Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Child Protective Services

Updated on November 13, 2017
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Shannon is a social worker, counselor, and Child Protective Services professional. She offers the insider's perspective on how CPS works.

Read First!

I am a CPS professional and this article is based on my experience in my state and region. CPS practices vary state by state, city by city, and county by county. For relevant information, look up CPS in your region.

These are my answers to the ten most common questions I've heard while working for CPS. Knowing these answers can give you insight into the reasoning behind the policies and help navigate the system.

  1. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report, even false ones. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Below, you'll find a discussion of reasons why a report might go uninvestigated.
  2. CPS can meet with your child without your permission. Although this might alarm you, there are very good reasons for this policy, which I explain below.
  3. You do not have to let CPS in your home—even if they ask nicely.
  4. You have rights. Below, I list the most important to keep in mind.

  5. The investigation process is designed to be thorough. You may be asked some very "nosy" questions, and I explain why below.
  6. CPS can't test you for drugs without your consent, but there are also many great reasons for giving consent.
  7. CPS does not want to remove kids from decent situations, despite what you might believe. There are no bonuses or quotas to fill.
  8. CPS can help you. They have access to a long list of tools and resources to help improve your home situation.
  9. Cooperating with CPS is probably the smartest and most beneficial thing to do in the long run, for you and your kid.
  10. CPS workers are people, too. It's best to remember that their ultimate job is to help, not hurt.

1. CPS Is Legally Obligated to Investigate Every Report

How Does CPS Work?

You may have heard it before, and it is the truth. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report it receives. However, there are instances where they do not investigate or the case is closed without investigation. This typically happens when there is no real foundation to believe that there is abuse or neglect occurring.

Why a Case Might Not Be Investigated

For instance, a report is made that a 14-year-old boy is being left home alone after school. If the child does not have any special needs and is not causing any damage to property or otherwise putting himself in danger, it would appear that the child is a normal high school freshman with no risk factors. Therefore, this case might be closed at intake because no real neglect is occurring. On the other hand, if that same report states that the child has Down’s Syndrome, the report will likely become an investigation.

Types of Investigations and How Long They Might Take

Investigations might range from one conversation with a parent or foster parent to a full investigation. In any case, if the report makes it to an investigator's desk, they are legally obligated to respond to it. This is not a policy; this is the law. Case response time is 24 to 72 hours, depending on the case. Some factors, such as screening and routing, can take slightly longer. In general though, a case will get a response within 72 hours. Responses range from seeing the entire family to seeing just the child or speaking with any person on the case. There may also just be unsuccessful attempts to contact someone.

Even if you're being investigated, that does not mean that a parent will necessarily be contacted within 72 hours. A parent may not be contacted for some time after a case is initiated. The person who reports the case to CPS is sometimes contacted prior to action and sometimes not contacted at all except to receive a letter giving the ruling on the case. The letter only states the ruling and gives absolutely no details on anything else.

What About Ridiculous or False Claims?

It does not matter how ridiculous or false a claim may be. When an investigator receives the referral, they are legally obligated to investigate. Even if the child, parents, witnesses, and ten other unrelated persons insist that something did not occur, the case must still be completed. It has to be. That is what an investigator intends to gain from an investigation: the truth about what happened.

One of my favorite quotes from a senior investigator was this: “We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.” When an investigation is received, they have to look at it, gather evidence, then make a ruling or determination. They cannot take the word of one single person, even the child. They have to look at all evidence. If an allegation is false, the best thing for you to do is give the investigator every resource to show that. Tell him or her why you think someone reported and what their motivation might have been. Investigators do consider this and want to hear it.

What About Reports Made Repeatedly by the Same Person?

It does not matter how many times a report has been made by the same person or for the same thing. CPS is still obligated to investigate.

However, there are systems in place to keep you from being harassed by a reporter or by CPS. For example, let’s say that you have been reported for physical abuse of your child and you completed an investigation. If the same reporter calls in with the same allegations a week later, with no new incident to report, the investigation may be closed without you even knowing it was reported. The ruling would be that it had already been investigated. You may only receive a phone call or you may receive nothing.

If there are new alleged incidents, the case may be investigated again. If this occurs, say, four times, and no evidence is found, they can start to close these without investigation. However, it’s important to know that it does not always happen this way, and you may be investigated for the same type of allegation from the same reporter many times. It all depends on whether new information is given in each new report. Good investigators will speak to the reporter and attempt to determine if they are doing this for reasons other than concerns for the safety of the child. Just because you are being reported doesn't mean you are guilty. Investigators do not assume you did it when they receive the report.

What About Ulterior Motives of People Who Report Abuse?

Trust me when I say that when a CPS worker receives a large amount of reports on the same allegation by the same reporter and it’s clear the motivation is something other than the welfare of the child, we know that there is an ulterior motive. Sometimes we have a long talk with a reporter about making false allegations, the consequences for doing so, and the unnecessary stress they are placing on a child.

“We go out to disprove an allegation as much as we go out to prove it.”

— Senior CPS Investigator

2. Can CPS See My Child Without My Permission?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is CPS will usually attempt to see your child before they talk to you. There is a simple reason for this: Workers want to talk to the child before a parent or foster parent has the chance to tell them what to say (at best) or threaten the child with consequences of disclosing abuse (at worst).

Also, if the child has any bruising or physical evidence of abuse or neglect, the investigator will try to get to that child before the evidence is gone.

What If I'm Falsely Accused?

If you are reading this, you may be upset because you have been falsely accused. It’s understandable to feel upset, but you should also remember that some parents are not falsely accused and it’s important for CPS to reach those children before there can be any intimidation or coaching by abusive parents.

If you consider this an injustice or a violation of your rights as a parent, think of the child who is being abused. That child might disclose the truth to a worker if they are interviewed prior to contact with the parent, but if a parent is made aware first, are they not going to intimidate, threaten, or further harm the child in order to ensure the child does not disclose this abuse? This is why it is likely that CPS will try to see your child at school, daycare, or another setting before notifying you. The rules for this may vary in some states, so check your rights in your own state. In many states, you can look up the laws and policies of your child welfare agency online.

What If I Don't Want My Child Interviewed?

If you do not want your child interviewed and an investigator comes to their school, you can tell them no. You can even have something on file at the school stating that no one is allowed to interview your child without you present. Once you have stated to a CPS worker that you do not want your child interviewed, they can not conduct an interview without a court order or “exigent (emergency) circumstances.”

That basically means that if you refuse to allow the child to be interviewed, CPS must obtain a court order from a judge stating that you must allow the interview or that the situation must be of such an emergency or risk that the child must be taken into the investigator's custody and interviewed. If the emergency situation occurs, the investigator must justify that claim in a court within 24 hours, obtain the approval of a judge, and notify you about it. It is rare to interview a child by “exigent circumstances” unless the child is also removed at that time (more on removals below).

What if CPS Comes to My House?

If a CPS worker wants to interview your child at your home, they must ask your permission. They cannot speak with your child at your home with you present without your consent. If you say no, they will not conduct the interview. (There are reasons, however, why you should cooperate—there’s a section about this below).

What If My Child Is Home Alone?

If your child is home alone, CPS can talk to them but it varies by circumstance. A child can't give a worker permission to enter the home, but if the child is home alone and that poses a danger to themselves or to others, the police department will be contacted and all parties may enter your home. This is an extreme circumstance. If an older child is home alone, they generally won't be fully interviewed at that time. If they are, it will be outside of your home.

3. You Do Not Have to Let CPS in the Door

What If CPS Shows Up at My Front Door?

CPS has no special right to enter your home without your permission, and you can say no to them. Workers do not have a right to obtain search warrants. You can be cooperative with the investigation without letting an investigator walk inside your door.

You can open the door and allow them to look inside and still not allow them to come in. Workers should ask you before coming in your home. If you say no, they cannot and will not enter. If they do enter, you can contact the police.

What If I Let CPS Come Inside?

Once you allow CPS into your home, you can ask them to leave whenever you like and they must comply. They cannot look through your drawers or search your home unless you give them permission to do so. Allowing entry to the home does not entitle the investigator to go through your medicine cabinet. They may look around and see what is visible to the eye, but they must ask permission to open a drawer or the refrigerator.

4. You Have Rights

Parents and alleged perpetrators have rights. Ask your worker about those rights or research them on your own. If you get a surprise visit, you can ask for time to look up your rights. You have more control over the situation than you think. For example, you can say to a worker, “I’d like to talk to you in a few days after I’ve looked over my rights.”

Can I Ask for Time to Review My Rights?

In my particular county in my state, CPS hands over a booklet outlining the parents' rights when they see them for the first time. If you receive any written materials, you can ask for time to review them. You can contact or consult with an attorney. If it makes you feel more comfortable, do it. In most cases, a few days will not harm your case. It is better to cooperate as much as you are comfortable with in the beginning.

