearly 5 years ago...leaving his 2 young girls (12 & 15) with me. Her mother had abandoned them 7 years previously. I gained custody of them through the court system.

      The youngest has been in counseling with the mental health division of DSS ever since.

      After all this time CPS is involved because they don't think I am properly supervising,

      I have absolutely no respect for DSS or CPS or the people involved. They were supposed to help make our life better and all they have done is ruin it.

      There are better ways to deal with things and if I had know then what I know now I would've gone in a totally different direction.

    • Joey 35 hours ago

      Youth protection are assholes I don't know if its different because I'm in Canada but they seem to want to ruin my life for fun. My parents aren't abusive at all but youth protection is investigating us because someone filed a false case on us (I believe it was a school secretary) I wanted to get out of that school for a long time (I'm a teenager by the way) I have never liked public school but my dad says I gotta "Socialize" but I am pretty good at socializing already and there are alternitives other than public school. I've wanted to be homeschool'd because I really don't like school but I'm afraid to tell anyone about it other than my parents because I don't wanna be taken away from my family I've checked online for awhile on people with similar problems with no help. My dad now says (Because we are being investigated I guess) that I need to pass the school year before I can be homeschool'd to get them out of our lifes but why does CPS hate us so much I really want to be in a safe comfortable enviorment like home because I get bully'd at school my dad says that I have to ignore it I don't think he understands please help me figure this out I don't think I can make it through the year without doing something. If you have any tips please let me know.

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