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Updated on December 23, 2017
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When you find out you’re having a little girl, there’s just something about it that is so much fun! Whether it’s shopping around for frills, bows, and everything pink or selecting a sweet-sounding girl name, baby girls definitely hold a special place in everyone's hearts!

Picking a good name is perhaps one of the more important things to check off that lengthy to-do list! The importance goes far beyond simply selecting a name that sounds pretty; it’s a matter of finding a name that has a nice meaning behind it, and one that has nicknames that are pleasing to your ears. It also never hurts to learn a bit about the history of potential names, either!

A good starting place would be to compile a list of names that you like the sound of and then narrow them down after learning the history, meaning, and nicknames! In this bit, I am shifting my focus to the name Sarah. Pretty, right?

Nicknames for Sarah

If you’re looking for a name that is very tough to nickname, then you found it! There are actually very few conventional nicknames associated with the name Sarah. In fact, most Sarah's who have a nickname are simply nicknames that were made up and have little to do with their real name, rather than traditional nicknames, like "Will" for William.

Although there are no real nicknames for Sarah as far as short names go, there’s plenty of fun names that you can come up with! These kinds of names tend to be assigned with personality types later on once you discover certain personality traits.

So, rather than going into a short or non-existent list of nicknames for Sarah, I will instead give you some ideas on what types of nicknames you can expect out of the usual, some ideas on what you can call her for fun rather than for short.

Sarah Sue
Que Sarah Sarah
Sara Lee
Sam Sam

Sarah Meaning and Origin

It’s always fun to learn when and how names came about, and also a good thing to record in your baby’s keepsake memory book. Read on to learn a bit about the name Sarah!

If you are religious or at least somewhat familiar with the Bible, you will know that the name “Sarah” dates back to the Old Testament in the Bible. She was the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham, and the original name was Sarai before God changed it to Sarah.

The name later became popular in Europe during the 1500’s during the movement of the protestant reformation. Although the details of the reformation are not relevant, it’s important to note the time when the name came into the norm. What’s even better is the meaning behind the name, with a sweet, girly meaning of “Princess” or “Lady.”

Sarah Popularity

As with most names, the popularity of the name Sarah comes in waves over the decades. Currently in the United States, the name is ranked as the 50th most popular name, but currently holds place number 5 and 9 in Austria and France, respectively.

Taking a peek into the Social Security Administration’s records, I can see that the name was pretty popular in the beginning of the 1900’s (as far back as SSA’s public records go). The popularity tapered off until it made yet another comeback in the late ‘70’s, where it held a spot in the top ten names all the way through 2002. Although it never made it as the most popular name, it did rank in at number three in its most popular year in 1993!

Famous People Named Sarah

With such a stretch of the name being so popular, and with the beautiful meaning behind it, you will not be shocked that there’s many people who currently have the name, along with plenty of famous people as well. Here’s a few Sarah’s that you have probably heard of!

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar: TV Actress. Starred on Cruel Intentions but is most famous for her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Sarah Hyland: TV Actress. Plays Haley on Modern Family. She also starred in the movie “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.”

  • Sarah Palin: Politician. Need I put more?

  • Sarah Jessica Parker: TV Actress. Famous for her part as Carrier on Sex in the City.

  • Sarah Paulson: TV Actress. Had roles in quite a few TV show but is most popular for her star roles on FX’s American Horror Story.

  • Sarah Silverman: Comedian. Not only for stand-up comedy, but also has an HBO special called “We Are Miracles.”

So many famous people named Sarah out there! One thing’s for sure, if you asked Sarah Silverman about some nicknames for Sarah, she’d probably have a pretty entertaining answer for you!

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