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Newborn Essentials for an Overnight Stay

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As a mother that has traveled with a newborn, I hope these tips will help with a necessities-only list.

Traveling for the first time can be super stressful. If you were like me, you wanted to pack for all of the what-if situations. This can cause there to be a lot of unnecessary items. On our first overnight trip, we ended up not using the majority of what we packed. Since then, I have shortened my packing list drastically. I realized what the essentials were and now only pack those.

  • Bassinet or Pack 'n Play: Your baby will need somewhere to sleep at night or for naps. At our relatives' house, they did not already have any baby bedding, so we brought our bassinet. When choosing our bassinet, we knew that we would be traveling to different family homes a lot, so we purchased one that was for travel. Ours easily folded and came with a travel bag. It was called Chicco Lullago Nest Portable.
  • Clothes: It is so easy to overpack clothing. You really only need to pack an outfit for each day and one extra in case one gets messy. The first time, I was trying to pack for every weather situation and multiple extra ones, thinking that my daughter was going to get every one of them dirty. If you look at the weather report beforehand, you can avoid that mistake. In a worst-case scenario, you can wash your child's onesies to repeat an outfit.
  • Food: If you use formula, then you would need to pack bottles, formula, and water if you use a specific kind. If you nurse, it would depend on whether you have a stock saved up on breast milk or not. If you do, you can bring enough for however long you are staying. You would also need a cooler to keep the milk cold for the duration of the trip. If you do not have any pumped and you nurse when your child is hungry, then you really do not have to bring anything. If you prefer privacy, then you could bring a nursing cover or nurse in a spare bedroom. It really depends on personal preference. If you do like nursing covers, my personal favorite is Yoga Sprout. I like that it has multiple uses. It can be a car seat cover in case it's raining outside, and I like that it wraps around your whole torso. Some only cover the front of you. It is a stretchy fabric, so it is not tight on you or your baby.
  • Sound Machine: If your baby is used to sleeping with white noise or other sounds at night, I strongly suggest packing a sound machine. Due to them being in a new environment, you want to keep their sleep time as familiar as possible. It can also block out new sounds that the baby is not used to hearing, which can potentially keep them up.
  • Bath Items: If you are going to be staying multiple nights, you will more than likely need to bathe your newborn. If your relative has a larger sink and does not have a bathtub, you could wash your baby in that. However, if a tub is accessible, then you would need to bring your preferred bath chair that the baby lays in. You will also need to bring soap and maybe a toy. I suggest bringing travel-size bath wash and shampoo. It would take up less room. If you are going to bring bath toys, I would recommend just bringing the favorite one.
  • Diaper Bag: I would pack the essentials that you normally have in it when you leave the house. You will need to include more diapers than your usual day outing. Typically, you would include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, burp rags, pacifiers, etc.
  • Boppy Pillow: This pillow was super helpful and essential with breastfeeding my daughter. I tried to use regular pillows, but those did not work as well for me. The Boppy pillow provides a good amount of support for the baby and your arm when feeding.
  • Toys: I would suggest only bringing your baby's favorite toy that they would play with at home and a few smaller toys that could distract them on the car ride. Depending on how far you are traveling and how old your baby is, packing toys for entertainment can make the car ride so much easier.

It is already an adjustment with the number of items one packs just when leaving the house for errands with a baby. Staying overnight could cause complete chaos if you pack for every situation that might happen. Following this list can lessen the stress and luggage that you pack.

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