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Is Las Vegas a Good Place to Raise Kids?

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Kathy is a freelance writer for Textbroker, Verblio, and Constant Content and published author in Neon Rainbow Magazine.

Would You Really Want to Raise Kids in "Sin City"?

After living in Las Vegas for almost seven years, my husband and I felt the same way: we're so glad we aren't raising kids here!

We moved here nearly seven years ago for a job. My husband had worked for an airline in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When that airline (Midwest Express; later renamed Midwest Airlines) went out of business, the employees were out of jobs in the midst of a recession. After being out of work for eight months, suddenly a job came up that seemed like a good opportunity.

This job was, out of all the places it could have been, in Las Vegas. We had only been here a couple of times before. One time was actually with our two sons. I don't remember exactly how old they were, but they were young teens at the time. We had come here for a show at the Las Vegas Hilton, which is now called Westgate.

At their age, they were not actually allowed to walk through the gaming machine area of the casino. They had to stay on designated pathways. During the day, we did things that were child and teen-friendly, since Vegas at the time was trying to update its image as a child-friendly place. We went to see the Fountains of Bellagio, the outdoor pirate show that was running at the time at Treasure Island, and the volcano show at Mirage.

For two nights, we went to a concert and they stayed in the room, which they didn't mind. Downstairs was a small Pizza Hut restaurant and an adjacent ice cream shop, so they went there and then later back to the room. The show only lasted a couple of hours, and since they were very trustworthy teenagers, it worked out.

Why Las Vegas is not a Good Place to Raise Kids

Las Vegas is a city known for its carefree "anything goes" attitude. Driving down the strip yesterday, we were absolutely gobsmacked by something we saw. A man wearing pajama bottom pants and a t-shirt pulled his pants down and squatted - on the grass along the Las Vegas strip - and went to the bathroom. In public, right off the sidewalk, in a strip of grass.

Now, this was on the North end of the strip, between Circus Circus and Stratosphere, a notoriously sketchy part of the strip. Honestly, I guess it could happen in other places, but the chances of it happening here are significantly higher I think. So, if you see piles near a sidewalk, it may not be something left by a dog. Just saying!

How did I get off on that tangent! Aside from the ridiculous things you may see here (mostly naked women and men with things like glitter, band-aids and pasties covering up their private areas), there are other things here that you would not want kids to be continuously exposed to.

Walk through almost any casino and you'll see young, scantily dressed girls dancing on tables, distracting men to get them to spend more money. In Vegas, money drives most of the aberrant behaviors you see.

Many of the visitors here are only here for a short time, celebrating things like bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other events and they know that whatever they do here most likely won't get back to the people wherever it is that they came from. So, it becomes a free-for-all. Although with social media, the news may get back there after all! So, you tend to see more incidents of public drunkenness, brawls, and unsavory behavior.

A List of Reasons Not to Raise Kids in Las Vegas

Aside from the reasons I've touched on so far for not raising kids in Las Vegas, here are some more:

  • Bad Schools - We're not just talking bad schools, we're talking Nevada schools being 50th in the nation as of January 11, 2016. This had been improved at one time to 49th place, but since then has dropped down to last place again.
  • Negative Influences - Gambling, drinking, prostitution, over-sexualized billboards everywhere, strip clubs with younger and younger girls (One place is called "Little Darlings Totally Nude"). You get the idea.
  • Gang Infiltration - Especially in schools and among young people who are left to fend for themselves after school because of a lack of funds to afford after-school care or daycare.
  • Peer Influences - Problems that plague other parts of the country are magnified in Las Vegas, and this includes kids going to school with kids who have absentee parents, and parents who are stressed out to their limit and turning to alcohol and drugs
  • Low Emphasis on Education - Education doesn't seem to be as important here - in general terms. There are some very good private schools and parents who do care, but they are the exception. You're more likely to find the opposite in Las Vegas. The feeling is that kids will most likely grow up to work in the service sector or in casinos, so there doesn't seem to be an emphasis on going to college or pursuing trade school education
  • Preying on Youth - Predators involved in unsavory things like human trafficking look for young people who are expressing their independence in negative ways. The first place many kids go is to the strip or the bus station. This is where predators find their next victims of sex trafficking. They promise to help young people escape from problems through drugs and alcohol and freedoms that they may not have at home. What they end up with is quite the opposite, but being young and naive, many kids fall for these schemes
  • Social Problems Magnified - Parents are stressed out over things like financial difficulties, foreclosures, alcoholism and addiction, and as a result, there are higher rates of child, spouse, and domestic abuse
  • No Sex Education - You read that right, no sex education in schools. Kids who have over-sexualized images thrust into their faces 24/7 need education and they don't get it
  • Not Much for Teens - Many casinos have age restrictions on how late unsupervised teenagers can be in the casino, for the safety of other patrons and for kids' safety, only this leads to fewer places for teens to hang out. There are parks, but even those may have evening curfews

Some of the Opposition Arguments

Now, to try to balance this with an opposing view, I have read articles praising Las Vegas for some of its family-friendly offerings. This includes the Smith Center for the Performing Arts (A fantastic entertainment venue that families can go to for Broadway-style plays and musicals). Then there is also the fantastic Discovery Children's Museum right next to the Smith Center. We even took our granddaughter there when she was four years old and she came to visit us! It was a fun place!

Another positive place for kids is Springs Preserve, and it's the closest thing you'll find in Las Vegas to a zoo. There is no actual zoo. The preserve features activities and attractions for kids that are both indoors and outdoors.

