Funny Bedtime Stories for Kids

Modern psychology has confirmed that reading bedtime stories to children carries a lot of benefits. An immersive and entertaining bedtime story can clear the child’s mind and improve their sleep. Their dreams should be much more peaceful and imaginative.


What Can Your 5-Year-Old Teach You?

This is a self-improvement article that draws inspiration from a 5-year-old to rethink and perceive life’s situations differently. It provides parents a new perspective on observing their child. It urges the reader to connect with their early childhood to regain their enthusiasm for life.


7 Tips for Eating in a Restaurant With Kids

Eating out can be a respite from having to cook (and clean up) a meal at home. Plus, it should be a fun experience! Here are some tips for eating our with your children that will help keep it a fun experience for everyone—kids, parents, and other guests alike.


Is It Really so Bad to Bribe Your Child?

It's a common belief that bribes are a bad idea, used only by desperate parents. But used correctly in the form of positive reinforcement, this parenting strategy can help children learn what's expected of them and become compliant with parental instructions.


Encouraging Children to Be Independent

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." It's better to teach someone to do something themselves than to give them what they want. This same idea applies to kids when they're old enough to do things independently.


10 Tips to Help Your Kids Fall Asleep Fast

Sometimes kids simply don't want to go to sleep—there's too much excitement in the house and they want to stay up with the adults. Sometimes kids simply want to exercise some autonomy. There are ways to get them to settle down for bed. Here are some tips and tricks to get your kids to sleep.


5 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized

Learning how to be organized is an important lesson for kids that will have lifelong benefits—both to themselves and to others around them. Use these tips to teach your kids to be organized, starting with their own spaces and belongings.