A Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Updated on December 18, 2016

Morning Time!

If you're a stay-at-home mom then you know that the mornings are the toughest. Your kids become your alarm clock. One day you are waking up at 8 a.m (but only if you have luck on your side), and the next day you are waking up at 5 a.m.

From the moment your kids come into your room and yell, "WAKE UP, MOM" you have officially started off your at-home work day. Before you even have a chance to open your eyes the kids have rattled off a list of things they need you to do. 1) Find their favorite toy they lost before bed 2) Turn on their favorite early morning cartoon 3) Make them breakfast, but not just any breakfast, no today they want dinosaur shaped pancakes. If you are anything like me then in your head you have created a list of things you want your kids to do first thing but you keep your mouth shut so you don't seem like a completely insane crazy person.

You venture out of your little paradise you call your bedroom and enter the world of constant noise. You start checking off the invisible boxes of the list your kids yelled at you. You grab that favorite toy from the bathroom floor, pray that Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on at this god-awful hour, and lastly, you make a mess trying to please your kids with those darn dinosaur pancakes.

Finally, it is time for your morning cup of coffee! You start your coffee maker and stand there watching every drop go into your cup just waiting for the moment when you can take your first sip. But before that even happens you have to go clean up the pancakes your kid dropped on the floor, or break of an argument between siblings, or change the channel because your kid decided Paw Patrol was not what they wanted today. Ten minutes after your coffee is done you can finally take a sip, too bad it's cold now.

All This Before Lunch?

Now I know what you might be thinking, now that all the morning shenanigans are done, it is finally time to relax! WRONG! Now is the time to do check things off of that mommy list you have in your head:

  1. First load of laundry
  2. Clean up the kitchen
  3. Clean the kids room
  4. Second load of laundry
  5. Clean the bathroom
  6. Clean the living room
  7. Third load of laundry

Now it is time for lunch! What is on the menu today? All the healthy foods you want your kids to eat but they won't actually do it, so then you have to prepare a second lunch or let your kids starve!

Is it Nap Time Yet?

No matter where you are when you read this, raise your hand if you have ever been told "Nap when they nap!" "At least you get a break during the day when they nap!" Now raise your hand if just for a moment you wanted to be un-lady like and punch that person in their mouth. I know you can't see me but I am definitely raising my hand. For those of us who are stay-at-home moms, we are jealous over the fact that working moms get 30 minutes to an hour every day to go sit down somewhere and enjoy a nice hot meal. Yes, we celebrate the fact that our kids have finally gone down for a nap, but or job is not done. Remember those 3 loads of laundry we had to do? Yeah, those clothes are not going to fold themselves. The kitchen also needs cleaned again after lunch and those blocks all over your living room floor aren't going anywhere until you make them.


A Mom's Job is Never Done

Even though as a stay-at-home mom you have been very busy, your job is never done. Even after all that hard work you have done, your spouse still comes home and says things like, "What happened in here?" "Are you still in pajamas?" "Is that food in your hair?" Well, what happened here was that I cleaned it twice but the kids just wanted to play. Yes, these clothes are comfy and I didn't feel the need to change. And yes, yes, yes, that is food in my hair. Between the three loads of laundry and cleaning all the rooms twice and making meals, I didn't have time to shower, and I sure as heck was't going to risk waking up those children while they napped.


Bedtime at Last!

At last it is bedtime! The kids are bathed, clothed and in their bed for the night. A glass of wine, or a beer, is probably calling your name. Once again, it is time to straighten up the kitchen and the living room before you can finally sit down. The big debate comes in whether you want to stay up at watch your favorite show, or go to bed because you know you are tired and will regret staying up in six hours when your kids wake you up again.

No matter how crazy being a stay-at-home mom makes us, no matter how tired we are, or how much work we have to do, we wouldn't have it any other way because we love our kids unconditionally.


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    • profile image

      AA 8 weeks ago

      Unless everyone is sick there's absolutely no reason for there to be 3 loads of laundry. Limit the number of clothing items that your children have access to. Your children can and should be cleaning their own room. Get rid of toys if they're constantly making a mess with them. If you can't bring yourself to get rid of them then put most of them away in boxes somewhere.

    • KsenijaZ profile image

      Ksenija 14 months ago from Novo mesto, Slovenia

      Hahaha, cute, made me laugh :) Well, I make my days easier for me. I don't constantly clean the house, mostly I play with my kids or I do so that we clean together, like a game (I have 4 years old and 15 months). I take the time for my morning tea. And laundry - I wash during the day and fold when I sent my husband out with kids (it's easier that way, it takes more time, but it's easier). And yes, it is hard, the hardest things are emotions when you have to deal with kid's emotions and yourself. To remain calm, sane, adult. Sometimes I just want to go to the forest and scream, ha hahaha. And yes, it is the best decision I have ever made - my kids are my best teacher, every second of every day. It is intense but also healing at the same time. We all grow together.

      Big hug to all moms out there! :)

    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 14 months ago from East Coast

      Very cute hub with great pics. I agree, there is lots of time doing laundry. People don't understand how frustrating things can get. Hang in there, my youngest will be in school next year and will be looking for work after nine years of being home. Regardless, being a stay at home mom was one of the best decisions I ever made.