Toy Reviews: Kidsy K-Tiles 72-Piece Set Magnetic Building Blocks

Updated on April 4, 2018
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Cynthia is a mom who enjoys spending time with her son. They play together often and enjoy trying and testing new toys.

Building blocks are a common toy for children. The new magnetic block craze really sparked my interest, so I decided to get a set for my son and I to try out. The first thing I noticed when searching for a set of 3D magnetic building blocks was the high price points. Though higher price points can often be worth it in the long run if the product proves to be durable and long-lasting. I went ahead and settled on Kidsy K-TILES Magnetic Building Blocks For Kids.

I ordered mine on Amazon and for under $30 it included 72 blocks, and a little tote for storage as well. Needless to say, we were both very excited and anxiously awaiting our UPS man to deliver the magnetic blocks, so we could start building and seeing if they lived up to all the hype.


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First Impressions

Our first impressions, of course, were on how well the item was packaged, and what information or instructions were included. Nothing is worse than getting a new toy but having no idea how to assemble or begin to play with it due to lack of instructions. The Kidsy K-TILES Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids came well packaged in this Mom’s opinion. Instead of having a box that we would have to dispose of, these blocks are packaged in a tote with hinges that snap in place to hold them secure.

I really liked that this packaging for the magnetic blocks was much more environmentally friendly than other toys. There was no Styrofoam or any packing materials for that matter that we needed to dispose of. The packaging doubles as storage for the toys, that’s a win for me!

Included with the 3D magnetic blocks was a nice booklet that contained some basic instructions, and patterns for designs to get you started. They were easy to follow instructions that also included the names of the shapes. Using the shape’s actual names during play would not be something I would imagine every parent thinking of or maybe even know or remember from their days in school. Though I personally feel it helps foster early educational learning when you do try to include technical names of shapes, that your children will inevitably have to learn anyway as they progress throughout school.


When Playtime Is Education, Mom Is Happy

Touching on mentioning the technical names of shapes for a moment, as we started to build instead of asking my son Collin to hand me a triangle I asked him to hand me an ‘isosceles’ triangle. Keep in mind that this set includes both equilateral and isosceles triangles but to my surprise Collin handed me the correct triangle on the first try. As a Mom that made me feel awesome that what I have been doing to try and educate my son early is paying off, he is currently only 4 years old. Granted he cannot pronounce it correctly, but he knows what he is searching for.

The bright colors of the 3d magnetic building blocks keep things fun and engaging. We ‘played’ for hours and hours the day they arrived and have continued to do so since. As a Mother I love the ability to play with my son while I am leaning the play time towards educational time. These 3D magnetic building blocks allow me to not only spark my son’s imagination but mine as well while I use them to educate him.

We can not only build things and play with these 3D magnetic blocks we can also use them for the following educational activities as well:

  • Pattern Building and recognition
  • Counting
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Build two and three-dimensional shapes, allowing visualization of three-dimensional creations
  • Shape recognition
  • Building and construction skills
  • Stacking and sorting
  • Symmetry
  • Mathematical and spatial relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Building concentration
  • Learning magnetic principals and polarity


Quality and Durability

I am so happy I decided to get a set of these 3D magnetic building blocks. My son still being young does have some outbursts of behaviors and still has tantrums now and then. Of course, he has been rough on these magna tiles a few times. Despite him throwing one across the room and slamming into the wall then floor, it did not crack. The magna tiles are durable, though I will note they do get surface scratches. I see no real way to avoid that when we are using them for hours a day it is to be expected.

The smooth surface of a magna tile like thse allows these to be cleaned and disinfected with a wipe. Making them a good take along toy for traveling and visits as well as for daycare's and schools. Germs especially in elementary schools or daycare are no joke and easily disinfected toys are ideal for those settings. Homes with multiple children can also benefit from easy to clean toys as well, if one child is sick this helps to eliminate the domino effect of the rest of the family meeting potentially contagious germs on surfaces.

The quality is great, and the magna tile magnetic blocks seem much more durable than I would have initially expected. The magnets are secure inside the blocks and I see no way that they will ever become dislodged or loose within the block. After all my son has thrown them and they still look brand new!

The magnetic blocks are great for building large structures and letting your children, or the random cat knock them down. From castles to pyramids to even some extremely elaborate structures the possibilities are endless with magnetic blocks. I do wish instead of all the Mega Blocks I had purchased in his younger years I would have been snagging sets of magnetic blocks instead. Plastic blocks are much more limited in what you can build and teach through those. You really can foster some great early education with 3D magnetic blocks. These would make a great tool for anyone who home-schools as well.

Overall, I think this set is a great ‘starter set’ for anyone looking to purchase a magnetic 3D block/magna tile set. I say starter set because we do run into things we would like to build or extrapolate further on when using them, but 72 tiles/blocks really are not that many when you start to build and work with them. Instead of any more non-magnetic blocks coming into our house I will be going strictly magnetic. There are many reasons why I think magnetic blocks are far superior to the nonmagnetic building blocks:

  • Storage: Magna Tiles stack up extremely neatly and take up much less space than other box shaped blocks.
  • Learning: Magnetic 3D building blocks open a much vaster ability to use them to educate your child through playtime than box style blocks.
  • Brighter Colors: The bright colors some almost neon of these magnetic blocks seem to keep my son much more interested in educational activities like pattern building than other things I have tried in the past.
  • Cleaning up is fun: I even have fun putting the blocks away! Once you start stacking these to clean up the magnets together are stronger. This allows blocks to simply attract each other without touching them together to pick them up.

Going back to my intro on the price point. Do I think this set is work the $28 and change I paid for it? Absolutely! I have no doubts that these blocks will outlast my son’s interest in playing with them. The quality is there, and they are extremely durable. The price is well worth the length of usability we will get out of them. A far cry better than some other toys we have paid for in the past that barely lasted a week. All in all a worthwhile investment into not just a toy to play with, but a toy that is also a great learning tool.

© 2018 Cynthia Hoover


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