5. The Investigation Process Is Designed to Be Thorough

So you have been accused of not supervising your child, and now workers are asking you questions about drugs, alcohol, pornography, and whether you've ever had an abortion. They asked your child if anyone had ever attempted to touch them inappropriately and if they have food to eat every day. You feel like CPS is investigating your life from the inside out. What is going on here?

Why Is CPS Asking Questions that Aren't Related to the Allegation?

In a sense, they are investigating your life from the inside out. Workers screen children for all types of abuse or neglect, regardless of the actual allegation. Investigators will ask questions about the allegation, but they will also ask broad, general questions about all types of abuse and neglect. The reasons for this should be obvious. If the allegation itself is false, but Mom and Dad are doing drugs in front of the child, the child is still at risk and CPS needs to know that.

Mom and Dad are going to be asked some general screening questions, as well. They’ll be asked about their own childhoods and habits, whether they have financial problems or had domestic violence in old relationships. These questions help a CPS worker determine several things. For example, is the family in a position of high stress? Does the mother or father show a pattern of behavior? Is there a long history of violence, sexual abuse, or incest in a family? CPS wants a complete picture so that they can identify if a child is at risk, and also to see if there is anything CPS can do to help that family, since that’s a crucial part of their job, too.

What Happens If They Find Something Else?

There are many times when the original allegation is not what the investigator found to be of the most concern in the family. For example, a physical abuse allegation may lead investigators to discover that no physical abuse is occurring, but that there is domestic violence between the father and his girlfriend. In the end, they may ask the father to attend domestic violence classes even though this was not what he was reported for.

6. CPS Needs Your Consent to Test You for Drugs

This is a sticky subject. CPS workers can drug test you, but they do need your consent. They cannot force you to take a drug test since they do not have the legal authority to do so. They will not notify you that they are going to drug test and they will arrange for the test in a short period of time. There are certain counties or states that will drug test every person in every case. You can be drug tested no matter your age and your children can also be drug tested. There are a million rules that govern this and all kinds of different rules for each situation. You should know what those rules are and know what your rights are.

It's in Your Best Interest to Take the Drug Test

The way you react to being asked to take a drug test matters. If you refuse, you can be court-ordered to take one. If you are court-ordered, they will take a nail scrape, a hair follicle, or some other type of test that looks further back into your history, and you will be required to take this test. So you can not “fool” a test or change the results by refusing, delaying, and requiring that a court order be gotten to buy you more time.

What Happens if You Refuse the Drug Test

If you refuse a drug test, the investigator will assume that you are using and act accordingly. This is important to know. People who are clean rarely refuse to take a drug test, even though it does happen. In fact, they are more likely to demand a drug test to be cleared of the allegation of drug use than to refuse to take one on principle. You can refuse on principle, and I've seen it happen. However, it’s not a good idea. Just take the test.

If You're Going to Test Positive

If you are going to test positive on a drug test, tell the investigator before you take it and discuss what will happen. Positive drug tests do not mean automatic removal of your children. It may mean that they have to stay with someone else for a while, but it does not necessarily mean your children will be put in foster care. Every situation is different. Be honest and talk to your investigator. They will not be shocked. They will not overreact. They deal with it every single day.

7. CPS Does Not Want to Separate Families

I have heard many things about CPS and removals. I've heard ridiculous things, like they have a quota they must reach for removing children, or they get bonuses for removing a child. I will speak for myself and say I’d rather do anything than remove a child from their family.

First of all, when a child is removed, a CPS worker has just guaranteed themself an extra 50 or so hours of work. There are many things involved in a child’s removal. It is not pleasant and they do not want to do those things. They have enough work and do not want to make more for themselves by removing your child for reasons other that the child’s safety.

Workers do not get bonuses, perks, or anything else for removals, and there is certainly no quota. The policy is to do everything possible to avoid removal. You may not see those policies or notice what's being done to avoid removal, but it's true.

Why Did It Happen So Fast?

It may happen very fast. You may feel that they have walked in and snatched your baby without a moment of thought. While those feelings are understandable, it simply does not work that way.

It doesn't happen that fast for us. Remember that CPS likely began the investigation before approaching you. There are cases where the situation is so dire that an emergency removal is necessary based on very limited but devastating information.

Removal vs. Placement

Removal is different from placement. If you have been asked to place your child with family or other types of kin, your child has not been removed; you have voluntarily placed your child in another home while you work some type of service or control some different factors.

Removal will involve a court order from a judge either prior to the removal or within 24 hours after. You will be asked to attend court hearings and you will get an attorney. If this is not happening, you have not had your child removed. Plus, if your child has been legally removed, you can still place them in a relative or kin’s home. Foster care is absolutely the very last resort and the ideal is to not have children placed in foster care. Any other viable, safe option is very much preferred. Plus, removal does not mean that you cannot ever have your child returned to your custody. The process for permanent, non-voluntary termination of parental rights is very, very complicated and takes 18 months or more.

8. How CPS Can Help You

CPS can often be demonized. People who are being investigated can feel like CPS is there to harm them, tear their family apart, pry into their lives, and embarrass them. Parents feel harassed and invaded. I get it, and most CPS workers understand that you feel this way. They would feel this way too if it were happening to them. While it’s CPS’s job to investigate claims, they can also help you.

How Can CPS Help Me?

CPS has access to massive amounts of resources and social services and can provide you with tools, materials, and concrete resources that you want or need to help your family work better. Ask your investigator about anything you need, from diapers or food to a new home. They will get you resources if there are any. They may recommend things for you and you can request specific things as well.

CPS is there to help, whether it be getting a child out of a dangerous situation or helping a parent gain skills or resources. The goal of any investigator is not to harm your family, but to improve it. That being said, they don’t have limitless resources and they may not be able to fully meet all of your requests. But they will try. Helping families is my favorite part of my job.

Helping families is my favorite part of the work that I do.

9. Why You Should Cooperate With CPS

I said that you should cooperate with CPS, and there is a reason for this. Cooperating almost always works to your benefit. If you don’t allow your child to be interviewed, it is natural for us to wonder why.

Won't the Interview Cause My Child Emotional Distress?

I have heard every reason for why parents do not want their child to be interviewed. The most common is that they fear the interview will cause emotional distress. However, CPS workers are trained in interviewing and screening children. They are professionals at it.

We always make an interview as simple and easy as possible for a child. Most children do not find it remotely stressful and actually enjoy the interview. Workers may provide them with coloring books or other playthings to ease the mood and make the child feel more comfortable. I have spent a full hour of pre-interview with a child doing nothing but putting them at ease before asking them a single question.

CPS is in the business of helping children, not harming them. They do everything they can to make children feel more safe. If a child finds the interview too distressing, the CPS worker may end the interview for that child’s sake. Most of the time, though, children have very little emotional reaction to an interview and express no distress at all.

What Happens if I Don't Let CPS in My Home or Take a Drug Test?

CPS doesn’t always have to come into your home. If you refuse when they've asked to come inside, they may assume you are hiding something. This happens to workers fairly often, so it is not as severe as not allowing a child to be seen or not allowing a drug test.

However, if the allegation is that your house is a hazard to the child and you do not allow entry into the home, CPS will assume you are hiding something. If the allegation involves people who may be living at the home or any concern for the home environment, CPS will assume you are hiding something if you do not let them in.

Not opening the door on principle happens, but it shouldn’t. CPS isn’t interested in going through your underwear drawer. They want to make sure the home is safe. As I said before, open the door and allow us to look inside and see that you don’t have trash piled to your ceiling or dog feces all over the carpet where your baby crawls. Just looking around can be enough. If it is not, CPS can obtain a court order.

What if I Don't Cooperate At All?

It is possible for you to be completely uncooperative. If they never see your child, your home, you, or anyone you know, then there is very little they can do. This, however, can be a very large red flag that something is really wrong. I suggest that if you do not wish to cooperate in any way, you contact an attorney and have that attorney talk with us.

My experience has been that if there is no cooperation, a lot of things are very wrong. CPS may just go away for now, but when families have problems, CPS tends to get involved more than once. If you’re not hiding anything, it’s better to just cooperate. CPS can close your case a lot quicker and easier if you show us that nothing is wrong.

10. Workers Are People Too

I add this statement because I stand by it as the number one thing I wish people would consider. CPS workers are just people. They are highly trained and educated people, but they are still just people. They make mistakes. They miss things. They go home to their own lives. They are doing their jobs. They are regulated and well-supervised. They aren’t doing anything as personal vendetta against you and they aren’t judging you in a personal way.

"It Is My Job to Be Hated."

CPS is full of people with thankless jobs that don't pay well and require a massive commitment. They have hobbies and dreams and goals. They have feelings. They often have their own children, their own problems, and their own pasts. They are simply people who have chosen to dedicate their professional lives to helping families and children.

