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Best Nicknames for Charlotte

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Best Nicknames for Charlotte

Best Nicknames for Charlotte

A baby girl is on the way, and now you’re stuck in the funk of sifting through thousands of baby names! The quest to finding the perfect name can be daunting, but just make sure you pick the name for all of the right reasons and not just because it sounds pretty. When someone asks you if you’ve picked out any names, and you respond with one or a few, often times, they will follow that question with, “Do you know what the name means?”

Now you don’t want to sound like you haven’t done all of your research, do you? Besides, finding names that you love and then learning the meanings behind them and whatever nicknames can go along with them will help you to narrow your list down to the one!

Charlotte Meaning and Origin

Charlotte sounds like an excellent choice for a female name! Knowing a lot of what there is to know about the history and meaning of a name is a big step in the right direction to finding the one you’ve been searching for! So what’s with the name Charlotte, anyway?

The name Charlotte is actually a feminine form of the masculine name Charles. It was originally French but made its way next door to Britain way back in the 17th century. The textbook meaning of the name is “A small, strong woman.”

The name seems highly specific to appearance, with the “small” part and all, but it is still a very beautiful, classic, and victorian-sounding name! On a side note, if you thought you were expecting a boy and ended up having a girl, and you were planning on the name “Charles,” then Charlotte is the perfect alternative.


Nicknames for Charlotte

Now, looking into nicknames is perhaps the most fun part of researching names, and there’s a few nicknames for Charlotte. Nicknames are good to know ahead of time as we like to call people by names that are not their legal name. We have this undying tendency to truncate first names or just use other variations of the name.

Whatever reason you are interested in nicknames for Charlotte, here’s the list!


































Charlotte Popularity

When it comes to name popularity, we are often on the hunt to search for something that is unique, after all, we want our childrens’ names to stand out. There’s nothing worse than having three or four other kids in the same class with the same name!

Although Charlotte has been a rather uncommon name, it’s popularity has exploded over the recent years! In 1999, it ranked in at over 300, in 2007 it became the 100th most popular female name, and today, it hit the charts at number 10! This is actually the most popular the name has been ever in the history of the Social Security Administration’s records which date back to 1900. Actually, the last time is was somewhat popular was back in the ‘40’s, when the name was 47th most popular.

It’s a wonder why the name hasn’t been popular in a very long time, but the charts show that people are beginning to really recognize the beauty of the name and it’s quickly becoming a favorite! I'm sure the adorable new Princess Charlotte might have had a bit to do with that!

Just with any other name, there are plenty of famous people named Charlotte. Curious about these ladies of fame? Let’s take a look!

  • Princess Charlotte: Of course, let's start with the newest and arguably the most famous Charlotte, Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Charlotte Arnold: TV Actress. Famous for her role in the teen show Degrassi. Also played in “Naturally, Sadie.”
  • Charlotte Bronte: Novelist. Like her sisters Emily and Anne Bronte, Charlotte was a renowned writer and wrote under a pen name of Currer Bell. Most famous piece was the novel “Jane Eyre.”
  • Charlotte Church: Opera Singer. Most famous for her hit single “Crazy Chick.”
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Feminist/Civil Rights Leader. Lead the Women’s Rights Movement in the US.
  • Charlotte Ross: TV Actress. Famous for her long-time part in the cast of the soap opera Days of Our Lives.
  • Charlotte Sullivan: Actress. Starred in the movie Harriet the Spy and also played a part on a TV show called The New Ghostwriter Mysteries.

With all of these famous women named Charlotte, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Even though the name hasn’t been common until late, it is still a name that is loved by many! As far as the nicknames go, Lottie has to be my personal favorite!

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