Great Presents Ideas for Newborn Babies

Updated on December 6, 2017
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Bella is a mom that knows the importance of giving useful, thoughtful gifts to new moms.


When giving presents to a newborn baby, most people will give teddy bears, rattles, socks, mittens, newborn size clothes, and vouchers. These are good but not very original. So, I put together a list of the must-have presents for new babies.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was given many presents from work colleagues, friends, and family. Many times people asked me what I wanted, and I did not even know what to ask for.

It's very nice that so many people want to give presents to a newborn baby; however, the parents may end up with a lot of things that they don't really need or want.

As we chose not to find out the sex of our first baby, she was given a lot of white newborn size bodysuits. I never got to use them all, and she only wore the newborn size for about three weeks before we had to buy the next size up.

However when I buy presents, I think very carefully about what will be useful. I don't want to give something just for the sake of giving it. I want to give something useful that will make a difference to that person's life.

So, as I am preparing for another baby, I now know exactly what I want and what I need for my newborn bundle of joy.

9 Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby and Their Mom and Dad

Healthcare Kit

On the very top of my list for great gifts that every new parent should have is a healthcare and grooming kit with all the bits and bobs a new baby needs.

Every new mom-to-be will need one of these.

I was never given one for my first child, and it was only by chance that I came across this lovely set from Tomme Tippee when searching for a travel kit for babies. And even though I already had some of the individual items, I just had to have the tidy case with all the bits nicely fitted inside.

It is so much easier to have all those little baby things all together ready for home use or for the busy mom on the go. The case is great for storage, fits nicely into my baby diaper bag and its easy to carry around.

It comes with nine essential baby care items including a nasal aspirator, brush, comb and digital thermometer.


Clothes for Older Babies

Another tip to remember when choosing presents for babies is not to be so focused on buying newborn presents only. It is great to break to mold and choose to buy gifts, clothes and toys for older babies.

If you choose to buy clothes as a gift, select different sizes for older babies. So instead of giving the newborn size, give 2 to 3 months old sizes. But remember to take into consideration the weather. I was given 6 months old winter clothes when my daughter was born in winter, but when she was 6 months old, it was summer.

Baby onesies and bodysuits are great and useful, and you will have a better selection of neutral colors if the sex of the baby is unknown.

If you do know the sex, then your selection can be more specific, but be careful not to pick complicated outfits. Think about the parents changing nappies several times per day. Any outfits for babies should be easy to remove when it is time to change a diaper.

Teething Toys

I was given one teething toy whilst I was pregnant, I put it in one of the drawers in the nursery thinking I would not need it for a long time. I still remember the day my baby was crying non-stop before I realized that she was teething.

It was one of the greatest gift ever.

This cute Sophie La Giraffe was the ideal present for our baby because we chose not to know the sex. So its a great neutral gender present that suits both baby girls and baby boys.

Bedding Set

If you can afford to give a cot, it is a great present, and a expensive one. Or you can buy the bedding set for a more affordable gift.

For this you will definitely need to speak with the parents first and find out the size of the cot and mattress they have.

Many people choose to give a baby blanket as a present, and these are great. But giving the whole bedding set is a even greater gift, and its nice when both the bedding set and the blanket match.

Room Thermometer

New parents need to keep the new born baby nice and warm, but not too warm neither not too cold. One of the things we all need is a cute room thermometer for the nursery.

As a first time parent, I did not even know I needed one of these until the midwife told me about after my baby was born, so I had to buy one for myself. So I searched online and chose the Gro-Egg room thermometer because I also wanted a nightlight for the nursery.

So this present is a two-in-one thermometer and nightlight.

I wish someone had thought about this as a present for my baby, so next time I need to give a present for a new born baby, I will give one of these.

Child Safety Kit

Ok, you will not need a safety lock or a corner protector for a new born baby, but trust me on this one, every new parent-to-be is already thinking about these little things or they will be thinking about it soon.

My tip on this one is to ask the parents first, just in case they already have it. I gave these as presents before, very unusual gift but also very original if you want to give something that nobody else will give.

Things that you can give include: table corner guards, drawers and cupboards safety locks, sockets covers or a pressure fit safety gate.

These are all very affordable gifts that will be used again and again.

Don't Forget About the Mommy

So everyone is super excited talking about all things baby. Sometimes moms can feel a bit neglected. So why not give something special for the new mom that is not baby related.

I once gave as a present a nice mug and a selection of herbal teas. I did not buy a set or kit, I just put it together myself. All you need is a nice mug, some teas from your local supermarket and some nice wrapping paper or gift bag to put it all together. Just remember to pick teas suitable for breastfeeding moms. Chamomile tea is my personal favorite.

Someone did remember to give me a present when I was first pregnant. I was given a very nice bath set with a note telling me to have some 'me time', and I was even given perfume.

And although I loved getting presents for my baby, it was very nice to be given something for me.

Don't Forget About the Daddy

If you are looking for something to give to the dad, then look no further than this car mirror.

This was given to my husband by his work colleagues with a note telling him to bring the newborn bundle of joy for an office visit. And it is a great present for moms too.

I thought this was a very thoughtful present, and it was very nice that someone remember to include the dad-to-be on the gift giving bonanza.


I chose to put toys on the bottom of my list because I don't think that it is a very original present to give to a newborn baby.

Lots of people will choose these as presents, and there are many affordable toys in the market, but some of them are not that great. So instead of suggesting a specific toy as a present, I will only suggest tips for buying toys as gifts.

  1. Do not buy a teddy bear - lots of people will buy this one. Some of these stuffed toys are not even safe for a newborn baby because the can be a suffocation hazard.
  2. Bath toys are a great alternative to teddy bears. At first the newborn baby will not show interest at these, but very soon it will be moms best friends for baby's bath time.
  3. Pushchair toys. While must people will buy a rattle or cot mobile for the newborn baby, so why not do something a bit different and buy a clip on pushchair toy. This is good to keep the little one entertained on the go.
  4. Keep it simple. The old fashion toys are the best. Babies do not need over-complicated toys with too many lights that require dozens of batteries to work. Also be aware of toys that make annoying sounds that will drive the parents crazy.

Have Fun

So whatever you choose to buy, giving presents should be a fun experience.

The parents will be very happy and grateful with your selection of gifts for the new baby, even if you choose the safe option, and buy socks and mittens.

Remember that is not about how much you spend on a gift, but it is the thought that counts. So use this list as your guide and have fun shopping!

© 2017 Bella Shaikh


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    • Liztalton profile image


      2 years ago from Washington

      I think the best thing to get a newborn baby is clothes in different sizes. A lot of people make the mistake of only buying newborn. But some babies don't even wear newborn at all. It's great to get different sizes because baby will always wear them eventually. Great hub!


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