I often say that "it is my job to be hated" because it is incredibly rare for anyone to welcome a CPS investigator into their lives with open arms and loving kindness. Mine is a profession where you have to get used to the idea that most of the families you encounter consider you an enemy. We know this and we can handle it because we know we are doing the right thing.


Important: The views in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of any other person or entity. This advice should not substitute that of a legal professional and is not given as legal advice. Any examples are purely fictional. This is personal opinion and should be read as such. This article should not replace any legal or professional advice obtained. I encourage anyone who is seeking advice on any subject involving Child Protective Services to seek the advice of a legal professional.

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    • profile image

      hey hey 36 minutes ago

      Can CP's make up there own accusations because CP's came to my house accused me of punching my child in the mouth cause she fell off the bed and busted her lip and requested her doctor to examine her for being sexually touched and never brought that up to me and it was never reported that she was touched they find any kind of way to take somebodys kids

    • profile image

      whs1893@gmail.com 28 hours ago

      Question my CPS worker designed a safety plan that my sons father can't be alone with our son or reside or go into our home any more while im at work i let him use the car how is these against the safety plan if the car is no where stated in the plan. and why our we being transferred to family protective services instead of child im not an elderly person and its just a child also i feel like they are making more of these then what it is why can't they just tell the father that until you can pass a drug test you can't see your son?

    • profile image

      Carol 2 days ago

      Everybody needs to check out these guys because they really go after case workers and have a history of actually getting the case workers fired and the children return to the parents you can find them at www.montanasnews.TV

    • profile image

      PLEASE RESPOND 7 days ago

      My boyfriend, which is perfectly happy with his life as he said and is 17. His already foster parents are being investigated for abuse. I dont know if they did it or not but, I don't want him to leave. He said he was happy, how do I get to be with him if he leaves? Some one please help me! I dont know what to do... Im only 15... I need help. Can a CPS worker help me by any chance on this situation?

      If he is taken... I will have no choice to report my parents as well... Cause I go through so much to be with him... Its not physical but mental and emotional abuse... It's hard to go through so much and have everyone try and pull us apart... Its unfair... Im trying to reach out to help...

      Some one please help me...

    • profile image

      Cory 9 days ago

      CPS is over the top, my friends ex wife reported him for rape. CPS showed up that night, took the 14 year old girl,tested her at the Hospital, tests negative. They still wouldn't let her go home. Wouldn't tell him where she was going as the CPS guy said "he wasn't certain", CPS violted her rights, both by removing her from the home and testing her by manipulation at the hospital. In a safe environment she would had said no. CPS is violating human rights.

    • profile image

      11 days ago

      The cps case worker said that I was a beautiful woman several times. I felt very intimidated, but I did not want to complain to him, since any complaint can be reported as mental health issues. Other thing that he mentioned is that I was still suspicious of other 2 previous unfounded reports. I was not able to react in a "normal" way and I got upset. Is it possible to re-open any unfounded case closed 5 years ago?

    • profile image

      T.Austin Friend 2 weeks ago

      I have oricle migraines and was rushed to hospital.the officer who turned in child abuse said I said I was on meth and my wife my meds.So Dhs was at my door the next day.Dhs requested that I have a mental and substance abuse evaluations and passed the first one.So the dhs worker called the councler and then made me retake the mental and substance abuse evaluations and passed again with no recommended for further treatment.The dhs worker never done any kind of drug testing randomly and she had 5mths.Now she want me to rake a hair folicle test.I don't want to.Ive cooperated all the way with dhs,And they don't have enough evidence to judicate the case.So they want me to do a hair folicle test and my public defenders not helping me at all.What should I do.

    • profile image

      Tawny 2 weeks ago

      My day had cps reach out to her to see baby and her she removed herself immediately from the situation and baby and they said that there were gonna come once a week for 30 to 60 days she didn’t sign a case plan and didn’t do anything if she was to leave the state before getting a closed case letter would she get in trouble keeping in mind they said originally all they wanted was to see the baby and then they would back off

    • profile image

      Anonymousparent 2 weeks ago

      We are in Washington State and I brought my child in to be interviewed by CPS. We interviewed and all was fine my child was well cared for etc but, I admitted I needed help in an area. I was honest.

      They are ruthless and without any evidence of actual abuse or harm removed my child. They said they would help me and I believed them. So I cooperated.

      Once we did everything they wanted evals and counseling etc and we were in compliance they made up excuses to not bring my teen home.

      They never helped me I had to complete everything and find all of my own care/help. Because we are poor and I have a disability they discriminated and ruined our lives. My teen was healthy and well adjusted and we did everything they asked so they used my easy case to pad their caseload. They delayed the case until @ 8 months my teen gave up and asked to just stay where she made new friends at our relative's home.

      If anyone can help me find a good lawyer? My State lawyer said she has not seen cases where CPS has helped only hurt families like mine. They changed our social workers and State lawyers often and procedures were not followed. No system in place to report the system we went down every channel.

      Is there a lawyer in the Seattle area that can take on discrimination cases and cases where rights were not protected?CPS even lied in court multiple times and we proved it just to still have what they said stand. There are no checks on the system and no one to report the judges. If a client is in compliance then bring the child home don't delay things.

      Do not trust them they have no resources to offer and will not help your family.

    • profile image

      Freida castillo 2 weeks ago

      I have a sister that's in prison they took her 3 kids in foster home the have the 2 girls together there only brother is separate from them I am willing to take them in ..I am there aunt don't have any felony's no recorded did a drug test failed it but they waited a month then gave me a hair test I passed it I gave it up..all I want is my neices and nephew home with me..they went 5yrs back with dps nothing..

    • profile image

      Gabriel999 2 weeks ago

      I just met a CPS investigator for the first (hopefully last) time. He was very pleasant. I was informed that I allegedly sexually assaulted my 11 year old daughter. He had already interviewed all 3 of my children whom had nothing to say of any incidents, as there have been none. I am certain my daughter didn't accuse me of this. Any thoughts on getting an attorney? Any thoughts on pressing charges against the accuser? I want to throw up over this!

    • profile image

      Concerned Relativ 2 weeks ago

      There has been an accusation in my son's home. They were told to request a protective order against him and told not to talk to any relatives or allow them to come over. I spoke to my daughter in law who said I could come over, stayed about 30 minutes never even mentioning the situation. A CPS worked was getting out of her vehicle as I was walking out and we ballistic on me. Told me to stay away this was a legal matter, all the while yelling and shaking her fingers at me.

      I don't know what to do. there is no order keeping me away or any reason to.

      These people seem a kind of deranged if I am honest and could not possibly want what is best for these kid if keeping the people they love most away is their goal.

      Maybe I am missing something.....???

    • profile image

      ARandomWriter 2 weeks ago

      I'm trying to write a story with a child taken by cps for child endangerment. However, it starts because the child is brought in with a wound because he was helping his father with his job, resulting in an injury. he was sent home later with a foster parent and his father was detained. he is court ordered to be held with the foster parent until his father is seen as fit. it is 14 months before he is returned to his father. is this realistic and how long can a child be held before a court order is needed? what if the child claims that although the father putting him in danger, no abuse has occured and that the child wanted to go with the parent (basically saying it wasn't his father's fault)? I just can't find a good answer to any of my questions

    • profile image

      LA MIMI 2 weeks ago

      i think this was not helpful web site at all is a trick to make you feel more comfortable and giving in to the cps worker to make their job easier because they fell to mention a lot of things if you do get help from cps then you are giving them control so that means that if they need you to do something you have to do it like taking classes meeting up for appointments and jumping threw loops and fire for at least a year or longer to all parents please make sure you read and do all you research that you can to be honest the best thing is to just get a lawyer cps is not to help you there are to hurt at the end of the day they have to find cases and to find people guilty so they can get paid and keep funding I think website should be fair to both parties not just one then it would be fair

    • profile image

      Hghg 3 weeks ago

      This is a good website because I am in cps

    • profile image

      Louis Humphrey 3 weeks ago

      My co took my kids cuz my ex wife needed help with a hot water heater! After asking the landlord to have it replaced!, just one month before taking my kids! They returned two children back in to a meth infested home! One of the boys soon was murdered. They made me go through some intense thangs but done it with open arms so have my babies home!! And some how I failed a drug test for pot had been clean for two years! Took a nother 6 days later and passed and only knew cuz a friend I knew there called and informed me but when brought up in court not test after the dirty drop was available other then a Tex asking me to come in . Sorry for my rant! As a father that will do anything for them I’m reaching out for help

    • profile image

      Terrified 3 weeks ago

      I’m losing my mind because I tested positive for marijuana when I gave birth last week, the babies pee came back negative, but I’m sure her merconium did not. I did it as the most natural way to manage stress, because stress is bad for baby. I know it’s not a great alternative, but the hospital had to report it and now cos and a local police officer are coming to my house in the morning and I can’t eat or sleep because I have no idea what’s going to happen. I have three other kids, one with special needs and I am beside myself thinking they will be taken from me, does anyone have any experience with this that can enlighten me? I hate myself right now and my children are my life.