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You can find some good schools in Las Vegas, but they are probably private and most likely expensive. You'll also find parents who really do care and are concerned about doing the best they can to raise good kids. It's not all negative! It would just take searching on your part if you were to consider moving here with kids.

My husband and I agreed that it would probably be okay here in Las Vegas for young families with young kids, especially if one parent is home with the kids, or if parents are very vigilant and are able to keep their kids somewhat away from negative influences. The thing is, that will be difficult to do here with the bad influences everywhere you turn, and with unsavory influences present even in the neighborhoods you're trying to live in. A transient population creates issues with people who don't share the same values, and who don't place an emphasis on things like integrity and treating people in a civil way.

The Decision to Move to Las Vegas

My husband actually had an Uncle who had lived in Las Vegas with his family years before we moved here. They seemed to enjoy their time here. They were originally from the Minneapolis area and moved back there when his Aunt became ill and eventually passed away. They moved back to be closer to family again.

Now that we've been here for nearly seven years, we totally understand their decision to move back to the Midwest. Even with the cold and sometimes nasty weather in the Midwest, we have learned that climate isn't everything. Sure the weather is decent here, but there is something to be said for feeling safe where you live, too.

This can be a nice place to live for adults. To be honest, though, I still would not want to be raising young children here. With all the negative influences, the over-sexualized images that constantly bombard you, the anything-goes, party atmosphere, the transient population here, and things like gangs and drugs that were here before, but have gotten worse, we both feel that this is not a place for kids. Some of the issues have existed for years, but lately, it seems to have gotten worse because of an influx of people moving here from southern California, Los Angeles in particular.

When we moved here, our sons were married with children of their own and were still living in Wisconsin. We were "empty nesters," so when the job opportunity came up, we thought, why not give it a shot? We were both in our early fifties, so we were not nearly retirement age yet. We still had years to work, so why not take what seemed like a decent job?

I left a retail job to move here, and actually did not take another retail job here after seeing what the work environment would have been like! Instead, I found several outlets for writing online, and now I work writing website content. I have several clients who regularly send work to me, two of them are SEO companies that create websites for businesses and they come to me to supply them with content.

I've been fortunate to have been able to do this for five years, and have enjoyed working from home. This is also something I could do anywhere, which makes it even better!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

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KathyH (author) from Waukesha, Wisconsin on August 23, 2018:

Thank you for commenting, Brandon! Actually we did live in Las Vegas for 8 years in an area called The Lakes, near Summerlin. Schools in Summerlin and Henderson definitely were better, and we had friends who chose to send their kids to Faith Lutheran instead.

I agree with you about parents who are involved and vigilant- they shouldn’t have as many issues. Being involved in kids lives and positively influencing them definitely helps!

Brandon on August 23, 2018:

Yeah I've got to say I don't agree with this article. You fail to mention any of the surrounding suburbs that are nowhere near the strip or higher crime city blocks near there. I wouldn't want to raise my kids right next to any downtown/metro area in the entire country. Moreover, it's unfair to call all of Clark Country schools bad. Since it's all one county the bad side of town drops down the average of the entire county score. This isn't reflective of the better test scores and schools in Henderson/Summerlin. Am I saying these suburbs are perfect? No, but they are perfectly family friendly in such a way than any involved parent should be able to have a happy and safe existence here. It almost seems like whoever wrote this article came here for a quick weekend on the strip and decided to define the entire valley.

KathyH (author) from Waukesha, Wisconsin on June 16, 2018:

Thank you Lovelajolla11! Our sons were grown when we were there, and we were thankful for that! It did seem like a very tough place to raise kids-especially teens! What we always tell people is that you need to have a lot of self discipline and a strong moral foundation/ belief system to live there successfully! Thank you for sharing your insights!

Lovelajolla11 on June 15, 2018:

The author of this article is absolutely correct! I have raised my children in Summerlin and they went to private school. The fact is true that it is extremely challenging to raise teenagers in Las Vegas...even under one if the best conditions (Summerlin, private school, church, cohesive family). The drug, sex, alcohol, teen sleep-over, party culture of this town WILL in one way or another flood over into your teen’s life so just be prepared to set firm boundaries and to be challenged! It’s a tough town to raise teens.

KathyH (author) from Waukesha, Wisconsin on May 20, 2018:

Hi D! I’m not an expert at all, it was just that we noticed a real decline in the area in the eight years we lived there. We lived not too far from Summerlin, and that is a nice area! Henderson seemed nice, too. If we did have our sons with us at the time we would have chosen one of the areas you’ve named. The public schools try I think- but there are reasons they’re ranked 49th or 50th in the nation. If we would have had young kids with us we would have opted for private school like Faith Lutheran. You’re right about the natural areas, too! Red Rock, Valley of Fire and The Lake Mead areas are especially beautiful!! One of our favorite experiences was Hemenway park to watch the Bighorn sheep! There were things we really enjoyed about living in Vegas for sure! Thank you for adding insights here!

D on May 19, 2018:

Ran across this read. Moved to the Southern Highlands area of Vegas a year ago. Obviously, we wouldn’t take our children to walk down the strip anymore than we’d take them to walk down any city downtown area. School Systems are reasonable in suburb areas. You neglect to speak about the areas of Green Valley, Anthem, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Summerlin or other wonderful areas to raise children. You also fail to mention the outdoor life we have here. Overall, I don’t think you have an understanding of Vegas or what it offers families. Or, it’s possible you need a small town in Idaho to live in. Which, is great, but you don’t seem to know much about Las Vegas either way.

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