When Is Your Daughter Old Enough for a Manicure?

Updated on January 19, 2019
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I'm a stay-at-home mom with a teacher's heart. I'm always looking for new & fun things to do with my kids that are educational & memorable.

What Happens When We Do Our Nails Together?

This seems like such a trivial topic: to do our nails together and whether or not my 5 year old is old enough to do them on her own. But the subject allows for much deeper discussion when you think other factors at play. My daughter is trying to emulate the things she sees around her. She wants to follow her role model, in this case, me. It's a way for us to spend time together doing something just the two of us. It's also a way for her to show off her independence by wanting to do it herself. All of these factors are great. They contribute to the relationship I'm building with her and aside from the big decisions of what colors to paint our nails, the cool stuff happens without us even realizing it.

Manicures and Girly Time!

Here Em is painting her nails  with her cousin at their  Grandma's house. What better way to have fun with family than doing your nails together?
Here Em is painting her nails with her cousin at their Grandma's house. What better way to have fun with family than doing your nails together? | Source

Benefits of Girl Time

There are a lot of positive benefits to spending one on one time with my daughter. I have listed a few of them below!

1. Renewed sense of closeness

2. Focused time to talk about things

3. Doing something that makes us feel good together

4. Quality time deepens my empathy towards her

5. Strengthens the bond between us

Undivided Attention Is Crucial for Kids and Adults!

It's amazing to feel like we've spent all day with our kids, or significant other, only to realize we haven't really had any meaningful conversations or any important moments. That's not to say that every minute of the day has to be magical and filled with significant moments. When we spend time with our children without giving them our undivided attention, our interactions are not lessened, just have less depth.

By taking the 5-10 minutes it takes to do my nails with my daughter, I'm giving her my undivided attention. This allows us to talk about the day, or anything that she wants to talk about. It also lets her know that for the time that we're doing our nails, I'm not going to be on my phone or watching tv or anything else that will distract me from our conversation. We have undivided time to just hang out and have fun together.

Sometimes It's While Doing the Little Things that Big Moments Happen

Nail Painting With Cousins

Here is a pic of Em painting her nails with her cousin. Just as it's fun bonding time to do her nails with me, it's fun with other friends and family members too!
Here is a pic of Em painting her nails with her cousin. Just as it's fun bonding time to do her nails with me, it's fun with other friends and family members too! | Source

Letting My 5 Year Old Paint Her Nails Herself

This seems like a silly thing to do. Nail polish isn't easy to clean up if it spills, and it's not easy to get off of skin or nails either. But, by allowing my 5 year old to do her own nails, with supervision of course, a few cool things happen!

1. She develops a sense of pride and independence doing her nails herself.

2. She feels good about herself.

3. She learns to cope with mistakes if she spills or does a messy job.

4. She feels closer to me as we spend focused time together.

5. She knows she has my full attention while we do our nails together.

Do You Think A 5 Year Old Should Paint Their Own Nails?

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Salon Manicures Are the Coolest

When I was younger I used to think going to a salon and getting your nails done was the absolute coolest thing ever. I even have friends now that will take their daughters for mani/pedis as young as 3 years old. Growing up, I got my nails done with my mom only a handful of times, but they were for special occasions like my brothers wedding or a dance recital. I cherish those memories because it was something fun to do with my mom and I felt so pretty afterwards.

I haven't gone to a salon with my daughter yet and I'm not really in a rush to do so, but maybe when she's a little older we'll do that together. For now, it's great to spend the 10 or so minutes it takes us at home to do our nails together in a casual setting that's just the two of us.

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