    • profile image

      Rosanna 3 weeks ago

      I was just wondering if you could answer my question? If a dcfs case has been closed why is there a case worker still involved after a year of case being closed and how long so they have to keep a case worker on a closed case? Thank you

    • profile image

      Rosy 3 weeks ago

      Does CPS do Sunday visits?

    • profile image

      Lauren 3 weeks ago

      I come from a nasty childhood. I was allowed to be sexually abused at a young age, hit, and emotionally abused. My siblings and I weren't allowed to show any emotion or it would start a sort of powder keg of screaming and hitting. When CPS investigated my family it was a half hour talk at the school and then they barged in the home when I came home. They screamed at my mother and told her that all of her kids will be taken away. The CPS worker and cop left without so much as a word to me or my siblings and never heard back from them. Fast forward 15 years later and my youngest sister is being abused. I called CPS, hoping that something would happen THIS TIME. I was wrong and I got to witness CPS fail my siblings and I a second time. They believed the abuser, my mother. My sister even pleaded with the worker to please take her out of the home. Nothing happened. Case closed. Honestly, if you did your damned job, maybe it wouldn't be so thankless. My brother and I grew up and went in to the mental health field, such as some children do who grow up in these situations. And we have never just turned our backs on a patient/client. Your specific field leaves much to be desired and should be reformed.

    • profile image

      crenee2007 3 weeks ago

      To all Parents and Social Workers reading, or posting on this page: Please read the reports on CPS done by Senator Nancy Schaefer, 50th District of Georgia, (2004-08) before she was murdered in 2010. Only then will you know the ugly, sad truth, and it will break your heart. https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-GPCopyJd2XQjvNIk/T...

    • profile image

      Bergen Cowan 3 weeks ago

      Dcs distroyed our lives. We lost 4 of our kids. I was working for a living.moved out of state so we could keep our new kids. When we came back dcs opened a case. We didn't

    • profile image

      Elaine 4 weeks ago

      This is a load of garbage. You sound like you're reading your training manual

    • profile image

      Stephanie Ebel 5 weeks ago

      What a crock of crap this article is. CPS took my granddaughter from my kinship care because I don't have a drivers license, refused to contact my daughter the childs aunt to place her there and placed her in foster care. My granddaughter has now been ripped from her family twice within three days causing more damage to her than we could even imagine her going through.. I have cried all day for two days now. CPS is a joke that should be abolished. They consistently violated there own standards and are allowed to get away with it. I have search all night for a decent advocacy group or for help since as the social worker told me a good lawyer will cost about $1000 which you dont have. Try being on the other end of your thankless job and see how well you like it.

    • profile image

      Madonna Walls 5 weeks ago

      I'm a grandmother. My grandchildren so not live with me. CPS is investigating me anyway. My son who does not live with me was the one someone called on. His son doesn't live with him either. My son lives in an apt behind me. His son lives with his mother. Who does not have an open case. So what rt does children's services have to investigate us. If the child doesn't live here. Plus no alligations of abuse were even made. The person said that there were drugs in my son's home. When I questioned her about the alligations she asked my name then included me in the investigation. Now we have to have a home visit. Ok? My grandchildren don't live here. No alligations of abuse were made and I know for a fact there are no drugs in my home. I can't speak for my son. But I believe there aren't any drugs there either. So what legal rt does CPS have? Because they have no jurisdiction. I feel our rts are being violated.

    • profile image

      Katie !! This is all lies ! 5 weeks ago

      I was 18 and young and CPS took my child away from me because I was a victim of literally one incident in a domestic violence case ! The father was only 17 so we were both just children ! I agreed to meet with the workers because I thought it was the mature thing to do they told me I was young and not to fight to keep my child because I could have more and the people adopting him could have none ! I went to parental classes that didn't matter domestic violence classes that didn't matter the tookthe opportunity to take a child away from a victim who asked for help I do t believe any of this page !your a monster yourself for even promoting their innocence ! I have a clean record and I've been a nanny and a fantastic nanny for 8 years why on earth would I have gotten my kid taken when I love children been dreaming of being a mom my whole life ! if I never would ever harm him why was he taken then I called the police on his father for protection not to be punished ! And the fact they told me I'm young not to fight I can have more kids just shows how corrupt the CPS system really is they don't care about us they care about making another buck ! So please unless you've dealt with them yourselves and you the one standing o the opposite side of losing your child you will never understand how CPS really works of course they will paint a pretty pricture but when your an actual person they have to deal with they treat u like scum I felt more like a victim after notifying the police of domestic violence than actually being a victim of domestic violence of just one day !! Your a horrible person for this page ! I hope one day you open your eyes maybe when CPS steps in tells you to just have more kids and give up on the one you first gave birth to !! Then maybe you will all understand !!

    • profile image

      rich 5 weeks ago

      I think the only way they can become a cps worker is if they have children there selves or have worked with children for more than 2 years.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 weeks ago

      If filed a report on someone to DCS are they allowed to tell or show anything that I texted the social worker to the person I reported

    • profile image

      Adriuna 6 weeks ago

      If you went through so much at home and parents ignore you your dad cells drugs never home your mom always yell and take out her anger on us she blames us on everything and your family spites and she don't realise she is loosing me or my other siblings.

    • profile image

      Marcy Mills 6 weeks ago

      While I appreciate your article,It sounds nothing like my experience with CPS in Mississippi.I have met with rude,intimidating caseworkers.I am the one who reported my daughter for the fact my 5 yr old granddaughter was telling me things I was very concerned over.When my daughters drug dealer boyfriend put his hands on my daughter(my granddaughter witnessed),I made report.This same man threatened my life via pm.3 weeks later,my precious grandchildren overdosed on opiates.This was Oct.8,2017.I have seen the kids 5 times,supervised at the DHS office .wen I ask why supervised was told because my daughter requested!WTF?They C.W.will tell me nothing!As far as they are concerned,I have no rights,I am treated as that!They are very disrespectful and its more than apparent something shady is happening!Wen I called to schedule a visit..I am now cut to 1 hour,1 time a month!How in the hell do u maintain a close,loving relationship like u had before in 1 hour?CPS is alienating me from them..I'm a single working woman who warned cps and begged them to get the kids before something happened.As it did.They failed the kids and I'm paying a price for what my daughter did..yet she is posting pictures with kids all the time...This is wrong!The kids want to see me,I want to see them,,,violation of our rights.!!Because I don't have thousands for a lawyer,I'm losing ..my heart is broken,and cps doesn't give a s..t!

    • profile image

      American 6 weeks ago

      I am being investigated becouse I acedently hit my daughter in the face when she was crawling into bed with me and my wife at 3 in the morning she is five and in kindergarten and told someone at her school.The investigatior was very polite and stoped buy our house while no one was home and left a card I explained what happened and that it was an accident and no mark was left also my child had told me she told people at school and I thought nothing of it I didn’t think CPS the government would be talking to my child pulling her out of class. this is similar to what the nazis did a Socialist left-wing group a government that thought that it was their job to protect the people from themselves.This is scary there should not be an investigation unless there is substantial evidence I was in the army for 8 years I volunteer in the children’s ministry at church and several of my friends are law Enforcement they all told me to kiss the investigators but and go along with it becouse they can ruin life’s so I guess that’s what I’ll do. Sad that this is the way our country is going.

    • profile image

      Shelby 6 weeks ago

      I don't give a damp what state you're in its been deemed by the supreme court an illegal search and seizure to question a minor without the parent present and it's been deemed unconstetutional!!

    • profile image

      REna 6 weeks ago

      What kind of drug test do they do on toddlers? Do they always test children for environmental contact

    • profile image

      Robert chappell 6 weeks ago

      Do the judge put them with kin or do I ask at first my girl had missed to meny days but they got my son and we were at my grandmother's home

    • profile image

      Justin 6 weeks ago

      My child was taken and placed in his mother's home. I received a court document stating that he was returned to me within 48 hrs. And that the case to be closed. Dated a week ago. Why has he not been returned. Also just received court documents today

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 6 weeks ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Also, I do read all of these comments. I also approve them if they let me and unmark them as spam if they are not spam.

    • shancontented profile image

      shancontented 6 weeks ago from Someplace, Somewhere

      Hello again everyone. I pop in from time to time to remind everyone that:

      A. I cannot ethically respond to specific questions about specific cases or scenarios. I cannot respond to them in comments or via email. I am often tempted to, as I really would like to help many and answer questions, but I can only speak in general terms and only give my opinion.

      B. Thank you all for reading and contributing comments.

      C. You should consult with a lawyer regarding your specific state's laws if you are dealing with CPS.

      D. I provided this article as information. It has been updated recently and should contain the most up to date information that is available to me. This is specific to my state and may be different from yours. I will soon post an article that gives some information on how each state may vary.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to read my article and contribute comments.

    • profile image

      Yadira 6 weeks ago

      Hi i have a question what happen if my child open the door and get out of my house twice its report. My kid its only 3 years but very smart and since they are twins they help each other

    • profile image

      Anita 7 weeks ago

      What kind of background concerns a CPS worker?

    • profile image

      Amanda Tobian 7 weeks ago

      I had a case worker come into my home after us yelling bet no she would not stop so I said yes and then she went throw my house and my rooms and dressers and she was rude and took my kids placed them with my mother who is a foster parent and then when told they could stay there when to court and would not place them there out any we're with my family or friends and split them up and put two and foster care I need help I never been with it my babies I'm broken with out them

    • profile image

      Unknown 7 weeks ago

      Does social workers have the right to tell your neighbor all abt your case?

    • profile image

      The little one 7 weeks ago

      Boy you will have plenty time for going out and smoken weed. Just live at home do as your parents say. BE GOOD. Because live gets a lot harder after you move out. I hope you can get away from these state people because they are nothing but evil. And mom and dad remember that to. You do not want them involved. They make 250,000 off each child they remove. It is us against them.

      After removing my five boys in 2011 the judge was only able to give my youngest back.

      Seven years later I have my 7th child and somehow they had the doctors dose me and my baby. And removed him at birth. These people still children at all cost then make the family do service plan so they can lie and build a story against the American people having children. We live in hell on earth so please it is us against them, Keep good with family and friends, true friends there are no many out there. Life sucks when you can't trust people.

    • profile image

      Help 7 weeks ago

      Does anyone reply to these comments or are we wasting our time?

    • profile image

      Del 7 weeks ago

      clearly this is propaganda to get Mothers and/or Fathers to slumber on their natural/inalienable/inherit/civil rights. Tell that CPS worker that due to your religious beliefs you dont allow strangers to seek the company of your Son/Daughter/Offspring/Property. Then just sue them in a 1983 claim for any right infringements after that. ALL CPS laws derive from U.S. Code: Title 42 - THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE which if you check U.S. Code: Title 1 §204 you will find that "TITLE 42" WAS NEVER ENACTED INTO POSITIVE LAW. This means all the actions of CPS is under the color of law and COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. The only reason why the CPS functions is to specifically receive Federal Financial Particpation(FFP) or aka federal funds. #itsAllAboutTheMoney, #FightForYourRightsOnYourOwnWithoutTheHelpOfCrookedAttorneys

    • profile image

      addy 7 weeks ago

      so my parents are like gonna probably lose me and my brother and they brought up my dirty drug test for marijuana. will i get tooken by the state ?

    • profile image

      Benjamin Cole 8 weeks ago

      Ive seen CPS/DCS do nothing but destroy families.Sociopaths that get off on hurting children, lying in court, lying to parents and children,& making up bullshit stories.FUCK CPS/DCS!

    • profile image

      Bill 2 months ago

      A young mother we have known for many years had all three children removed over allegations she believes were made by her seperate husband family - he is constantly in and out of jail and for lots of different things. First she knew they had built a six month case against her without even talking to her - from what I was told all false allegations as the eldest teenage daughter resented her mother for her father not being allowed in the house and told the Cps worker a load of crap which has now been proven to be false - while in their care the younger daughter was sexually abused - the elder daughter was snapped up by the grandmother who wanted nothing to with the kids until she found out she could make money out of it and the youngest son is still in someone's care because the mother after losing her kids and job moved to a cheaper house they say doesn't meet their standards - for example even though they have there own bedrooms one was the wrong colour - I understand that there needs to be protection for kids but this system and the people working in it can do more harm than good and cause long term problems for struggling families - as you have said they mean well and get paid little so that would not help maintaining commitment - I really don't think their assessment and test conducted are as professional as you think and in this case they have put the children in harms way using the system in place to protect them - I would think this is not the only story like this - are they qualified to make assessments that are used as evidence against mothers / parents over hear say alligations, of course any parent is defensive if you try to take their young- but you say co-operate and it will help your case - dozen't look that way in this case.

    • profile image

      Lindsey 2 months ago

      It's changed they actually get bonuses for reuniting kids with parents or having less in the system now. It's becoming the opposite problem now. I don't know about you but i like the old way better. I'd rather kids pulled from good homes by mistake, thsn keaving kids in bad homes by mistake.

    • profile image

      Bull 2 months ago

      This is by far the most bull story I have ever heard about how they care. They don’t and as much as you think there really isn’t a “quota”. It’s still there without it being said there is. that’s what makes your budget every year. The more cases the more money in your budget. In some cases yes it is needed but in most it isn’t. They drag these cases on longer than needed and cause more problems in a family than actually help.

    • profile image

      LG 2 months ago

      Regarding the posters saying that folks did something to deserve being investigated:

      We could have married the wrong person and be going through a bitter divorce.

      We could have estranged relatives who would like to retaliate against us.

      We could have been in the bathroom when the kid figured out the deadbolt and end up bolting out the front door, running down the street alone.

      So, yes, things happen that could lead to an investigation. But, that investigation and intrusion of privacy may not be deserved. It is inappropriate to assume someone is guilty when they may be innocent.

      The other thing folks need to realize is that those accused of child abuse are NOT afforded the same legal protections as those accused of crimes. The accused are generally basically guilty until proven innocent, because child abuse investigations generally use the LOWEST burden of proof. So, you could be completely innocent; be reported by someone who has an ax to grind against you; and yet be found guilty, if you are not able to PROVE your innocence.

      I have no patience for folks who believe that CPS abuse of adults is justified in the name of stopping child abuse. Both forms of abuse are just that: abuse.

    • profile image

      Hell no 2 months ago

      The absolute worst thing you could ever do is cooperate. Even if you are totally innocent. Never cooperate.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 months ago

      Reading these comments are comical yet angering. There is a REASON CPS gets involved! For you out there denying you did wrong, OPEN YOUR EYES! You did SOMETHING to trigger an investigation. Quit blaming your lack of parenting on CPS! You only get your kid(s) taken away when it is PROVED they are in harms way. Look at the whole picture and better yourself for your children. Quit the denial and admit you have a problem you need to address to have your kids in a safe environment. Haters will hate - but only because of their own guilt.

    • profile image

      anonymous 2 months ago

      fully cooperated with dss in the end they violated my rights and put the child in harms way...NEVER COOPERATE

    • profile image

      Deletrica 2 months ago

      I hate you CPS y'all took my children I didn't abuse them at all y'all y'all just took my kids without helping me at all I needed help I need help bad and y'all couldn't see that y'all just took my children from me I didn't hurt my kids at all I needed help and you didn't help me

    • profile image

      Nikki 2 months ago

      When CPS gets Police involved to go to the home for making sure the child is ok and the home is safe... Does that police officer report back to CPS with his veiw and finding of that report with either it being true or false? If a police officer finds all accusation to be false and tells cps there is no need for future findings. Why cps don't put police report in the court documents ?

    • wpcooper profile image

      Finn Liam Cooper 2 months ago from Los Angeles

      well. as someone who is going into social work I understand from some of my peers how cps workers and the like agency is perceived. I've also seen the videos on you tube posted by those who are in contact with cps workers...

      what I have to say about your article is you do try to be informative and cover most of the basics however in one area you talked about refusing to take a drug test and how that implies guilt. You don't come out and say it, but it is definitely DEFINITELY, Implied. I have to say that this is a concept that goes against the constitution.

      In addition, you assert that the absence of legal advice should be perceived in your reading however it is difficult to discern your observations - some of which are quite terse - from the implications of standards - it is in your best interest to cooperate with cps workers - eg that sound like legal suggestions to me.

      It is a nice and insightful article and I understand CPS workers do not have the best perspectives to view the world from or the best positions from which to operate. It answered a few of my questions and addressed some concerns.

      I do believe though that you will find critics and not because of yourself or your article but because of the position of the profession.

    • profile image

      Lc53 2 months ago

      I would like to say maybe in your defense you might be a upstanding worker that truly cares, so maybe we should not be bashing you For your statements. But I will say You have to know the corruption that has been caught in your department so I can't really defend you and what you're posting. Now if you would have posted I Know some can be crooked but I'm not one of them and I'm so sorry for their actions but nowhere did you post that So Because you did not do that that I cannot defend you you're guilty by association And not admitting to the corruption That does take place. You're painting a picture of you Guys all being heroes. I Openly admitting honestly i

      admit I was one of those who believed you had to do something wrong to have you guys in their life shame on me. I learned the hard way And so did my granddaughter. My family will be forever scarred by your actions of your department's. You guys believed a mother's story that I was a richn Nurse who helped her son take away her daughter 7 years prior and judge my son on tattoos. We took care of her for almost 7 years never once having you guys in Our lives. You also did not check to see that the mother had lost my grand daughter because she disappeared with her on several occaisions and we found out that she was being abused and would not show up for her weekend visits because she was hiding her until she Was healed. In her mother's care she was beaten burned molested. She had a criminal history of domestic children violence domestic violence and a drug record her husband had a record of domestic violence so severe that the mother was in the hospital and even had a drainage tube. In the court proceedings your worker realize she screwed up and then told the judge when the judge asked why you removing this child from her father I see nothing that warrants her to be removed . your Worker through a file up upon his bench he read it and said by all means take this child away from her dad hes a loser he has a record my son was so busy crying mind you he has never had a record in his entire life other than shooting ABB gun in our backyard at the age of 12 he thought that's what it was for. I told my son we need to wait and see and get the report we are not to leave his court Room until I get the report after we receive the reports is stated that my son was a drug dealer that was in prison since 2003 wow do the math he would have been 13. I told her all things that the mother did to her and only seen her twice in 6 years and became interesting when she found out we had to get social security for my granddaughter. Because my son kept getting called out off of work to go get her from school because she could not function because of all the abuse from her mother we had her in counseling and therapy I gave the proof that it was not my son she was talking about and even showed her that the person she was talking about in 2003 is said that they had prison enhancements meaning prior prison strikes that person was in prison off and on since my son was one years old now mind you that's the reason why the judge removed Her because of that workers statement On the mother's record she put she had non. I beg her to get the judges records that showed that the judge even said that mother was the worst mother that ever crossed his bench and get the records from the doctor And the hospital that testified 6 years prior. I reported her to her supervisor And behind my back she snuck in to court and got a no contact order against my whole family for my granddaughter out of spite mind you My son work in the medical field and so have I for over 20 years. The supervisor stated she found my allegations to be true that there was nothing she could do to help me because the judge already signed off. When you guys 1st Took my granddaughterThey said she was intelligence honestPolite and easy to engage. After 6 months of being with her mother They said she was well adjusted with the mother they also said that she was wetting the bed threatening to kill all the CPS workers and threatening to shoot them up and throwing gang signs at them. She begged them to please let her go home to her nana and her daddy and the worker said what do a house with no rules No lady to a house that was built on love and didn't believe beating and burning was the answer to taking care of a child.. So instead of doing the right thing they did cover up after cover up but I warned u guys or I will not sit quiet. In the last 4 years I have become an extreme activists bring out all the illegal wrong doings of ur cps . Even contacting the Department of Justice which now has A Departments just because of you guys that is The Bearu for children Justice. And have Brought many crimes against your workers even putting them in jail for corruption. Did my granddaughter have to suffer because I had to be the voice that brought out our you're wrong doings theres a reason for everything. Because honestly if it wasn't for that being that I work in the medical field I would have never known that you guys were evil monsters but like I told the worker you messed with the wrong grandmother . I have not sat quiet for 4 years and now they have an abduction unit looking for my granddaughter . My granddaughter always knew I would protect her and I would protectors you took that right away from me to keep my grandchild safe you made me break my promise you took away my power to protect her . So before you come onto this website praising your department think twice because it tells me you're just as illegal as they areYou're not admitting to the feds investigating you guys and all the lawsuits against youAnd all the Workers thrown In jail for all there wrong doings and for that you are guilty guilty guilty don't come on this site and post this ever again. You are also a criminal you come on here painting a Beautiful picture of yourselves not admitting the department's crime

    • profile image

      Jamie Hill 2 months ago

      Do not ask these people for anything hey targeted me as a single mother of six children! When I asked for diapers for a my family proventive worker THEY referred me to they took me to court along with other allegations and tried to get me for neglect! I beat them 2xs in court and the 3rd time I took it to trial and my lawyer who fought for me which was a conflict defender quit I found out 15 mins before my trial and my new lawyer was more against me then they were! I was told by the supervisor of the conflict defenders office (since I fired the idiot who was against me) that if they found me quilty of anything on the new list that I would lose my younger 3 children so they recommended that I give custody to my older 3 "father" (who wouldn't financially support them he took them on weekends but did nothing for them or with them. He would leave them with the girlfriends as he couldn't stay with one person for month then 6 months!) and I they would drop the order. So I was forced to give him physical custody of my older 3 children so I didn't lose my younger 3! In that time this man has abused my Autistic son, he hasn't had his ADHD meds or sleeping meds in months, missed 5 med reviews in a row, allowed my daughter to be sexually abused by his friend and didn't believe her, my other son has anger problems which he acknowledged and does nothing to get him counciling, they are not up to date on shots or physicals and etc. I have hotlined been to the police and been going to court for over a year to get them back! So please do not listen to this bull!

    • profile image

      Cheyenne WebbCh 2 months ago

      If my wife and 3 day old son had no address to give to cps so they told her that she was to go to a homeless shelter and 8n this time we found a place but the cps won't answer to my wife's phone calls or mine either but the place they have her in has bed bugs and are bitting my son all over what are we to do

    • profile image

      Kevin 2 months ago

      You are a piece of crap lady. You guys frequently take kids from less than perfect situations and put them in abusive foster homes (happened to me). When you aren’t busy putting people in abusive environments you actually ignore real abuse. It is not uncommon to see CPS dismiss a case to have a kid die of abuse a short time later.

      We can also look at their long history of removing kids from homes because they are too stupid to know that foreigners are unaware of American cultural norms.

      Let’s take for example how you guys always go right to a fridge in home inspections to see if there is food in it. It is like you guys are too retarded to realize that it is normal in some cultures to only grocery shop for the next meal. To grocery shop 3 times a day.

      I advise the author to stop being a piece of crap and ruining people’s lives

    • profile image

      bill haden 2 months ago

      advise the cps worker, nicely, that your own attorney must be present before any conversations take place. That alone shuts them down!

    • profile image

      mike8001 2 months ago

      If the allegation is proven false. The person who reported it should be fined for making false allegations. They should give the name to the person being investigated who made the false allegation. How many prosecutions have you gone through for false allegations? Most likely none

    • profile image

      mike8001 2 months ago

      My kid has autism. My child has a communication issue. The case worker asked question have you been touched. She respond back the question she was just asked. The case worker didn't understand. They shouldn't without parent consent

    • profile image

      Lies&BS 2 months ago

      Poorly written article. No bonuses?

      What a joke! Where do you get you funding? How do you get paid? Government grants for stealing children and putting innocent families in distress. And how is removing a child.from the home not a stressful event? If that child is not in immediate danger, they should no be traumatized so you can 'investigate'.bull$%#@

    • profile image

      Cheyenne 2 months ago

      If someone is 18 and my bf is 24 and im still in school and the girl moves in with him and changes schools they can't do anything about it right?

    • profile image

      Teng 3 months ago

      How long can a IA WORKER keep you in rehab

    • profile image

      Kim Greenlee 3 months ago


      My grand daughter was taken away from her auntie, whom the court allowed temporary custody. She was in her custody for over 30 days the case worker told her that she would help her with anything she need it for the child. We thought everything was going to be okay until mom got herself together to get her child back but as of 2 days ago my granddaughter was taken out of the home. The case worker told my daughter that it was because she didn't have a job nor did she have car insurance. That reasoning didnt sit to well with us. My daughter asked, why wasn't she asked about theses necessities before they allowed her temporary custody?

      Why wasn't it a reminder to her within the 30 days that she had her? The caseworker said she assumed she had these things. Smdh... Aftet hearing about the situation as the grandmother I have packed up my belongings and have decided to relocate and will be there Christmas Day to get my grandchild but my question is, now that she's in temporary foster care do I still have that right to to get her back? The caseworker has told me that I do and so does my sister if she chose to but I just need to know if she's just giving us false hope? If it's true that we are able to, what do we need to do on our end and how long would the process take for us to get her back home around relatives that she's familiar with and that loves and care for her??

    • profile image

      Kid about to be taken away 3 months ago

      CPS just came to my house when I was going to my dads for the weekend. Anyone know what I should do. I’m so scared and everyone else is so scared

    • profile image

      Mike ellis 3 months ago

      Lying rat bustards is correct! They are laws and policies in place allowing Dcs to target poor girls with no resources to engage in human trafficking of newborns legally without cause. I personally know this to be a fact. There's always a big demand for newborns. They even have a law requiring hospitals to be a party to it. The shadow world encompasses all branches of Gov

    • profile image

      John Meikle 3 months ago

      I would not believe one word of what I just read. Cps is nothing ore that a child trafficking organization., and very well funded at that. Money is why they open and keep open cases. Children's court not to be confused with family courts is a court of "prima facie law"

      Which means basically they need no proof. This rat bastards organization needs to be abolished

    • profile image

      lindsay 3 months ago

      what if someone says they are going to call dfs because of something bout a dead child was said but no kids were hurt or anything at all it was a sentence and she said she screen shotted it but like i said i never met the girl so i dont know except she was rude n i said something bout thats why ur baby is dead... she said she will get them tooken away my kids are well loved n cared for should i worry?

    • profile image

      James Snell 3 months ago

      I have a question ?

      About my kids removal..

    • profile image

      valentina 3 months ago

      hi I have a question if the family and children didn't let the child stay home alone cause that chilled had depression how can you convince and make it possible for your child to stay home alone if he/she has recovered from depression and is all fine and just wishes to stay home alone in order to not be bossed around and to have more freedom of doing stuff in being home alone such as chores jogging outside and homework movies ect

    • profile image

      Summer soto 3 months ago

      Hi u say well have the right to ask them to leave why we look into our rights ok well obviously people dont expect CPS to be knocking out of the blue as they did to us why because of problem starting neighbors bored with their own lives but thats beyond the point. We have been fully cooperative and my children were placed with my mom becuz i was told i had to until i finish with there hoops and tricks. Ok well now they are trying to take my kids from my mother over a alnost 12 year old violence thing she got in trouble for mind u very small issue as it was there trying to take my children to state now becux they say she didnt pass check becuz of that she has payed all fines done all she needed to and hss been done with that for a very long time. Mind u they also made my mother move into a motel away from her fiance because he didnt pass there backround check eather for something he did fighting when he was 16 in highschool he is now almost 45 how is that possible. We have been doing all were asked and more and now they still want to just keep going further and take them to state where is the reward for cooperation or doing all good in what were asked to do. Do we have the right to tell them to back off now why we look into our rights more and possible attorney.? I think this is completely unfair and not ok in anyway my hone is clean always and my kids are more then well taken care of and were still snatched from me. We have been doing this with them about 2 weeks now so can i tell them to give me time now to look into legal stuff and rights before they just take my kids to the state where my poor babies would be with strangers its hard as it is not being with us and bein with my mom they dont understand as we have never been a day withiut a children and now its weeks my heart is crushed and im being fully cooperative and more and there still trying to take my babies to the state instead of leaving them where they are comfortable with my loving mother. Please please get back to be as soon as possible somehow here is a nunber also please i beg u i need help 209 352 9685 my angels are my life and im torn apart and lost i cant go another day withiut them.

    • profile image

      Erin Post 3 months ago

      Your section on the emotional distress that unwarranted CPS interviews has on children provides zero statistics or factual information based on field study research. Has CPS studied the effects of repeated interviews on children (not the interviews themselves, but the emotional harm caused to the child after)? What about the children who are bright enough to realize that the CPS worker isn't their "friend" and that although they are in a good environment, people in the community believe they should be removed from their home?

      Why do parents have to include a written document in a student's file indicating that CPS workers aren't allowed to interview their children without their knowledge or consent without a court order? What about the 4th amendment? Doesn't it go without saying that all people have the right to an attorney?

      As far as the no bonus section/quota section...we all have bonuses to hit. When there aren't enough fires to put out in a year, firemen get laid off...when there aren't enough crimes reported in a year, police get laid off....when there aren't enough CPS reports to investigate....CPS workers get laid off. WE ALL HAVE A QUOTA. Also, CPS refers people to "Catholic Charities." I doubt that the Lifetime movies that try to depict that scandalous adoption typically happen through independent adoption agencies are true...

      You are right, CPS workers are human like the rest of us and need to be held to upholding the US Constitution like the rest of us. The problem usually doesn't lie with CPS workers, yet CPS as a whole and the idea that we can put another person through a criminal investigation for having a difference of opinion. Opinions aren't laws. CPS allows people to harshly judge others for having different parenting styles. This needs to change. I have never met a perfect parent.

      Bottom line: CPS has been abusing their power and needs to be completely reformed. Parents and children have rights that extend beyond the comfort of their own homes.

    • profile image

      Erin Post 3 months ago

      The emotional distress portion of this provides zero statistics....interesting....What exact field research was done post investigation to interview the children's perspective on being interviewed? What about when a child has been interviewed more than once and is bright enough to know that although she is in a good environment, people in her community are trying to remove her from her home?

      Why do parents have to have a written document in a child's file to protect their constitutional rights (4th amendment)? Why doesn't it go without saying that children and parents have the right to an attorney in CPS investigations (child abuse and neglect is a crime) but it does in all other criminal investigations?

    • profile image

      Sadie 3 months ago

      Our case has been closed . We have our daughter but now a woman is sending in a picture (I never authorized her to take) (or send to anyone) , of my fiance only holding a alcoholic beverage with my daughter sleeping in her carseat while we are standing out side in her driveway.

    • profile image

      Lisa Grant 3 months ago

      Try telling the story from our side when its social service worker that has harmed my child on two occasions but refuse to investigate their own but try covering it up by looking for bruises and marks and accusing you of injury when my child was actually born with a condition thats what i call injustice and they say they are there for his wellbeing when they hurt him and lie and cover up their actions n where are they now shoes on other foot and they are under investigation they dont like it as they are not above the law and cannot bully imtimidate and threaten people and get away with it when families are innocent and itss them thats caused harm thats not fair and its unjust but guess they think we dont have rights or a voice as this has been going on for years and hide vehind authority they have not got and are human like us and we need to take a stand, i know there is abuse going on out there but picking on innocent families for couple missed appointnents is beyond extreme and finishing off by hurting my child is way out of order.

    • profile image

      Helpless 3 months ago

      Been caring for grandchildren for a year power of attorney. Cps was called due to something that happen at moms. Now cps knows the children have no health insurance neither parent supporting finically medically emotionally. What will happen now cps is involved.

    • profile image

      Decatur 3 months ago

      My son who is 18 had weed in his car that he forgot about .my. 8 year old was no where near him. At the time of this accident cps. Now wants me to test for drugs when I was no where around my worker lied an said I told her to get a court order an I'll take the test I told her to get a order to come look thru my house she also lied an said my so can't be around his brother case u had weed he didn't have it around my son why do it have to take the test when me or my 8 year old wasn't thier. This lady is acting like she don't want my 8 year old also round his brother cause he. Had Lil bag of weed, she pulled in my yard like she was ready to fight didn't say who. she was until I had to get upset with her she's caused my family emotional stress with her lies. What can I do..

    • profile image

      Jerry 3 months ago

      I have a grand daughter who visits her father every other week and on 3 different occasions came home with head lice.

      The father denies they she got lice in his apartment. They live in a rather run down studio apartment (him, girlfriend and another daughter of his). Court order states my grand daughter should have her own bed to sleep in which would seem impossible in a studio apartment with 4 people. The court also states he must pay child support and that is sporadic. Can my daughter keep my grand daughter from having to go?

    • profile image

      Hope 3 months ago

      Me and my husband has a case ATM. I have jumped through hoops to do everything they asked. Drug test, removing a family pet that my husband had sense a pup. They was called after my PPD was bad, then had a loss, and I went into depression, my husband and I are now being told I have made no progress at all. Which I have, even have people ready to testify, and pics to prove that the living spaces have been improved. This has all happen after I was told they was going to close my case. I am lost and hurt as I don't see no reason to involve a judge, we are currently waiting for our worker to show up and tell us when court is, or if we are even going to court. I am confused and worried that they'll take my kids, they told us that they want to potition a judge to have them removed. I feel so helpless. In my mind where was cps when I was being abused? Or living in filth. I don't know what to do when my workers supervisor is even making a big deal out of a few dishes in the sink, and toys on the floor. I admit they seem to show up when I'm sick or my kids are sick and house work is very hard to do. But I always get it done the next day. I just don't understand.

    • profile image

      Bri 3 months ago

      Why did cps come to my house with a police officer my neighbor told me they were here so why? Also I'm placing my kids with kin till I find out what they want they didn't leave card untill I find out what they want my children will not return home dhs made my life hell growing up cause I was in there care I'm not about to stand back and let them do the same to my kids was adopted beat put back in dhs then put in group homes till I was 18 I will not let dhs ruin my kids life's

    • profile image

      Rhonda 4 months ago

      I have been working with DHS for 9 months now. I don't do drugs i don't drink i don't go out with friends. I stay home with my kiddos every day. Im who they wake up to im who they see before bed. I cook for them. Now there father on the other hand is complete oppositeof me. We haven't been together for 3 years. Anyway i got told my kiddos will be removed from our home because my health insurance lapsed and so my oldest son and i haven't started therapy. I have anxiety and so does my son. I take meds for mine but without insurance i couldn't get them. So i sent all the papers in to the insurance and now we are just waiting. My youngest son has ADHD and ODD. He is in therapy but not on meds. They both go to school. They are both healthy. But DHS says im unstable. They said my house is a mess. Yea my house get all kinds of messed up. I got an 18 year old a 14 year old and a 12 year old. Give me a break clothes everywhere dishes in rooms lol they are teenagers. They have love, food,clothes and a drug free mom. Tell my why they have to take my kids?

    • profile image

      Jason Rosner 4 months ago

      Me and my wife went through 14 years of bullshit - all false allegations from her ex,

      All dismissed no indicators.

      In one district, an investigator fabricated stuff for a shelter order hearing, having been bamboozled by the father.

      It resulted in a shelter order. This particular child was already involved summer vacation with the Dad.

      I watched the attorney LIE.

      This was done on a Saturday docket, and when the main judge got a hold of it during a shelter review hearing, he was pissed.

      The case was transferred to our home district, and dismissed no indicators.

      Don’t tell me that lol cps investigators are good and lawful- they aren’t. This one tossed crucial testimony, lied, and was emotionally biased.

      The harassment continued- the father was warned- warned- they even held “ the conference “ - where they tried to get inside his motives.

      Custody was his motive. The DCF in three districts told us we WERE being harassed.

      They still refused to allow us to press charges- saying it’s too complicated.

      Well, there ya go.

      You can’t unsee the things I’ve seen- and you can’t unexoerience them.

      My family deserves justice.

      It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • profile image

      Kevin J Wells 4 months ago

      Me and my wife was having to go to NICU at UAB to visit with our daughter. We were told 3 days in a row that we were getting a private room the next morning. After the 3rd time I requested to speak with the nurse manager or a social worker. Well both cam to my room. I was talking to the social worker when the assistant nurse manager interrupted multiple times. I called her out on many lies and asked to speak with her supervisor. She left to go get her supervisor but instead she called the UAB police to come have me and my wife removed from the premises. They called DHR and refuse to let us see our baby and even call to check on her. They informed my wife that they are putting her in foster care because the day they removed us, they said I was on drugs (which I wasnt) but I keep hearing they don't want to seperate families, that's a lie. I'm a combat disabled Marines that has cancer and in renal failure. This baby was giving me reason to fight for life. And my wife is in shambles. How do I get a judicial hearing on this to prevent our baby taken away? DHR shouldn't be allowed to go on their opinions on anything like removing a child unless there is an obvious danger to the child. What can be done? I have a lawyer, but any info will help. Thanks.

    • profile image

      April black 4 months ago

      How would they interview my two year old daughter and how would they percieve her answers we have a daughter I have mental health issues that I am getting treatment for and my home environment isn't the greatest however my partner and I are doing all wr know how to protect her from it and get out of the situation as a family but we naturally all talk crap to each other in a joking matter in a way of dealing with our childhood mishaps how can this affect my child and how will the system percieve this isssue

    • profile image

      Matthew Newhouse 4 months ago

      I spanked my 13 yr old two years ago on the butt for being disrespectful and rude. 2 years late I was told that cps will be investigating it. I I've in tx she live in Michigan. My wife and 3 other kids where there to see what took place and that is all that took place. How long can they go back?

    • profile image

      Ruby 4 months ago

      I have a question I have a 12 month review court hearing coming up on November 30th I've been testing negative all my drug test since my last cort hearing was 5 months ago. I did the parenting classes I did a domestic violence class the only thing I didn't attend drug treatment program but the main thing the judge told me last time was that they wanted to see negative test and that's what I've been doing I've been clean and sober testing negative without being in outpatient drug treatment program.

    • profile image

      Krystal Cyr 4 months ago

      The department made me choose between my husband and my children I chose my babies, so now my husband is living in a homeless shelter alone. However dhhs & my husband are not getting along AT ALL. ALL HIS VISITS R NOW CANCELLED & the case manager is coming Wednesday to do her monthly visit. But due to the recent animosity between the department and my husband I feel uncomfortable letting her question my boys alone anymore as I feel her questions will be more biased towards him. She normally takes them to their room and shuts the door or has me leave the house so she can be alone. Since they're home now can I ask that she speak to them with me at least in the facinity as to ensure she is not asking anything questionable. As the writer of this article said they're human, & working on getting my kids back has lit a fire in me to protect & advocate for them. Not just to who they think I should protect them from. So do I have the right to request to be present?


    • profile image

      James.S 4 months ago

      Can CPS take your kids without a case?

    • profile image

      Shanna easter 4 months ago

      In the beginning, sometime before October 13th DCF along with the sheriff's deputy came to our house and DCF was accusing us of bad things because they had received a report from someone. So after talking with us, DCF said they didn't see no signs of abuse. DCF also ask if I would take my son Cody to the Children's Advocacy the next day for which I did and Cody was examined by psychologist and physically examined by a nurse and they all concluded that there was no signs of abuse, They had no concerns and they let me take Cody home. Then Friday October 13th I get a call from DCF saying they snatch my child out of school placing him in a foster home because of drawings he had made about his father James Henry Easter and his teacher. It has been a hell of a roller coaster ever since because of DCF nitpicking everything about our life and accusing us of things that we have not done for which we have been Vindicated. So I don't understand why DCF still continues trying to strip way are parental rights. How did DCF become the most powerful brutal people using gestapo tactics in America who cannot be held legally accountable for their brutality in persecuting innocent families Even after the family has been Vindicated?

    • profile image

      Tired 4 months ago

      It should be called the department of mothers rights

      They don't care about the kids!

      They can be homeless and live in twenty different homes in ten months

      It's about supporting the rights of mom

      What about the child's right

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 months ago

      They don't want to separate families??!!?!? They basically kicked my husband out our home because of a false allegation because of one little lie someone told them. My family is hurting horribly and I our marriage may come to an end because of this.

    • profile image

      Cps is a joke 4 months ago

      Don't let this nicely written article fool you. Cps does get paid for every child they take. They can ssume all they want but at the end of the day it's their job to prove a case against you. So on that note tell them to talk to your lawyer or to choke on dick. No don't tells them the last one but for real. Theyrr looking to grab you by the genitals and make you jump thru so many hoops to make them look like they're helping when in reality they offer you no services just a plan that you have to pay for. The less contact the better. FEED THEM WITH A LONG SPOON

    • profile image

      Isanti 4 months ago

      My ex and his mom keep making reports they threat for me to drop charges on him or they will make sure I loose my kids one is saying my kid was in supervised stabbing him self with no. Marks another now is I'm on drugs so I had a job making 3000 a week I got fired because she put me on drug testing three plus times a week at Radom hours I'm going to looose my home everything because of this worker my ex mom even been having me robbed and no one is doing anything but making things worse for me and my kids they ruined my career and now have forever ruined my reputation I can't believe this is legal my kids are scared and we have no where to go I'm a single mom of five I love them more than anything I work my. It off my ex was abusive so I kicked him out and when that happened they did an investigation made me press charges or I loose my kids then closed it now with the constant calls they sent new worker and opened a case do to the fake report and my kids grades is what they said now these drug tests I have taken 5 and not one positive I don't have a drug problem she said one came back were there showed a level of something but was still a negative and put me on this monthly ua calendar that made me loose my job is there anything I can do there has to be some law against the workers we parents should have some rights to also protect us what the hell and how can the law allow retaliation like this someone please help us

    • profile image

      J.F. 4 months ago

      CPS took my kids for 5 days because I refused to let them enter without a warrent. 5 days later he came back, checked my house and returned my kids. There was nothing wrong. We got found guilty with no investigation and it said there was dog poop on the floor and that my daughter answered the door and said we were sleeping. There was no poop and i was in my room reading. Now the CPS worker is telling people he will permanently remove my kids if he can get away with it. How is that even legal?

    • profile image

      Sallie 4 months ago

      I am tired of "proving" my status. I am a good mother. My kids are relatively normal. Spoiled even some would say. They have all of me. I encourage them. I pay close attention to their struggles find creative ways to help them master things help them with goals. and I don't do drugs. So it's getting old. It's also dramatic stress that is unnecessary. My house is kept. I work full time I cook them pretty decent foods. And we go places for fun. WHY does the agency keep allowing people to make reports and keep "investigating" people they KNOW and have ALREADY PROVEN TO ACCEPT as a good parent. It's insane and it's not very "trauma-informed"

    • stayingalivemoma profile image

      Valerie Washington 4 months ago from Tempe, Arizona

      This is a well put together article and very informative. You certainly seems to be a subject matter expert on this topic! Great info about the laws and how it all works. Sorry to hear that some have not had good experiences.

    • profile image

      4 months ago

      If baby daddy don't want to test and left the mother what will cps do